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Dealing With Canceled Flights

Jan 10, 2014|

AAA's Kevin Bloom

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Air travel this week has been crippled from the cold and the storm thousands of flights were canceled airlines are still catching up. Kevin bloom is with us on the WB and my money to travel consultant at the -- of western and central New York Kevin good morning. What has this week been like for you. If they're really no way to describe the way that it's been for me as well for the other agents -- the delays and cancellations. The re accommodations. Four people. Airlines as well as if they're going on vacation trying to recalibrate their hotel or there resort accommodations. And how important is the travel agent. And helping -- of these families and all of these issues -- place rescheduled. Well it's starting with the flight in you know information there are so many different things that are factors that come into play is that. Having a lot of tools at hand. Do you travel agencies to deal with things like that where is the the average traveler is just used dealing with that on a few occasions media wants to a few times this year. So we're looking at trip you know contact in the airline using -- airline reservation system using the Internet. If we're working with a tour operator we've got them as a resource as well because they might have some alternative options. And so we try to pull all of those things together into. It's it's not what the were overwhelmed by -- we're just overwhelmed by the volume. You know Kevin I think a buffalo airport on Wednesday I believe had the most canceled flights of any US airport. And are you still refining that it's it's gonna take some days to catch up here. Well here's an example when we were dealing with a situation earlier in the week the best that the airline was proper entry accommodate was for this coming Monday. And so the client had to come up with an alternative even -- that because that -- -- they're -- be staying -- was not available for seven -- state like their original state so. They came back with a counteroffer -- the airline in the airline except that the leave the week after that so. You know they're there to be different scenarios depending on what it is that the costs were doing -- they're just going to visit relatives. May not be a you know a big deal but if you got other factors involved in that that's where things get a little complicated. So in occasionally that though when someone can't go on the trip were rescheduled flight to think of all their money back. They depend on the airline in the circumstances. There are cases where -- they can't be re accommodated at all they won't make exceptions to the role would normally it's. They just rebook you for a different set of states. Point you know with the winter that were handing. Are you finding that people are booking winter vacations to warm destinations may be in bigger numbers than other years. And as you're definitely there's spinach being the recent years we've seen as a complying. And you know we've had a pretty good for the past few years and you know we've been the low man on the total fallen snow derby between Rochester Syracuse some. I think this year we might be a contender for the win. Boy let's hope that he -- and thanks for joining us this morning. Good -- -- Kevin bloom travel consultant with the Tripoli a western and central New York.