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Movement On "Draft Trump" Front

Jan 13, 2014|

Carl Calabrese

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest on the WBM live line was our guest last hour his count -- Republican Party strategist former deputy Erie county executive. Colonel joins us again this time to talk about the prospects. A billionaire Donald Trump of New York City running against -- governor Andrew Cuomo next November. Carl good morning and thanks again for being with those the second time Carolina it was a big thing that we stick. There was a big power while he and New York City last week after wage. Donald Trump said that he would considerate -- readers what do you think. It's interesting now. And you know it's stop the cycle all -- Donald Trump I mean there's a part of me that says. They'll probably doing we're gonna -- always does marriage is to figure out how to beat the center of attention and and the headline in the newspaper these little -- -- But that also part of me that there are certain you all we can do this kind of thing that people their position. And column -- that was whatever are always -- -- very well satisfied with that had no interest in ever changing and that's not true political people and and people every job as the show went to her up and when that interview that got my attention that you know I. The -- -- in business and my children are old enough to want to do this and maybe I'd go look for. Something else it's possible he may -- people are the challenges of being Donald Trump certainly not going to be -- -- become more complex it's gonna be governor does. The largest state in the country so I don't think it if it's a long shot. What I hear -- -- thinking about it and yet if you commuters travel -- city to meet with them including. Couple from New York up from Erie county -- where -- maybe. GOP chair with -- So well that you it would be fascinating race to the other side or it would be kind of a -- races in the country. All woody -- a shocked if he did. Well you know yeah I thank -- distance but could it possibly my bosses are -- Archie -- -- not just name -- he comes with celebrity's name ninety. You almost household name. And so yeah as bad as all kinds of mourning and you're eligible -- you can absolutely -- -- To a huge forces immediately -- He's that outsider and that the people who like there are more who's been successful in the business world now and minuses are these cattle truck. He's used to -- Luke and didn't do things -- -- don't terms and can be buried under. You put -- in the campaign we you don't friendly argument properly you don't use or words and you can run into just incredible. Self inflicted errors -- others. And the -- you don't campaign where -- -- raised. Create a -- -- -- the damage control we're not talking Borger should try and get the actors that are. And -- back in this state important or exploring different interest groups. All of them ready to be a reason outraged. One this statement ultra smile and you've got a week we can have their Coke so he's never been a political framework immune. The real Alex is there -- -- in the is in the in the book business and the eagerness to -- that -- -- But on the campaign trail in New York governor he could prove very very costly and the other thing it's the same features as well as. You've got five point six million registered Democrats in New York State. And two point eight million Republican rebels who want. The peer review of the Washington could be independent unaffiliated which is 2.3 million soul of that -- -- would be appealing to put Republicans. You like we're about. After the big meeting in New York last week state Republican chairman Ed Cox came out issued a statement. And is that of Donald Trump was serious about running for governor he should you know go off the popularity. Declare his candidacy and go through the process. What's trump winning four. Get an audit group chairman of -- percent I mean it's it's getting close now to try to. -- -- candidate or are slightly inaccurate. Mostly -- the picture and like so -- is real the county executive in Westchester County. Well maybe people properties -- really not serious about this. You may be using it to -- that people will be about patrol poignant. And public television show celebrity's premise about how are you that you got to look at all of those things so. Again I don't like that electric I -- not all like to do that I thought it was interest being mentioned -- children taking over the business. I would still say. -- against him doing -- but he's got to stay in the limelight I think as long as he he can do. Okay Carol good stuff thanks again for joining us. Carlo calabrese local Republican Party strategists.