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1-13 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- actually basic -- sandy beach. At all for the weekend -- waited a month. People are saying anything that's assemblyman Dennis -- -- -- -- over the weekend and he said that he is retiring did not does say that. He's quitting he's retiring so I guess it's a matter of semantics there but I'm asking a couple of questions. Winds up paying for all of -- in in dollars and cents is the taxpayer. First of all the retirement. Plan because he's been. He's been on for 32 years he is getting a good charge is there will outline what it is though later in the show. But also. There are the seven women have five held petitions are notifying him as a possibility that in the future they have X amount of time to do it. There could be a lawsuit. Against his behavior has alleged behavior. In the in the place now if he loses that. It's not a penny out of his pocket. No matter what it is that big of a judge orders -- either a settlement of the judge orders a an award. In cash that money is paid for by. Me. And fuel and your pants and the guy who is on the street the taxpayers pay for that got it. So apparently had some day when you become a public employee like that. You're working your employer is the government. And it's over government covers your expenses however. I'm saying that the government is asked what other government we -- every penny every race every cent -- spent by the government comes from view. And so I I don't think that's right I think there should be some kind of special insurance that the individuals pay end through. That would cover situations like this I'm asking to -- workplace has become overly sensitive to sexual harassment charges. Now I'm not standing up for anybody who's in the workplace as a bully it was a Rasner who's an abuser or none of that stuff what I am saying it seems like. There's a hair trigger on us and it's almost like winning the lottery as we said before. Something that might not these -- objectionable at all. To your mother to -- -- suddenly go woman standing next few might find it totally objectionable. In so called a lawyer again on with -- grab your money Enron and suddenly. He earned them applied by the taxpayers like your thoughts on these us on these things they go 30930106169236. And start 930. Let's go to Carol in Cheektowaga -- here on WB again. High IQ school. I I really believe that has gone to discuss what local port you know people getting really feel -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I want -- -- law I had a box. We're just felt it was the other people how it will be to get hired you know what their credentials -- everything -- I hired Carroll because her body. Teddy meaning okay yeah yeah my caddie got. And I said don't but I -- -- that -- and bit by I. Looked okay now I'll let you know. Right now -- I thought it was funny because it. Not getting I've dealt but -- -- That's and that's a point if he was rarely if he was -- you know the difference between abuse. And an adult conversation that's okay with the UN OK without. We are odd -- adults weren't. That multi car somewhere else are you kidding not me exactly and I was -- -- -- -- then. -- -- -- -- I don't remember -- -- and whatever in the 70s80s. Are they -- hitting a lot of our problems that the -- at a rate that. Or -- I'm a lot or whatever you want all time. We've been skeptical -- -- not -- -- out about it are the way I was about what he out of that three. Aren't I -- In the week that while god help the guys -- expect -- let them do get it right you'll beat -- begging for the week. Okay. What that funny. I thought it was hilarious because at that it's a proper IAM you know. But I bet that if I -- to take that the wrong way or the people back to me you know my other work or not. -- -- -- What I mean who ran our park. Wasn't meant to do -- -- I. I think that most be -- if if you hear that it's here's something for the first time when you say. You know I really don't appreciate that I don't think they persist. I I think it's a it's a common understanding that we have a an adult relationship back on board were both adults we can joke a little here and there and it doesn't get any worse than that or any more serious than that and that's the way I think it should be because what we do as we keep building walls. What happens. And this subliminal walls pretty soon you have more separation among cooperating -- for the good of the company employees of working together or whatever because I understand that -- Zach had gone back to the assimilate a lot of the female members in the assembly said that -- wanna work with a minute and wanna. The on the same committees and that sort of thing. I think we've got to what we've got -- were have a rational approach so that -- thanks Carol I had I appreciate your position thank you very much. And that's what it is you've got to know you've got to read the Rome. And if if you're persistent with that and you're an abuser they should nail you as far as I'm as far as I'm concerned. But as something that that most people would consider harmless. You've got to be careful because there could be somebody in the corner of the room was suddenly. Has the winning -- lottery ticket in their hand I'll -- did that joke. Hit them and it. I think this is a hostile work environment get me my lawyer. And that annoys me because what that does is that it drives employees and people a part it does not bring them together. The allegations. Include everything. From sexual advances. Sexual advances once staff members by Leo Dennis -- act. He's been married 37 years. And some claim pressure that female staffers say over a stay overnight Wear them. At his apartment or hotel room. The women allege he urged them to go to massage parlors with him. That he told them to dress in sexy outfits -- see mrs. about bargains right now. Regularly made comments about if if this is true regularly made comments about their appearance. And offered up descriptions about their body -- study something about appearance. Okay. Here's an example. You how much is spent on makeup. And you how much is spent on hair. You how much is spent on on nice white straight teeth. OK billions and billions and billions of dollars so you know or Europe a lady and you go into the workplace and you've got. Nice make up nice clothes hair straight white today. If somebody -- if you're the sense overly sensitive tonight comes by and says he really really nice and very attractive. I mean now most people would take that's -- thank you very much and -- -- the end of it but some people wouldn't. That will be the first step toward through that so I I I I do think that we have to be rational we have to be reasonable. And if you say I I I don't appreciate that not a bad show core or that -- where jerk. Fill in the blanks PO I doubt if most people if you'd ever here and you know see you again for most people. Because you you learn to read the Rome. It's offered up descriptions of body parts that he's done allegedly the women say they felt threatened. By him for their jobs now that is absolutely. Out of bounds if you felt that I didn't get that promotion because I wasn't agreeable. Or I didn't get that that job I want it because that they expected more than I was that I thought was on the resonate. That's legitimate that's why nobody's saying anything about that. But if you're in mixed company. And that you have just general normal conversation. I don't think everybody should have to walk on egg shells waiting to see where the next two drops. Will be back remark I'm beach -- company. I will continue to defend the allegations in the civil litigation. That have been made against me. The assembly and the State of New York. That is customers access step down he has retired. Didn't does say quit didn't say resigned he retired. So he's got to get his pension of course. And also. If there're any prevailing so -- where any awards are made. You're not only it -- pension but you're gonna pay for those -- So I'm asking is that is that right is that fair. And his workplace overly sensitive to sexual harassment charges I think it is I really do. There's that definitely a -- a gap between a real gentleman harassment. And and sometimes banter in the workplace. Recounting. A Joker comedy show you've seen whatever. And these -- things as I said before. Couple weeks ago if you just took the scripts from Two and a Half Men which has been running for ever and ever and ever on CBS. You couldn't even read those scripts. Yeah -- workplace environment they admit -- and this is a television show on and on an overly terrestrial. The network is not even cable for trial. Let's go to -- on a cell -- had to run WB yen. I'm -- finds that what you think about this -- -- thing. Well okay. I am much thought into it personally I don't we reject blogger. But I just the list that you will that I was in the Arab wreckage. I just want to. Ramadan is what you're saying is that you are taxpayers are out -- For any type of a civil lawsuit. I -- military as military Connors says Terry Conner said. This the state would have be legal obligation to pay any damages that might be ordered by a judge. Of for the alleged sexual harassment incidents if they were proven those are his words. I'll take older his work out how much on his work I don't think she's giving you the well hole. The way it played out at a retired state employee I didn't work for the August so I can only assume to be similar to that. -- it worked for. -- there's an internal investigation. I hate to see whether he acted in good faith in the school here or acts OK yes. Internal investigation proves that you act within the scope of the duty and yet she yet so we -- Ought to be identified through his employer. Now it is it is -- evidence shall that he did not hit within our output paper the scope -- it at least keep bill. Well a scope on his Tonys certainly wouldn't include any kind of harassment. Or anything like that so how could how could if these charges were proven how could any of them. Be within the scope of his duties they wouldn't but he. They kept cool and partner at young men are exactly you know for him and what -- party conduct that are internal investigation. That sent. He didn't want -- -- I'm so used to use OK see you say yeah if there was outside of the scope of his duties that that the taxpayers would not be on the oh I well we'll see how that plays out because I think is very disturbing to think that they have free -- and being able to do basically what they want without India. And he any threat of the monetary losses. Don't and I heard that that would certainly because I know you'll get about opinion -- -- -- and a lot of other people area that's what government employees and it took. It is all that. Capital itself -- everybody jumps on you want a negotiation. -- and everything else in. Well there are certain there are certain go to references and I'm thinking -- An attorney of voluntary Connors -- his graduate from law school somebody of terra cotta statue would not be making public statements that were patently untrue. We don't know what he's saying how are not giving you a hole that. Not telling you after an internal investigation. Here's his LC says he believes the resignation and as the assembly's ethics committee investigation. Of the allegation. It's a jurisdictional issue at this point he said of the committee's role over current members of the legislature so he thinks. That once he retired. That the assembly's ethics committee's investigation would be Null -- -- It's Selena actually. It may be -- -- And myself. With the article -- and after I was hired. I was still. You're charged with sexual harassment. Well all all that's why don't you reference. Chart a lot was okay. And it's -- the point and -- an -- and I had to go to court. After I retired here very tired at all and it. It was probably in. I say. That the person lightly what -- I've you if you about it we all have different thresholds. You know and and to some it it's a harmless joke to the other it's threatening. These security are threatening the environment a video of workplace and so I guess that -- -- depends on your point of view and that's why we have judges and -- we'll -- award goes hey thanks -- would be opinion it's we appreciate it. About that's the whole point. On again -- dead and as soon as I heard this. As good as lord talk right now wasn't his intention. To create that environment. And -- somebody going a hundred miles an hour. Down the Kensington expressway. And they -- -- off the road and crashed into a tree okay -- that is an officer. It was not my intention to crash in the majority. You know it wasn't like it was a suicide mission. So obviously it wasn't his intention. But you know presented the -- and it aggression in the trade because you're going too fast for existing conditions you did not have the skill and the equipment was not suitable to keep it on the road. So the bottom line is you contributed to it without your contribution you'll in the car. You driving the cart and excessive rate of speed the tires -- perhaps not being able to support that the speed of the road conditions slippery there could be a million reasons why aggression of the trade but you put you put yourself apparel apparel and so that's the best thing when I heard him say that that was not. He is -- intention I'm thinking -- c'mon Dennis. Amman. Does anybody out there think that one day you'll governments that this is a great day don't arrest my female employees I think I'll creates as sexual tension in the workplace. Course not your intention but the end result is without what you allegedly did. It wouldn't be heroes -- who is David Williams -- behavior on WB yen. -- at. All well. It was actually ran the company. And sure politics. A couple of actual or implement a week. All -- will say that if I know. Or other public effort and make it a ball. Or stop at the the site. Some thought that the -- -- the broader ability to pay. Particular. Eight. They buy it I would back that would get a socially correct the spurt that. -- That should -- I don't know why this state is adding that for quite a bit and the that. They are by me. What. Can get at it again. The -- went to earn. If it turns -- -- well first well I'm always concerned when there are laws that read that we have to follow that the law makers the people who put goes into effect don't have the fall. Whether it's a state or national. We've had shows on -- congress passes laws that we have to do but they don't have to I think that any law. Past except for -- very narrow set of circumstances should be you should be obliged to follow if you're in government will be back -- -- Beijing company under Israeli and I'm 3107 points so forget. Scrapped while sevenths go by. Who's regiment third we're back after. You -- hearing the voice of -- WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Elliott back where the Beijing governor I'm sandy beach and by the way today's -- of the day for my buffalo Burks is a twenty dollar certificate to Wagner's restaurant -- block port. But just sandbox in George steak seafood and possibly issues as well as the world famous people on wecht and primary exam which is -- -- sound really good right now. I've auto WB and -- comic book on my buffalo perks Nobel. We're talking about the fact that Dennis -- Zach is has said bye bye to the assembly. He's a thirty plus a year public official and so he's going to he'll be getting his retirement money certainly. But. His fighters though lawyer. Terry Connors who is very well known lawyer is is a saying in this article by Tom precious in the Buffalo News. He's saying. Leaving office -- and a potential civil legal problems for divers act but O'Connor as his lawyer. As said the state would have the legal obligation. To pay any damages that might be awarded. By a judge if the alleged sexual harassment incidents were proven now we have a public employee call and and dispute that he says. It's whether they were in video of the bounds of his duty what he was warranted or not I don't know how because we haven't seen anything by the way. They vote these seven people who have files have have filed -- legal notice but we haven't seen them. In in legalese. But the bottom line is I can't think if they were proven that any of them would fall under the guise of normal everyday duties. Normal every day responsibilities. So idea I don't know how that would come out except for the fact that usually when the check shows up. Via the politician takes potter and the taxpayer picks up the check so I am asking about that. And why is money I mean I guess money is is one wrote -- something under certain certain circumstances. If you fall -- a break your leg because there was Leo -- hole and Maria in the driveway of your neighbor and you got a broken -- a medical bills you can understand that money would be paid to -- the medical bills that you would have those without this but when I'm thinking of is if you indeed. Were. Insulted verbally. How does money make that better the fact is he's quit and he's been tarnished. He has been ostracized. And that didn't even put up a defense that ought to tell you that. That he the perhaps was not ready to fight it vigorously. Suddenly money shows up. And your sensibility. Not a broken leg but you're sensibility. You remember how awful you felt when he said that joke. Whatever and trying to minimize sexual harassment I'm just saying that money seems to be the great Q world. Suddenly that you know it wasn't that bad yes I'll take the money. OK it's all over now -- that's the money and that's what that I shouldn't be surprised because money is used like that all the time you make things go away. The matter of fact I always been amazed by the part of the law that would allow somebody to take a settlement. Instead of if it's you have radio. A legal action against somebody and then you take a settlement and you drop the action and what's the difference between that and Europe broad. I'd like -- know the difference if a cop stops you for going eighty miles an hour on the young woman. And you say officer you're about to write me a ticket. For going eighty miles an hour on the young woman now that will increase my idea by via premiums on my insurance. And it may give me extra points that are not welcome I'm going to have to explain this says to my wife whose car I'm driving. Kim higher offer a settlement. In exchange for not writing the ticket. OK can we have a settlement so you don't have to write the eighty mile an hour ticket. That would be considered a bribe. There's no question in my mind that would be a -- so I I don't have a difference and that I got a little off the side tracked their but I just the thought it's an interesting thought process. And as the workplace overly sensitive now to sexual harassment charges. The term hot style work environment is an umbrella. Can include a lot of things -- can include a hostile work environment because of sexual innuendo or sexual action. It can be a hostile work environment because of danger. There's such a thing as a dangerous work environment and would you subject your employees. To a dangerous atmosphere which is not accept that. -- -- a lot of ways you can go about that but I'm just saying it seems to me like the money once the money shows us like the magic pill. Yeah I was really offended that joke. Sickness suggestion that maybe. Go to massage parlor about -- much. It's okay yeah for that -- money. -- -- You are offended or your not and if you are new filed a suit you should see it through -- tandem -- -- justice take its course. Maybe you get a little maybe a lot maybe nothing. But -- fact is I think a lot of people see that of the American no legal system as the American lottery system. Whereas if you got a reason if you got a legitimate case against somebody. Your your lawyers probably gonna make the case too especially over today employer with pockets the partners like the government. Your lawyer's gonna make a suggestion that. Yeah and follow that it -- just settle this so we can avoid the cost of a trial. How many times we heard that. Well now why don't we wish I think it's if you have a legitimate beef it should go through a system. And then let the system decide what is fair compensation if that's the way it is but I think a lot of people see those ads. In the back and I'm surprised we haven't seen any on television. Harassed in the workplace by an assemblyman. Call now call -- six XX. -- I mean that's the way -- -- show a lawyer you know have we wanna get -- the settlement you deserve. I mean how many times have you heard that -- is a -- trawling for customers. Trolling for clients you've got big government saying okay we -- pay for your retirement. And it's possible we could pay for any damages. Because of your actions so I don't think any of that is right. It Austria 9301806169236. And star. 930. The allegations include everything from sexual advances on staff members. By a -- -- -- who's been married for 37 years to pressure that female staffers stay overnight with him. At the apartment or hotel room. The -- women allege he urged them to go to massage parlors with him. And he told them to dress in sexy outfits regularly may making comments about their appearance. And offered -- descriptions about his body parts. The women say they also felt threatened by him for their jobs. And their complaints about the lawmakers' behavior to his chief of staff. Went nowhere see that's that's where management whether it's in the private business or whether it's in government have to learn you can't. Stonewall. Because here's what happens with Stonewall. You get screwed. You know why because the go -- because the law does not allow that if you are in a position of responsibility. It is your obligation. To listen to employees who say in the end in this case we are sexually harassed. Because do you want that hostile work environment and how many millions of dollars have been have gone down the drain because you didn't pay attention. So his cheapest I've said I'm -- With it so what happens you go over the cheapest assets pretty soon. Pretty zone the person who's in charge of achievements have. Beyond average -- It takes a life of its own. He got a handle problems when they arrive you can't stonewalling. Hoping we're gonna go away if somebody makes a crude remark that you don't appreciate. See most people wouldn't say much because they don't wanna embarrass maybe they misunderstood. But you got to stand your ground -- got to stand your ground because at the end of the day if they're not looking out for you you got to look out for yourself. And that's the way it works in the American system. He got it. So that if if indeed you feel threatened you feel in danger for whatever in the workplace -- to whoever's in charge and you lay it out. And if they don't give you satisfaction you go to whoever of their bosses that's the way it works now with GAAP or -- He didn't he -- you know wasn't my intention. -- it's never anybody's intention. Two to have people file follow a potential lawsuits that gets out. Gets up in the morning and goes in you know Mary she -- really hot yesterday -- is gonna lower today. I think I'll say something blue -- group tour the Sabena is the way to start the day. No nobody does that what happens as I can tell you what happens. It probably works this way. That he had some level of success. Either you have a an open conversation with somebody. Or or anything else I'm just saying that he felt comfortable. With that was somebody yells at an earlier time. And that worked out for him he would like that the other person didn't object to so what are -- ago. When you're rebuffed -- stop but when you're not -- -- in college he's at that work -- merry about quite amusing purposely. Obtuse and so that that's out of their name. -- acquire but -- it might be but yes so if you're comfortable and the employees comfortable with this one maybe they're comfortable the next one. And then you become empowered and you think. Now you know I kind of oversee their raises I oversee their road promotions. I can recommend them for this -- that. They can they can get this benefit you -- my recommendations -- Suddenly you're thinking I got more power than I normally would have if I was sitting on a bar stool -- 4 AM in buffalo. And so that's the kind of stuff that happens. But I always love it when they talk about how much it's hurt their family. OK you know if because he mentions that. It merger family when you do in the first voice that's what really nurture family. And if you don't want your family her it doesn't hurt when you do that and don't do that. OK but they always do that when they're getting out that you want to write a book spend more time with their family. And that they not they never consider that while they're still in play but it's in -- -- out of play as well take a break after this. There was no sexual contact between me in any members of my staff. There was never request that sexual contact should occur. There was never any intent on my part to sexually harass any member of my staff. Or to create a hostile work environment. It is a major governor we're talking about that -- -- -- that's all anybody is talking about I mean it's just dominated the weekend knows. You read the paper is that wow how about this he stepped down he didn't even defend himself. Thirty some I think like 32 years in public service and so. Our job is to talk about what your talking about them that's -- talking about as Dennis -- -- -- And we wanna know your opinion as to whether they work place is overly sensitive to sexual harassment charges now I think everybody has a good feeling about prosecuting genuine harassment. Think we all do. I'm I'm sure that each of those seven women who have. Filed a notice that they might file -- suit. Feel that way when not denying that what I'm saying is it seems like a one person's hostility one person's. Out of bounds story. Or jolt or anything like that is another person's ago laughter material so I think we we might get a little thin skin from time to time. Legitimate cases haven't fine alum but I'm I I don't know in this case exactly where this vets. -- I'm also going to remind you that you're picking up the tab. You gotta pay the tab when he goes into retirement which is now. A you're paying that and you're also according to Terry -- is going to be obliged if he gets any kind of damages awarded by a judge you know. Will have to pay board I did have a state employee. I'll say well not always not true all the time but Terry Connors statement is here in the buffalo and -- amusing that as a template. Chris we have or -- from FaceBook why don't we go through knows this is from -- she says I think there is a time and a place for sexual jokes in the workplace. Is not the time or the place so this was wrong he jumped. Well that that's that's the point and it's is it we each get. We each get our own. And yardstick or guide. If we're on the highway and they and the speed limit says 65 and you're doing eighty. You don't have that flexibility -- -- -- 65 you do an 8080 is more than 65 but if if Arafat you hear a joke. And you repeat that you might be you might have five people standing a circle for them why half the fifth one. -- test. There are offended by that and so they've that he recede in some recourse because the only thing. That will make it better is money. The advice -- -- little cynical about that sudden. It's not well except if it's money. So maybe -- -- walk around. You know with a sandwich board on saying -- will pay money in order to do a sexual innuendo in the workplace. -- Is that this is for sale basically. If you have a legitimate case -- Ford nailed it. And I don't know because we haven't seen the evidence in the allegations here so -- I'm not applying that to hear what I'm saying is it's just too easy. You maybe have lunch and you just not a commercial by that law -- -- willingness and your boss for. Nice I like to get up early anymore and work why not to gulf war will say I'm totally offended by. Okay commitment -- are and maybe maybe you're less offended -- the company of George Washington Ingraham Lincoln. Grants and the rest of -- I don't know interest desist from candy she says so we stepped down but he still gets paid 51000 -- plus he gets full medical. -- that being penalized no wonder Texas Ohio and state well that's supply and what you find out is that he had nothing to lose really I mean yeah I lost in his goodwill and his reputation. But remember somebody who did a lot more than anything that's alleged against -- -- his name is Bill Clinton. Whenever I am all yeah yeah I got impeachment it was a removed from office was. Now -- as far as I know he still has secrets is right. And as far as nobody of the government pays for office space -- yeah. And he still gets a nice. Nice pittance in the mail. Every month or direct deposit you'll ever get so it didn't really hurt him that much of it he was considered almost a folk hero in the oval. If the house only had a drug cleaner. It's really can be and -- sort of the somewhere. So it you know no one man's offense or one -- offense is another woman's. -- offense and another please this is from Tony he says I think the legal fees should be the responsibility of the accused and not the responsibility of the taxpayer you would see a lot of this stop if elected officials were held financially accountable I like that's only I like that a lot and I'll tell July. First of all there should be an insurance policy which you are required. As a public official to pay and two for things like this. The the people in your district did not send you there. A two faced potential lawsuits of things that have nothing to do -- your job except for the fact these women were the closest Julio. OK I think that you should have to pay the premium for your own liability. An indemnity policy. And if that's a high risk you should -- -- why should the taxpayers do that. As far as I know I've never seen area political campaign that says when I go to fill in the blank Washington Albany whatever I'm gonna run -- And run it like the Playboy retreat in the sixties OK not necessary. We had how many people step down for reasons that had nothing to do we have via the their duty and their job. The -- because they get intoxicated with the power. Power is intoxicating whether it's in Albany whether it's its accounting -- certainly do whether it's in Washington non. And they should not be our responsibility. To fuel you wanna do that your on your own and if you get caught you get mail and you pay the punishment and you pay the price. Eight Austria on Montreal 106 on 692 precincts 32 of us call in after the news we'll continue on them BH and company talking about that as Jabber -- and the fact that he step down.

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