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Sabres' New Boss

Jan 10, 2014|

GM Tim Murray

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're welcoming in studio this morning Tim Murray the new Buffalo Sabres general manager -- named general manager yesterday morning he watched the team plane last night. You're here now. And he had a chance to elect this you know CNN and catch your breath. Not really it was long day yesterday with all the media and then. Went to sleep at 2 o'clock in the morning get up -- 630 and hit this so. It will be a long day in the office today and I think -- I'm gonna drive home to. Get some things to come back so I think -- You know when you drive six hours on your own that's when the -- -- Tim what do buffalo. And the Buffalo Sabres right fit for you I think it was I think was timing I think after I met pat and and ownership that I felt very comfortable. I think and knowing that there's a big job to do here to improve. Which meant evaluating that talent was something that I look forward to. -- you've -- in the NHL over twenty years now and your finally GM do you feel a sense of accomplishment and finally getting their run your own team earth are you just immediately focused on the next step and winning the championship. I'm immediately focused I think. You know I think a one time it was the dream to be the GM and I think reality sets in and there's only thirty of those jobs and and half I had a went along. You know in my in my previous role for the next ten years I think I would have been satisfied. Watching players doing contracts helping the team. Build a team but. I guess you know elect has said when I'm driving home it's gonna set in the I'm one of thirty guys it's been 21 years and it's finally happened I'm. I I guess I'll sell. Give myself will cut back on the way home maybe. Now that you're officially running this team what is your first order of business. It's just to get to know everybody very quickly. And to get to know what the personnel here think of the personal on the place. I have an idea what I think of the of the big club I certainly don't know. Rochester extremely well a personal error and I would like to get to all the people that work first of the political arm be helping us make decisions what they think and I guess evaluating them a little bit to see where I think they -- You know fans themselves. Have a lot of questions. And among their questions are you know one of all our current coach wrote about upcoming creations. Current players. Well the current coaches coach. He was coach when I signed the contract. I don't know Teddy extremely well just -- couple casual conversations. What I do know and watch him in the past in. Month to an end in Suzie Marie in different places he's been as the players. Her passion about on the A they play hard form. He gets players play hurt. So I've got an open mind I'd I'm not the type of guy that needs to bring my guy in here. I would like him to become my soul he's -- coach. Pending free agency will depend on the market depend on a lot of different things that. I can't answer right now but certainly we're going to. We're going to talk to a lot of different GMs about what the market may be and this he were we go from there. When you're being interviewed for this job obviously they were all. Listening for when you were going to say but where you'll also listening to what they were telling you. Well I mean. They're telling me what I've heard here today and all day yesterday that you know the fans are happy the team isn't good enough can you help us get better. I I think I knew the situation coming here pretty clearly I've been through a couple rebuild myself and and they're not easy -- they're not fun and the the people that suffer the most certainly are that by the fans and and then the players that you jettison noting here. Those -- the guys that. I guess take the beat down but what we wanna do is try to improve every day. Some days it's not gonna look like it but. They're going to be subtle things that one young player. Taking strides too young players taking -- that's that's going to be what I look at. Because we aren't certainly gonna win -- in general or a month from now on that and that's reality so it's it's gonna be the little things the little improvements that. That is -- shall we were heading in the right direction. Craig Patrick is also -- hired he's a special assistant and advisor and hockey department hollow his duties compared York's. I think I'm going to be. And more hands on whether -- staff. The data -- hockey operations is. Is is kind of what pat it is and -- me with. Craig is going to be a sounding board for more than me in the organization for pat for. Forget for maybe for the business side he's he's he's Wear many hats in the game he's been through the huge drops in huge downs and I just think that there are going to be certain times were. Were I'm inflicted on. On what I should do in a certain situation and I've been around veteran people in the game before and you know -- they've got so much experience it. You know might be it might be a small thing -- may be a big thing that he -- -- -- Tim what a week to come awful. Problems getting no no I'm used to. I'm from a town -- will come back you know it just outside Ottawa we have lots of snow yet -- cold weather real nicely and everything in we applaud -- cardinals he. It would block here yeah we do that and it's a truck going darker -- yeah. Ari -- the family name being I profoundly. My wife -- jobs or do not move in immediately I think the plan will be for her and my youngest son to come down here in the summertime fun -- live and he'll finish high school here and -- in play hockey here discreet in what what do you know about buffalo. I've been to buffalo quite often. You know they have an NFL team they have a National Hockey League team. They have grassroots hockey. They're passionate. The world your heroes here for ten days it was a great experience have you talked to Terry Google I've talked to Terry. My first shot was him was a couple nights ago at dinner and then yesterday throughout the day going back and forth. Had time to talk to a four or five times him saying how are you doing in that -- thing and everything that today him in Kim were were billed to be -- -- -- at least that and more and it's. And you see that very quickly the passion. Com. No legal. Do the job. Unbelievable. I mean ownership. I was told that ownership was great and and so that was part of the -- -- coming here and then. Actually meeting them it's beyond that. Flying and Ali construction going on in front arena it's an exciting time hasn't that's for used to park when it came down -- -- so hard to find another Perkins by now maybe it'll find -- in California. Hey welcome to buffalo is great Danny here thank you proud to be here and that's credits Tim Murray the new Buffalo Sabres general manager.

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