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1-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jan 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

L you drive and all maybe some projects for the weekend. You know this is probably mentally to admit but to a today this is a show where we have role reversal going and this is the show were IA and and frankly thousands of others were listening need your help. Because I hit the wall of exhaustion and actually had a chance to sleep over the past couple of days which does make a world of difference in one's life but I must tell you never underestimate sleep. But the the situation. With your humble host as much as I hate to admit -- is at this point my home is a pig sty of paperwork. Now the lady talked about sort of we have a professional organizer call and before she talked about the importance of regularly throwing out that which you don't -- I think she's giving it away. The good news is. I've given hundreds if not thousands of dollars of clothing -- way to to charities okay because I didn't need them anymore I was gonna Wear them again because they were just too big. -- -- -- So at least that is out of the way. Clothing and getting rid of it is not a big deal -- however what is a big deal to me is paperwork for whatever reason I get a pilot paperwork. And it is utterly you know what it might as well be like trying to run the Boston Marathon. With no legs and alarms which I'm sure people stronger that I have done but it's no easy feat that's my that's my personal weakness. I mean expose it could be a hot worst -- -- personal weaknesses are concerned but it's a big one. Anything that causes you stress to the point of exhaustion. Where you. Where it's disproportionate. Yet it's a big deal to you. I know that we of people listening our audience who can help you with what is driving you just -- -- wall is far as getting it together. And we've had some high tech solutions we've had some low tech solutions to organizing paper in the hall and I'm focusing on paper. Selfishly because. That is that's my downfall. Organizing paper. And I don't like the idea that. If I were to check out in my sleep my family came over and they'd see that my -- is a pig -- paper. And I've tried other approaches. And they haven't worked and my biggest -- one of the things that will drive me up a wall and may drive you up Walt is doing something and thinking it's done. And then you realize that there there's so much more to do. And of course having a cat that thinks there's a mouse under every pilot paper -- so diligently organized that was helping you. But paperwork that is my weakness is my downfall and I want your suggestions first of all argue in the same boat. Misery loves company and if you -- person who also would like to thank you yourself as organized and together. Yet you've got this this monkey on your back I guess there's order -- put it. It might be paper it might be organization it might be something else. Which I can't imagine because I'm not in the ball with you least I don't think I am no matter how ridiculous you might think it is. Call because there will be people who can help you. Come up with a solution. And we -- -- great idea so far like Garrett low tech solutions like having a three hole punch on your desk and when you get the bill from the power company. Put it in a folder when you get the bill from the doctor put it in your health care folder -- that's a good low tech solution. All -- I think the professional organizers might say you're not really addressing the root of the problem your inability or unwillingness to throw stuff out and I'm not. I'm not a -- with anything paper. Everything else is fine it's not paperwork that we'll just -- apple hall. You wonder what your weakness. Be honest I'm admitting mine because the first step in dealing with -- has to admit yes I cannot organized worth a damn. No problem and no problem admitting that. -- got some great ideas and we're -- get some great ideas with whatever your issue happens would be. Yes it's a painful showed do but there are far worse things in life the inability to organize. Far worse things in -- like the Boston Bruins. It 030930. Start at 3180616. WB. EN. Are the -- poll numbers. And that we're gonna get at the movies probably a little bit although quite frankly this show is it's such a nerve with so many people maybe that would be folly. I'm not sure that a player by year oh by the way to -- swagger has an idea for let's -- -- his is decidedly low tech. But it works for hip -- Tim has Mike is my boss he's the operations manager here at Entercom. Top -- by a thirteen month accordion folder you pay your bills and you put everything in the folder for the appropriate month. I feel anything of importance by month. As well as statements etc. use the folder. For any I don't use -- thirteen for anything tax related. At the end of the year everything is in one accordion file and you keep it for seven years then shred it. You end up with seven accordion folders use cycle through and then done. Okay interesting idea the only thing I don't like about anything that requires us to -- paper is we're still saving paper. Seriously. 8030 -- thirty you know I thought something else to that might be the Bane of your life especially those -- you were married who traveled with that your spouse or significant other. How many times have you been on a trip you can put everything you need in one suitcase. Yet the person you're with. They've got to carry like three suitcases. For a week away now I understand with women there are special fashion concerns that men don't have. But. They're seriously. That's one thing that I do well I do -- very well. As far as bringing what I need and I can put anything I need in a one suitcase probably for up to a month. Because believe it or not I know how to do laundry. But anyway these are the these -- the topics and again I'm willing to admit my weakness because I think it is going to be helpful for a lot of people. And that -- is. I take us up in the more. The more I thought about it the more exhausting it would become too even ponder putting my life back into some organizational framework. But that thankfully now having caught up with my sleep now I'm ready to attack the -- But the beard does -- back. But I'll bite back to. -- let's get back to the calls on WB yen and yesterday in Cheektowaga -- you also are a mountain of -- they -- -- Yes. And you know I was getting better and you know I as a peck -- Oh victory. And a policy -- fullback in net -- mode. And I was doing well with you -- I would bring my -- -- open an advocate. And an eagle on record. And the end of the week you know -- garbage out there now with regard. Now I'm back in the routine where. My whole kitchen and my dad and my little. But there it will work -- replace and I mean I've been going to routines. Our bills. You know use it for three years. I won't throw that and it's like it is important that -- -- -- You know what we we probably were separated at birth because I hope you're not offended by this but I can hear the emotion in your voice this is something that is really bothering you as it is really bothering me have you heard some of the other suggestions that others have made and if any of those suggestions made cents. Subjects. I'd I'd I'd I'd like to say you know I'm the one that you just everybody bought. That makes sense -- because I was sticking bills. And I would get away with the paper like I would go in and it put it in a while on my computer. And then I would read the bill. And also -- got out of there. Everything out but they're there are a lot of good. The suggestion there one of the big things is I think arm I was reading great books and to address the problem you you would let people know. And I think that's. There is one of the big things about me calling and saying hey I got this problem to. Now now we know it we're not the only people in the world have this problem. You know what I I can't even tell you have how glad I am that have come out of the closet on this because. Just just to talk with you and know that in some small way this show -- had a positive impact on your life. Gives me good feeling heading into the weekend that is -- how how many days honestly do you think it's gonna take you. To being where you wanna be in terms of organization. I'm probably look at -- -- Two months. There's no shame in that. You gotta start somewhere and about the idea of starting with the simplest and then progressing to the more complex. You know what that's what I need to do and I don't I need to just do the small stuff you know eventually you'll break out or get burned to. I have a question free to -- -- the you mentioned the back surgery. And you said that that got you out of the routine and I can definitely relate to you know going through a health issue and then you get out of the routine of doing which had been doing and then the more you fall behind. It seems the harder it is to wanna get back into the game. Right. You know I this -- like my respect surgery and and you know you know. You yours go here on these occasions. You know for me I put you know -- just -- pure. Laziness on my part when I was -- in the physical therapy and stuff that make them all and they still want to tired gonna do nothing. Well -- that I just sit there either I -- how accurate and Kleiner. And I are sitting there -- -- our liking -- on the TV when I could be doing something small. But and now again I'm not a doctor but I have to tell -- that and -- again like I can relate to it you have to understand when you go through surgery. It takes a hole on you I don't care what anybody says I've learned this from unfortunately -- learned this from bad experience you have got to take care of yourself and you can't try to bounce back from major stuff. Too fast you talk about Beijing for twenty hours on the couch your body may very well have needed to badge for twenty hours on the couch I've not -- I was able to do. And you know I tried to do too much and as a result the mountain of paper got to be absolutely overwhelming. I -- -- I'd just recovering from my lizard of late November. Of 2013. I am sorry I am now translated into the small. Like any -- no -- I immediately just going to Ohio but let -- -- you'll stroke a check once. The tough. It was for more than fifty bucks by the way it would hurt. I still haven't received it looks like I don't know I still open it because somebody please -- when they send you your news editor. He bunker or whatever you know it always comes. Kind of a couple of them indeed. And you know if you don't open -- controller cards. It amen brother amen. I I hope you know what I hope that -- send -- -- email in the future may be given about two months and then in people rarely do this but let me know if any of the suggestions if anything -- of help to you on the show. It all right brother hang in there and again with the physical stuff a surgery is a big deal on your body the older the older you are the more of a big deal is don't try to bounce back too fast you're not Superman. The right thing one thing when -- them declared that. You know I know I can identify with somebody. All and I can identify with you it's that believe me it's there it's a relief to come out of the closet on this as I've -- people come out of the closet with far more controversial things and I guess if the worst likens his paperwork and exhaustion with the help. All right thank you very much and logical. Flood watches in effect from tomorrow morning through Sunday afternoon and if it hits the fan will be here for you on WB EM live and local hopefully it's not gonna come to that but if it does I'll be here in a -- I'm I'm -- wearing. Tim Wagner's wish is is my command. Believe me. Are considerably cloudy tonight occasional rain and drizzle after midnight temperatures will rise into the middle forties by dawn ergo the flood watch in effect from tomorrow morning through Sunday afternoon were holding of 38 -- news radio 930 WBE. And and but you know what if okay that this is gonna be no I can't say that I was gonna say that if the show helps one person considers success but. Then I fall into that if it helps just one person trap which I don't usually like. Let -- go to my cellphone on WB and Mike are you also coming out of the closet as a bad organizer who needs some assistance. Electrical company and a smile or -- -- -- carpet the in my burn some friends -- And tell me about what's going on what you. Things are -- match com. I say oh wow why are sixty years and years. She -- carpenter -- it's great to be. Seeing three bowl. Every bowl oh it'll scrap or. -- at 60. I know. Working it out. You know the my child development ability -- a lot of -- I'm when I'm home just. Trying to get everything organized in a spot England. Just an hour or so but I have to pixels and I know I have a little piece is so similar to technical. MGIs. I do the same thing. You mean like the extra screws the company by a shelf. I can't throw that out and that's through Sunday occupant that we got -- two -- at the hardware store but I'm gonna put it in the glass jar because I might need at that day. Do I have glass jars yeah. Yeah. -- sort. -- -- store is great so I'll go down the -- and pull out with the actual resisters like not so much stop. -- Don't know why else wondering why those electronic crap and while. Oh my gosh idea that. And now okay. YouTube admitted that you have a problem as I have and what. Are you going to do about it based on the suggestions and the great advice we've gotten from the hourly audience today. Well I think the first thing is just. Its own to figure out but -- realistically what are -- really conceivably going to be able it use. It out. And what don't I need now except it's saying don't put -- that you are really not that it really how do you sort of being realistic. And just sort -- and throw out. And do you expect you're gonna do that this weekend because I would suggest to you if you got nothing else to do this weekend tomorrow would be the data start will be show is still fresh in your mind. I'd like to get on tomorrow so -- We shouldn't that's going to be stated do so will argue. No wife no kids. Yeah. I have a -- I have two kids home. My son actually mild optimism and got some behavior which usually has taken a lot of my time so. And again you know what that's another factor when you've got kids it's going to make your house I think automatically less organized and when you talk about autism. Of course your your priorities gotta be with your child. Yeah I think a lot of people that you sometimes I think you have to accept that. It is going to be a certain level of disorder and we hope to some degree probably. Try to come to terms about why -- general. In my case you know what in my case it it became not just a certain level of disorder but an unacceptable level of disorder which is going to stop beginning this weekend. What's happening in the draw a line between what's acceptable and what's not well I think. A lot of people's angst revolved around where where ally. Well I've I've cross that lines -- by about a hundred miles and let me let me know how things go would you send me an email maybe on Monday to let me know if you made any progress. Our -- thanks Thomas WB and dot com. All right good stuff folks that will continue WB Ian. Human beings it's. It's an election cycle and -- -- and meet people and. It. I lost my -- play here which is very disconcerting adamantly I don't know what happened to. I know it didn't blow -- still my cowboy hat. Now my official Kid Rock like cowboy hat maybe find it underneath the papers maybe my cat has decided to publish an upside down makes a great -- that. -- find a way to blame it on the cannot believe me I don't. All right it is -- volley a news radio 930 W. UB EM let. And back in the -- these three day weeks or killers believed me but there hopefully of those will it be at an -- as I actually make it re -- -- my old -- sleep. And get rid of the stand exhaustion. Which I'm well on my way to doing and thank you very much -- for your concern by the way. You know that's artists to realize in life is. You know when you when you look at yourself loser. You know is a strong person and the person people call when they need help for the person. People call at 3 in the morning when they're in crisis mode and then. In a kind of realized that unless you -- the proper sleep and the proper rest. You're not really of any good use to anybody so I guess my my words of advice would be never underestimate the importance of sleep and taking care of yourself and you know for the guy called and who just gone through via the surgery back in November. One of the one of the issues that many people face. In this world is. Our inability to recognize. When we really really really need to take it easy and given the choice. Between organizing. And making sure that your body fully recovers from what was a major surgery. You -- I would say nothing of doctor I would say. That you've got to take your your physical body first because if you don't do that you're really not going to be any further ahead you might end up being the best organized courts at the cemetery. Which obviously we don't want. So little words of advice here. Anyway it is I know you're you're supposed to be giving me advice today we're doing role reversal -- -- like. -- like fantasy night. Anyway. Are sorry does that give a Family Guy episode and how grimace isn't any way shape or four from the -- government and wanna get -- on Family Guy tangent. We're talking about and we're talking about that well frankly my inability to organize. Hate -- I hate to admit -- I hate this is tough but. He -- Of ability to organize paperwork I'd been bitching for awhile now about the volume of paper that has resulted from the Internet which was supposed to produce this paperless society. And if you were to see the office at my home right now you would be. Disgusted and appalled because I'm disgusted and Paul and it's all paper. Yeah I've tried different strategies Ohio only handle it wants well that didn't work because. The I got into this big pile of question marks -- what are like the witness. You know there there's there's documents that smuggled out to us why did they send leaders. Once the Soviet document say hey you got -- -- machine yes I did and what do I need this document were because it's right over there. Pose the question mark documents. The other other documents which are easy like the junk mail solicitations though should be pretty easy for. But as our previous callers -- sometimes you get envelopes that have no return of our surrogate or not it's not obvious from whom they can name. For credit card companies because your credit cards expire they said you new cards and you don't wanna throw those out. You can't afford to. So just beyond the advice. That's my issue that's my illness my inability to organize a come out of the closet on this and it's a relief. Because we've got some great ideas on how how to organize my life. Of paperwork hell. And I know that this might sound like a self serving show and you know what it probably years but. I would continue to do it. If I wasn't getting a ton of email from people thanking me for doing the show today a lot of suggestions. And a lot of positive feedback from folks though. As silly as it might be an error were all talk radio supposed to be politics which by the way I've never believed that nor do people here. I gotta tell it. If this is affecting you right in your solar -- -- then I'm doing my job. Also. Even -- my personal Bain is paperwork. You might have something else like for example the guy who saves every extra not bull and screw from the various home projects. Now my grandfather used to do -- He had by the time he died. I think he left at about 28 different jars in his home workshop filled with various sizes of screws nails nuts bolts and of course -- assemblage of tools. That I ever saw him use although he was rather and -- in -- that I. 8030930. Start -- thirty at 180616. WB -- if you're in the same boat. Feel free to call. If you have an issue with something else that sounds equally trite and trivial. You're gonna enter a non judgmental zone. OK because were all human. We all have our frailties. That's what I've learned in the past few years actually which. You know some people don't like the fact that I become a lot less judgmental of people when they've gotten into trouble when they have done things that are out of character. I've changed that and over the past two years I definitely mellowed out about that because. Human frailties is exactly that it's human frailty and that nobody's perfect and -- -- a judge you if you say hey Tom my house is a freaking disaster area and and I want suggestions from the audience were you might even say so -- like Tom I have a problem. Remembering appointments. Boy that's a big one. How many -- you honestly how many -- made appointments. You were supposed to be there and for whatever reason life happens and you forgot the show up. -- may be signs that you've got to take a different approach to tiger organizing your life. And believe me if I was perfect I would be doing the show. I would not be doing this is a topic. And I've never claimed to be perfect human being and this organization is absolutely positively a major Strasser of my life do you -- true story. True story. I -- more freaked out. About having to start organizing the paper in my home this weekend that I was before spinal taps not the movie but the actual lumbar puncture in the heart surgery. And so many other things health wise those I thought were bouncing off me like water off -- -- back even if maybe they worked. But I am dreading this weekend and that it's kind of gonna be a cleansing thing but I'm also dreading getting started. Because sometimes you look at that pilot paper where that big -- bolts and you think I can possibly practice but it has to be done. And there's no better time to start -- now. Let's go back to the call 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Starlet thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB -- is free on a choice one. Let's go to pat in ten -- pat give -- your thoughts on what we're been talking about so for. I Tom thanks for taking my phone call absolute not listen judicial for quite some current. And quickly don't vigorously at machine recently. It's been open about in the -- there was one of the insurance Colby and and I heard you talking about it's. -- -- well you know what I'm so happy to hear that because as I've said you can never underestimate. The importance of sleep. And also one of the things I've learned over the past couple days as you've got to set aside time to sleep you cannot be Superman you can't do 24/7. It doesn't work in even with a seat that machine that addresses your -- issue. If you're not sleeping I think it's kind of defeating its own purpose to got to the got to sleep the use the -- that machines so as simple as that might be I feel like I have the need to say that now please go ahead. OK you know cloud of -- come on this subject of organization. I know I'm. This -- this. And these are actual actual subject. The person -- -- cost Meeks who is actually or at organizational skills. Myself I don't have such good organizational skill personally like paperwork and touched brand mechanic as I think I have excellent. Organizational skills putting fixing cars and trucks and whatever every nickel back when it was as strong to be perfect. Are hot and here we enter the paradox and and I hate to keep saying this but you and I are so much alike because at work when I'm actually speaking. That's the easy part of organization is in the brain the hard part is actually putting the the practice in the physical world so I hear exactly what tarsala. Well it's gonna come with the paperwork and stuff like that that to me -- terms in the -- W in the right -- helped set and I can understand that -- Unfortunately I. They had a person's sometimes who get little true organizational. And when they put some economic turnarounds aren't in paid no it's not exactly. This subject but -- -- it and some people can be so organs are ordinaries. So organized that it actually causes them problems I think it's obsessive compulsive. You know I have so absolutely you know pat I forgive my interruption but I said that before somewhere between being OCD. And being reasonably organized to the point where you're not embarrassed for people to see your -- you're office there's got to be a happy medium that's what I'm trying to find. That's -- I'm in after it's popped it it can be it can be trying it turns work because I'm not a messy person who. No I'm just a normal person put stuff don't pick it up -- way. You know than some people just got everything just show them who talk about that I have to say yes. -- -- Don't beat yourself up and if you've got somebody in your life was a master organizer and tried to. To the extent to which you feel comfortable accept their help. Good and good luck and let me know keep -- posted on how things are going because this this is my personal demon but I have to get rid. All right thank thank you very much now it it is -- -- -- it can be a lot worse. And that's again that's why it might sound like it's right show -- some -- you're dealing with some heavy stuff. A -- or dealing with serious heart issues with cancer with you know loved ones who are desperately ill. And the idea that at this organize house can be on a level like that in terms of somebody else's life. Might be very hard to swell and I and I understand. It's not it's not like it's the end of the world if the house is a pig stuff but also. If that distress for you as it is for me you got to address. You know and I I gotta get out of my denial and that's why I'm accepting your help as far as what the white due to better organize my -- my paperwork. Because everything I've tried it yet to work. And remembers sleep. Don't let it -- get to the point -- you can't sleep. 545. At the news radio 930 WB EM. A lot the calls coming in whether you have advice to offer or where do you wanna confess your own personal monkey on your back you know -- have -- number times in -- Joe's been about. 8030930. Start -- thirty and 180616. WBE. All right and again that accident at a house got a serious is Allen told you Clinton west of Harlem Clinton west of Harlem. And if you many additional information for -- -- bat or any other issue on your drive home you can always -- traffic hotline at 80303218030321. -- -- by the way. All we have -- a flood watch in effect from tomorrow morning through Sunday afternoon. Considerably cloudy tonight some -- some drizzle after midnight temperatures will rise into the middle forties by dawn. And right now we're still holding at 38 degrees at news radio 930 WBE. And you know I mentioned we got earlier the the idea of a paradox. Or maybe you Michael and irony amateur exactly which one this would fall under but how many do you like the mechanic but here's a guy. Who what when he's working on a car. He puts everything back exactly the way it was supposed to be his his mind at work is organized is concise and it is precise yet he goes home and he falls into the trap of this organization. It welcomed by who hurled. And that -- try to we're trying to resolve these issues today try to get your suggestions now. Some suggestions have come and that will will get through those will reiterate those in the next hour of the program and usually do something a topic one single topic for so long but it. I'm just I'm gratified and frankly I'm surprised at the the support. For this topic I'm getting an email and the telephone calls apparently without even knowing -- I've touched upon one of the great hidden truths of the American dream many of us are disorganized I would be embarrassed to show you my office right now at all. Maybe what I'll do is take a picture of it tonight and then take a picture of -- over the weekend to show you -- actually did something about it. All right let's get back to the calls on WB -- here is that -- in Clarence LE. You cellulose out of the mile an organized element of this I've grown a -- grievously -- Reggie. -- -- -- but it probably it'll you know I am very organized. I really have to I don't have this problem. But a lot of my friends do and I've actually helped by for a disputed that and I've gotten a reputation for a bit. I can tell you what to -- an acute care in nineteen you a couple of suggestions. You know how to go about it now. Well let's let's start with let's start with now and then talk about the future and believe me I'm all ears because I need help with -- Okay well his. Actually what I call it is go period -- -- and that's really what it about two. But it's the best thing for the future so much but number one what -- do to prevent a lot of paperwork is done yet I pay my bills on line. I -- my bills on line nineteen of them online I get my bad statement sideline. And and get go through bloodlines. And don't forget anything out of -- -- -- -- -- -- you know -- -- -- they made a lot right the year but it didn't basis trying to get my mail. Regularly and get rid of that junk mail. Okay that's the first thing -- do it get rid of all the junk mail. If it's the -- and an envelope one Angela. And there are few built that I can't pay online so I will put it in that envelope and generally takes up what envelope at the end of the month to pay it. LP for being held. You know all the bills. It's definitely -- -- taxes. You know him like one -- -- the happening also have a file cabinet. And I hear that file cabinet divided into BB CD probably have to see okay and it's just -- one I -- but I have the opinion that they need edit it out east. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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