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Watching Flood Potential

Jan 10, 2014|

Clarence Supervisor David Hartzell

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up the WBM live lineup welcome Clarence town supervisor Aaron David -- so. Mr. Marshall good morning thanks for calling. This morning we're doing well you know we understand you had a meeting below the street maybe it was just today talk about the flooding issues can you tell us about that. Right we did we in the I -- that we had a meeting yesterday had a great meeting. Legislator -- wrap I put together based on a yacht quest to promote our resident of north country about the flooding in about every paving of Goodrich road. Hotel I was -- town hall split into two factions the first section was about prepaid and literature on the second one was about the flooding in the north country. Great somehow a hundred people attended. Assemblywoman Jane Corwin there as well a lot of our public officials man and a lot of people in the north country to talk about the flooding problem we have. It will. Are you bracing for another tough weekend hurried into next with the next week ahead with the flood watch that's going to start tomorrow morning. Yeah we are we're well aware of what could happen one of the things we have is. As college town officials have the ability to monitor I don't wanna create and we don't Batavia went I don't -- creek floods. It's about a day and a half to Clarence floods and about a day and a half to Lampard blood. So watching kind of ironically indicated very careful because that's like our. Kind of like permit that's what's gonna happen Clarence. Right now while below flood stage or not worried but we're still watching it and I would superintendent can't be -- has done. Up sandbags ready we have. The other barriers we have yet to guard wrote like Goodrich road walker -- that but the last time so if -- -- like having been to this drilled too weak dollar ready. -- players was very hard hit by flooding a couple of weeks ago like you just said roads were closed. Were there any complaints about the way you handled the situation you're in those meeting yesterday it was to console. I know really what the residents one yesterday. As they want to know what the politicians gonna do in the future. They realize that the north country flight. And they want to know. Great applaud what he's gonna do about it. And I think the good news yesterday it was number one. The county has moved so we do Goodrich road and the work -- -- started they're taking -- samples on either side of the road there's been a contract let out. And we're starting to work on the re paving of Goodrich road. And number 21 I think I realize we need to put more resources into pitching. The north country and Clarence. Whether that increased to work buy -- -- I would apartment whether it. Not bringing it not additional labor during the summit is dead but we need to put additional resource garbage in the drain out what up north country itself. Other residents can't be happy yesterday they wanted action I think that's what we can give them on working with Erie county that during the north country. We're talking with Clarence town supervisor David hurt so. You know with this new flood threat is there anything you could have done differently last time that you might be doing this time. No not really they'll flooding in north country's been a problem for a hundred years and one of the problems is that. It's flat as a pancake at flood really easily and went -- -- -- create blood there's just no place for the water to go. I think what happened last time there was a real awakening forces more areas of Clarence but the last time and I've never flooded before for example the north country but constantly we know that. But one thing that happened last time is actually Clarence -- -- which it has been flooded in thirty years. So that kind of self doubt that. That a lot of classes flooding now more than just the north country would -- to regulate and now we need to take action beyond perhaps it was done in the past. OKMR Marshall we are like you will be keeping our eyes and the levels of tunnel on the -- thank you so much for joining us this morning. Thank you for car -- WB and you guys took. Great job thank you -- those Clarence town supervisor David console.