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1-10 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well hello what -- major company and -- sandy beach while we just met via general manager of the new general manager of the buffalo sabre is very exciting seems like a really good guy twenty years experience. My only suggestion is already at hand just don't know him maybe. Maybe he could use some new eyewear. And -- and it looks like the third runner up in the Buddy Holly lookalike contest doesn't work you know about the work -- guys themselves. -- That's what I beaver believers father but that's another story Hampshire is a good hockey guy hello hello it is a beach and company were hearing a lot talk about today. Got an exciting weekend of football and we're gonna are you ready Chris you ready it's on we're gonna let the games. I did -- last 01 -- for the and it wasn't too -- was not good. Let's go guys here were -- in the a playoff games this weekend New Orleans Seattle. Care what you -- Seattle. I see Seattle as well I hate it team -- Carol some pains me but they destroyed -- few weeks ago the now unfortunately I have to go through so while I'd say the Seahawks and they're all right Paul Allen. Like he needs more hardware the -- is a couple yeah exactly. Is -- -- a smaller brought would be -- -- the trophy amendment they're women's Super Bowl Lombardi trophy I'd like it I don't have room for mine I live in a little a -- to check -- so we all pick the Seahawks are right. Next one. In at New England. New England. Like the patriots do Belichick said a week often blocks the young guy -- -- exactly hello first of all here's the deal. I hate. Indianapolis because I hate their owner -- Garcia made him but I don't like knowing when he -- -- -- going on because I just don't like no. I'm so it's a matter of of which one IA I dislike more but I actually think as far as the game instance -- Amtrust. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you can hate a sports team or player for any reason -- the -- acceptable. Because of of reasons that have no sense at all but it's okay. Because I don't like the owner of one team and I don't like the other team I'm I'm picked it hard to pick but I'm gonna pick knowing when to. Because I think that they're gonna win anyway. A separate Cisco at Carolina. What if -- guys -- I think this might be the best game of the week and you know I'm gonna go with San Francisco San Francisco -- -- and I like the 49ers as well I think Japan there's our nice little storage -- -- niners are better team I think the niners are better team like Carolina heads and the a decent -- defense from time to time but I'm going with. San -- now the last one. This -- this -- feel like you're about to be honest with you San Diego Denver. I like Denver is much is -- It's the bad rap for coal waste as well -- struggling in the play playoff I just see them get it together in the just they're too much for saint. I grew today in San Diego beat them a few weeks ago in Denver if if they needed an extra motivation something to remember -- and there's always this this game I assume. Will be the highest rated game to but there's always that thought that it could be counts no game in time to play. In the Denver outdoors mile high and can be exciting I think if if any gains or is an upset. That he'd seen he would have the best chance to pull off OK now I hate you know. I said hey it's Washington hate anybody for any incident or acceptable. You got a good loyal guy all these years Tony about when I've needed it you remote afar and from my club but now I hate you at. -- idea because it got Denver. It -- a big named amber and I think a patent will will get together. And I don't what do we got going on here -- a this is interesting -- usually. -- a robbery is committed especially robbery would force is something important involved and is sometimes money drugs whatever. But nobody has a robbery for just you know. Ridiculous reasons accept this guy. This is out and knowing in Connecticut which is a suburb of Hartford. Police say they'll -- for a man who smashed his vehicle to a gas station and then went to the shelf. Removed a banana. Drove out and left. He smashed his car through a gas station window to steal a banana. Now I don't know how bright this guy is the bananas probably worth a lot less than the damage to his car and what you said of the insurance company. When you go to make the -- well -- you know. I took a left that the motor oil and I ended up stealing a banana but look at the damage in my car I mean some people are. And mom. And so they have economy banana -- Know what else is going on this this guy a little different idea in Killington Vermont which is a ski area. Police say they've arrested a man for taking ham and meet bison meat. So he was taking -- buffalo. A from the Killington grand resort hotel kitchen. When the cops caught him he kicked them he kicked some they said Jeff would. Castle and now Vermont was intoxicated -- thanks so now. It is not a meat wrapped. -- -- -- Like a -- everyone's -- oil or maybe chicken a chicken -- and I like that flavorful chicken wrap. Now this is that this is an interesting concept but I think it could have dangerous side effects this is out of Pennsylvania. A -- there -- a pizza shop. Has been delivering prescription medicines. And other supplies to the ill and elderly so they don't have to go outside in the bitter cold Tom -- group owner of Fox's pizza. Told the the local TV station that he tweaked his offer because his community has a lot of elderly residents and I can just see that. This them as a man is the best speeds I'd never had part of his stuck in my nose but that's all right. Can you imagine that I'd like extra I don't vote on our mind. Thanks in advance that perhaps could be it could be dangerous maybe the medical marijuana might be a better fit with exacts a new federal -- is an eleven job of that if you if I was a -- Florence in right now but anyway and how hard to get that she's under your nose there really -- -- What we got here we got another pair of tickets. To giveaway to what I would that can be a pretty interesting show it's called burlesque to Broadway. And it's -- January 23 to the point tip that the senator casino and hotel tickets. Will be valid for one of the three performances. It's fifty dollar value general content rules apply call now 64 point 9875 and call. We'll get to talk. To mr. Chris Johnson and -- say nice things like. When he wearing Crist always likes that get the day off on on a good foot will be back after this OK guys favorite -- what's your favorite soup. I would probably say tomatoes and tomatoes still probably progressed into Italy clamps down there are those are both good choices my it would probably be. Either potato soup. All our tomatoes. To but tomato soup you must have a grilled cheese. Or tuna fish -- out -- got to have a sandwich with ya Ed I'd also like. When a tomato soup and take those oyster crackers sequential mop and and make a mug shot -- them. Really good if you lost your teeth and if you can gum mom. I'll but -- tomato tomato soup on on a cold winter day can go wrong with that so. The only kind of -- that I'm not a big fan of well maybe maybe we should stick on the positive side but French onion soup looks as love French and discuss I don't know its first college never wants to give up and and and and recognized the fact it's about to be eaten yesterday and hangs under the. Yeah it made it yeah let's say dig into it. That -- -- I hear it in shall annually or does bandit nabbed. I'm a cheese -- hanging onto that ball. And then when you -- it because I don't order but I -- people would do and they didn't. It's guy like part of the cheeses -- cannot -- -- -- -- right nets and you gotta do this with your -- What are your that I that -- and then people see you doing that. To eat tomato soup is much more agreeable. I'm orange I'm creamy would you like to put a few crackers and -- -- him up a little bit mash them with a spoon. Okay I'm gonna slide down your throat out -- So. -- now bat. Assume that's agreeable you soup I wanna try I saw on TV it was from restaurant. Local restaurant rovers and they have a cheeseburger soup that looked really interest game. -- a Grover from time to time I've I've I've -- I've seen the -- us about a menu but it never ordered off the drive. The thing about superiors and I've said this before. If you ask me. Would you like to have soup. I'll always with exceptions they know OK but if this is there and I sit down a lot. But for some reason I always think of alternatives. To soup. I don't know why says you know I'm like a lot of different kinds of soups actually -- just my two favorites. But and I enjoy it and it's really hardy on the cold winter day -- nice hot bowl of soup and stuff like that. You know kind of soup I had in -- can have a winner but in the summer. That was I'm -- -- -- strawberry soup have you ever had that it's cold obviously. It's cold I got to read the DN RR restaurant in our on route to nineteen. And it's valujet's account it is. Fabulous it's so good I ordered a second bowl. Now at the last time you ordered a second bowl of soup never and it is also so good that. You you don't even need dessert I mean because it is technically a soup. But it has such a wonderful flavor is a sweet. -- And it's funny because. I took. I took a couple of people to dinner once there okay and I've talked about the soup. Now a big guy that I took the dinner he eats everything. He -- wallpaper paste he loves everything. But his mother a warm my guess he and his mother. She's very particular biology it's okay very particular she knows they they caloric content she knows the nutritional value. And she doesn't she she doesn't drive you crazy about it what you know she's very particular about what she needs. I said to me a favor just tried. The tried via the stories she's -- okay so they bring the strawberry soup. She puts a spoon and goes home does that go. So all thoughts of anything except how good that strawberry -- is go out the window once you've had that first simple you really sound good is our -- the other -- who mentioned it was like -- -- speak in -- baker and sounded really good I like -- -- Alex hopes that you can put those -- and it just stands there anything like that I I really enjoyed -- not a big -- -- it under him if onions are in anything I have that's fine but I never go out of my way to order. So -- this is -- -- bill as a big surprise coming up and and maybe you wanna sign up follows. But I think if we took a national poll I'm guessing tomato soup. Would probably be the most popular simply because it appeals to all ages. And no kid gets off the school bus on a cold day runs in the house and says mom can you whip up some French onion. Don't know that Clinton pocket he puts -- broccoli I have a I have a yearning for broccoli. I'm now nobody does that they all of the they would do. The analysts. Let the kids chicken little would probably ought to check -- good chicken is good. Because you get to slur that new rule and you know -- you take you take the whole thing you know and he postponed. And then go like this to go to get the Jews out of now there's always going to -- economic you know -- talking about and gulf. And it's gone. That's half the fun I think eating should be. Not only nutritional it should be -- which beat the fact I I ought to write a book about fun things to do while eating. In an idea. Because we all did things as a kid for instance. If there was something we didn't like that mom want -- to eat but we did have mashed potatoes on the plate. We would dig a hole in the mashed potatoes and hide the bad stuff underneath the mashed potatoes. So a mom didn't even know you did -- there's always little tricks of the trade like that. But I also I've always like things that are odd ball my mother even set I was odd ball when it comes to this. You ever have jello and it isn't totally mixed and down the bottom is apiece though like it it's tastes like a Goodyear tire it's robbery. That's the part I like the best. In fact I would I would let my sister Beverly take the top part of the -- Which is jello like and I would dig down the bottom guy and and and get that out pat. Also like burnt toast to -- burnt toast you need help and nobody does its -- is -- and crossing things like remember. Oh -- and a large amounts over the it was here and efficient chips yeah you know the little crumbling things at the bottom those are the best part. That's the best part I would hardly wait till I got through it official that I could eat the crumbling things at the bottom so I know because that's what the flavor settles and Tony. -- grasshopper when you can -- the crumbling things from my hand. Ready to order on your own without the car seat to say -- talk about today including a mission falls mission and I think. -- is going on in New York. And also a question about OK we know all the legalities but a lot of other realities. Of that discovered that we'll be back up service. Take WBA and wherever you go with a WBM iPhone app powered by Roswell park we can't let cancer win and that's why Roswell park will never stop fighting. Backward region company it is Friday which -- at 11 o'clock today we will do the movie show was settled Bob and there's several movies have people have been waiting for. Including compartment including myself. The open today in Western New York but that's the -- show with some obstacles and today at 11 o'clock I'm while I think -- to be honest with you. This is a fool's errand. Because there's a headline in the story by Tom precious. In the Buffalo News and it says GOP. -- draft trump drive. Developer pressured to run against Cuomo. And the growth of a group -- legislators and -- the officeholders and party hopeful from around the state. Barca -- America they're gonna try and convince the -- trump that he's the only guy. They can be Andrew Cuomo and that he must for the truth of for the sake of the the state. Step forward and run against and I'm saying you are wasting your time I'll tell you why and then I'll go over the article here. A Donald -- -- in Iran against the against Cuomo a simply because Donald Trump has a brand it's the trump brand. The brand is built around him and his dealings now we're not saying he's never had a deal it's gone sour gone south in fact he's been through. A couple of a rough -- times financially but -- he's considered a superstar when it comes to the art of the deal remember that -- book. And a mr. businessman. And mister winner that's the key win there. Now he has billions and billions of dollars involved. If he runs against Andrew Cuomo and doesn't win. Then he's not going to have that air of invincibility. That winners tag because despite the fact what he may have done in real estate despite the fact what he may have done as a television personality. Or this or better the other thing to be viewed as those guys who lost. And he can afford that no matter how much money got you can't afford that if your stock and trade is that you're winner. When you don't win. That stock and trade goes down and so I'm thinking he's gonna doomed same thing to these people and he did they move people urging him to run for president. String them along strike a mile long string them along be interviewed by everybody in the world. Be a nebulous about not -- commit yourself for men at the very end. Say how carefully weighed the options how important this was -- for energy or by the offer. But at the at the end of the day if you pardon that expression at the end of today in going nowhere and that's my own opinion now I could be wrong I don't think I am. Let's get into this article. By -- Tom precious. More than three dozen Republican legislators and GOP county leaders -- states set to converge this morning. On the 25 floor conference room in Manhattan to try and persuade Donald Trump. To challenge Andrew Cuomo. For the governor's race the meeting is intended to provide trump would apolitical show of force demonstrating that he has support to run within the state. I GOP. It comes as a trump nears a decision. Help by advisors who spent the past month compiling policy and political intelligence for him for a possible challenge to Cuomo. Republican Party leaders including some from here for a temporary county. More than 50% of the weighted vote for this year GOP nominating convention will be at the meeting OK so we got some movers and shakers there. The many Republican leaders believed I -- candidly is the -- a long shot. At -- team has been in daily talks for the last couple months asking important questions and whatever. Michael Cohen and executive vice president special counsel to trump. Said the goal is to demonstrate to mr. trump that he is the only new York Republican they believe is capable. Of defeating Cuomo so what are you doing now you're fading as a goal which she is he always has -- and so. Now when you're our winner I mean when when the Rocky Marciano. Of of brands as far as winning his concern. He was undefeated records of the -- Donald's been defeated double times but not in deals like best. You can understand about real estate deal goes south of the market and does something erratic because. That's not you don't have direct control on that but he would have direct control on a run against Cuomo. And besides. Any numbers we've seen don't show that he would he would -- be an overwhelming favorite and I think in this kind of a deal. If he's gonna wanna bowl race he's going to want. It's a look at black and white that man if he gets in this that offices his okay because what would that do. That would add to his brand another winner Donald Trump right. And although I don't doubt he has the skill set. I mean there's not much question he has the brains and and surrounds themselves with people it could get things done I don't doubt that at all that's not even the issue here. The issue -- Willie Ron and I don't -- well. Tony what do you think you know first. We talked about this I was down I agree with you that now there's no way to run. I do believe and I agree with the Republicans that he is the only name that came defeat into Cuomo. I don't believe the polls are correct I think -- Cuomo can't be defeated by damage from weather I think he will run no. Well okay well he always -- gonna -- no I don't think he really wants -- but tell you don't think that if he did he could -- -- -- and that's what we disagree I think even -- he did he -- him. And I think he'll be Smart enough to know that first of all I'm sure eleven up internal polling to tell him a lot that we don't know about. On as them but if he gets and there. If he gets in this race he's convinced. Because he has the the information I have it's time that he can do it and I'm recommend. Again because of who he is he could take away enough votes in New York City. That's where Ian drew a strong as obviously would be. In New York City I don't think -- -- is strong the rest of the states like I can see trump. Legitimately winning the rest of the state and maybe splitting enough from the city that would give the win. You know if you're talking logical that's that's a logical thought process but remember there's also a concept. Call high acceptance high rejection. You usually hear about Donald Trump the people who love Donald. Well he's he's always holding their feet and fired as he's having a press -- he's offered a million dollar ransom for in this series -- all that stuff. But if you got that many people love you got that many people -- -- too and you don't hear that much from them because there's nothing for them to chime on -- had a press conference that they don't like the latest -- office building or the fact that he -- did his golf course in Florida. You know -- hear that then you'll hear it in a campaign. So my position is they're wasting their time whether trump is the our state is a populous state we've got a lot of good people here. But -- name recognition I give it to you everybody knows who -- drew trumpets and I don't -- targets but ruled Bloomberg. You either love him or hate them everybody knows who the mayor of New York is at all times even to Bosnia -- -- -- -- item. But that's not enough for the gubernatorial race there's -- I'm sure there's a lot of favors owed. -- Andrew Cuomo and his name recognition his fathers are getting their before him. Now there's a lot of people who don't like the New York -- -- for instance count me in the group that doesn't like him. I think he's a weasel but there's enough people that that do so. I'm thinking in the first question trump well he Iran. If I were a betting man and I am occasionally. I would bet no. He will not run okay the second question which will get to coming out of the break is best. We know that legalities. Of what's going on with Gabbert Zachary this -- ever Zacks number remember. But what about the realities. What if you voted form and you expected representation. In Albany. And that will Connolly that -- for it won't take your calls on newsreader and I'm thirty WB. Two questions today the first one we've already kind of laid out will Donald Trump run. To oppose Andrew Cuomo for governor. There's a big story that more than three dozen Republican leaders are down there. In New York today to try and convince in my say they're wasting their time he'll string you along to slinky. Did with the people wanna run for president he'll be flattered by your offer you -- was a law you want but the end line he won't take a chance with his brand of being -- loser. And if he's not convinced. Overwhelmingly. Not marginally but overwhelmingly. That that he can be Cuomo by internal polls or any other information they drop he's not Ron. That's dollars -- let's that's the first question let's go to a Bob in Boston Bob you're on WB hi. -- -- on Iran today. Well most there's certain officers -- go order one of them work for governor when he won the first -- through reelection probably is most popular. And so the -- well we actually -- all -- shuffle is actually in the democratic primary. -- if you look at a lot of the yacht off. Interstate wire offered Regan national office. Most other Republicans -- Republican candidates carry the majority of the counties in the state. But it still vote becomes out of New York City. Albany and buffalo. Carried a Democrat -- To go to Canada or if you work. It will Cuomo would be acceptable official -- cycle. -- that you got -- conservative Democrat. We -- it'll a lot of the these ethnic voters. I would vote for someone who is pro life and has. Like it a much more conservative stance. Well they will come out and vote for deputy primary. But come election like partners bought Democrat they will vote the democratic unity you know they're -- -- they're more conservative. Culturally. Now you are you speak wisely I mean you're right on target you're right on point where this thing and I totally agree with you because we always tend to. A -- project our immediate surroundings. We have of those of the entire state now we may be very very upset about a New York safe and we are. But and a lot of the more rural areas are as well but you're going to New York City and out of that upset about it and and -- they have a lot of voters on the -- so I think I think you're right on Bob we both agree he's not gonna Ron thank you. The second part of what we're talking about today. Is a Dennis Amber's actively the -- the body count if you pardon the expression. Is a seven others seven women who have come out saying that he acted inappropriately. And that's that. Now at first there was a call for his head he's got to go he's got to step down immediately blob blob while block. And what we did that the first show on that we said -- We don't know whether this guy's a dirt -- -- now -- we don't know is even dirt bags. Have their day in court or during a hearing there is a path there is a procedure. That procedure must be followed. It no matter whether we -- the person we don't like the person we support the person we don't support the person. Of the procedure has to has to withstand the test of time. We can't just be saying well let's throw the procedure away because we got now we got seven people who said it well. The big 'cause there's seven people -- and doesn't make it right. Doesn't make it true it's simply doesn't. It's a preponderance of people speaking up now but that's that's not a slam dunk that. That he is as guilty as as you might be pointed out to me what I'm saying he isn't I'm just saying you we all know. That he has to go through the process -- what we show. On this last time everybody agreed -- that nobody wanted to take a shortcut because we do believe in our justice system. Whether it's an internal investigation whether it's a -- committee investigation whether it's the FBI who knows what I'd say Italy's I don't know. But we all have our day in court. However there is a secondary question. The question is you know oh he did the -- State of the state address Andrew Cuomo and -- -- wasn't there now they expect -- -- to show up by Monday. In in Albany. But my question is -- this where human beings we tend to. -- make decisions. Before all the information is and can -- would just whats out now. Can he effectively. Represented his constituents. War of the people and he has to deal with -- Albany will that always be a mark will that always be a stain will -- always be a glitch. People who liked him before and were willing to work with a before and now maybe wanna stay at arm's length relationship. You know I'm talking about so I think that that's a consideration. I still believe that he has to go through the procedure I firmly believe that. But if if he was representing me. If you in my representative. I would feel now especially since he said nothing so far he might say something today he might say something Monday but if you are representing -- I would feel like I will I don't have any representation right now that I would be without it and that's the that's the greatest that thing we vote for somebody for. I want you to represent me on the things that are going to affect me in in state government. And I'm thinking bed by and large that's kind of disappeared a whether that's a perfect answer or not I don't know. Buffalo knows of course. Running out for a via. Are running for the -- thought of this guy's going to be guilty look at all the people in appointing them. Says time is up for Jabber -- in this is a young and editorial where this thing he should step down he should quit. I think that after. The evidences then after the -- after the people have spoken. And they're given sworn testimony whether it's before radio state committee or or in in some kind of court. Then at at the end of the decision should be made should be -- now we should be pressuring him to step down but I think a legitimate question is are you being served. Are you being served supposedly took questions. Trump well Iran my answer is no endeavor Zach is still there's still quiet. And are you getting representation because he's in kind of like a holding pattern right now. It was well you know 330180669. Degrees at start -- third or go to our FaceBook page.

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