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1-10 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Where are back where the Beijing governor of sandy beach -- questions both political today about the way the movie show begins at 11 o'clock always look forward to that but the two political questions. There we're going to. Address first an article by Tom precious says that there is of about 36 people heading down to. New York City donate to me would Donald Trump this is part to remember they've already done this once but. It's a show of force to say Donald your our savior you're a guy that can do what you can beat Andrew Cuomo hoping that he believes that and throws his here into the ring. My suggestion is that he won't simply because his brand is called success. His brand is called winning. If he is not totally convinced that he will be Andrew Cuomo by internal polling whatever. Means necessary he won't come within a mile of about joining the race simply because it would damage is brand too much he wouldn't be known as the invincible. Dealmaker who's made a mistake here and there but you can understand business mistakes. But it will be mono a mono it would be -- Cuomo against trump trump Smart enough to do it. And he has the ability to do it but I don't -- the will to put his. What does brand arrest and so I don't think he will in the end I don't think you will. And secondly B -- -- story yes he hasn't spoken yet to exploit it makes me today you may speak on Monday. He was not there during the governor state of the state address. And the article by Tom precious and Bob McCarthy. Says his legislative colleagues are raising new questions about his status it was obvious that even his Albany staff like his assistance in Cheektowaga. Have been absent from their duties for days. So he doesn't say anything and nothing's getting done so I'm saying he should have his day in court. He should have his hearing he should have visibility does to speak out. But the question is and I and I and also -- give that up but the question is are you being represented. You have he represents you normally are you getting the representation it's you should have. It 03 on 93018061692. Visits are 930. Let's go to what John and alma John you're on WB again. I'm fine John thanks for holding what do you think about this. First of all opted to -- tax situation. They -- -- -- you show about a week ago. What you were discussing this thing -- a couple of callers. And the first caller basically said. Because forward and back -- it was forward you know he put forward coming forward and testify against him I think he's guilty -- -- And you know kind of frontal impact that this guy who basically said. You'll you'll have -- serve on the jury hearing like that but they're not -- yet another caller called in. And he pretty much of the saint Ignatius you know it's all four of these wouldn't it -- testify under -- And he made the end and I quote he said he's -- -- caught. You know I think it used to call was basically the same -- that because forward and forward. These groups is caught OK now it's seen its six source urban we're. I mean yeah you know in -- -- -- and I agree which you let -- surely -- What you don't -- sort of deny it obviously. Separate -- and horse which we're gonna say that it makes actually collapsing statements. I mean why would wanna read it over 6% equipment -- figured -- would. Well there's so keep lying nobody is accusing him of assaulting them he's accused of inappropriate they're accusing him of inappropriate behavior. Part of that but is verbal back most of it on shore is verbal. And there there's always that wiggle room where somebody can step back and say you know what I've had this relationship with this -- this person I've had conversations like this were two years or five months or whatever it was always a a a playful relationship government to be taken seriously now all of a sudden one day it was taken seriously. There's a lot of wiggle room and that and unless you have a bit these things very seldom happened with a crowd around either. And -- you have somebody who witness stand or are somebody who kept a journal or something I think it's it's difficult to prove so until until he has his day in court. The number before may have been for it may be seven now but it doesn't make it a foolproof case. Well you know it would be right maybe but you know this day and age. I think that that -- vote. Verbal. Conversation is -- gonna get control. Okay let me give an example. Number one comedy for the last -- I don't know how many years Two and a Half Men on CBS number one and in many cases not the number one show. If you watch reruns and I've seen the mall. The dialogue on Two and a Half Men which is -- television network at CBS channel four locally. That would not be tolerated in the workplace you couldn't save the things they're saying on network television in the workplace so we get to what we get to an area of norm. Normal conversation. If you watched this you say okay -- -- number one show on television it's not cable it's it's CBS and you would assume that that's okay every place will it is an and that's what we get into trouble. You're right you're. Right I like to hear you say that. That -- think -- cultural. I don't think you want I don't think he wants to be all the public wants to be president. I don't think he wants to be sure that there mayor. -- just -- that out but I don't really think that that he wants. Even if it's. Actually take. Yeah are you always are when your hiring somebody you'll always want them to ask for the job you want them to want the job. You don't wanna have to talk -- into the job I mean there are sometimes when you have to do have put. I think you're right Donald Trump is is a very well known a lot of people love them he's a billionaire why would you wanna get involved with politics where. Where he has so so much disdain for some of these people and have to be able listen to them I think you're right John I don't think you want to thank you thank you very much. Yeah the example -- is on Two and a Half Men watch it just wants. It's it's directly funny it is very funny. But if you took the dialogue. Out of two and a half men and brought that same dialogue into the workplace you wouldn't last a day -- begun. That's just the way it is so. You get -- way at that point I was trying to make is this. There is a fine line. Between. Just playful banter and and verbal harassment. You know what I'm talking about and people who do a lot of it like give -- or Zach is found that this is true if they find out this is true when he does a lot of it. He is probably. Pretty adept at. And knows how far to go before he's gone absolutely too far. Where he would be called out and then all of a sudden something happens. It's a couple of people say you know we've had enough let's go public. And then others say you know I wasn't gonna go public now that they have. And that's what happens but we got to remember this when I told that guy a couple of weeks ago we did the show I would want him on mine. On a jury I I meant it and I still mean it. Because four of them say it doesn't make it correct because seven of them say it doesn't make it correct you gotta back it up. And very seldom of these things done in in group sessions. May be grope session but not group's actions. So a bit the difference between plate full dialogue. And naughty suggestions and absolute. A sexual harassment. That's up to a jury or somebody superior to -- like Sheldon Silver coin have a hard time calling superior to anything. But those decisions have to be make in the cold light of fairness aren't. So maybe. Maybe it was a dog employer who just. Was it would did not get himself in the workplace or maybe he was a predator. And that's what they're gonna find out with a break we'll be back after Steinfeld our members signed -- all right everybody. OK you are probably. The if not these certainly in the top two or three. Our most popular shows on television of all times to show you how different the work place is from the your real life. Sign Phil did an episode and the reason I know about this is I was in Milwaukee when it happened okay. So did an episode about a woman whose name he could not remember except that he didn't remember that it rhymes with a female body part. And that was the old joke and and people can even tell you what it is now and I'm not going to bother going it okay. At perhaps blue ribbon which at the time was headquartered. And in Milwaukee. A one of these guys who works there came and it was telling another guy. In front of the there was a woman there I happen to be there. These sorry. The storyline this is network television. Work television. He's telling the guy is really funny Seinfeld last I couldn't reverend Amy remembered around with a body Parton I got it wrong and I. The woman so. The woman's vote and wanton. Despite the fact. That about this guy wasn't trying to you know a couple of appointed not honor it wasn't trying to you know a dictator he wasn't arguing he's explained to another guy. The plot outline of the most popular sitcom on television at the time as well. And so as I said if you took the plot lines of two and a half men and use the dialogue into would have meant. In the workplace you'll wouldn't have a job. OK so the reason I'm saying it doesn't matter. If -- -- say it it doesn't make it right or does it make it correct unless you can prove it here let me give an example. Chris Lee personally sends a picture of himself without a shirt. Do you prove it here's the picture it's on the front page of the buffalo -- is not in dispute. Is that Chris -- yes that's the ever shirt on no okay that's that's cut and dried. Those kind of things if if somebody has a pattern. Above of inappropriate behavior. There are ways that you can nail that down okay. He got an email. Know about smelling your phone. -- well you know or upset about -- went home in Utah you talk to your husband about it no audio went home and -- your roommate about it. Our body went home and talk to your mother your father about it. These are all natural avenues. Of vote behavior of its unacceptable. If you have any. Okay how long -- you there I was there a year -- how many times that it happened it happened every two weeks. All right got to give us improve some things like I just. Islanders went on about if you don't have any of that. You're not gonna have a very strong case. And despite the -- that there were four and now there are seven that doesn't that doesn't seal the deal. Unless we have the kind of discovery that I'm talking about -- defense attorney. But I'm saying if I were defense attorney those of the questions I'd be asking. So you're saying that anything inappropriate. Was verbal. Without witnesses with no email with no voice mail with no diary would no pictures with nothing. You're telling me all of this that you went through you have not one shred of evidence except you want us to believe. OK I mean now seriously these women -- judge Jim Baker I'll be saints I don't know any of them. And an improbably wonderful people and whether they're telling the truth about them out of the maybe I don't know wide -- I don't even know Dennis numbers. But what I'm saying is this. Don't think that just because there are numbers. That they automatically are right and he is wrong now they may well right I don't know. But that think that there would be evidence requested and needed somebody would have to say yes and put your hand and Emeka sworn relevancy he did this he said this whatever blah blah blah blah. In order. To go forward because if you don't have anything like that. Then it's strictly. He said she said in and if if indeed there's no while especially. Do you know how many emails that were about the George Washington Bridge bank came out that now we have Christie wants violence. 900. -- There when 900. Emails and text and whatever about what went on the George Washington Bridge where in that kind of a society. If if you are just offended. With something your boss said to some of the workforce said. Maybe you pick up your phone to a quick text that your girlfriend or your mother or your husband or your brother or somebody you know so there's some kind of record. -- to expect that it went on and and continuing basis and you never said anything anybody. Nothing was ever presented. Recorded a of photographs nothing. It's just. The -- of those words. IE I don't think that's enough I think you've got to have more than that would you agree with -- on absolutely. Because otherwise it's just that you know don't like I mean I'm not saying is the case now we don't like that guy. He's he's too -- -- wise ass okay what do you think. I think. -- time was offended and suddenly you go to class action deal going. And the girls thing is the worst -- since a non sliced bread. I think we have to be fair. I I highly doubt that this was any kind of conspiracy of the women I'm but I don't know anything went on and there's nothing. Herb nab him in order -- and I don't know anyway and I don't know him. But I'm saying that before you hang somebody out to dry. He always ago and that one of the reasons imagining mrs. The editorial I have in my hand from the buffalo and who's now none of this has been presented that as best we know. We don't know because. We have had a hearing or court case or anything like that but the bubble and is ready to hang our guy ever is back out to dry. Today's editorial the -- the assemblyman resigns the better -- for everyone involved so here they apparently believe that. There -- laws okay for some people. The way things are normally done fairness type things are okay it was available or not I am now there's seven -- always got to be guilty he's got to get out. That's just not right. It's a lot about politicians that whenever we hear a scandal we ought to -- believe it -- leave it -- -- exactly true exactly true you know line. We 'cause we've been let down too many times. We've been let down by clergy viewing porno on church computers. We've been let down by clergy doing other things politicians are blow hard not even at that level error. Worse than that which is sad because many politicians are honorable people just trying to do a decent job. We come back going to hear from you two things trump will he Iran forget it he's. -- -- I can he effectively represents his constituents. Buffalo knows doesn't think so they say a hang about to drive him quit right now will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now at 80309. Series cell calls are free and -- 930 -- our toll free line is 1806169236. When did you governor AM sandy beach Donald Trump will he run they're trying to talk him I don't again today I don't think Iran for the reasons already given. That's got Amber's back Kenny effectively. Represented his constituents that's a difference a question then. Oh what's going to happen to him in office. And gave in my what I said the you've got to have some kind of proof we don't know what kind of prove these of these women are setting forth because it hasn't been presented yet. But there's there's a big a lot of wiggle room. -- in verbal communication. For instance even a simple compliment I'm gonna give me an example right now suppose idea say to Tony today the -- eight. That's identical looking -- shirt that's the best logo they've ever put out. That's -- pocket but if I said to me. That's a good looking -- shirt that's the best although they've ever put out and you can fill that thing out of work and one out of very good -- it -- not anybody can Wear them but I think he got the right body report. Okay you see the difference as you are right and and and that's two guys who are just haven't fund like now on the -- just trying to make a ridiculous example. When you get into harassment. Verbal harassment or -- or inappropriate. Language or suggestions. There is so much wiggle room that you've got to present something definitive. Did he say something in front of more than just you. Do you have up pictured do you have an email do you have a text you have a record. Do you have a diary entry do you have anything to back up what you just said okay. Because if you don't if it's just I heard this and I'm offended by that nobody else started there's no other proof that it happened. Then it's he said she said. And it's very difficult. To get past that. Let's go to Greg in buffalo Gregor on WB yen. As Serbia so it was a pleasure that art facilities so. Which -- inflation anthem and -- I've written this down and I we're recording of that harassment there Greg what's the what's gone on. Thank you. I think the only thing here. Just to go forward. Which is. -- did you think that. I would -- I -- -- -- Well again or -- the should be killed by some people also -- laws in this country. For. So people. As part of of our country. I'm bored you know and I I totally agree everywhere on the same page of this one thank you very much correct yup -- You got there about one noses into how to get rid ever Zach. In an editorial today it's time to go Dennis Amber's back is playing his constituents for fools. And however much they may have wanted him in office they surely must be tired of his games he needs to resign today would be good. It is simply intolerable for New Yorkers to have to pay the salary a man who cuts the salary of female employees. Who don't accommodate his revolting demands okay. All right. The buffalo knows they have proof. That he cut the salary of a female employee or employees who didn't accommodate his revolting demands that they -- -- -- -- And if you have a picture publish it. -- to publish it online ascended to the Buffalo News sent it to us publisher I mean what's the point here that make accusations as if their -- When indeed there accusations. And this is the newspaper. You've got to remember now. You know you and you may hate. You may hate the act aspect of free speech. You may hate the aspect of of going through -- Of due process of the process but we gotta do that. We have to do that. Getting back to the editorial. And you know if if you -- like the last line and -- going -- -- but even if it turns out the allegations were untrue. Or exaggerated. Amber's -- silence has ruined him some of buff knows doesn't really care -- Whether indeed they were exaggerated weather and eager to know they didn't like his response which was no response so far. You find this a little hypocritical coming from the editorial board of the buffalo knows -- this. But even if it turned out the allegations were on trial or exaggerated. -- -- silence says as for him. Not only would an innocent man. Shout about the denials but an honorable one would want his constituents and know what was happening well first of all I challenged the buffalo knows. Do you think that all innocent men now or women act the same. Do you think all guilty men and women act the same of their individuals. They -- they take different the past sometimes they're lawyers suggest something that -- doesn't seem right turns out it is right. Sometimes they they chose the wrong path but for the Buffalo News to. Just you know off handedly suggested that they are the final arbiter of of -- what is true what is the one we haven't seen any. Any proof yeah. His disgraceful silence misuses the people who send him to Albany. While -- is -- remains in office his constituents are for all intents and purposes. Under represented and that was my concern I'll go with a -- that that's my concern is that. He's paid to do a job he's going to be -- to do the job. Another words if you're paid to do their job. What's the difference you call in sick all the time or grow or you're high dollar a year lawyer asked to speak for -- we got some high -- an excuse you're not fill in the job. All right that's what you paid to do and if you're an elected official he's got two up he's got to do the job so what -- you agree with Terry -- is -- it was his lawyer. His advice is would keep with down until we're ready to present our side what -- like that or not that's up to them through that shows. No one will take him seriously according to -- editorial they'll have no sway with his colleagues. Who won't wanna be seen next to him in any case and and I agree with the news on that. It couldn't be noticeably worse for the seat to be actually vacant until it can be -- for and another election. So the bottom line is this we are a nation of laws we -- nation of process. When were willing to short Condit because this seems convenient. Or are the people who -- presenting the argument seem like nice people why would they lie why would they misrepresented. Even if those sometimes seem like easy jumps to make it can't do it. It can't doing you have to wait and see how the process unfolds. And for the news to come on suddenly and say even if it's wrong. Or even if it's exact. Day as the react in a certain way that's that's asinine. As well as drive at nine. Yes even that person said you'll kill somebody on the corner of fourth -- Maine that's enough for May hang hum I mean. Even in the old westerns remember. The -- on the street would say yeah we just saw the bad guys shoot the good guys so let's hang them. What in the sheriff's do. They said no matter what we've got to try I am the judge has to come into town and for item and then in aid of that as one of the decision will be made. There has been no session there has been no trial there has been no hearing yet. OK so. I think you got to hold on and and wait what you like his. -- his. Away about going business so would this issue or not unimportant. The important thing is he would he deserves the the time with that it will -- back of moral teaching. Crests of FaceBook postings we haven't used any today I give me an example -- this is from day and he says there is no way to trump run I can't see anybody beating Governor Cuomo. As far as -- Eric goes he's finished I'm not sure what -- can possibly get a -- well of this going well idea first always go with trump by agreed it may be an ego stroke for trumpet at all. Everybody is though down there in New York saying hey we really need -- the only guy that can do it. But that trump is more than just the ego he knows how to play the game and he knows that his. He is a brand is winning. His brand is being a winner the art of the deal mr. -- I can do anything nothing's beyond my grasp. If suddenly goes into a political race and gets trounced by -- by his opponent. That invincibility. Aura goes away and he can't afford that. -- even I was a lot of money can't afford that because that puts a of a pin hole in his ego and is a bank account and these -- to -- that. So I would be extremely. Surprised if he ran secondly members that maybe -- may be finished. But I think before already do was serve him at the next barbecue he has to have. His day he has to have his hearing -- court case whatever whatever path yes the take. -- to do it and that either sink or swim on the way to the evidence and his believability and their believability but. So far of course people have made accusations but nobody has come through it that we has been published yet or or. Presented publicly. -- what kind of back up they have to just a verbal as nation. Another Chris this is from George he's an -- -- trump or run for governor but I could see him running for president. As far as devers at I think he still can leading his thick -- mr. -- politics anyway so he should be okay. Well he's already been approached to run for president and you'll remember that whole -- their birth certificate thing. Was part of what he was talking about but there again I'm sure. He did internal polling and he's got enough money to get enough information. In his hand before it makes any decisions. Of that he found out it would be a futile attempt so we decided not to but not before. He strung people wrong. They used to call that -- tees. He or U -- while I'm in Iran I have to say you know overly flattered a thank you very much -- they got to do a good job I'm I'm I'm confident you know. And he probably -- a good job. But believe me he's no dummy and he's not gonna get in endlessly it's a -- race unless he's absolutely convinced. That Cuomo has enough negatives and he has a positive so overcome and and and win he's not going to take your chance if he's and it. He's in because he thinks he can win it not everybody gets in a race knowing that they can he. Imagine if he did that kind of money that they it would be spent and that campaign. Choppers is Cuomo yeah now or -- there be a lot of money because. Because they both have access to life in trump not only has his own money but he has access to want to a the ID this story trump would have. That would be advantageous. As governor as opposed to president is he's done business in this state. He -- headquarters are in this state. So is not like. People in in Iowa don't know who he is or care it's not it would be important in a gubernatorial. Race. And and it's the same goes the same clause that Carl Paladino asked if I can succeed in New York State would all of its regulations. We've all of this would follow the unionization with -- who supported whatever you want if I can succeed under these circumstances. Then I think I know how to lead the state once you get out of the stayed -- you get into it in the federal government and are you talking about. Whether we should be overseas to our troops and their defense budgets and a whole bunch of different things that you don't have here. When you -- national speech we talk a lot about star power. What trump star power the huge benefit or huge lift him in this state. Power goes so far everybody knows who he has okay. But keep in mind not everybody loves them. Everybody knows that because somebody knows who you are doesn't mean that they love you. Ask any talk show host you -- -- -- -- the ago remember I acceptance high rejection. There are very few people who have high acceptance with lower rejection. If you are normal you have high acceptance or rejection because you're doing enough things to get people audio. But the things are going to get them to do other people take your form. So that's the way it works so it's not like I you know I think has an advantage. Is as somebody like a judge and in most cases the clergyman. Where they have a reputation by their. What they do for a living as okay -- quality people generally -- not all quality people obviously. But with a guy like trump he's mr. possesses you know mr. showbiz. So far but remember in order to lump in order to succeed if you get the job you have to work with -- other people. He's used to having people jump when he snaps his fingers doesn't work that way. When your governor so he could convince people that he's managed to succeed in this state. And he can work what other people. And I mean he's got a lot of stories its ally. I think to be interesting if he did run but -- open and and I don't know anybody else you know whoever wants lawyers start. Trying to roll around the names in your head wells could be either. If it's somebody that we don't know I mean who know Rick Lazio laws when he ran for senate nobody up here. So what they do is usually picked somebody who's known in one section like downstate. And nobody knows a -- state. But Carl Paladino is enough of a firecracker to get everybody's attention. OK but usually. Usually it's tough to come up with star power. A sterling record a good vision. Good intellect ready to take on the world -- hard as a foreign QB it's between Chris and -- employees. This is from Eric he says trouble just go through the motions here eventually he'll bow out I think endeavors -- children Albany you know this whole case reminds me of the Duke Lacrosse situation we shouldn't rush to judgment. I agree with that and I'm not a lawyer -- I'm certainly not if I were a lawyer -- and Terry -- is a class. A but I think it's bad advice. When you don't give a human reaction first the human reaction. Would be when the accusations came out what the hell's going and I haven't done any of that stuff. Believe me I'm gonna put -- effects together I'll have a comprehensive rebuttal I'm gonna tell you. Why it did not happen period. Okay that's. Then you get to present your facts. And people understand when you sit back into a rope a dope thing like Mohammed Ali they each day and they think. That you're guilty and your just formulating your defense. As opposed to -- you know as saying that and immediate reaction from you for the from a wrongly accused. If you sit back you may be the coolest -- of law school you sit back and and don't say anything that might be the right thing to do so under the law. But in the court of public opinion it says I'm guilty as hell and I'm trying to work my way out of this -- need some time before or say anything. So if I or -- Connors. I would not a given that advice but then again I'm not. And they didn't ask me although if they'd they'd like to send via a check I'd be happy to advise them. Will take a break only comeback the movie show with cinema Bob on news radio 930 way RWB. Yet.

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