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1-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jan 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Again its hourly back in the saddle here -- news radio 930 WB yet again thanks to Michael Caputo for sitting in the past couple of days. And that I I guess I'm not really embarrassed to admit I hit a physical wall of exhaustion and a couple of days off just got -- on sleep. And refocus myself and I'm really I'm very very glad that I didn't. And one of the year one of the beams of my existence then you realize this now. First -- very stubborn. Personally -- stubborn I've read so many people telling me that you were trying to rush back in the work too fast. You are not sleeping and you're not taking good carriers -- I'm fine I'm fine. And then I realized that one of the things that is the Bane of my existence is paperwork -- a much of -- before. And today is today where I am appealing at least during this part of the show. To those of you who may be used to be like your humble host your office was a seat of paper. And you had an issue with organizing things now somewhere between OCD. And total -- stuff there has to be a happy medium and I don't mind telling you I don't know how to get there. And that's why I'm appealing to you guys for assistance see that stuff in life. Well that this this also may be an issue that maybe I'm not quite as strong as I think because I'm the guy who says all right so what pacemaker I'll be back at work a couple of days. Bring flip it back at work today. Maybe I was taxing myself too much but. The exhaustion component kicked him so again thanks to Mike for a sitting in for me and if -- happen and nobody did actually get thirteen or fourteen or sleeplessness which was huge. But I'm appealing to EU. For your help in telling me how to organize what did you learn from your own life in his or anybody else who would like to make confession. And ask other people for assistance tell us what you've done to try to organize your house and how it worked it if it hasn't worked I'd like them well. Because again I just. I am I I find it remarkable personal. And and this is this is from a heart -- this is from the soul I find it remarkable personally. How strong I can be with some things and then other things that might seem so stupid and so mundane and so easy to do for some -- you. They're the Bane of my life like paperwork and organization. I don't know exactly why that is. And I know that I'm not the only want so you can make my life easier -- just remember something when you make life easier you get a better talk show host. So this is kind of a symbiotic relationship. But that's my big project for those of you north of the border this weekend to organize. And and -- if you're just joining us there are two separate strategies I've tried to employ both of those strategies have -- Number one the Ohio strategy which I originally became aware of for our own Barbara burns -- remember that when Barbara burns was packing upper -- when she got another job. She said my strategy has always been Ohio only handle it once. I tried that. And it worked for awhile and then it didn't work and then that Judas suggested the only thing that I'm doing is she said that I have to do. I have to do. Throw stuff out it does not make it past the kitchen if it does that's Italy is because it's necessary to go past the kitchen and in my office. Well I'm embarrassed to admit that neither of those strategies all the well intentioned have worked for me. And if you're in the same boat I'd love to know about it if you found a way to deal with organizational might mayor's I would love to here. How you have actually dealt with a a couple of good suggestions already. This product you see a TV. And he asked. I haven't had a chance to look at up online that we we've all seen the ads were. A product they use in documents into it will organize them for -- cleanup receive paper that's a great suggestion that somebody else that a personal organizer. Not when your personal organizer I think of my mom but she's busy and she's eighty and she's not gonna drive over my house at 8 o'clock at night. -- but at the -- up I suppose but then -- stressed so. And -- and coming to -- in nightmare world of my office and paper come -- 8030930. Starlet thirty and 180616. WB the end. And I you know I wish to give reprisal for the best suggestions but I won't know the best suggestions until actually employ them. I don't think there is anything more exhausting. As far as just normal. Now we can talk about cancer and and in heart issues and everything else but in those are those are totally different category I'm talking about the day today. I don't think there's anything more personally exhausting to me in dealing with a mountain of paper I didn't even realize how much it was draining and exhausting. But it wants and now I'm getting your suggestions because honestly. The first step in -- admitting that it in in the addressing that issue. That were addressing with an -- the first step in addressing an issue is to be honest that you do have an issue I've got an issue with organization and it just I need 888 permanent solution. And for those who've been there I'd love to hear. For those who are with me and you also -- in the same boat. I'd love to hear it. Now for those of you got to four or six kids living at home I don't know how you do it. Haven't you ever been to somebody's house where they've got five kids in their house is utterly spotless at all times. Might should not be this way it's may and it's -- And the story in as much as I'd like to blame dilemma after all she is the black cats though you know that does automatically maker been guilty of anything little. -- criminal justice -- hopefully somebody thought it was funny no no ill will intended what's whoever has been making social statement little bit comedy thrown and the orbiter Chris Rock stuff thrown and but. -- -- I can play in the cap but that would be skate cat and -- getting is not -- let's get back to the calls oh wait a minute. Here is a Joseph in the Cheektowaga with an idea I think -- all through the news thank you for your patience first of all have you been in this position where your house is it freaking disaster area because of paper. Upload yes. I've been there are getting better and not quite there yet. On a level of one to ten how much stress does that cause you because I have to be totally honest with you when I look at my office. That stresses me out more than going in for Spinal Tap we're going in for a heart thing. Honest to -- It doesn't turn distresses me because I REI do kinda live -- a disorganized -- and I'm kind of embarrassed to have people over that sort of thing through. Yeah -- so well the one there's a few things I'd like to suggest and let's start with any any. Entity you do business without a regular basis the power company cable companies banks whatever that offer electronic. Billing statements or whatever Dudack. And it. They typically essentially you know particular -- our web site -- tabulated statement. -- -- Delayed. In doing that otherwise she'll have you know three months' worth of notification -- I gotta go get my bill or statement or whatever and it's not gonna. You know you you're gonna get you know just sit behind -- that -- -- on paper your arms. Point taken and I by the way thank you very much for the suggestion I've done that in a lot of cases the only problem I'm having right now -- with the gas company because they change credit card numbers and for whatever reason national fuel does not want me to sign up again but that's a great idea and that will be of help to anybody listening who's not already signed up for. I I like the -- idea. And that means that. You cannot let the piece of paper that way it's all -- essentially on your computer. Might have to use some certain electronic search function to find it again. -- -- But one thing about scanners is they will only go down to a certain resolution. He's got to look at what you're scanning and of the print is too small and might be hard to read when you can't. And I I would say yes once you do you know shredded talked about whether he can do it said. One. Very important thing though if you're not doing it already in your converting all the stuff to electronic electronic form. You have to have a back -- plan yes because if it's important enough. For them to send -- something you got -- and you turn to keep. Well what happens if your possible into a simple burns down -- tornado wipes it out backed up. Exactly. -- -- certain sponsor on the show that talks about that but yes you have to have. Already have bet you'll be happy to know I've already thought ahead and have already signed up for the so I again a great idea for those who. And again until on the show much as for me but I know that I'm not the only person in 2014. Who is going through extreme stress over mountains of paper. So all that's a great idea for those if if for those in the same position if you're gonna do. Convert everything to electronic files you have to make sure -- -- hard drive will -- sooner or later at the most inopportune time you've got to make sure you got a way to recover that data -- there are a number of cloud service providers will back up your stuff -- in the clouds -- at another location so when your hard drive does die or when you replace computers it's very easy to get -- -- formation -- and that's a great idea. I would also suggest that you do need a filing system of some sort I started out with the vendor like -- acre national fuel and all that. And the next folder level up from that is a year. And the next older up from that. There's certainly where -- store on my statement that whatever and I restore them -- you know you'll you'll probably from the web site you have -- under some -- -- I always start out the final name with the dates starting with the year -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you -- -- -- -- can -- It it is in this certain order and our need to go back to refer to it it's really easy if you have any set formula for reforming those -- So you sound like you guys with -- and I mean this respectfully. You sound like a guy who basically you're about five steps ahead of your humble host with this you realize you had a problem with organization. You're already taking steps to deal with it but yet I can still tell -- I think you mentioned this at the beginning that you're not quite there yet what what do you think you have at this point to improve upon what can we all learn from -- You sure Herbert carefully slate goes it's it's expensive. But if you get -- need scanner. That battle. To vote. Hope you are a lot and a lot of a lot of scanning software problems we're. Organizing. Facilities to it like dog. -- before I was mentioning. The -- indeed indeed desk program that one -- -- this Dundee desks scanner. But -- would be best guy I've never I've never seen it before but. That it -- all. That almost goes without mentioning if you get some sort of scare make sure it's gonna -- both sides of the page because not everything can be printed on one side of the page. And you go -- Wait a minute pressure Gasquet in the back that much. I don't I don't well -- if it so you learn from that mistake and will give us just for those who were in the same boat and I obviously this topic has had a nerve with people and I'm so glad we're doing -- Because I realize now you know they say misery loves company I realize I'm not the only person with stress over this and it up in -- basically give us words of advice sage words of wisdom for those who -- even quite there like me and people listening to this program right now. On getting started with here's what what is your best advice the best you can give us. In particular don't procrastinate don't let it build you have to make time in your date or weaker what are -- -- works for. Certain people that built set asides made Saturday Saturday I'm gonna download and final -- -- my bill. Or you might have to do it as it comes in or whatever works for you but don't procrastinate otherwise it just never gets done. -- you know what thank you I needed to hear that. Are really good and I feel this is like a total role reversal because usually I'm the person people call for answers and on this one as much as I've tried I can't come up with an answer and all it's -- is exhaust. So I'm glad you called -- thank you very much. All right Allen and AccuWeather a flood watches in effect from tomorrow morning through Sunday temperatures should be in the middle forties by dawn. So just be aware of stay away from -- wherever she is and where refused but make sure that the that's just people die in your situation where you live you know if you live in that area especially prone to flooding during times like this. We will be here at WB and if anything hits the fan to get you through it and all that kind of stuff. I'm ten minutes away from the radio station if I needed Tim called me and a we will hook up and we'll have all the coverage you -- hopefully it's not going to be that way so like new York and this -- weekend. Thanks for being with us it's -- Friday and basically folks. The first step in dealing with a problem is admitting you have a problem and as weak as this may make me sound my biggest gain in my life. And it caused portal stressed. Use. Not having a hole that is as organized even as my eighty year old mother's home happens to be my sister's home my brother's home. That is my weakness in light. I always thought of myself as being a real organized guy but that really is -- -- a hand basket it just seems like the Internet has produced more paper than ever. And I don't want talked about this before on the program and today were getting solutions from you guys two topics are you in the ball with me and I want to be honest and I. I don't mind telling you. That it is exhausting to even get what I got to do this weekend but I know that it has to get done and it has to get done. When I can actually devote some serious time to it you know after -- to sleep which by the way don't ever underestimate the importance of sleep holy crap. But that being said. I also want your suggestions those of you who've been here in the same boat how did you get yourself on an -- organizational. Track. You know we all have things of life the drivers absolutely. I don't wanna say insane but I would certainly say. That make us very very stressed and free. -- paperwork and my inability to consistently organize. And if I can just tackle well I think I'd be perfect. Let's go to -- in East Amherst on WB Ian Christie and they tell -- you are a professional organizer. Yes -- actually am excited around professional organizing the a couple of years ago -- hopefully it is what couples it's like it. Okay -- capsule -- -- just human kindness of not giving your name over the radio because I would like it selfishly for myself if you wanna send me a private message -- at WB Ian dot com. Now I have a minute before I have to take a break but -- a TP until after the news is through but. Give us the top suggestion for everybody in the same boat with me. -- what your previous cart -- talking about any repeat of the great delight. Maybe. It would be worth it to turn off. Some of them now -- you're getting it is possible to do that in hand on one at. Catalog that you get -- -- -- -- you know you buy something and then the re a former companies get -- and -- and analogue. You can turn out yet the -- like a catalog Chile dot org. And then you can turn up mail unsolicited credit card offers and things like cats are justified your pathetic at Buena now about. Or do not mail dot work. OK you know what these are great beginnings and to keep -- until after the news only if you promise that you're gonna send me a private email so that IE I may avail myself of your services because obviously this has become a major issue in my life and I think in the lives of a lot of people. So -- about. -- Obama because I want more from you selfishly on WB and we're gonna continue our conversation with their Christine after the news on WB -- today's deal of the day. From my buffalo perks is a family four pack of the fourth annual buffaloes who best worth twenty dollars. Excuse me for just ten dollars happening Sunday January 26 at the buffalo Niagara convention center the -- fest features troops from the area's finest restaurants and vendors to WBBM dot com click on the my buffalo perks logo. Hundred I'm available and drills and drills on the home must do so we're. I've traveled around the town and everybody is getting down in this town home. We'll be the same thing. All right little regular Richey can't go wrong with -- Friday welcome for the weekend we've made it through the week. And it is -- with you mr. beavers master control this Chelsea's your call screener and that we are talking about well. Open it up also a little bit but let's just backtrack where we have been and where we are going number one. They say the first step in solving a problem. Is to admit you have a problem. And I did this before but I never really have taken action on it -- you guys. And that is my house which I'd like to think of as being everything in its place in place for everything. Has become an absolute disaster area the biggest reason. I have a real issue dealing with paper and paperwork and the amount of bills that come -- And unsolicited mail comes in and then a little statements from a health insurance company hey this is not a bill but we're just gonna add to your paperwork stress that's that's I always laugh -- that's like all those. Now if you if you are there right now. What have you tried that has not worked. See there's the other side that is because I've tried a couple of different techniques which have explained earlier neither of which have worked in the long term. And what happens is the office the house will be organized for a few days a few weeks and then. I go into my same bad old habits and that results in stress which leads to exhaustion. So. That's one -- And another question but I have to -- in addition to your suggestions and your confessions that you also have the same problem and your suggestions on how to deal with -- successfully. What are -- what is the area of your life it might sound silly to even admit it. But it's a small thing but it ends up driving you up a wall I always take great pride in telling you guys that the big stuff in life. Kind of rolls off me like water off the ducks back were sort thought. But it's the little things that you just drive you up the Walt and -- you're gonna answer a non judgment zone. I think one of the things that you've noticed and this is true over the past a couple of years. I have tried desperately over the past couple years to try to make myself a better person. I'm certainly not where one of the year but. Try to be a whole lot less judgmental about what people do in their private lives. -- tried to be supportive of people in their human frailties both on the year in off the year. And you're gonna veteran nonjudgmental zone when you call him all right. Were all human and we all ever weaknesses we dollar frailties and we all have things where we want would minutes were cells or not we need to master. And I can I just I find it. In a way I think it's ridiculous that coming on the year because I'm supposed to be a strong one I'm the one people call 3 in the morning it's like Tom I need help. So this time it's total role reversal on the week one year and I need your help. And if you have another issue that is just driving you scatter debris. Which I will have been. What is it and we're gonna have people call -- to offer their suggestions on how you can deal with the Bane of your. So this is kind of a Friday help show. Gonna have you guys helping each other and in the process in north of the border that will be processed helped put me and help ever. 803 old I'm thirty let's go to electricity and again in the East Amherst to left started off by telling us that her to web sites we should go look at. Number one is catalog choice dot org. The other do not mail dot org. And these we'll have the effect of reducing the unwanted paperwork entering our lives Christine. It and Christina is a professional organizer I find that an interest in career you have to tell us why you got started with this obviously there's a demand for your services which is why this topic is absolutely blown up faults. You're right and you know what just a couple of years ago. People in my perfection didn't do as well as we're doing now that wasn't integrated a man I have to attributed to. It's television show they have kind though. Allowed at his feet. It's not just me that's an organized or disorganized. Everybody has. Some part of their light that could use a look at more organization. And so it's okay to talk about how much Abu. So I got started and comment about four years now. I was pregnant with my daughter and I -- acting like crazy and I started to really that I had a knack for. And I had my daughter and I didn't want to go back to a full time gaps where it started this little business as a part time job and I can't believe Powell. Well it coming so I'm staying with -- and a lot helping people and I need to do else. Now typically speaking and again I thank you for not giving the name your business is some people would try to do that you're genuinely calling in because you care about people knew trying to help people. Generally do what you do is in a weekly thing is that once a year thing. And and what kind of money -- charged organized people's lives. In question about. I thought when I got started that it would be I would see somebody once or twice or -- in seasonally. And there are some clients who are like that but I do have other -- like he quite -- in who have me there. I'm just trying to keep them intact so everybody's different everybody needs are different. I turned forty dollar an hour. And are required declined to help me for at least three hours. But that's -- -- besides that. It doesn't cost a lot of money to get organized people think that they need to by the grand organizational -- -- in an. And I really don't think the extra I really think it boiled down to just eliminating some of the stuff out we are such. Of people. -- -- want on wind -- and you know we go into the stores like the target and Wal-Mart. Everything looks so pretty and it's hard not to buy dot if you want to get. I read where research shows that if you touched something -- -- -- -- that you -- you are more -- speak to -- and if you don't touch soon. So one piece -- by could be don't touch store and if you're thinking about it for Howard -- de LQB maybe it is something aback by. All right so you know I'm gonna call that I'm -- I'm called at the strip club technique you can look but don't touch once you touch -- in trouble. A fish. Aren't. So are all those are good words of advice and bad generally do people have UN once a week once a month does that work. I need. See people about once a lot and there are other people -- have around seasonally you know time like now after Christmas that. Kinda like -- decorations away. Am I keep people and the fallout when there's a change of seasons Kirk quote go we put a lot of chemical believed apron at the winter stops. And then this -- -- -- popular for exactly what you're talking about paper center New Year's resolution to get organized this paper everywhere. It -- number one problem I see for people it's paper you know we're in the technology age I don't -- so much paper but we do. You know there is a guy and I always like to mention this because I like to mention visionaries. I mentioned a lot doctor Phillips at the Maria the late doctor Phillips at the -- -- upstate who in 1983 predicted the down fall of the Soviet Union. Which I've still been amazed that all these years later and there's also again and doctor jury gold neighbor from UB and jury. He told me thirty years thirty years ago now almost thirty years ago that the computer era was in fact not going to be our savior but was actually gonna result in more stressed because of more extraneous information and more extraneous paperwork and he proved to be prophetic and what he said. Well semi private message Christine and you might have been won yourself a new client I'm not sure how this weekend is gonna go would we shall see. Thing you can do it could be. -- -- -- Number on board. And -- she did. It might mark. What's called accountability. You know. Yeah you know you're right I should. You're absolutely right and I've got to -- you're right all of us were in my boat and this is proving to be -- a very large vessel as it seems. We have to make it for a pledge to each -- to be accountable for living up to what we say we're gonna do to. And -- temple that small little clutter problem. That you can get through will provide some motivation to keep going for the long -- people think well it's I got to pick up -- huge project and the overwhelmed in the stock in the middle that you can find that one little. -- -- Think would be fairly simple but clean up -- -- -- start there and then you'll be motivated to keep going. Well I really appreciate the advice and and other people listening who were in the same boat also appreciated but this is proving to be a program I was not expecting this kind of response. I thought I might be struggling. But in fact in a way I am happy but I am sad that so many people are also literally exhausted over dealing with the stuff. Well I'm glad I'm not alone so. I Christine thank you wow. IE you know what we've we've hit on something here we really have. This is the second professional organizer of whom we've heard today unless this was the lady who which mentioned -- previous call. The professional organizers think about the folks she started a business she wasn't expecting it to prove to be this big and it's proven to be an overwhelming success. 444. At news radio 930 WB -- we are under a flood watch from tomorrow morning through Sunday afternoon. We will keep you posted on WB Ian should developments warrant and of course if developments work I'll be in here over the weekend if I'm called -- he's going to be here over the weekend to get to work with you again maybe eight okay well we'll see how that worked hopefully we're going to be needed. But if we are needed if there are flooding situations that -- coverage I'll be here and wherever else we need will be here to help me get through. And then I can just give myself another reason to organize my home -- it -- this weekend will be talking about. 445 almost a news -- 930 WB Ian Moore calls coming up and this is clutter anonymous. You can be a member -- -- clutter anonymous whatever the issue is with clutter and also if there are other problems. That are so small and so -- sound you have no idea how embarrassed and even do the -- away. It's it's tough. Because I'm supposed to be the person with the answers are supposed to be the guy the people call in the middle of the morning saying it. -- And here I am on the other side of that and it's just. -- I'm glad I'm -- Maybe it's selfish but -- openings. 8030 thirty start at 3180616. WBE and together we are taking strides towards making western new Yorker -- community. And if you're live in one of those areas are prone to flooding and rarely even if you don't just be advisors a flood watch in effect from tomorrow morning through Sunday afternoon. If anything hits the -- we will be here with your bad news radio 930 WBM like at 710 minutes away from the station so if needed I can be here almost in a flash. Almost instantaneously teleport. Anyway its hourly a 38 degrees though Joseph 38 bad news radio 930 WB EN. Yes forgive me audience for I have send -- I have -- my home to become a picks guys. And I never thought I would publicly admit that. And if you have an issue like that or something else that sounds so silly and it sounds so simple to other people but you just can't get your arms around it. Let us know what the issue is because one of the things about people in western new York and probably elsewhere is people like to help. People enjoy offering -- suggestions and over the years have certainly done that for a lot of people. And right now I find myself in the position of asking you for help. I know you understand it and a lot of us are in the same boat. And I never ever thought that I would do a show about my whole big -- stuff. But it it happens and that's one -- great shortcomings in life is my. Inability to consistently organized and what does that lead to at least distressed at least exhaustion and it leads to just needing to sleep for about 24 hours straight. Let's go to -- in forest -- on WB Ian -- you work on and you've got an idea. I yeah I actually he I have a doubt first. And I try to scrapbook. I put no all untrue there on the outcome than you do. Or -- brigade likely get a health care Booker like health care. You do it for your electric goes. It they -- scrapbook you're like you do with your good report as well. The only problem I see with that is. It kind of seems a little band aid each to me like the paper will still be in the house and knowing the hockey those scrap books around for the next fifty freaking years. -- she'll find a way she she will believe that scrapbook and paper equals secret cat treat under them. It's just what that. Yeah you know I think I've tried that that hasn't worked out and have also used the head how how fast -- -- these things and that hasn't worked either. I really appreciate that the topic because before I got married you know unlike that at the same thing there is the final at the appellate. A -- become a little bit more organized. As -- like that apparently particularly accurate is that your article a couple of you know what. This may be honestly as silly and the nine as this sounds this may be one of the most important shows I've ever done I may -- Report well I'd like to think so but I also try to maintain some sense of humility. Some sense but it doesn't always work. Thank you very much -- and I like the idea kind of for those who who prefer a non high tech approach I think that might be very effective. I get much sleep in and out to go to our. Thank thank you thank you -- that they -- and never ever ever underestimate the importance of sleep because sometimes you know what you hit a wall and it's just like you know what I got to take a couple of days off got a relaxed I just got to get my head back in the game. In another thing to. Sometimes and this is something that I've learned. Sometimes you have to remember self which is that might sound the most important person in your life has to be you. And I know what you're saying how much -- cared how much your spouse well if you're not around. Were you were too stressed out and exhausted to be of any use to anybody you're not help and any of the situation so that's something -- -- Having had a chance to sleep and just talked to some people what -- like to about organizing my life and has just been enormously. Enormously helpful to realize I think that's made sense. How we're coming up on five minutes before five news radio 930 WB -- if you're just joining us this has been I got a target. This this has been one of those shows that. I think. You know what is what bush shows that if you write a book and how to do a talk show. This would be something people would say don't do it don't do what you gotta talk about politics while the show was always about politics sometimes it's about stupid stuff that actually is quite important like organizing your life. How organized argue or -- organized as you wanna be the particular Bane of my life paperwork. And my inability to keep it organized and I'm embarrassed to admit I would be embarrassed to have you in my home right now. And I don't like that because I always I always use the approach Joseph if I die in my sleep in my family had to -- -- in my house what would they see. Now there a number of embarrassing things and there are none of which would embarrass me more than having to pick stuff which is what it is now on WB.

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