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1-10 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Jan 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As the ratio cinema -- ultimately sandy beach be shorter in cinema -- reviews on FaceBook listened to the movie show online anytime on demanded WB and on my on my FaceBook presence. Is it's. -- exploded -- a I -- girls and -- I'm -- your doctor maybe I should Garcia doctor is is -- sounds a little goofy is the right Mike I may sound a little gun in my life says. Are okay. That and how that so we'll base out there now -- -- -- -- Count -- I guess yes it really been putting the reviews on FaceBook and interviews things online and cartoons of cartoons just about every day. Our. Europe all year multi talented guy would now like you and I can't do much whenever -- and we opened the show wiwa. With Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch of good vibrations their Mark Wahlberg before. He you know became big time movie star active. It is acting really do his acting -- -- and his underwear modeling and dance tunes were also just. Cooler than cool and you know not while moment he's the real and normal. Human and capture. What went her underwear only it's always. Always danger in do you have any big box office news for us. Sure sure last week number one at the box office frozen. Two million dollars. It is now after a 297. Million dollars. After five weeks in release it worked its way up to number one well which is. And that often it is that five weeks in ticket sales of twenty million dollars. It looks like it's definitely on track to pass despicable me two to become 2013 biggest animated hit. It is done 600 million dollars worldwide. So far enormous hit for the folks at Disney. And number two. Paranormal. Activities the marked ones -- eighteen million dollars now the last paranormal activity film. Open -- shoot 29 million dollars but since this one had a budget below five million. And opened at eighteen million I don't think anybody's complain no problem there are no problem there and of course. Paranormal activity five will be coming out this October. Fandango and pitcher technical or not. At number three and a half it desolation -- this dog -- sixteen million that is now at 229. Million here in the US. The worldwide. Hub -- whole -- thus far 757. Million dollars just ignore it. At number four wolf of Wall Street. Very. Interesting situation I mean it's a three hour long. Rating was low it was like -- and most of the people who were seen in the first week or so did not care for it and yet. It's holding up X well it did thirteen million. Last weekend it is now at 63 million. And we'll see how does that the Golden Globes this weekend and at that big show this this week in -- personally. I'm not a big Golden Globes -- I enjoy that show the show partners show part of history of you've got Amy Poehler and Tina fair host it again they're very very funny they do a great job. I just have a hard time taking the awards itself seriously. The fact appears to Dora won best actress for butterfly in 1982. I still. I still can't quite get past that one I believe. Meryl Streep did so -- choice that year but of course. Isidore one for butterfly as we not had turned out the Golden Globe is such esteem thing. But next week we're gonna have the Oscar nominations going to be announced the Oscars and be until like the first couple days of march they're moving a little bit because of the Olympics don't wanna be in the way of that but Thursday morning they'll be announcing the nominations if wolf of Wall Street. Gets a lot of Oscar nominations and does well gold gloves. It's gonna continue. Well let me tell you some -- it was a part of for DiCaprio okay it was a part that you couldn't over act it would be impossible because the over the top situation. He was fabulous as an actor you really was what he liked the movie about a -- a -- -- -- it's a long movie what do you like that are not. Just if your objective is acting was phenomenal. He he does. A very good in this and in his other Scorsese films I don't know why. I I'd. I don't find to be a memorable actor for some reason. He's not like you know -- always org chino. Anything they do oh you suddenly say well I better save that because he's the definitive back -- time. Maybe you don't take a DiCaprio is seriously but I think in this in this role he was I'm sure he's very nice guy. He's probably good to his dog called -- mother every week dad and. But. To tell that your. Wish my Scorsese would start dating somebody else yeah thank -- too much or repertory company possibly. Home I got low and hardy didn't work together as much as Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese -- -- -- last fifty years. A number five American hostile. One of my two favorite films right well I mean -- gonna hustle and twelve years a -- were my two members stories there are 2013. American hustled to another twelve million dollars is now 88 million. I think we're gonna see big things from American Consulate Golden Globes this weekend and I think. It is going to dominate. The Oscar nominations come Thursday and number six. Anchorman to. Do another eleven million it's now at 109. Million. It is Will -- seven film. To crossed the 100 million dollar mark. And I said hey. I mean we work a lot of media people we know there are a lot of people in in news here practice. -- -- and we we know a lot of people -- TV stations in LA and so a lot of people that we know are in the TV news or radio news business and I'll go to see a movie like. It's spoofing what we do. And a half and anyone who likes -- mom. -- certainly didn't care for -- Susan rose. It was awful Susan Roche has nothing but nice things to say about but everything I was stunned it was a first rough thing I've heard Susan rose about anything I -- Irsay onetime all of darn cool now I mean I wish I have recorded but I didn't while I definitely run for the blooper -- are turning off -- but. But it continues to do very nicely with our. I wanted to test that movie -- I would love to Mark Wahlberg. Star on the new film lone survivor. Is related. To a great American author. Many Marky -- famous writing -- is he related to Nathaniel Hawthorne. Ernest Hemingway. Or -- Here's -- -- calls natural born 9875 -- the winner will get a movie pass for two -- money dips and that are valid through. April 30 when he fourteen point five dollars in dividends and doors beats -- grow our Miller sport -- on transit no expiration date total value 43 dollars general content has rules apply will be back after this. But say -- movie IQ question Mark Wahlberg stars in the new film lone survivor. He's related to a great American author and name his famous writing descendant -- -- -- Nathaniel Hawthorne get. I remember in high school I read. The high hopes of seven gables and I was never so bored in auto fire -- exactly oh my gosh well now we know that -- I'm sure people are going to be winning bar bets with -- oh yes now -- he's -- the big screen today including this one which I do Odyssey or call lone survivor. Yeah I don't know about you buy -- order the holidays. Every single movie I went to see had a had a trailer for this thing and wasn't just a regular trailer was like seven minute making. Trailer with the info and and that talk with both Mark Wahlberg and the director. This is based on a a true story. About a small group of Navy SEALs as a group before who is dropped down in Afghanistan. To kill Taliban leader Ahmad -- This isn't a spoiler. You find out at the beginning of film and Johnson. Title of the movie left you know area things did not go well. At all not only was there are one lone survivor from the group but to several other US soldiers. Perished while trying to to salvage. You made the mission when everything started to. Before Navy SEALs run into. A group of workers. There you arm very young group practically cute actually. Laden. They capture them. The big question their faced where is if a -- -- -- while they should shoot them and go on with their mission. If they're not. Well they should release them and not get involved with civilians -- they know what the right call list. And it. It brings in not only just the kind -- news. Difficult judgment call that its soldiers have to make all the time. In situations of this sort. But the problems that the coverage of the worldwide media brings into this one of the things they discuss is if they do. Get rid of these guys if they kill. These girl heard CNN. And all that all they're gonna talk about is. US soldiers. Killed Rogers and it's so that's a concern as well these guys in this life and death situation. The way to decide to handle the situation. Changes everything from that point. Like black hawk down mrs. film that. Such a situation let you know characters to a certain extent. And and the final third it. Follows through with the mission. Peter Berg is the director of this he multiple -- as an actor on Chicago hope. For years and then eventually became better known as a director he did Friday Night Lights. And recently did battleship which was one of the biggest flops of last year. That film however is very connected to this one. And then he went to. Universal a few years ago with Mark Wahlberg saying he was interested in making this particular film. He once you very realistic film about -- The Navy SEALs and this particular. Battle. On universal said tell you what. Will you make you're super realistic war film if you'll make this war film based on a board game first field doomed ship. Will bankroll lists all that was kind the trade off that they made here and Peter bird and Wahlberg. Took the duty of making this field they look at it as a duty they really did wanna pay tribute to the man who fought. Director and the cast. Span -- three weeks. January and navy seal training not just oh we spent an afternoon we've been showing them what to do. They devoted three weeks to the proper training this. Even so much that all of their training was done with real -- toward using. Hollywood's yeah yeah they really went. To go is realistic as they -- and that is one thing that people should know. About this particular film. This is a war movies that when things become. Very dangerous. And very physical. As problems begin to rise would the mission. This movie is not trying to give -- way he cleaned up or sanitized version it gets extremely. Violent. It gets extremely. Graphic. I was surprise to see. That that more than a few reviews. Compared it to passion of the Christ -- as far as being a film that is us. Very difficult to watch in in looking. Point blank what these guys had to deal -- I would have to wonder. If the families of those involved I would be very difficult -- answer if they would even want to -- Those that didn't like that she complained that they they didn't feel it was quite enough characters. Development Oregon -- overall. Overall if you're interested in this film it is -- much wrong. Realistic is realistic is that good portrayal of this particular. All right also opted dale walking critics and and a different kind of hard for him in her. -- -- -- in Phoenix. I think he's one of our best actors I I think he's just the -- remarkable. Remarkable talent. But. Light. Robert De -- light show on pan. He's one of these actors who. Really. Did not feel comfortable with the very public. Side of -- the whole publicity machine. Side of acting is something he didn't care for Robert De Niro is somebody who -- has come to embrace. That side of it I mean now he'll do movies spoof his earlier fell homes he'll go on Saturday Night Live and be very funny but boy. If you watch interviews with Robert Janeiro in seventeen Gloria early eighties I think all of my gosh this is somebody who had no social skills whatsoever. And Joaquin Phoenix somewhat similar. In that he he had given many really strong performances. In films that. Did well were respected. But really didn't have it wide mainstream. Except it. Then he made walk the line to Johnny -- Reese Witherspoon and he suddenly was under a type of celebrity. Attention that he had not experienced before and boy. Did he. -- enormously for like 34 years he hardly did anything when he did do a public appearance. It was. In the long bearded long hair and he was daring people to put up with them. He's come to grips with the somewhat and this is. His first film since the master last year this is getting some of the best reviews he's ever received. Our comeback -- discuss that more along with another -- moment before July -- a good week for films -- news radio and I thirtieth so we show -- -- -- -- and and they sandy beach. -- WB and wherever you go with a WDN iPhone -- Powered by Roswell park we can't let cancer win and that's why Roswell park will never stop fighting. It is the movie shows cinema -- ultimately Sandy Bridge. Obama is revealed one survivor opening on today also are you talking Phoenix -- movie called. Horror. A trailer for this movie about four months ago hours ago and it is and in usual. Setup if you seen the commercials and felt a little confused it's it it's a very different approach. Actual story to relationship -- -- were written and directed by Spike Jones. It's his fourth film's director he did being John Albert could capture and where the wild things are. He also -- a lot of music videos and is part of Jack casket. He's -- those projects as well so is a very eclectic. Career. This film takes what has generally been seen as -- -- situation you've got an actual person. Who has relationship with the computer almost the way the astronauts did with al-Qaeda in 2001. And this takes place I guess in a slightly future reality or alternate reality. Joaquin Phoenix is a a very lonely writer. Who is going through divorce. He's not pleased about where she's trying to hold on to his marriage but that's just not working out. And he gets any and all access computer operating system. That is designed to be. -- compassion I mean it's kind of like Surrey. Only it's really designed to form a relationship with cute cute to look into your interest to be reassuring. To try to. Develop. Expand on it and react to those parts of your psyche that might be lonely or be looking for companionship. The fact that. This is also voiced by Scarlett Johansson. Just makes the character all the more compelling and he develops a varied. Real relationship. With. This computer system and it does. It it brings up a lot of questions. As far as how close can you get to somebody that you've never actually met. How real can that relationship is much detail. If you're if you're emotions are real in your emotions are real is the relationship and real and some people are already Ian. Those sort of relationships. I mean there people however hundreds dozens. FaceBook friends. My -- I know when they talk on the phone with their front. Don't talk anymore. They -- -- they don't even have the the physical contact of of all deal Atkins four iron just typing back and forth. To each other and then you know somebody that's their time. Well yes if there organized married guys. So this film goes into that this is a movie. That I got to say when I saw that first trailer I thought if it will be a little goofy is this could be a little off the wall. But. There reviews have been absolutely. Ouch. -- It was named. Best film by the national board for view that LA film critics board. It is one of the most highly praised movies of the year. One big question that that people have regarding the Oscar nominations this Thursday will Scarlett Johansson. Get an Oscar nomination. For her role in this film and you get a nomination for something where you're only providing the voice personally. I say yes I mean if you flip that and ask them to get an Oscar nomination. The first island performance while our look at the student -- nominations for that I don't see why you you shouldn't get that finished. And this is. A movie that Spike Jones the director. Really asked not to be viewed as a commentary on society -- sent tiger. Of the modern. Manners of communication. He wanted to be look at as a film about. Relationship and take at face value from Iowa -- -- that out also. Looking forward to ribbons showing betrayal of service for some time -- inside -- Davis yes this is the latest film from the Coen Brothers Ethan and -- call in of course. Well Fargo raising yours don't know brother card vouchers -- -- -- yeah so many great. Great films. And this is in typical Coen Brothers fashion. This is a movie that. Is somewhat connected to real life but it's also complete fiction. Fargo did that as the beginning of Fargo they let you know. The following is based on the true story but of course now it wasn't not at all but they just thought that worked for the story. This movie is inspired. By the autobiography of Dave and wrong. About Enron -- awesome I had this and he -- -- and I'm I'm a big fan Dave -- wrong. Was a guy who was a BA part of the music scene. In Greenwich Village in early sixties this film follows that era. Between. Pete Seeger and the Kingston trio. That then moved on to. Bob Dole and John -- Peter Paul married. That little gap in between where folk was reinventing. Itself David -- was one of the most influential people around. He'd never. Took off to big boxing great success the way those others did. Just like Eric Erickson -- from -- was performer great writer and never got fairly lofty heights. This character is one of the Coen Brothers beautiful losers he he would fit right in bowling Alley. With debate about ski. A man he is no prints eased somewhat selfish years careless he makes. Horrible career decisions again and again. And I kind of suffers the consequences. Of such. They treat the music in this film. -- great reverence. This is almost a companion piece to O brother where art now. As far as being a tribute to great original American music T bone Burnett. Handled the music for this film was the producer chose the songs work with the artists. On their performances. And they really want to be true to the music there there are few things that are significant musically. The singers actors all do their own songs that nobody's lip -- and the songs are presented. In full. There are seeing them live and you get the whole song so if you enjoy the music from this period. That is absolutely. Going to be a big part of you enjoying this film. If you think. The freewheeling Bob Dylan is a fairly dull album and you can't stand those songs this is probably not a film for you -- you're gonna get a lot of of that sort of music. It is rambling. It is often a dark. But bill is also very funny at times like most physical and while. Remember in -- brother weren't so bad team -- and it was a moment as you said and that's all ten million copies the album was almost a bigger phenomenon I would cause a bigger phenomenon than the well you know ten million -- -- -- Oscar Isaac. Plays. -- Davis in this film. He really. Has been just in smaller rolls before this. As far as the people supporting him in this film you'd go to John Goodman and Murray Abraham -- mall again Justin Timberlake. Terrific supporting cast if you love the Coen Brothers. This is a must -- All right guys animosity from hey how about August Osage county the -- is. Obviously nobody I mean this is based on Broadway comedy drama that was pretty strong -- in 2008 won the Pulitzer Prize. For best drama won six -- -- Including best play stars Meryl Streep. And Ewan McGregor and Chris Cooper and Mark Martin and Sam -- didn't -- and -- actually -- Julie are. And I've got to say. -- Over can't she does not tell you more about why people are not what key for this movie when we get back. And orbit back after missed some early show cinema Bob. A reminder read some above reviews on FaceBook. -- was into the movie show online anytime on demanded WBN dot com. We've reviewed doe loan survivor her and inside -- Davis this is August. Osage county yes mrs. Based on non. The the play by Tracy Lutz and she also worked on the screen play. And this is. -- eight southern family drama here everybody has big. Accents. And Asia big -- Follow Meryl Streep is the extraordinarily. Harsh matriarch. On the families who is addicted to pills and dealing with mouth cancer. So yeah she's in a bad mode and pretty much. -- very. Everything out of her mouth is just incredibly. Harsh. Elizabeth Taylor's character who's afraid of Virginia wolf. Would say all that too little much -- I would dial it down are you yes yes on. This -- -- all of these guys it is done very well on stage but it didn't quite survive in its translation to discreet according to most. Critics you've got the problem that you sell off in hand with plays. Moving to filmed and that. They get somewhat claustrophobic. I mean apply generally is set out to be and just once hating you know and in a movie when you're in one place. Earl Long time it just doesn't feel natural you're always has that feeling play. And performances here are. Surprisingly. Over the top given the that actors involved. I've been surprised at how many reviews I read through this film that just flat out fell. Merrill Streep gave a bad performance in the movie which is where I've read many views which -- said. Well this isn't very good film Meryl Streep is very good and Apatow movie has problems this is one where many critics are saying you know what she is just kind of over the top. And lousy and that's. It's almost like she was directed by -- love -- is master thespian. And all -- mean it's it's big big stuff. More than a few people have compared it to the old Carol Burnett momma sketches. From from. Her show. Slant magazine. Said the thing is these are all big big southern characters. They said nearly every character is writer and or an arrogant jerk there is nothing in between but of course. Rex Reed or. But felt. -- if you're the -- are big big over the top acting jacket. -- this next movie I can identify with -- having these same workout regiment as the legend of Hercules. -- yes yes. This is one of two. Hercules films scheduled for release in 2014. In July. We're gonna have Hercules the -- and wars. Starring Dwayne Johnson Barack. As Hercules. This time around we have -- and lots. And her -- -- he -- that blonde wimpy kid from the twilight movies program so you've got the rock of Hercules. -- Kellan Lutz as Hercules there it's kind of not much of a comparison here. This happens from time to time when you've got a big movie. Planned like this last year you were call. There was a movie Olympus has fallen that came out in February. About the White House being overtaken Morgan Freeman was in that. And then later in the summer you had White House down with Channing Tatum and Jamie -- in the case. The first one is. Well we'll have to see with this one I will be surprised. If this film is the more successful of the two that review is. Are pretty references so far. -- take a look at two rotten tomatoes. Web page which breaks down the favorable reviews by percentage. Something like hurt. Has 93%. Positive review -- fabulous. Current number for the legend of Hercules Enron tomatoes. Zero it's all there are no one has liked it. All at all in the cast -- Apparently today that he didn't even wanna be there on the showed up on the screen. It's directed by a -- Harlan who -- his career. Pretty well die hard to cliff hanger. -- it cutthroat island big pirate movies with -- today there's growth in -- -- strategy. People really are looking for a movie with Gena Davis and his career has really really phone and a rough times and then this is his. Profile film in quite a few years. -- it does not look like this is the one that is going to bring him back and he sort of prominence he. Brazenly. Rips off the style of the Zack Snyder film 300. Lots of CG I and that's film plenty. Painted on labs. When there's a fight see -- go into the ultra slow motion quick freeze frame. And the computer animation. Is considered. Can be pricked deeper -- sketchy in particular one scene in which Hercules Brussels on line in into submission. Looks pretty much like somebody. Hustling around with dancing bear from the old Captain Kangaroo show it's it's kind of rough. Critics. It's made wonderful praise of his films and things like -- Strong contender for worst film of the year brand let's. Left me completely bored out of my skull and first train wreck of 2014. While ago no minority issue among the first -- -- want to tell about Don John or Joseph Gordon-Levitt as I really like that. And love Scarlett Johansson Julianne Moore Tony did and Glynn Headley. I'll also directed by jones' record -- the first film that he's directed. This was finally. Via. The romantic comedy about warned that the world it's been waiting for a -- I'll. What a guy watches a movie with a girl now they wanna find something they'll both enjoy. Absolutely girl wants to watch romantic comedy the boy wants to watch porn finally something for both of them has and that's the film that I would say just about every girl is going to feel. So on comfortable watching. Well that's. Hughes and now you you. Saw that I that was very imaginative and current and of course I like him ever since third rock he was refuted his very very talented he's a very talented guy and Scarlett Johansson was excellent. And Tony got a -- that didn't have a huge part in it but he was good so. Can I it -- yet so I have to assume that it is this couple's. Movie depends on the other half of the couple. As or is that the movie you should watch along well the dark loosen policy you'll be watching with cinema -- The next morning is I'm Kelly and playing on men's game. About -- deliberately or movies or get on mountains anyone's job of OK let's see I have bee line under. See you Monday at nine under was recognized for me yet. -- -- Which they never -- to music these.