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Fall-Out From Gabryszak Allegations

Jan 13, 2014|

Steve Pigeon; Pt I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's get some political analysis now Steve pigeon democratic strategist is in studio with us this morning Steve thanks to -- good -- and I'm glad you could come in. First of all via the resignation he says retirement. What did -- when your first thoughts. Well my first thoughts is that we're gonna see a lot more of the story because certainly he. By even calling it he's resigning that are retiring as if he just decided to retire. There's really no apology and that statement. In fact he says things that statement like there was demonstrative falsehoods. Nothing -- you know he said there might have been some inappropriate banter but banter suggests that the other people were participating in it with him. And he talks about -- That he's gonna defend himself so I think you're gonna see a lot more of the story it was it was certainly wasn't an apology is certainly was not a admission of any wrongdoing. On the so I would think that. The women who you know ought to the person seemed to feel that they were not and a terrible arrest environment. I'm sure they're not pleased with that statement and so I think you'll see more of the story the fact that mr. -- reject remained quiet didn't say a word about this thing. Four months while all these accusations began to mount against him. Whether he was getting advice from an attorney to be equally it was a good advice -- data well what do you think it depends on what I'm I'm sure from the attorney's perspective. You always want your client not to say anything that can be used against them later so you always suggests saying nothing. So from a legal standpoint -- counters as a -- and his lawyer. That was a legal advice political advice. Awful fatal deadly. When your elected official you have to communicate with your constituents you have to be held accountable the you have to answer questions you have to go to work. He wasn't the showing up for work so it was a the silence it was whether you know was deafening as they say I think it's also very hard. To defend those things as there was so many from so many different diverse people from. Somebody different years of his ten years so it was a very difficult thing to defend but good legal advice is often bad political advice. When you say awful fatal deadly. To see -- any future in politics that. It now now. I -- you die in last for some reason he can. Prove that you know that seven people came together for an fabricated. Which seems highly unlikely I don't see any real a future in politics but. You know I he's a friend you know I hope he can he'll help we can get some. Counseling -- his family and that they can you know hold together as a family.