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Flood Watch For This Weekend

Jan 10, 2014|

Meteorologist Dave Thomas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go to the airport weather station where meteorologist Dave Thomas is done about it taught those we wanted to empower him. -- average during the flood watch for tomorrow going gotten run it down for us. Did you have a flood watch out for most of Western New York. Work tomorrow through Sunday afternoon. In that can be primarily for ice -- that are local creeks and rivers. Where's the ice that's currently on the rivers jams then produces some of flooding as the warm up and give them some open. Dave are their particular creeks -- really keeping a close watch on. There are several particular that we are watching. Here locally it's the buffalo river in the case -- creek. Also the I can't know -- pretty content right it's creek. -- the tricks that you mentioned are horrible song and the city. And -- -- district court is going down middle southern -- in the house because that's where most of the smoke -- your own publicity and correct. That is not -- partly true that McChrystal this -- both of the city in the -- -- -- and they have the ice jams most prone and -- to the north of the city. Well bit flatter the creeks don't -- quite as much. Are their ice -- already. -- -- There likely are they jammed right now this -- everything's still frozen it's hard to say but there are likely Nigerians. And many of retreat. You know as we were up this week in double -- and the problem here for flooding. Then tell our listeners know you're monitoring these -- -- on the potential for flooding. Are you checking with weather spotters there are are you taking your personal look. We do take personal look here hopefully use weather spotters as well now both we have through our arrangement. Are we going to able to find Christian and this Sunday at the creek levels. How are the other -- -- temperatures what are we expecting. I don't pretend shares warm up to me being forestry -- today. And temperatures will pretty much is computerized record in the late night and up towards the active TB prima care on Saturday. How about rate how much rain we -- four. Looking for around -- half to three quarters of an inch of -- Significant rainfall since. But the warming complying with the spoke from the recent snowstorms that combined vote lead to the problems are pretty area creeks and rivers. -- -- go through the weekend though we're expected in the weather to cool down a bit again right. Correct will be going down here on day back into the thirties or not looking for a deep freeze in effect that Monday could be. Back into the forties. Okay Dave good to chat with you thank you have a nice weekend I think secret that's meteorologist Dave Thomas of the buffalo report weather station.