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1-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jan 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- news radio 930 WB ES. Great land should be everything you did this to -- a land where a man it's okay don't believe she can live on the land where we -- every time. -- -- seventeen miles is not walking distance. Lam -- meals I'm not purchased from a truck and then eaten in a different front. All right all right major points. He's getting a -- offensive. -- -- -- I ask myself what am I the next day. Each person listening. Listening to meet him. You know how long radio studio six locals aren't games on the ballot they can -- -- of fun and everybody -- the news radio 930000. Now everyone understands the WBE. Don't know if you have room. -- you couldn't play. Latest three day weeks are gonna kill me before before being an electric is gonna destroy me. It is how are they good afternoon and news radio I'm thirty WB and -- want to get a master control Chelsea is once again your calls -- and a very special thank you to Michael Caputo were filling in for me. And -- this kind of delighted that that I was able to free up -- -- over coming in today says that you're actually meet with Donald Trump and then hopefully now. We gonna try to touch base with Michael little bit later on today and an opening that we we -- to figure out exactly what's going on with that the Donald and how the meeting went in everything. And that otherwise. My up my resolution here today is it's Friday. We have extensive blizzard coverage extensive storm coverage I hope this week and we don't have to have extensive flooding coverage but if we do have to have extensive flooding coverage the only thing I have to do this weekend. And this is that this is embarrassing to admit I hate I hate to even get in to this or go bigger. But the only thing I have to do this weekend is. Is clean my house. -- alluded to this before that. I have felt as though the Internet which was supposed to -- on the paper last generation has in fact. So exacerbate. The overuse of paper and the ridiculous amount of printed material. And disclaimers and forms that. I don't even know how many trees die on a daily basis just to keep your mailbox field and my mailbox field. So. In the event I needed for. Flooding coverage I just wanted and now I'll be here you'll call me. I will be here -- -- through that went before a Yemeni here are attempt you can call and delivered her. Best to ignore you but if you call enough I guess I'll just have no choice but to come in in the in the in light of it despite actually having to clean up everything that was going on as part paperwork in the hole. By the way thanks to like -- put or how many people and that can relate to this by the way but I took a couple of days off. I've been very very exhausted lately as I told you over the past couple of a couple of months or just been a number of things that been dealing with. Health wise and can the cumulative thing and I had to take a couple of days off because I really honestly it just had to catch up on some sleep. And just rhetoric get my head back in the game because I was trying to do too much. I was just. Just exhausted so I thank you to Michael for -- -- and thanks for regarding who expressed their concern for me but obviously I'm back like his -- and all that kind of stuff so thank you my computer. Now we have many many many many things I wanna get into today. And you know stories and actually I thought. All of that I have received oddly enough in the local rag. Where's the a story about a woman who gave birth during the blizzard Gainesville Caitlin -- is turn it. And -- Caitlin OK can we just do away with polar vortex. Can we just agree in the future I think there's a meat on the Internet say polar vortex one more time. A reference to a pulp fiction and Samuel L. Jackson and what happened in -- for a -- apartment during pulp fiction. And I think we all of that scene ended by the pulp fiction -- the ultimate classic American movies which were going to be getting into just a few minutes here on WB -- but anyway polar vortex. Delivering our worst blizzard in the twenty years. And that the woman. Actually Caroline a Caitlin mom was on the way driving. -- -- the hospital during the storm this is the way the story's written from the top of freedom and -- discount at which is a very quick to a place I might add. I -- on -- way to Wyoming county and the baby would not wait and the baby was born in the backseat. Hello delta sonic the baby was born in the backseat. And everybody is just fine. And Abby Livingston county dispatcher talked them through the birth which is outstanding so a blizzard baby was born in the backseat which reminds me a few months back it might be a year ago. One of the people oddly enough also with the Buffalo News that discount diva. Is crazy ours she talked about the fact that she is giving birth. And she almost made it to the hospital but not quite the baby ended up being port in the car -- are gonna wait until you're finished eating but I just had to go ahead. And just the start the show even if you're still chewing your lunch -- You know I -- I don't want images of child -- going through your head when -- a tomato sandwich but it will all try to use while you're gonna keep it down. Okay that's so anyway. Now I mean I keep the noise out food that's that's the point there. But how many other people had these unusual births where you're you're supposed to deliver at the hospital you went through the birthing classes you thought everything was gonna go according to oil and then something happens plane flight gets the late. You end up sick and vacation Hewitt that doing something that disrupts the plans after all after all the plans you had made suddenly the baby simply says I want to be born. I am coming now what do you like it or not the water breaks and you are basically delivering where you least expected to deliver. -- actually put a FaceBook post up but that. I apparently most people the overwhelming majority of people who read their post. Must have been born. Or -- I've given birth exactly as planned. Because I thought we have a lot action on that but we did not that if you go to my FaceBook page you'll see it back but -- -- to get back to the question. Are reading that a woman gave birth to a blizzard -- in Wyoming county during the storm. And I remember the discount diva writing about delivering in her car anyone else have experiences and a most unusual delivery. But apparently few people have which I suppose is good. But if you have. I will definitely allow you to tell us all about it today on WB Ian because that's what parents do it's always -- Fun story and it's always you know it's always one of those stories that makes that makes people say all by gosh bear but for the grace of god go -- especially if it's your first get. -- the first one. I'm told obviously about a woman so my question that I am not a woman so I don't know what it's like to get birth. But I've been cold. Bet the first one is the most difficult and then after that with each subsequent child it becomes easier and easier I'm sure there -- muscular reasons for that but I needn't go into those here push push push push push it also couldn't find it also is really outstanding. When you're in those classes but when that moment counts and you know that it is happening. All my gosh -- -- with that with my first. My ex wife was in labor for my gosh it must have been thirty -- forty hours the poor woman she declined any pain relief. She declined anything like that you wanted to experience the natural joy of childbirth. And the result was her daughter and then. My son came up a lot easier actually a few years later but the first one was the toughest one the second one -- There are both easy for me I have to tell you but for her the first -- was the top one the second one was the most difficult and as opposed and we have more children together it probably would have been it probably would have been easier and easier but that those days there are long gone mr. snip -- Now the other thing that that I wanted to bring up here and this is. You know this is actually something that apparently I've struck and her with you guys out. The the idea of household cleanliness and organization. And IA I have to confess. That I've always thought of myself as being in the person -- always thought of myself as being an orderly person an organized person I've always thought that a place for everything and everything in its place. But that lately. I again I have just been trying to do way too much I was taxing -- body beyond the ability of my body to be taxed I overtaxed my own body. I think that was -- of this visual effect of living in New York State for so long. But this weekend I have via. -- try to make it fun I don't know how that's possible. I don't know if you can relate to the issue probably can't. I'm gonna dedicate the next two days of my life -- don't. Probably will not be on the year because I I hope this in the flooding so pulls off but -- to dedicate the next couple of days of my life. To finally doing away with via mounds of paper which once again have decided to make their presence felt. In my life getting back to the idea. That I don't know how many trees die for your -- mailbox every very but I'm pretty sure that acres of valuable trees and forest land have been sacrificed just for the junk mail in all the nonsense they get between work and here in terms of that paper and documents and things yet -- -- -- -- jet to send back and things yet verified about about about. Now somebody once told me. That the key and this is the this is the -- of the show. This is the nugget of the show this is what I want you to focus upon as you listen to the program because I don't think there's anybody. Except maybe my mom. Who has an absolutely spot this car. And absolutely spotless home and absolutely spotless yard and absolutely spotless -- but you can eat fried eggs off of any being in her attic and they would be totally sanitary totally safe. You know that's she is literally -- -- but she also is from a different generation oddly enough being my mom she would be from a different generation it's funny how that works. But I never ever ever ever ever in a million years thought that the amount of paperwork and the amount of documentation produced by the Internet would result in what has at least in my life and I hope you can I don't know if you can relate to that. I think you can but somebody once told me and again we get back to the nugget of the show so once told that the key to organization. The key to having a clean and organized orderly house is Ohio. Not the state. But Ohio is an acronym for only handle it once I don't remember who said that I think it may have been Barbara burns who used to work here at the radio station who now has a job doing something else and I'm sure she's quite happy doing. Only handle it once and here's my downfall I have to confess my downfall is I can't follow that rule. Because. I am I'm guilty of stacking things. It's okay for example something comes of that -- work related echoes of the work part. Something goes and that is a bill back backers in the bill pile. Something comes in that is a well OK let's see the health -- company wants documentation that yes -- really did get a new -- machine okay well that goes in the pile that I'll get to as soon as I can but that's not priority number one the bills are always the first priority and I don't mean the Buffalo Bills I mean the bills that have to be paid. But here's the problem with that. You violate the rule already of only handling it wants and I I am earnestly asking for your help today. In how you deal. With the mountainous paperwork that we all our -- to in 2014 how to you to deal with it what is the rule. I know that I should be saying only handle it wants. But stacking is my downfall. And I'll tell you what happens unfortunately in my house when -- back. My -- believes that a stack of papers. That must be in the there's some miles underneath that. That must -- that there's catnip underneath that must mean that there's a special cat -- underneath it and unfortunately for many times as this happens I will never Lara. Bet when I stack the Catholics it's a toy so everything I stat heads up that a strewn everywhere because the cat knows absolutely frantic thinking that -- and I think this is it totally yeah. So what is your best advice to your humble host usually I'm the one giving advice usually I'm the strong one usually on the problem -- usually I'm the guy that people come to. But today I'm -- reverse the roles just a little bit I have to admit. I need your suggestions on how I can stop this from happening again I mean aside actually sleeping once in awhile which would be a big help but how -- stop. How to stop having an office that is absolutely cluttered and filled with papers only handle at once I know that that's a rule many of you go by it is also rule that for whatever reason I just can't seem to drawn in to my thick skull. You know I'm I'm part German. And being part German means that automatically. You think you know the right way to do everything in life no matter what anybody tells you you automatically assume that you're away is the right way and the only way. So I need you guys to drop in to be some ideas on how in the hell. You have become more organized. And I I've got to stay that way because I'm telling you a messy house means a messy mind a -- mine means a messy house. And it's just seriously. There you know there are few things of life. -- that really really get to me but having papers strewn everywhere especially after a party organize them. Having papers strewn everywhere I have to confess the cat is. Mostly responsible for others after organizes them that is my biggest downfall I look any room for the papers. And I just say all right I'll handle that tomorrow and then tomorrow never ever -- 8030930. Is the ball number 8030930. Start 930 is the cellphone number 180616. WB -- is free on choice one. How do you organize apple because I live alone except for my indoor cat. It should not be a big issue and yet somehow I have a lot paperwork to absolutely dominate this weekend. But I have to come up with a system by which not only is -- all cleaned up this weekend but it stays that way. And somebody else suggested. That the way to deal with this is unless it is a vital paper you know you're going to meet. Unless it is absolutely necessary that you have that paper it does not make it past the kitchen. And for a while that system worked but then you know you get these questionable areas like those things that come for your health care company your health insurance company. Relations -- documents and they say this is not a bill well that -- used to -- it's if it's not a bill what exactly is I know I got the receipt that machine so why are you sending beavis and what the -- with this piece of paper that I don't get a -- at the end of the calendar year anyway see that's the downfall right there -- those big question mark documents but other than that. Other than that they're they're got to be ways that you deal with the mountain of paper in your life. And do I have to remind you that we're coming upon the time a year polish you've already done that where you're supposed to get all your tax stuff out. Now that's organized that is all in a special drawer in my house all the tax stuff. So I think my taxes done at least the organization of the paper from my accountant I get that done in a night if a night. That's that's easy -- that's all computerized -- the physical receipts or a special place where the cat can't play games with. And what my cat for pretty much everything -- by the way she was very happy I actually I I actually I had a chance to -- laid out on the couch last night. And that is her favorite thing to do is of the on my chest careened madly as I watch brain dead television. And what are the other -- -- movies -- -- earlier I wanna talk about some movies as we move on today I was inspired by some of a Bob with sandy beach talking about movies. And I've asked this question on my FaceBook -- a couple of weeks ago. But we definitely have to talk about must see movies and you know I'm asking you that too but not quite yet but I'm asking you that. I I want you start thinking about these -- agency. Because. I'm embarrassed to admit this -- I really want to admit this aren't I guess I will. On there are a lot of great American classics that are great cultural gaps for your humble host and would you believe that all late last night. Only last night. That I make it through most of earthquake with Charlton Heston Victoria Principal. And that name is gonna Ava Gardner okay. Earthquake. Two hours and two minutes. This time I made for about ninety minutes I still don't know if Charlton Heston ends up with you know -- I still don't know who lives and who dies at the end of earthquake which is onset of excess on the management don't spoil it for. But later on I want to give it to great movies that you haven't seen -- you almost feel un American for having them unseen by your eyes but that for right now. After the news break I need your help -- your assistants how does one keep an orderly Paul when it comes to paperwork. That's that don't fall of my existence paperwork in organizing paperwork. I -- the answer I could not be more serious if I tried. My office is a sea of paper that's all -- other elements are Butler work -- -- Oval Office is this seat up paper. And I got to keep I gotta keep but the way it's the way once we get it back into a proper position I gotta keep it that way which is the key. Because it's easy to let the -- rebuild and that you have to start from scratch but I want you're sure fire techniques. For keeping the paperwork at bay. Keeping all these documents and junk mail the nonsense at bay. Lot of people calling in which is great because I would write down all your suggestions I'm actually going to be using them. This weekend it will be very exciting weekend for your humble host basically making love with paperwork. A lot of fun I suggest you try it. -- I'm a news radio 930 WBM great to be here and -- will picks and calls on the other side of the news and at today's going to be kind of I've got up Monday out of the mood for funny in the mood for fun. Yes because this will be the best model have all week and believe me. Then. It. -- Findings. Don't -- me. This year women resolution was the master the tambourine and also to master the zoo and a super well on my way. It is 333 news radio nine should not be worth at the news radio 930 WBM hourly back in the -- It's amazing the -- corporate -- sleep does not let us get back to the calls shall we -- get to the calls went -- this in awhile. Three day weeks Jones -- gonna drive me crazy here as a trucker can my first call on a W Kevin. How could you possibly need organization it anywhere but cab of your V hit all. -- what's up brother Terry and 800 per person per one -- -- people you -- get by the way. Know every day's Christmas for the catchy as she runs a house there their two cats there's the indoor cat and then there's the one that -- I have basically turned over my garage too because she refuses to be domesticated inside cat plus she's a racist yet. She's the great tiger won my other cat is black and the great tiger does not like black cats which I tribute to an early bad experience with a stock. So every day is Christmas for both -- yes. No -- what it is such a report they -- secure the paperwork. Issues are technical or yeah I actually provide -- and eat your old Chinese. To a woman actually -- got the sequel to catch you know. And it's this little thing there weren't allowed to circle. You know so you don't keep CIO Walgreens it'll split. Yeah it might yet that they don't play with anything else to be more Apache -- -- batteries right. Well I -- they go through batteries right let it left and right I thought it might have something to do with something else rabbit but. While Richard that you like that although. I was gonna say -- you know give me 35 minutes you know gonna maker rather referenced you -- you tried the laser pointers. Who got because it -- what the -- the red dots of the laser. -- -- -- prompt senior prom but won't go there either. And notably senior product. Some solutions is much is a -- can talk to him what the -- all the light due to clean up my whole of all these -- papers. So couple. They probably get you up a chart whoever it. You know -- -- get here for actually deductibles that are out. There that are up three years ago. When -- started due to money might buy ATM card credit are a lot more because with the credit card you get a shingle. OK that's one steep but it pretty much everything you -- Your Portugal used and twenty credit card should all agree or were you probably use credit card. I have I have three credit cards I used two of them. And I know why have got to discover card because nobody ever takes -- -- a few people take discover and I've never found a place in Canada of his dear. And don't even ask -- what the -- what the purpose of my Canadian a -- has been. You are the EU international charges and -- That's ridiculous put out by technology that won the little people who -- -- your. Look at. It if you guys are ample open so that's important you feel. -- -- The opener because of what. It was important that you were a couple weeks with an eating at you know -- -- -- now. We're pretty poor. Fireplace and that way. Or. Are so -- -- single week or psychic and expert at it right seaport big sport. Current and financially for the year. -- well okay I appreciate the advice I I said I have to be open minded about -- circuit because people tried to help with this over the years end up for you know because -- got that delivery stubborn to -- streak and made. I have not been. I've not been listening to people have been trying to help me. So this is that they were I don't think I can contradict you I should take a picture of my office at home before I came into work but I gotta tell yet. It is just two of Gerson. You think less of that you already there. Well as the rebels she Buick a college about Alec will need to meet -- our sister and I got to have everything -- -- know where it is right now. I go out of my mind -- trying to fight them there and -- that Gilliam a white because she looked at the cheap. I don't have one of those -- -- -- -- -- a little bit easier cop a more complicated or more miserable and trying to figure out which went before they've got something for it. That's about all you're gonna get for me today. I was -- the commander -- but I decided we -- modernize just a little bit because few people heard of commander Cody and his lost planet airmen. Thanks for the call struck down. All right so are his suggestion is burned every envelope I do not recognize the only thing I can say though is. If I had followed his advice I would have missed out on a check received one of those refund or rebate checks and -- was it pretty decent sized check. So if I had burned -- I would have never known that I throw away fifty dollars. Or maybe it was more -- forget let's go to day. The -- on WB EM Dave I need your help how to keep my house from becoming a sea of disorganized paperwork. Of -- the -- hot or read. He's his call yes. The scanner and we're your papers and -- create a spreadsheet. -- And organize everything despite being stopped the you know what you really need at all. -- you can read all like that's built from two years ago in August or whatever -- all out battle at the top of it actually -- elevator. The you know disease here's my thing when I see something on TV I am automatically. Skeptical about it. However that that suggestion to -- a -- make a lot of sense right now because the hard copies that's what's making my office a -- can mess. Right I mean certainly our popular ire out the Mets let a lot probably now. Other general yes bill the -- You know you really don't need all our -- -- all. Thought this. -- recall. Well. I have lost -- seriously. -- the whole sleep thing I have lost so much sleep worrying about how I'm gonna organized my office and home and keep it organized and how punitive papers together it's not even funny. But the neat desk thing now -- a question when you put the stuff into the -- desk. Does it ordinarily put it into a file or do you have to. -- to physically say okay this is the file for letters I get from health care that I don't even a wider sending them to me because they're not bills. That that I up and it'll it'll automatically. Like don't bode well. In its let them build from -- all -- calls -- bill there's also that -- category and it's a medical. Letter. That not a category code or business partner or make the law. But the business -- our. All booked for. I'm good to appeal to my to my employer to buy one of those forming just kind of as a gift. At that we'll go nowhere but at least Ellen made the appeal neat desk is what it's called. Yeah I've seen that on TV and you've you've used your friend is used it in its all good. -- worked OK you know. Every candidate. You know I don't recall that 81 eight this water bill. And it looked up butter in -- were marked the day I'll. Okay at -- so far that may be the leading suggestion but it's also -- involving expenditure of money which. That I mentioned that I'm part German and we hate spending money on any thing have I mentioned that. My father taught me how to us how to stretch a penny to the moon. Thank you for the call Dave I'm very appreciative. -- I'm appealing to you for your help today -- if you don't know what that's all about stay with us right now -- -- there are we gonna -- -- oh that's right I'm so used to go to -- at forty because of the blizzard -- we did but we don't have a blizzard today in fact it's it's almost -- outside. -- -- updated forecast. OK Joseph beavers are running here with the with the forecast and I'll pass -- along -- -- but well what -- -- that you're just joining us. I am appealing to you for your help thank you mr. -- I'm appealing -- you for your help but via AccuWeather forecast a flood watch is in effect from tomorrow morning through Sunday afternoon cloudy. Tonight occasional rain and drizzle after midnight and temperatures are gonna rise to the middle forty by dawn. So you know given what we've been through this past week that the possibility for flooding may be an issue if it is believed he will be live here on WB and two I get you through -- that's what we do. But I'm appealing to you today because usually I'm the strong one. Usually I'm the one with the answers usually on the -- the guy people come to it's a totally do but that's what I would do what do what do about that but we're having total role reversal today. I need your help because my freaking. Office is overwhelmed with paper and I've tried a number of different solutions but none of them have proven to be the absolute perfect solution. It only Hamlet wants Ohio. -- that didn't really work don't take anything you don't need past the kitchen tried it for awhile but that you get these question mark envelopes will is this release upping it the whole month. So I want you were in our view is organized as you'd like to be I can't be the only one. It is or anybody out there who would like to confess. That you two have become a slob with paperwork because that's my biggest being in my life right now stuff like that wheel drive absolutely just. Bonkers. Figuratively it is 343 at news radio 930 WB EN. All right folks if you're just joining us -- -- an idea for weekend project because they unique ideas for -- projects and help. On my big weekend project is going to be to finally end once and for all deal with the little Everest a paper that I'd measure accumulate. In my office home and elsewhere throughout the house it's a freaking disaster area I don't live this. -- really well and it's. I can deal with -- awful lot. But it's the little things that just drive me topple ball. And for whatever reason. I've had a real difficult time. Organizing my paperwork to the point where it has become not an obsession but has become a giant stretcher in my life. I received part too much paper all not to seek this isn't even consider regular work. And I know I'm not the only person that's what I'm doing the show that's -- only people. This is resonating with you I think we're all in the same boat. But some of you just have better ideas on how to deal with paper as it comes in so it does not accumulate. Because I mentioned earlier when I started to show every time and organize stuff. I've been guilty of the pop idols mean. Meaning the piles of paper unfortunately. A lot of camp believes that those piles of paper are -- to be disrupted. I know the obviously put a closet but they're still doesn't solve the problem the mountains of paper that's the fundamental problem not the Catholic leaders -- -- underneath every -- So gang I'm I'm turning to you for your help in how you keep an organized home -- -- you -- organized did you wanna be seen with lift paper what is with you. There's got to be something with you that is this organized. -- It's it's little things in life and -- and it's -- it's not the big step is the little stuff. Let's go to Ryan in Cheektowaga WB and ran -- first off how organized. How how organized -- user. I'm pretty organized. Solid -- small business. And guy you know is -- -- work on this night just. -- -- it's you know it. OK but. Does this work in all cases because the bills obviously you've got to pay customers you've got to take care. I mean that those are priority number 12 with priorities number one in -- But the rest of this stuff. How easy is it where to throw stuff out there has that big question mark. Pretty yeah I get I get rid of anything that strong anything that. I don't know anything radical. But you know it it it looks like it's you know. My inhaler. A girlfriend now -- -- a -- side we look at it. And then -- whatever whatever's that it's related -- -- my office and gets it right away. And anything else it just goes into the garbage. All right our right do you shred now that's another that's another thing of which I'm horribly guilty if that's the feeling that everything should be shredded have been so inculcated by warnings from the media about identity theft that. Everything I get not even credit card applications everything just goes right in the shredder if it's not need. I do not strike I -- right in the garbage. Are evident that the quite well which is. An organized. It. There are such things in this world because I organizing specialists that might my first word would be either my sister or my mother. I've got I've got somebody that I know that will come in in organized. Anything that -- -- to organize. Whether it's just. It for a greater say in order if you have a lot of -- throw you out so I'll be out. Well semi private email Thomas WB EN dot com and let me look into it because the government that I that I also meant to them and cheap. -- -- that OK so. I that's a very interesting job. But the problem is how would somebody from the outside know what is important to me and what should be shredder because I have things seriously I'm I'm a private person with a lot of things and there are some things in my office that. You know our our personal to me. Very I mean he would putt I I would switch people and it is for you not to do anything yet there -- -- could be exactly a year you're going through your. Well maybe I'm gonna wait until after -- get a start on at this weekend because I'm kind of embarrassed to have anybody in my house right now. Yeah she's she said that that the past I've heard a comment though you know if it you might think she can say. You know so you that you -- tried to organize that. Well there was -- time I would scuffed sir there was a time I would scoff at such an idea but I have to tell you that this is something that I have to master now. It has to get taken care of it has to be done I've hit that point you know I've I've hit. I've hit that point where I finally have to admit I have a problem. And the problem is I don't know how to deal with mountains of paper and I don't know how to prioritize what I should keep inflation keep so. I'm gonna be very open to your organizational specialist. I will I'll send you -- I have permission. -- at WB EN dot com. And I thank you. Now the first step is admitting you have a problem and my problem is paperwork and not knowing how to organize paperwork everything else. Well you know it comes with a high IQ I mean we're killers I'm a performer not an organizer. It is a 355 at news radio 930 W and it's in 98. Yeah but that's pretty that's pretty good for the media infection in recent media 98 my IQ makes me African genius.

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