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Thoughts On Gabryszak Situation

Jan 13, 2014|

Steve Pigeon & Carl Calabrese; Pt II

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about Dennis -- -- resignation. And we have in studio Steve pigeon democratic strategist -- calabrese also joining us to Republican strategist. And as we talk about possible successors for -- -- Apparel let me ask you something that Steve brought up earlier do you think possibly that a woman might have a better shot at this seat. I I think the war on the white woman would have a burglar shot at this seat. But you know and I at all related -- that there isn't really doing good eight list Cheney two record email. So I think both parties are gonna sit down and maybe do some polling and take a look at what the issues are going to be what the public preference may be before they make their decision -- Sure there's some -- loose women candidates and there are some -- men candidates since. And it's up to the party chairs and party leadership to decide. Which one is the best fit for this particular election cycle in this particular. Was Dave let me ask you this then after what mr. calories -- -- a woman. Have an edge to succeed gamblers like in this case is largely. Because this whole situation painted women as well obviously it it once again show is. When you have a seat opening up because of the bad behavior. Of a and assemblyman. It highlights the issues that may -- we need more women in government more women in public policy. That -- a trend that's been happening anyway women candidates have been doing very well. So I think it's certainly opens the door to that. Steve do Democrats have trouble vetting candidates I'm thinking about when he Fisher. She had neighborhood issues with police while running this past year for coming legislature. Look at Kevin gone he ran for controller had tax issues that surfaced. Is there anything. Well what you have here is you've had a complete meltdown of the Democratic Party structure. Happening over the last decade. And it's really now the people running the party are kind of area. Playing out petty fights that are ten and fifteen years old and they're not actually just thinking about how -- we win how we present our best candidate and I think what you see which could be. Interesting is special election or not you'll see a democratic primary. For this seat and sit in June or September when the primaries happening so I think what you've seen as their. That they're clearly has been no vetting there's just been a small group that continues to get smaller. That's run candidates that's why Republicans have been winning because of the meltdown of the Democratic Party. Was speaking of vetting candidates -- talk about the cameras act situation. All these women have come forward now of these allegations. Now you and I both know very well that. His prior. Political seats are also being looked into very carefully did he engage in any improprieties against women when he was. -- member of the Cheektowaga town council or when he became supervisor of the Cheektowaga. Now when he was. Brought up as a candidate. To succeed Paul tokens in the new York state assembly was he properly vetted then. And if there were any allegations similar to this why weren't they brought forward a woman saying that here's why I'm saying list. Because so many close associates and friends of Dennis cameras that have come forward -- to say. All this stuff. Doesn't surprise to us well there was a lot of rumor and innuendo but that that's true about so many people in public life and nine out of ten times it proves out that. That it's just rumor and and and political backbiting. Saw -- I remember you know he had a very good reputation is -- town supervisor. I do know that it was reported in a publication that. One of the women who work for him his town she to a supervisor called to some say that they would you know support and cooperate so there may be some of that. But certainly not of that -- came on the vetting process I think what you've seen his most recent cases like when he Fisher. Is it is just the -- Democratic Party they ran a candidate just tried to stop another candidate who was -- probably a stronger general election candidate. The Kevin -- thing also disasters so you've been seeing these disasters happened because of the week structure and we leadership Democrat party locally. Carol I any Gloucester new and the vetting of candidates. Many campaigns were the vetting process generally speaking war. Low level offices. A party chair and our mutual their security is there and skeleton -- skeletons in your closet. That we need to know about we know now we do not want any surprises that check will get something out. And some easy answer is use those to the court I've also I can't think Kristi has to -- higher level offices. Where party leaders -- required. And investigators and said we want to do their culture and -- in the we want all the public records search -- wanna -- there's any problems financial legal. A picture that we should Obama now and actually -- they -- -- candidates and make sure. -- something like this wouldn't of came out any of that vetting because. Clearly nobody that had worked with him you know there might have been rumors and -- and there were rumors are you probably heard them there were rumors. There was nothing ever substantiated nobody had ever gone on record. It's always -- that you're right it would not have come up -- that is how whoever the very impressed can be for certain offices where you're party you're actually do -- investigation. -- their candidate to make sure. This will be most prizes and outraged and if there's anything -- -- to prepare your opponents come out with that because you know they're doing the same type of -- and -- -- in opposition. Or you stop the candidacy before it starts when you find. It very. What good discussion thank you both for idea for joining us this when we really appreciate it and I. And the niners fan anymore it comes to talk about I think farewell and thank you -- of our -- -- Carl calabrese joining us on the phone this morning Republican political strategist and in studio democratic strategist Steve pigeon.