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Ice Rescues

Jan 10, 2014|

Air One Pilot Captain Kevin Caffrey

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With most of Lake Erie ice covered ice fishermen aren't thinking about getting started. That means rescue season for captain Kevin -- pilot of air one Erie county sheriff's helicopter -- with us now on the WB in last night Kevin good morning. -- is any ice safe as far as you're concerned. We always say noise it is since at all you never know -- picketers and prosecutors to go out there are so we've always recommend. If you don't have to go altered -- other on the likes. We know Kevin let's say that. Fifty feet for sure the guys might be a foot -- What's to say it's not a foot -- another hundred yards out. That's absolutely correct -- that occurred yesterday weave through the ice and there's. Nice cover all the way -- bronze star purple -- -- oracle earned this city of both well. But you can't help topic it is I mean we've been doing it for 25 years. And what would fly over we can't well like this so. They're taking a chance when they go up -- now with the popularity of the eight TDs in the snow -- Not only are there more people going -- what are going further and further term and we see memo four or six miles normally. -- he could be out now. I mean you know in this kind of weather we're looking at a warm up this weekend. No I would say the races totally unstable. You know what there is covering. Between any high winds at all special in the east wind it'll open up really quickly. So right now I would say it's totally unstable. Now we're also heard you mention that some people actually take their cars. I'll under the -- army were not talking about literally model that -- vehemently. I don't believe it or not years ago we have a -- the world for miles awful Bart general -- script. They Provo city the ramp for you -- launcher both. In the Gerard street -- books are reachable for -- and totally and we -- -- the are sitting in the car what are running and one side -- mammals fish you know that assignment to support was sitting in the passenger side fishing the other person of the terrible couldn't believe. -- it can wander up people's judgment but. It really when people are out on the ice Vick can quickly become disoriented campaign. -- actually. They're it's a storm comes up personal from the -- they -- can get disoriented. And that's what happened the post people say you know. There's cigarette disoriented and we have. Lead them back and short exit in the know -- show. You know over the years siren call over and over you urging -- warnings fishermen not to venture on under the eyes and they still do know. What's up with the. They certainly do and it's frustrating. You know. We try to say use common sense don't corporate donors highway install proper credentials pitcher they think it's -- -- them. But another plastic they'll -- that doesn't -- -- and your leg to -- that you have to hope somebody else can only guys. But a character -- soak in the fall to the -- The chances are survival or and sheltered. Are almost no they can't get they order credentials. Will we be going out daily with the Europe's -- patrol captain. There absolutely will be going out late in the afternoon just before -- start that he checked in if there's an interest in October. And one last thing we -- to make sure they bring a flashlight you know -- after during the daytime. That's they get trapped up there that night while we consider a flashlight over the leak but the night vision goggles and your program for at least ten miles. So that's a good piece of equipment equipment. While it is he you know -- talking about how spectacular the ices this week at Niagara Falls. Have you been over -- Absolutely we're down and took -- occurred almost around the idea. The false and then they're really just particular in the all the years have been flying the -- patrol -- the -- elect them. While in college and how many years and even flying. Are almost thirty. K maybe could send us some pictures. Important. To put him in our collection at ten WB into -- Kevin thanks so much for joining us this finally we really appreciate all the great work you do. It's Kevin -- captain of air one the Erie county sheriff's helicopter.

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