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Thoughts On Gabryszak Situation

Jan 13, 2014|

Steve Pigeon & Carl Calabrese; Pt I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's overlook the WB AM live line. And welcome. Republican Party strategist Karl calabrese is a frequent guest on our show in studio with those two is a former chairman of the Erie county democratic executive committee Steve -- Karl good morning and thank you for being with us now on the the story. -- You know we're we're trying to sort through what's gonna happen to dumbest members back from my hero on the -- What is your opinion now of the fact that mr. -- -- is just remained silent. About the situation for the for the entire months now. Well I was really watching the watcher XP would agree it was -- is retiring or are. Step by a thousand political -- You know that the old saying in nature -- -- and -- export the -- -- so when you -- their information. But the actual response something go to Russia or. Obviously -- I think it was going to. Lawyer very competent lawyer strategy in its -- not to say -- -- something that is so ridiculous in their. -- period saw where -- awful news editorials and two op Ed pieces -- That really. Unprecedented to have that much in written about this story and -- the shorter -- -- -- at all because. Of this that you look response in and that's what ethical plus you hit. Old -- coming up about how these issues were handled by the speaker with previous accusations by women you have members of this caucus. We're beginning to call for him to step down -- would caucus with it and they wouldn't fit next to them they wouldn't sponsored bills with a and it just it was just one. -- after another after another. Without any response and I can get let you know legal what happened yesterday announced we heard just -- Yet and I'm an announcement itself. Did you pick up on -- fact that there was no apology in a statement. Collectively you know. Will be following a -- Australia I think there. I typically respond by the way it was in the lawyer's office skew clock there so I think you're anticipating that. There's going to be judicial activity. Around these speculations. And that that it was probably very very carefully worded. What his attorneys. Work I. Yes and Carlisle -- I also think but it was definitely a legal strategy because. He basically there was no apology was just defending his actions and he actually ex -- mutual banter so he's almost saying that the women were involved with him. Has partners in this which is a lot different than harassment so this is just the beginning of really of this story when he took that position. But it wasn't a position that was politically designed to try to. Maintain a political career maintain the seat he really had no choice. But to resign especially when the assembly just has no more tolerance and there's no capital left with speakers over to be able defensible likeness after. He's taken hits for so many other people like -- past okay allegations have been allegations have been made now we have the burden. Of -- Steve how heavy is this -- -- how difficult is it going to be well again from a legal standpoint I think his evidence comes out will be able to -- that but. But I would think that one of the reasons why you might have silence -- all responses that there is not a strong defense to this that. He's not really denying me actually as much as he -- he didn't mean them. In that they were banter. But there is a standard to be looked at it would rises the level of harassment in the workplace that is very well. In the law it's it's there past cases in president. And the question is will -- -- that I agree with what ms. -- said though that you're likely to see this settled before it goes to trial. -- your your thoughts on it too. Yeah I think -- -- it was a statement yesterday that was that a statement to sell their pitcher or position you know doctor political career position yourself. To consult with the political crew that was clearly illegal state they're anticipating. Some -- -- courtroom activity. Okay let me if I imagine there's more to come to let me ask you this very quickly -- -- also -- that a little lit around the in this -- We've talked about democratic. Successors. But Republicans have to be celebrating looking at an opportunity to win here even though this is always been. Traditionally have you know -- democratic stronghold. Put -- could a strong Republicans. Make any headway in and get the seat currently thing. Oh yes they are solely for their opinion tour while it's been critical great special election when you have a special election or any opposite especially as they light off. The record veto. In November going to be held to be in February or march. Organization and turn out become key if you go back and political history. There's been a number of upsets occur in special election. By underdog because of their turnout issue so there are there are never in -- this district who have proven. Are they can win a democratic votes. Aren't you mentioned possibly a woman welders and -- army -- court on board and what won't vehicle -- impressed of racial become or a couple of years ago. Yeah there's tad more than that just got elected out there and in the counting on legislature. You've got a supervisor Kindle but goalie is elected in Lancaster who's been in the democratic power you've got at least three people. Who poorly regular Democrat and independent -- in the -- right political patients with could be could be. I think the special election does even things out of course in the past oftentimes when people are -- like get there when the special election and they go on to lose in the the next general and so I would warn those people that are looking at that. This would be a pretty much of a -- -- for them in November. Just had to be a special. One other doesn't effect there's no clear indication the governor has. -- as basically in the past thought that they were a waste of taxpayers' dollars. There was already nine open seats between the senate and assembly that he -- shown no. A rush to call one so I think it's the issue whether he'll call on election. Okay democratic -- What they about the -- the government none of them are up this year so much more -- to democracy -- good point there. They've they've they're good throughout Korea and -- that that the cops say things as well.