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1-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jan 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Later these to hear the song in my sleep yes sometimes I do. 60 wait it is and is ready at 930 WBM hourly on a Friday. Friday afternoon drive Paul and -- Harris of course -- traffic you're covered for us and a now it seems like -- in the last twenty or thirty minutes or so whenever they have been released mood and then the last twenty or thirty -- to Stewart had a couple of wrecks but. If there's anything Allen needs to know about the traffic and for whatever reason we haven't mentioned it he always feel free caller traffic -- in 03. 03218030321. And we it was appreciated Kevin the extra eyes. By the way with the flood watch in effect from tomorrow morning through Sunday afternoon hopefully. Hopefully -- -- have to do this but if we do. Will be live and local throughout but we've had hoped they would at a number of a flood watches in effect. Over the years and I can't remember ever having been cold in on one of those that just election will be eager no matter come come -- what someday. Or something that effect. Are coming up on ten minutes after six all work to show. That I've never done before. And it deals with organization well say it really deals with whatever the monkey on your back happens to be. And I I came out of the closet at the beginning of the show and -- and so during the course of the show I. I'm being driven up a wall. By my inability to consistently organized paperwork at -- at really at work too except it's a lot easier to throw out a lot of the stuff work because a lot of it is genuinely. Jumped but I receive images got to go in the garbage. So at -- however. Totally different situation. At a home outside of the house is a pig stuff and if I'm not saying it's unsanitary what I'm saying is there -- papers everywhere. Papers I no I don't eat. I'm not a quarter except like it was the paper so what I'm taking your suggestions and also if there's something in your life. Bet you know should not be a big deal yet for whatever reason you just can't wrap your arms around it. -- let us know what it is and other people are gonna have suggestions for you can deal with it as I've said I have a very very exciting weekend coming up organizing. Papers and throwing stuff out -- -- the -- is going to be very very busy. Not everything has to be shredder now but there are some things that I just don't think it's a good idea put up trash. You know identity that is definitely an issue of who wanna be me but that's another story together. Eleven minutes after 68030930. Is the phone number starlet thirty on the cellphone. And 180616. WBE. And let's get back Alley in Clarence who considers herself I think a master organizer and she was talking about making sure that everything is properly filed although she -- leaves very little papers she does have a filing cabinet. And Ellie we left off with the filing cabinet. Right and at impact that it electorate that is for mutual friend of -- -- -- -- you're really gonna help me. I don't -- they have execute -- Anyway I can't file cabinet and I kept bogeys in the air in their letter from agency. And I don't need -- need for example under each for home. I'll put all night you know warned he booklets in instruction booklet that you get with serious appliances. You know in them -- -- actually here he didn't he came to the booklet your because up until it you know I'll have via. But I realized that -- ever get Eric something to say you know write my blue -- that helped. So apt also I filed under age -- -- -- -- -- the alphabet -- you know it's been you know to figure out. Oh absolutely Indy car insurance stuff homeowners insurance. Car information they'll. You got to speak got a hold -- some. How exactly the Clinton is what -- -- out. But I didn't put everything in here you know exactly -- it go for it it's not pick it up a lot of room and my final candidate -- under GAAP stagnated. It's not a great big. Called -- OK the big problem that I noticed with people. -- most of my friends like. And you get a better go to -- were dozens. But they got that it -- help my -- hopefully -- in the future you know and they really don't want to get rid of any big hits like see the procrastinators. And you know they're really afraid. To get rid of something in the you know -- United something in the mail and and they want to read up but that -- -- think you can -- some -- for auto insurance -- out in the mail and you could you know online web site. You can do it -- get around to. And a couple of notebook and this is anything I want to -- like via the radio on a list in the notebooks like -- -- that's the paper now. Okay now what that they had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well by my office and the rest of my house I mean yes I have a couch that is now about fifteen years old which -- probably hold on to despite the fact that it is ripped and torn because that's kind of like. It's a conversation piece not only that probably the home to numerous civilizations of various DNA configurations. Don't approach. It like there. Thought it was a Church of God one -- -- yes that's done mostly. I know I. Can't make it try it out when you want better. Oh this is the -- in the OC I've tried to pile technique and what concerns me is every time they get stuffing piles that cat decides that is a mouse a tree or some kind of a new. Toy underneath -- Sorry but you're it is a -- that it's -- added that world to connect -- -- that I'll I'll put it. I worry Q and you know get a hold of them. That's not a problem. For a problem than. You don't that -- need to take very adept at what they apple you know. The other pile is its threat to get rid of and that Eric I know it. I'm not sure immediate and me not looking for it yet again this secret trash. And I don't -- -- -- OK it is vital that -- You don't have to get in -- and gotten back to go through -- do you agree that. If it's not the -- -- Believe -- by the end of the week go through it you'll have to step to it which -- -- got it prohibits okay to write it down I want to make what it checked by the character and quote or whatever got to get out. -- in the end you have -- Eric I don't think -- know stepped it up. But the final candidate. Employee now I do you have a little. Political -- -- etiquette during Q a basket and it and dialogue that takes up about. It's it's like 88 and a half by eleven write -- got three different shelves on yup. And I put in -- like they have yet to concede it's because -- upper hand in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK but they're calling it a. Well you know what I think a lot of what you said. By audience who is in the same boat as I will find very very helpful we've had a number great ideas which I am gonna go down here and just few moments as I said thank you -- -- well you know I appreciate that but honestly I wouldn't even let a family member help me with what I do because now now this is this is my monkey it's on my back and I have to deal with it you know because it's got. Because I'm fifty years old Obama spoke to called eighty year old bothered -- mommy I need help that's a week it's a lame. But in the future remember what I expect go through your mail every single day. I know I know that's right. Our I'm glad you called it I don't know -- plans aren't -- -- Aren't there's -- in -- after listening earlier I believe it or not we actually talked to somebody who does this for people for living a professional organizer. And she gave -- -- excellent tips for those of you were sick and tired. Receiving catalogs in the mail which again that's another day of my existence you buy a ten dollar item from company and over the years they sent to about 5000 dollars worth the catalogs for a ten dollar investment you made in their company not good so there's catalog choice dot org I put these up -- -- -- -- catalog choice dot org. And there's also do not mail dot org which should cut down on junk mail I'm sorry Purdue actually junk mail I met business rate bulk mail I think that's what the Postal Service calls. Also. For those of you were a little more high tech and in this sounds like it could be good for well those of us who were more technically. Well -- -- technically inclined those doesn't handle computer with even a basic degree of ability. Others that product that you can see on TV was neat -- think that the right name. That you can scan things and to get rid of the paper instead of storing the paper there's something to be said for that went and where you can do things electronically. What else I go through the mail daily is -- said. And I'm looking I'm looking I'm looking -- electronic statement many Google on electronic which definitely cuts down on the paper. Now we haven't even begun to cover and this might be an issue for some of the how many times do you Clinton's York email box. My work email if I come off on vacation per week. What I generally do. Is coming to work the first thing I do is delete everything that came during vacation. Because there will literally sometimes 2000 messages. And I always figure if it's that important. Somebody will read email me because usually is just a bunch of nonsense. You know now it's as big as it's ever going to be. Your product is not going to help would be bigger believe -- I've tried so I don't need those things in my email box especially at work. I don't need them knowing when ordering. 8030930. The phone number let's get back to the other calls on WBE and and Corina. Is -- calling in and she has citizen tips on how to get organized so listen up gang if you're in the hourly -- of total disorganization hello. Well I'm feeling a little bit better feeling like people I'm. I'm not alone. And why haven't you said that you I would even cross your mind. And a lot apparently people have a lot of -- It is amounted that is not is it your space they actually get there I immediately noticed that we have a lot of class out of a lot of -- thought. You know what if I I have to agree with you and that's one of the reasons I urge Israel and the wall of exhaustion. Exactly. -- -- your next its prognosis. No this accident -- -- -- analysts are very pleased to note that they actually quite a few people and it's as if things are on trying to organize budget that he. The kid did and everything else that doesn't have to see -- -- be on top of their -- -- And it really even I putted very cluttered I don't -- look at every team -- off this state you know is photographed they would stop all over the place. I wanna talk Korean a lot of talking about this further I have a traffic update I need to get through but we're gonna pick up with hypnosis. On the other side of traffic and weather all right. So Allan Harris is here not with hypnosis but with traffic -- Allen. All right Allan thank you and we do that flood watch in effect from a tomorrow morning through Sunday afternoon. And right now we're 38 degrees and overnight by the way the temperatures actually gonna go up to the forties by -- -- Joseph beavers very very happy about that and I'm very happy about that unless it's gonna screw up people's lives -- -- -- -- sudden melting of snow with the rain on top of it then I'm not going to be favorite. I don't want your pick the last that you need if you've already got a cluttered like all. By the way very very important mentions if your life is already. Filled with clutter. Have you ever noticed that the minute you wanna address the inside stuff suddenly you get the snowstorm and that he got either shovel or snowblower. And then that totally takes for awhile right especially when they get the end of the driveway. When I woke up yesterday the first thing that was snow blow the -- That was the first thing at that. And it was you know what I got to -- it was invigorating and it was great. Freshener that snowblower that big pile at the end of the driveway dawn it's a cleansing to get rid of stuff. But I guarantee you and you can't let this get -- down the minute. You resolve that you're gonna take care of whatever it is in your life whether it's the clutter paper the quarter old screws bolts -- whenever you've got. Something else will always rear its ugly head so you do also have to prioritize. And you know basically used the system of what is critical what is optional. -- get back to Korea. Now they understand Korean that there are basically most hypnosis are all hypnosis is self hypnosis you can actually put yourself in your own. He hypnotic state and you can actually hypnotize yourself for one of the better -- tour. Actually I'm really impressed that you know that -- how wonderful. Yes it's true I'll let you know being felt that you know just be rethought everything else would seek out and it has argued that they acted like without. It because when you get up I don't think you can only get into the -- this study. And that did not that you're trying to get altered me or even -- if they're not good for you. You'd better not be able to get yourself out of that deep deep level -- -- -- your mind very deeply I think or not. Or are you thinking you're onto some movie you don't. The opera and -- their a good speaker but I've been to break on the show they get their their -- gets. Labeled in doubled and it got to -- epic happened felt that you. A statement they indeed organized it probably very good at Lee mental coaching wickedly wonderful way -- -- at. -- So what -- we got you know. Everything from their their their job -- they leave their kids and -- I would hear they have all together to do that day and age it can get it done air today and -- -- soccer ball is running it circled. Probably he has never learn the skill at getting an art Harris dot and they would seek out a little bit more help. How about just what I have a quick question where it and then I'm I have to get out of some other folks in a break here's my quick question and it is. Why is -- that some people I'm sure some of them were listening to me right now they might be doctors they could be mechanics they could be attorneys whatever. That when it is money shot times when you've got to put on a case when you've got to put on a concert when you've got to do surgery. That is your comfort zone that's where you feel the best and that's where your brain functions at its optimum performance but then the minute. You work through performing whatever your job happens to be then your brain decides to get lazy again. A clean up these papers wanna have a chance in five years go by he got a mountain. But everything -- because the port did you default and for example they got an example of Obama -- I think -- -- brushing up a car wouldn't hurt his cabinet that surrounded. It actually go to current market without in the car rolled -- to get. That mommy had split that no matter what drew my world to -- her grocery together a -- that car prospects at all. There's been neck and neck -- and that fighter flight that it wouldn't. Everything on another second salute your mind as a natural ability a nasty -- external okay. And because it's over you know -- get that chemical release which continent into my picture on the flood relief act it's you know. When you're when you're when you're not aerial act you are not that big. Are at Walt Corey thank you ever -- I I appreciate the inside I'm sure my audience appreciates your suggestions and that will have to give that. I don't know much credit to hypnotize myself first I thought don't feel lucky about hypnosis because it's help an awful lot of people. And and really. I guess tell you what biofeedback. If you wanna talk about biofeedback. That is also a form of self hypnosis I don't know how many have you ever been through biofeedback I've done that for pain control. And I actually found that helpful. Bio up biofeedback because it teaches you how to relax yourself. And how -- organizers yourself in Woodley. And you can see tiger doing with that little biofeedback machine. I don't know who does that around Europe for somebody goes but there that's also good technique in terms of relaxation. But seat for you maybe to get geared up to clean or organized you need a little adrenaline rush. That's why I guess we have Tim Hortons in a recorder can't be on WB Ian. Hey I've just destroy the importance of sleep I had a very disturbing dream last night actually I crashed from a well what. Time was. 8 PM ninety somewhere somewhere in -- watching earthquake on Cinemax on demand. There's nothing like a great disaster movie to make you wanna sleep right so I got thirteen hours last night thank you very much much needed I have the target but. That's the disturbing dream was that. I was on a private jet -- Billy for Chilo. And somehow we ended up in Jamaica. And I that's all I'm gonna say that was the disturbing dream. -- all I can say is cured Diop. That's all I wanna go with that never -- a disaster movie before you go to sleep and by the way I'm embarrassed to admit this. I mean the movies over almost forty years old -- was 72 and got forty years old earthquake. Now. It's a terrific movie for its error. But and don't don't spoil this for. I've only been able to make it through in ninety minutes of every time I tried to watch it it's like Tora Tora Tora. I've got -- -- ladies and gentlemen I've seen Tora Tora -- probably a hundred times it's it's a story that's a movie based on reality about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor December 7 1940 -- And that's another movie that is as good as it hits. If you sit down if ever to sit down wanna watch it from start to finish and make it halfway through I -- off. But earthquake I'm still trying to figure out of Charlton Heston ends up. With. You know who leaked report to try to figure that out. But don't tell me don't spoil it don't spoil -- by the -- did you meet TV. Because every time I see that man ever damage -- drag that oh I got the box set of dragnet Adam 12 I mentioned bat man. And there are few other shows and the TV every time I see one episode. They remind me of the fact that I now wanna get boxed sets of each and every episode of each and every TV show that was an influence in our formative years because were all -- -- world roughly. And with -- the reruns we can all relate to Gilligan's Island right you can be twenty years old and you can relate to Gilligan's Island everybody knows Gilligan's Island. But and I -- -- lead gilligan's debt. Bob Denver not to be confused with John Denver is being named Denver isn't good for longevity. Let's get back to the calls on WB yeah if you're just joining us we're talking about. Well I have to admit there's one of the causes of -- auction. And thanks to Michael. Of stress over the fact and the sound so stupid and I know it sounds stupid but we all ever things you know. We all ever little human frailties are human weaknesses. And my being absolutely disorganized. Happens to be a big monkey on my back. And I know it sounds stupid. And I know how ridiculous it is in the scheme of -- those of you dealing with kids were very sick. Those who view working over bad car accident. The idea that somebody could be freaked out over a house that is a pig -- of paper sounds very -- very trivial an inconsequential. And irrational probably some of view but we all ever things and I was not brought up this. My mother kept a spotless home she had to four -- at the same elements and I'm a bit different here is bad chip for kids living in the same house at the same time. And mom always has and always will keep a spot this -- OK I didn't grow up but heaven hell over time. Keeping organized in terms of paperwork. Are keeping organized in terms all right you know keeping that they're keeping I know you're you're cool. Are keeping. A tabs on paperwork and staying organized. It's in the -- but one of the big bug a boos of of my life. And I'm -- this weekend and bound and determined to at least get rid of what does not have to be saved before I can start categorizing that which needs to be -- Turkish. But. Let's listen we all have something. We all have something that might sound trite and trivial to other people but the view it becomes the biggest thing in your life for a period of time not to fixate on it. That's not good but. Once you organize that how do you stay organized. And if organization with paper or your home is your personal thing that -- that drives you nuts what it's. Mean how many have you just think about this from public debut. Are so organized and you're so regiment yet. You have a -- -- for missing appointments. Can be the most important doctor's appointment of your life. And you forget about it no matter how many entries you put yourself on some might screw it up. What are some of the other things that might seem trite and trivial and you shouldn't fall prey to them yet you don't. I love this this organization topic and folks seriously I know that I -- hot button with a lot of here and time. I'm I'm hoping that as much as you guys are helping me which is a total role reversal of thought to this before I'm supposed to be the strong one. I'm supposed to be the person people politics hey Tom what do about this I usually have a pretty good answer. But when it comes to my own situation. I got to turn to you guys because everything I've tried has basically fall apart. Ohio only handle it once that didn't work not taking things you don't need past the kitchen tried it at that and fully work. Putting things in stacked in piles well the cat has decided that any stack has amounts underneath. And I am gonna blame my cat and that does happen to be true. But it's my fault for leaving the piles -- to -- Our let's but also went with him yet let's I love for she's its researchers are happy to curl up actually laid down on the couch last night. At a time -- Carolina wasn't totally freaked out not to watch earthquake which -- never got through. And she was just content and snug as a bug in a rug just purring as we saw Los Angeles destroyed and her. In the movie. Let's go back to the calls on WBE and who's next lot of nice helpful people today and you're making a big difference for people who is Betty. Sorry here's Betty in buffalo on WB EM. Sorry about that not -- to throw up on the here you're on hello. -- -- -- You were on the year but yeah it took so long and took about three -- have. Well Betty napping is good what have you found as a good way to -- the connection is just awful I'm Betty. What a lot of don't -- hold. We're gonna take your follow up phone number down and call you back right away okay. -- but that the full equality is just it's not it's not good for -- so we'll -- -- we can do about that off the year with my apologies my sincere apologies but there. It out of regular number but the phones -- to you about the guy. Here is. Whose next decade in Lancaster on WB EM I feel so bad that were played Betty Arabs -- behavior at WB. Yes she did but the fall was Erica crappy and that which undermines -- Mr. morality I hate this organization is like it's almost are human disease. So I have the exact same thing that you have to have an office here through and then the offers are delivering her into the dining room table all having a bit. Somebody -- open desert I'm paying the bills are coming all the paperwork that comes in the mail. I actually. I don't belong but I don't really look at them I I used some I was going to call trigger our you don't support not on the bottom of my key to my Guinea pigs. You know I I lined it up pretty good. You know because I mean I think he's a lot. But what what if you put -- you're getting. Big cage -- something that is uber important. And it all that would -- they are looking at target is that where I. A group but I don't you know -- build get paid here anymore. You know I talked to my wife and it's like mostly and Internet now so anything that like in the mail is like oblivious. You know she knows what the bill is before it actually shall not lose the war. You know so I mean -- is that for the Guinea -- cage where and it -- and then you know what I have walked over and stop. Don't real soft I have a little hope Lackey fireplace in the backyard. I -- late in the wild but it is like completely awkward like stop that you know I haven't since I have lit a fire. In all but -- you know I can't wait to do that but. I -- that the only way they'll -- as far as it at his feet I think it is it is these provide for more on I want a whole lot. When I I can't believe how much stock that we get out. Step out on top of one another it -- it is it is sickening it's really does not somewhere summit -- rate I a nor are saying oh. Well OK but you said that your office has spread now from one room to two other rooms for a total of three rooms yet your wife is able to handle all the bills how -- she feel about having a hole. That sounds with all due respect even more disorganized than mine has -- She actually she felt like a cheap and cheap so. You know not that. As he spoke at that one thing that we haven't like oh my god I was gonna tell you that that orbital -- hoarding. Because I think -- -- as and when when I go through it you know I have ever Whitney because also gratified and somehow that she needed or something you know. But the -- -- but. Question -- you said hoarding. And it may be your on to something I don't know but if it were truly hoarding do you also have an issue throwing out old clothes because I don't I mean I make a regular run to the goodwill. Aren't I I actually -- usual while. I I do have -- ordering them up close but I'm not really throwing it out I actually separated my clothes. Older male then I'll never aware. -- there are -- it really don't go anywhere and I won't even touch it but it -- there and look at whatever -- right in pretty. But OK but I guess the question would be then. -- Why wouldn't -- put it in the car and just since it's already in the pilot you know you're never gonna Wear and hopefully checked if for any spare money. Why not just take it to the Salvation Army or goodwill or to a place where people could actually use what is no longer views TU. -- that you're I'm going to do that because we -- not and it is there they answered that is that it actually take well to do that. That means that somebody have to pick her up and literally put it in the car and then somebody in the car actually ethical and -- error and drop off -- it. -- that basically makes a -- And I think that were -- about everything. When -- comes up like that. People work and everything that's going often and anything that flying around that we really don't need. You know that 1 o'clock -- thing that we wanted to do this year in all it never even if that happened and we talk about it a lot is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you know what -- and I say this very respectfully. Have you ever thought the two of you may be about getting counseling or -- in a professional organizer to help you overcome that. Stepped over to organize a woman that you add up all. They believe that. That woman it make it so much money for somebody who's an -- not knocking her job because she's gonna -- -- -- If she's getting paid to do something that these people can actually. Basically. Do them. The problem is we're not doing it ourselves you're not you're not taking your clothes away for yourself. I'm not doing my papers write for myself. You're always. There's always somebody out there who's willing. To take your money to do something that you walk through your order foul in the the kicking down a street killed anyone has helped my driver I wanted to give money my wife actually after I told candy album gonna aim to do it. She yelled at me and told me that all the stop doing it because it was something like that on myself. But it -- doesn't get done see this this is -- -- now now we're kind of getting out of my range of understanding and and ability because it it sounds as though. You you're you're caught in this cycle of nothing getting done. Because you know somebody else can do it. Even though we're too as you put it lazy to take the step to the car and an unloaded at the goodwill and Salvation Army. Now exactly in an important that we don't want that. We don't actually wanted to do it -- -- I considering a sale date I'm that I wanted to go on in the office and I wanted to clean clean it up in just Alter -- that that none of them is actually gonna get on. But then this great radio show came on at 3 o'clock and you were so transfixed and and spellbound by. By the brilliance that Q you lost track of the day. Thank you for the call -- it and really are I would consider maybe bring in somebody in the help you out at least just to get the ball rolling a little bit. All right -- it's gonna cost money. All right thank you thank you are right at C I wonder how many have you. -- generalized -- Verses the one issue my issue -- paperwork. And paper need -- organized home due to paper the couple throw it icky old clothes to goodwill I feel good about that. The Salvation Army at the bit about the old radios that still work but I just don't listen to I feel good about that old electronic devices I I feel good about it. That's not an issue. Generalized hoarding is not an issue it's the paperwork issue but again this is about your bugaboo is well it's about your monkey on your back -- a lot of monkeys. Under is ready at 930 WB. Our DEC oh by the way the web sites suggested by the professional organizer I put those on my FaceBook page Tom buy -- be the one it's the what were more in the tuxedo not the one -- imposing with the Dominican pitcher. Just before coming down with that something. Awful in the Dominican Republic no no not what your thinking not what you're thinking of something digest it which here. Is still with me anyway it is 652 at news radio 930 WB EN. Anyway let's well tough to get a good night's sleep when he can keep food. Let's go to Beth in Lancaster with ideas on cleaning up one's house -- on WB and hello. Hey there I'm I'm definitely you are really. High great note and I can give something really positive that works for me I got two minutes. -- great great great. -- web site and dignity because I was told that by what it starts out with and without getting into. Why we're Democrats or why we accumulate being -- threatened OK let's clean it up at the very hurt and you do. And it looks like in you. Grab you can think. -- everything out of your -- And that your current that I -- and grab -- and thank everybody feel better when they wake up in the morning and their kitchen sink his current. They're calling -- -- the second site. In my kitchen sink has now -- it did that last night. Okay now -- of people who like how how I feel I've been everywhere I bet that the case sell. Maybe different department going to be the first Bagram are gonna work and say why you're gonna clean lie in the car. They -- according to clean -- you can. You're gonna take care of the -- you're gonna hear your. They. We need paperwork or you simulate that perhaps that you -- -- -- -- get -- it will grow to twenty and thirty if you let it. Turn to two. You know they attacked by your -- a table that the bedroom chair that what every year I added. Don't let it go wow. -- You can't -- one around that time it Nikkei two months. Well this this website about this this all I -- gonna run out of time here but a lot of people are gonna say my god what is that website what is that website I will let you go ahead and give me the website. -- -- Lacking the lady that and -- the goofy little here here. Well he has and he waved their home I can make everybody you know glad it shall regularly emails and he admitted that have put your current. And every day he'll go to -- Fly lady dot com. Got -- I'm gonna put that up on my FaceBook page once I check it out -- not directing us to the North American man boy love association. Thank you thank you very much for the call -- -- look into that I hope my are raised as to once they're posted on FaceBook thank you thank you thank you. And by the way thanks everybody for -- really I I I kind of feel in -- -- gratified and I kind of feel like I'm not alone anymore with this this organization thing becomes the papers so. Thank you very much for some great ideas and that thanks to Joseph beamer thanks Chelsea behind the scenes and it is our Lieberman you two important things number one -- honestly. Number two. No yourself. --

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