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Unsnarling Flights

Jan 10, 2014|

Rick Seaney of

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk about flight cancellations on what you can do about them our guest on the WB online Lionel direction and he. -- of CEO of fare compare dot com. -- good morning. Very good morning you probably know -- the buffalo had more flight cancellations this past Wednesday than any other important country in the let me ask you this. Folks. Booker cruise the book a hotel and they booked their own flights they did everything. Online. By themselves and now. Their flights canceled and they can't make their crews of these people stuck on the out of luck they can't complain to a travel agency right. This has pretty much an even if that's even a travel agencies you're using a travel agent. I'm as far as the airlines are concerned mother nature of and so are you on your own time so no hotels no issues that even if you're connecting up with a cruise or whatnot and and South Florida. You're still on the hook for all that and and that's what others did the tough things that that you have when you have these huge -- storms. It's very difficult to actually get churned. Boy it's tough to hear in this test to be a chaotic week in your business is it a week to remember. It is I've never seen when I've seen huge storms for a day or two but I haven't seen these are rolling things and actually happen per week. It you know basically this week alone we had more cancellations in the entire month -- October November and the first part of December. Boy how long before the airlines you think catch up. And and people are re booked. It's gonna take at least until Monday or Tuesday next week you have to remember that to the pilots get stuck across the country flight crews get -- even jetBlue. Basically just press the reset button and said look I've got to get all my people the right spot because the entire network. Of flight 2000 -- and so they just canceled everything for almost three quarters of a day. You know lots of folks tell me they buy insurance. To protect themselves from losing a ton of money do they get most of the money back from the insurance and. Particular case that he did buy insurance you would do that it does other covers some certain mother nature venture to be careful because. Some insurance is better than others I remember back a couple years ago we had the volcano issue. And Iceland a lot of people couldn't fly to Europe because of the big cloud there was that there may need a policy did not cover that you have to read the fine print on those policies. Typically I don't you know. Think that the folks is that they're flying on -- domestic flight of some sort -- they should buy in terms -- a great deal but if you have a very expensive flight or your hotels extremely expensive it's it's usually work well. Now even if you don't have insurance though. And -- have been hearing that the airlines are really trying to accommodate I mean aren't they are. We had air until actually -- you automatically there waving their cancellation piece today in the United States for domestic inflation keeps 200 dollars. Com or refer basically a penalty for -- 300 acre flying internationally. So they're waving those penalties they're re looking for extra problem is is that they may -- Q a week later I just got back. I'm from the Caribbean last Friday they were folks trying to get back from the Caribbean. Two bought the Boston area. They're re booking was exactly one week later at a hotel at 400 dollars a night that can be it is certainly for folks especially if you're on an island he can't get off. While I know it's been a real nightmare for a lot of people you know with all -- said though and with this winter that we're having. In a lot of folks want to book the island trip to a warmer destination -- any air -- fair deals out there or shall we just forget about that. I know absolutely that the last three weeks in January and the first two weeks in February that that five week period is the cheapest time of year applied. For the entire you're the main reason is kids are back in school demand is down a little bit. I'm so we're seeing prices really. You know coast to coast cross -- source from the cheapest we've seen in the last seventeen or eighteen months. Eric good stuff we enjoyed chatting with you thank you. Great thank you -- -- -- CEO of fare compare dot com.

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