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1-13 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jan 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back squared -- coming up sandy beach over the weekend and we had this explosive story there was on the newspaper earned pretty shown and people were calling ought to be able to see this story yes I did wow what a surprise. I didn't think this was possible and yes it was. Dennis -- actors step down. I mean 32 years as a public servant you know expect that sort of thing and so that was the buzz not much question about that and that's why you were talking. Except for the fact that he is stepping down perhaps wasn't as. Oh let's put it this way though it wasn't as much hurt. And as you would think. Yeah there was some public humiliation. And some public people saying well well he must have done it because he's not fighting it. Remember the charges. The allegations -- The allegations started about a month ago. And it's grown up to 77. -- an alleged. Some kind of vote sexual harassment workplace environment. And they went on -- notice as to. Putting themselves on a legal notice that they could sue. Over this and so everybody was waiting for him to reply. Except his lawyer. And his lawyer said no you'll have nothing to say right now. We didn't know where this was gonna go but Jericho honors -- -- -- one of the best we. As far as I'm concerned. And those senators announce anything and suddenly. The blue. There was you know you picked up the newspaper of -- headline was shocking to you. That he has stepped down. And you have to say well why would do that the answer is the only reason he'd do it. Is because he didn't feel confident that he could convince anybody. That he didn't. Didn't 20 with the allegations -- that's Hillary's -- would you do. And we've got the usual. Hurts my family nobody ever thinks about their family. Before that whatever hits the fan in army and that's when he thing that's when they wanna write a book or think more about the differently don't spend more time. When they can't spend anymore time -- county hall or India a state a state building or federal building. So that's that so he is is quit but those seven people can still so as so we're asking. Who -- you'll pay the tax -- you and I are paying for his retirement we knew that and Terry Conner said. Of that the state would have the legal obligation to pay any damages that might be awarded by the judge. If an alleged sexual harassment incident were proven so you talk about deep pockets. My goodness. Who has deeper pockets and the government you know why because they reach in your pocket. So their pockets are unlimited as long as you have something -- the doors. So I'm thinking that's that's not right it's simply isn't I think there should be an area policy an insurance policy that. Public servants upon entering office after paying and so for things like this. And a instead of the taxpayers having to fork out the money for any alleged an improvement misconduct in the workplace I think the person should. And is the workplace overly sensitive to sexual harassment charges. I think there are certainly legitimate sexual harassment charges and they should be prosecuted but I also think we're working. You're talking in organized and shooting my whole life where they hair trigger here the slightest pressure. And that's it begun inspired and you've seen so many articles and saw many. Pictures in -- there's. There's an attorney woman who specializes in sexual harassment. And she advertises the movie theater as an error or right advertise in the movie theater and she's not all the -- shows and this is what she does we have specialist now and all forms the law. And I'm just asking if we've got a little two cents I don't know of the -- -- case would be one I would -- 'cause I don't know exactly what they're alleging but I do think. The hair trigger is is to revel. Let's go to Tom and Allentown Tom Iran WB yen. And you know -- -- greater that this hasn't been a that would don't you feel this man has definitely a sexual addiction problem. Am in error alcohol. You know it -- -- worked with agency. That now with the game and whatever. It's time somebody does too much of any one thing we call -- an addiction I. I you know what I think it is I mean I don't know but I'm thinking if you -- -- right away you probably stop but if you had any success. In the past as an acceptance of -- -- -- the kind of joke should tell the kind of attitude you have. Then it empowers you to do more of it so maybe maybe and I don't know. This that he felt comfortable at that level and then he found out that the people whose work it would weren't that comfortable. Only that breeds contempt and hasn't won like as they get more freer with -- of course you can Alter gambling winnings of course is gonna wanna do it. Exactly you're buying drinks for the house yes absolutely so you think may have to taxpayer should be on the on the hook for this stuff well. Almost definitely not but if they end up you know taken in the civil court that would be a whole different thing what that's. Our job -- the points and -- I'm not ready to write another check because he felt comfortable doing things that other people weren't comfortable -- Totally agree with you have a point there be one more thing I just honestly I respect your decision on another -- -- you know for what it's worth I do respect your decision -- another local. Okay thank you right it's okay thank you. It's. -- -- Are there we go that's wonderful -- red box. Did not do anything when -- -- encourages -- vigilant if for you know you'd but I prices and then. I didn't work and I punches here and it didn't work it luckily. We have. You didn't hit well there -- but it never lit up or -- or I'm so it's ready now. -- zero OK we have exercise program here while Tony is rebuilding thank you very much Tony is now doing squats he's not doing power lifting. She's just slip into some tight he's now doing ballet easing up martial arts he's doing martial arts. And now he's doing the I must I must I must improve my bus thing when you do this that's exactly what I was thinking let's talk. What are your machine. Like this right. His ego I just an FYI our subject today is -- discovered. And that's where adults. 39301806169236. And -- 930 it is Beijing government I think you have another -- opposing -- regrets. As we deal we have via FaceBook post from -- it and she says. It is that he step down however he should also lose his -- it should be elected dishonorable discharge from a military -- -- -- -- a legal fees to -- ray and it's funny because Graham is unusual name. It was the name of my my younger sister's best friend in school. And they lived only a few houses away. And I haven't heard that name and along timer name was ray and -- oil. Nice nice young girl a good as his best -- my -- sister Beverly Malone some masks. I'm not ran almost as to grow -- take a break will be back when I talk to you about this. -- three 301061692006. And start 930 and the subject today -- the menu. Is only one thing on the menu. Dennis Gabbert Zacks though you can use it and -- menu selection one or you can choose menu selection one and we'll get to menus election won after this. You are members of this caucus. Were beginning to call for him to step down -- -- caucus with in the next certainly wouldn't sponsored bills with a and it just it was just. One -- after another. His beach company. We know that you have been expecting us to talk about -- -- -- we signed on today and and that's what we're talking about because after 32 years he has stepped down he has retired. It's -- reason that he quit. I don't know the differences between quitting or retiring image get the same benefits involved apparently. And it turns out Terry Connors his lawyer says that now. If anybody shows them and -- seven women. And that damages -- Florida and looks like now started to write about the taxpayers are out there. -- -- We put him in there to do that now here's another downside the downside. Is Governor Cuomo. This is on the above and those. On Sunday did not indicate -- call a special election to fill the vacancy. Which could mean there might not be another election to replace him until November. In that case a 143. Would going to be without a voice in the assembly until January of 2015. So that is keep in mind that's a full year from the time the of the accusations came down. So let me get this straight you're paying the benefits of having somebody there you're paying the residual benefits of of him -- nailed. For sexual harassment you're paying that -- we don't have anybody. Ever. -- have in and that district in the 143. Why that's well thought out those that -- -- fair. Let's go to a Rambo gem in north on -- on WB again. -- an average were saying about the taxpayers are gonna take it. You know now because of -- it was -- I agree with you by club of the conclusion that what the United States of America. If the taxpayer -- They're -- outlook for for. -- part -- -- the military. And we don't want to weapons systems don't. But congressman. -- -- all -- girl to their congressional district and the -- military. -- you got it what why is it. Where charge military you guys about it -- Yeah I mean your normal why after we got the paperwork. We got -- for -- If you want America that the cost of living in this country really an awful lot of execute the right in the trouble I. The I you know sometimes I talked about thinking we thing. Well -- -- -- before and we are out there a year before we are bringing in. Now you I because -- I was you call because you are retired prison guard. I doubt that a female guards. Are there any problems with lying where a jury innuendo -- I mean that's a tough job for any sex. Error error. Are what you work around Leo -- -- got to know what's. You know your work and where does the same thing cool. But like you out of it like you can -- -- about that like -- personally. -- -- Well do they mail MA it's you're -- male prison are a today does say things that are inappropriate but he can't do anything to Bemba the guards are held to a different standard. Yeah I mean you've got to tell me if you don't think it's what over alarm I. And it it's gonna comment and -- -- which apparently you're gonna get what the first -- grew up. Using what the state of the department of corrections does he get an informal conflict and and that's when the spotlight supervising sergeant -- that. You know what compare in Elkhart you're -- will call you Reggie shut the doors that power. And what you want it angle. The body. Caught the problems for me. I gotta go back to exploit the book that what you are able at a camp that now supervises -- okay Christian -- -- that are it's something. -- -- -- -- like my normal -- conversation with Tim -- is basically the same -- there are no bars. Active or. Are your daughter here and then the supervisors now here. That's OK you're holding war that would have all day and you'll all be what I've got to robbery where I'm at the political. I exactly I would assume if I if if I -- female I want to be a prison guard. I bet I'd probably would be expecting somewhat that there may be some things that I'm not totally comfortable -- them as long as it was manageable. I -- I can't imagine anybody who had a very high sensitivity level as far as any kind of language of things like that. Women and -- Would aren't working Europe Britain to order a topic at rock the hobbled by president Lincoln you know I mean I mean -- -- -- you had. We're. Two -- got its fight in the yard. I have talked officers and I'd been there myself I female officer's orders that the gold. While I sing and I watched cops all the time and I've seen some of those female officers and they are tough. I've seen some way to -- -- It into battles though -- -- guys yelled twice their size and I gotta -- a lot of credit they're not just mirror. As equal opportunity employers and employees so thanks Tim thank you very much. I saw one. Where this guy. This is really an issue an issue way an episode cops this guy was huge. And he was -- off and he was also naked and he was also on PCP. Okay. Now there's probably fifteen offices there and I don't know if you've seen -- or not. Fifteen officers and they're trying to kind of corral this guy. And nothing is working. And the guy gets so angry he remind -- looks like vote the most buffalo linemen you've ever seen in the NFL. Guy neck size of Chicago okay. And he's angry he's agitated and there's a wooden fence. Alongside the road and they're trying to corral this guy he takes his hand. And pushes it through defense. Now I it was my hand to punch through a wall before and I use my am attempting to punch or garage door -- -- terrorism. Hurts. And does one of those cartoons rob generally at war. Almighty god did it hurt well this guy takes its best. And punches it right through offense. Then he jumps through the fence and they -- 101214. Officers there. There was a female officer. Who went beyond the fence on the other side and when -- one on one before the -- has got there she was not an issue was not hesitant at all. So when you see a female officer don't assume. That that they take on a lighter duty war you know of Rivera's back up -- -- you do not mess with dedicated police officers no matter. If their male or female. But that was an amazing story because he was on PCP and when people get on PCP a known drug expert phenomenal list. That it they have unbelievable. Story goes right into as they could Tug on Superman's cape. Have you ever seen an episode like that that Tony we're only female comes in and just. Jumps random element now that's crazy job and I've seen some they have a Las Vegas locked up. Where they have the Clark county jail and they have a lot of female offices there and they get these guys who're like east. As they put him in these chairs that are they're like a chair really close to a floor. And they crossed tied their hands. And their feet and sometimes they spit at the officers so they put a net over their heads. So the when they split they spent on themselves basically. And that the field house doomed fabulous work they are not a backup only been out there should be another pretty face -- be you know we're -- And visit W more autocratic and -- Montreal 1806169236. -- 930 were asking because let's face it. This is the buzz this is the buzz in Western New York dentist -- -- steps down I got radio a tweet. On my. My electronic device announcing that he was stepping down and that all the phones started to ring everybody hey hey your talk show -- one about -- -- stepping now what do you think Bob above 320. 32 years and so we know this is the show that we had to do today and so that's why we're doing all right because we wanna be responsive to you. So call 803093018061692. Respects. And star 930 will be back after. You are hearing the voice of Barcelona. Call us now an 80309. There. So calls are free and started 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. We're back we're -- governor of sending me so let's get back to the calls -- cabin in Lancaster Kevin -- on WB -- I'm up by Kevin thanks for holding what do you think of is again ever -- thing. In all I would digit dog uppermost in my life I've I've met -- when I was a kid you know I'm 31 years old. It seems like nice guy. The point I'm gonna -- -- that we knew what you work in the private sector is something like this happens. You're you're not giving your pension you're not giving your medical benefits you're not given any saying win -- problem like this happens. If you know you're you're basically take out of a job you you'd -- -- terminations -- -- You're not given any sort of benefit and that's right saint. A lot of the problems are when it comes with the government vs the product itself there it's in the upper west. I mean I I I think that hurt his pension I'm not sure if it's easy to get it medical benefits I am I'm sure. That's gonna go hand in hand. My understanding is he does yes -- Right so all he basically. But -- -- that's going to be sent to people as well I work in government. You know and I and I -- twenty porn shoot or whatever. But I don't know what I did. The progress that's -- you don't consider my approach say you're gonna get your medical benefits and your pension no matter well. Yeah I got a -- got a soft landing usually there Wednesday a benefit risk analysis that you make. I had there if the if the rest is not that much even if it's the worst case scenario you still get the things you just outlined. And get in dammed up five for any future lawsuits it's certainly doesn't give you reasons but I do that because it will be too costly to. Absolutely now that you look at the superintendent in but I hope for the best actor Williams when he laughed. You'd think he did a good job bad job obviously everybody can -- this agreement that he did a horrible job as superintendent. When he laughed. You can borrow their taxpayer money whipped them -- years -- -- From my understanding Robert although they just read what you don't get that pension from the popular school district another -- Nears his -- he gets a family because I remember his is by by Jack he gets. Up family bug a group. Gives -- family medical insurance tool for I think the rest of his life for the family so that's costly they gave -- the game about a hundred grand in cash and they said -- abide. Right so the message that's being sent is that that if you get into some sort of government job eat eat eat you -- -- -- -- work in the private back there. And and you can stand in front of a camera and you have good manipulating. This scene in the whole world say as a politician normally do as I am in YouTube. And pretty much anything united -- Bill Clinton as an example. Say. I don't agree with. You know -- situation being public and -- what this person hey Brian I. I didn't he he he. Medical benefits for the rest of the party get. 350000. Dollars a year of being president while he's got. A million dollar book signings and. Secret Service and office space and they get all kinds ex president's -- -- just. Right so -- that you realistically does the massive bets being rented that you can actually rat are arguably sexually harassed. A little like -- abandon. It's almost like you've got a sexual harassment debit card. They've already voted the debit card and you can use much of a -- one. Because that he can retire probably -- Pete and. -- be obvious you know yeah. I don't think we can't let redundancy and better yet or maybe in the political. And a bit now. And that being lobbyists probably like this course you you know. The -- that's what happened well if not a power. It's like American -- once you get on even if you lose an election you'll help other people won their election I don't know -- in charge of a bridge or Parker somebody like that. So it never ends once you've got. On the gravy train -- stay on. Right it absolutely I think Richard that's coming up with our Richard Nixon I believe so added that Richard Nixon that quote. If you're a great president then you're a great president if your failure but you can always write up. -- -- revised up by. Other dealers. -- think about like this how many times have you seen. People -- office lose an election there that loss next thing you know they're appointed to fill in the blank the water commission and the card the bridge or through way. They have all of these positions but he of people appointed -- water board probably don't know water from vodka you know but gas line. It's the county executives brother or something like that. And that's the sad part we don't get people of expertise in the position of their being appointed and we give them -- drive a -- drive of course that. This is at once you're on board as I said -- you get the the debit card. And you can keep using that and do you vote until you run a dry but the bottom line is it's it shouldn't be paid for by. Us the taxpayers and not only are we going to pay for Jabber Zacks. A retirement which we are. We're gonna -- is because he's been in India in the public domain for thirty I think 32 years. If he has a civil judgment against them we're probably gonna pay for that. And we don't have anybody representing a 143 -- must Andrew Cuomo calls a special election and he's not said he's going to. And if not we would not have a voice for the people of the 143 until January 25 game. This is this is an incredible. An incredible situation. I mean think about like that be that long without representation. You're paying all the benefits but you don't get anybody -- begin paying for all the benefits but you're not. Getting anything back. Much like my honeymoon but that's another story that wasn't paid for by the taxpayers. Paid for by me joke just thought I had a little levity to an otherwise drab Chicago. I'd know I know I know this to be a -- children do because people are on edge about them discovers. Because they think they thought they know Dennis ever Zach. But not necessarily. You know we always seem like -- a kind of a guy that you know you knew enough about Rumsfeld you're confident that. You could run through his average day but you know -- -- its mind it. I didn't -- and whatever. So suddenly gets a rough spotter what happens. What happens is kind of likes them over because he has a soft landing as just the way it nobody pays running anymore. So he's gonna get is all of his benefit package. I've you'll pardon the expression. -- he's going to get that. He's going to if he's in -- applied essentially by the taxpayers. Of forty civil judgment and -- and saying no problem. That's the way it works and pretty soon you'll see -- maybe. -- put in another position or in another position where. He's going to be more into the trough than he has authority. But believe me I think of people were. We're really outraged over discovers that thing -- and they know that the way to get things change. Is to make your voice heard so they didn't seven people threatened to -- them. -- only got the seventh one as. I guess that was critical mass will be back for more with beads and company. There was no sexual contact between me in any members of my staff. There was never requests that sexual contact should occur. There was never any intent on my part to sexually harass any member of my staff. Or to create a hostile work environment. Progress we have another FaceBook posts and let's do that that -- go back to the calls talking about -- -- Zach -- a year -- this is from -- system and that was the only thing -- -- -- he admitted in his statement that inappropriate -- was going on which it out of -- fit the bill for that unprofessional behavior while I agree with that but remember in -- statement he said and this -- -- lawyer Ares I love it. It was not his intention. To create -- cost though. I don't know what happened. Or how seriously accusations are out of his -- a player or not I really don't. But I got a lot of legalese. See that's why you have a lawyer like Terry Connors so we can put that word in there. It is not my intention. To do it and say -- didn't know what he said it wasn't his intention that was not -- and run okay. As I said many times we end up with a vote well people have you know children there weren't expecting it makes that wasn't my intention. -- -- little romance. So oftentimes. Things -- intentioned but you still have a responsibility for them got it because sometimes the road goes a different way than you plan. Sometimes the bridges washed out and got to take the side road around the bridge that's so it is not self folksy I am there are folks. But it wasn't his intention and that makes me feel a lot better because I thought it was a grand plan where he intentionally did. Let's go to Steve in -- -- -- -- yes they've. -- -- -- I'm -- making a pitch for her I changed it a little bit. Okay -- that's the Bosnia you're on the areas go -- I want a little levity. And I could use a little levity when it got. Well what is good -- appreciated said. A which you wouldn't hold anything against me if I told you I have a terrific by the. That's a country song provides if -- -- -- by -- had a beautiful body would you hold it against me. I noted I noted as and -- -- -- And I mean -- an innocuous country to -- and I'm sure some people took offense still it. Everybody has a different level of sensitivity to different things. Such as sexual innuendo is one. If Tony did you ever play that when you are working program remote if I told you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me I don't remember I mean I remember the song -- -- song played it was -- -- -- You say it depends. You'd I'll do another countries on Kenny Rogers got to know and hold them and wonderful them. OK if you're around somebody that your comfortable women their comfortable would view. And you have a good relationship and an understanding. Of their general demeanor. Maybe you you do a joke or you know there's suggestion or something and it's fine it's -- no problem but don't assume the next person it's going to be fun because it may not. And I think one of the real pitfalls is. If you have any success early. Okay oh they like my humor I've really got to laughing and of course I'm using a little edgy material here. And then you have some but some success and then you'll -- that your emboldened because you think everybody's gonna react like that and everybody does. And especially. The higher up you go -- The better chance somebody has of Reno admiration. If they find that suddenly they're so offended that the only thing they can do is show and expect money in return because costs. The sensitivity meter gets unplugged. When money is concerned. You may be totally you might think the world is ending because of that joke you just heard in the workplace how insensitive. How much you going to get me. Joke was fine yeah I just -- a direct deposit thank you very much. And so -- there are legitimate suits obviously of course there but there's also those looking for the -- gold it's -- lottery. You know look at all the launch -- out there that are so bad. And sexual innuendoes and they think they're the funniest -- -- they just come up with the most clever lines and and they are the ones that get in trouble. -- not good and and probably get really weary and you know the danger really is. The danger is if you're in an atmosphere like that. And you feel old. That unless you you know kind of play along. Or you and your you don't mention any thing is as not being appropriate. A you'll lose that promotion or you lose that opportunity to go to and -- different jobs. Or raise our various things if the person doing it holds your future in their hands. It puts put some undue pressure on -- is no question about that. And because of that people who -- in -- charge of other people are held to a higher higher standard they have today. They have to be remember we told you about sexual harassment but believe me I've taken -- courses on it because -- programmer radio stations for seventeen years. If somebody that works for you is committing sexual harassment. And suddenly there's a lawsuit and your call -- -- you are his most of the time it's him. Arresting or rises some of their other times when it goes the other way but OK so you are called -- laws so they say. How come you didn't put an end. Activists though when it was happening and you said. I didn't know nobody told me I didn't know what's going -- you know what -- doesn't work. Even though you don't know you are supposed to now. OK it's like judges get slap on the hands when there's an appearance of impropriety it doesn't have to be impropriety it's a simple look like temporary and self if you're if you're in charge of people. And somebody soon as one of -- -- Sharjah for sexual harassment it's going to be your -- on the line to hope now. Because you're supposed to know -- seems like an unreasonable. Or a thing to ask how can you be responsible for something you don't know. The answer is I wish I know but I don't but that is the way it works just a vigil now. So if in other words if an employee of yours is -- doing something that he shouldn't she shouldn't be doing in the workplace. It is your responsibility. To know it. Okay and it's your responsibility once you know it. To take care of it and it's not going to be enough to say you don't know what did any employees -- video and the other employees come dealers say hey we're concerned about this this is happening and you just kind of -- it off. And you use that let's let's -- click our heels together and pretended it didn't happen. You are due for a rude surprise because you're our company may be owned by somebody else British zone. If you take that attitude you either take charge if you if you are in charge you take charge you make sure that stuff doesn't happen. And I don't know who oversees that is -- guy ever Zach but it got present was in charge of these women. Who work for him at various times it is his responsibility. To make sure that doesn't happen OK because we have enough people out there looking to win the lottery. I would -- with the lottery tickets this is the lottery jackpot. Okay office. Said why don't I go and and and get a massage -- Okay now how many do get a massage may be a lot of okay. You massage without being the end of the world look at it and say get a massage -- -- them this massage parlor together that's the allegation. So oh but the bottom line is the insinuation. That there was something -- something wrong and he is your supervisor. That's the key -- supervisory authority over you and that's why these seven women. Were put in a very different opposition I don't know the merits of their claims because I am -- -- in this specific points. But they -- because he held their future at least -- in that company which happens to be the state government of the New York. In his hands it would be him deciding whether somebody got a promotion will be him deciding if somebody got to raise it will be him deciding whether you get a good reference for another job it would be him. Making a call for you to get you into. -- -- another job in say government. So would all of that -- line then if he is using things that are inappropriate things that make you uncomfortable. You know you're you're up against that you have a choice you can either column out and sometimes it's worth going believe me column I'll get it straightened out. Or just kind of be quiet and move on now if you are if you're quiet and you move on. -- not help yourself or anybody else OK you have a responsibility. To stand up and be heard. And your responsibility may come with a payment. It may not come with a payment it may come oh so who would retribution. But if you're thinking. Person if you're kind of personal wants to do the right thing you got to do. You gotta go okay now I'm not saying that they're all justified because I'm sure they are. Blood when they are especially when they are and there's a pattern so that's a -- a pattern. A paper trail. How many people have gone to the supervisor and complain about the same thing over and over how can that be documented. How would that -- in court if one person after another said. He was a predator he was yeah he was an abuser he did this he did that he did that you did nothing about it. Well then guess wide you deserve to lose your job. Plain and simple there will be no sympathy if you don't look at after the employees. That you're in charge of believe me rap ads is as no has no fury. Like an employee scorn. Because they have the -- office. About wraps it up I don't know what we're doing tomorrow but. This can't be had nearly as excited as this was. We'll see you tomorrow I'd nine on those radio and on Thursday WB. -- Little room as we never has to needs to be used she.

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