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1-9 Michael Caputo Hour 4

Jan 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- lower back. Michael -- here in for Tom -- Tom -- -- earlier news radio 930 WB yet it is 608. The guy's head home for your cocktail after work the lucky people this is hard work I've got one more hour fifty more minutes. And they were just talking about. Donald Trump with. With Roger Stone the eminent Republican consultant who knows Donald Trump -- very well for many many years. When I was Roger stones driver. In Washington. In the 1980s. Remember calling him and Donald Trump around in the car. So I know he knows Donald very very well. On me and he says there's no way that. The Donald Trump is gonna run for governor now he's close it and Donald and I am I don't know mr. trump. Well enough to call on Donald but he does and you got to take Roger Stone says about from heart. I also know that Roger Stone and Donald from polls don't CIA guy on this issue I -- that has told me. However I also know that there are a lot of Republicans out there that don't wanna see a Donald Trump candidacy. I know that for a fact is I've been intimately involved in organizing. The thirty plus GOP chairman county chairmen who make the decision on -- communicate. And other lawmakers are going to be at the meeting the world offline through tomorrow. Every Republican -- every bit every Republican on the plane that is going from from buffalo. To Western New York to New York this mean to your city. You heard of them you know all of them -- all very interested at least certainly in seeing what mr. trump parents say some very very supportive. But there are people out there Republicans and Democrats who do not want -- seat mr. trump. Run for governor. There's a good reason because it's most people think that nobody nobody no living humanoid has a shot at defeating. Andrew Cuomo certainly -- Republicans it is typically coming from the ranks of the party Wednesday. We've heard that the river went from Carl Paladino to every indeed apparently talked but suddenly we have a guy in Donald Trump who has. Absolutely 1% -- -- Upstate downstate and review. Right he has an upstate base. When I -- babies I mean he is going to defeat Andrew Cuomo upstate and he's got enough juice in New York -- stone said you have to get. That vote only got 19%. You have to win 3035%. Of the vote in the general election in New York City to block RO Cuomo. And overwhelm him upstate. There are some who think that the Donald Trump can get that in New York City because he has such high profile people know him. There also -- people who say that the New York safe to say it definitely makes this a different year and of course the fact that obamacare is tanking so badly. Democrats in general we're going to do badly at the polls even in the blues to blue New York State and there are people who know that who do not want Donald Trump to. So what are they doing. They're sending their emissaries are not to attack column over there doing a little bit that. But you're gonna see a story in the Wall Street Journal tomorrow attacking. Assemblyman David DiPietro and assemblyman bill notes. Somehow or another attacking them is bad guys in the Republican Party because they don't go along get along with well they don't actually attacked them for recruiting it. Trying to recruit trying to draft Donald Trump to run for governor but they do group them together. I understand that senator Greg ball somebody who is by no means. Our strict party guy is out there in the Wall Street Journal tomorrow beating up on David DiPietro and the -- together in the same. The one thing is very indicative here is that never before have -- DiPietro and don't know jays names. Been brought up together in the same news story. Under no other reason I mean they both are against the seat back but they have spoken. You don't see them in the same articles often if at all nobody in Albany perceives them as two men who worked together. They're not guys who are. To gather not cooperating. With Governor Cuomo eyes senator ball says it was going to say in the Wall Street Journal. The only thing they're cooperating on is the draw the draft trump. Effort. So one day as a Republican senator. Calling out to -- previously on an encumbered previously on attached. Together. And calling them -- -- Up to anyone please can somebody is pushing him to do that. Because they recruiting Donald Trump to run for governor. Says that David Donald Trump. Announces -- -- the day he announces. The whole world changes. For Andrew -- it changes completely. He has to start fundraising. -- now that date a man who's never really had trouble raising money to compete. A man who -- has always been in the wanted to have more money in election. He's never really had to work for. Have raised the money suddenly he's going to be up against a guy -- can spend as everything he wants Carl Paladino only said he was gonna put 910 million into the race. So Cuomo knew that he had just had to overcome somebody's been outspent 31. But I'm Donald Trump he can't -- it's not physically possible so he'll be raising money every single day something. He's not used to the panic of trying to get enough money to over while while the apartment he's never have to do. So that is that's actually an area heat doesn't understand that's a whole new world for. That day. Donald Trump announces Andrew Cuomo is in -- doesn't understand he gets the numbers or otherwise. You wouldn't have heard the speech -- game yesterday passing just enough largesse and pork around the state so that he can buy as many votes as possible. He's even pay more attention to Western New York that basically gave in the finger in 2000 attempting a lot or attention to -- Anybody thinks but that is sincere concern for Western New York. I have a bridge -- -- And when. Somebody has told senator -- now. To say something negative about -- GA in DiPietro in this absent. In the same article in the Wall Street Journal who is doing. Who was doing that somebody said hey that's probably Ed Cox the chairman of the party -- I don't think he's -- I don't think that's it talks I don't it Cox backs another Kennedy in rob arresting a guy who would make it Greek. Known DiPietro and and OJ have -- the chairman. That they're just casting the net wider and they -- -- master you know I think. The chairman and -- you know believe that a walk that that to try to knock on Iran they're not afraid of and anyway if the chairman gets to targets Donald Trump is a candidate. Arm access to -- -- victories in -- pig -- eight it's. Are you at all. So where's this coming from where where does Greg ball who does not have a habit of -- go along get along where does he get off. Calling the DP to build OJ bad public -- ego. It. -- who is he represented America's David DiPietro and on the OG don't even know that they've met. And EPA tournament having OJ said the either minor. But why she's in the attack them who was telling him dude he's got no he's got -- Dawkins eight. And we don't think it's the chairman. Ed Cox because he gets the complaint that. People are who have RSVP for this event with him with with Donald Trump. From some of them are backing out. Not very many to wonder too but -- guys -- have. Curiously quotes connection. To the Republican leadership in the senate in and who cooperates very closely with Andrew quo. I don't know who was doing I don't know whose place in these negative comments about -- DiPietro in the Wall Street Journal I don't know. I don't think it's chairman I think it comes. From the governor's office I think it's coming from on -- I don't know. If but. Nobody. -- saying. Did. Here's the thing. Donald Trump may not run if he if he besides Iran. The nomination is his -- at. Acclamation my friends were gonna have almost 50%. Of the waited Republican vote in the his office tomorrow talking about running I know most people who aren't coming think it would be a good idea of the so if Donald Trump wants to run for governor on the Republican ticket I'm predicting it can be his -- acclamation. Tom you know I do know a little bit about that mean I predicted that Carl Paladino would be the Republican nominee. And those who didn't agree with me ask. Governor Steve Levy if if Donald Trump wants this nomination it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There I don't Michael -- first there and an -- on -- but he's got broken clock is right by today. Out. Can you really coming with a straight face that you think. Donald Trump is a gubernatorial material and could be elected. Is -- name recognition. Or expose the clout that elected eight years ago. I don't know did you see the United States congress. I saw -- 2030. Bozo the clown in congress. Here's a challenge and I challenge after the meeting out there. And it's sending that they don't want. Wished that they -- at this meeting. -- urging its Iraq. Because no sooner -- pop and no serious conservative what can't vote for like now from wanna quit. YouTube league answered yes I do. Oh really so bankrupt and well. As a conservative waited. I've I don't think that using the bankruptcy laws the -- in the way it's intended to suit you to be conservative liberal when he. The LA I mean if you think the taking risk in the workplace and in the business world a huge risk. In the business wrote should not happen escape hatch if things go wrong the I have to disagree with. I'm not buddy and -- conservative credentials are beyond reproach. -- go back to Reagan you go back to Tuesday. These gentlemen I just can't listen to somebody questioning my credentials as a loser I'm -- It -- it's ridiculous. To call up here and call me names you know I'll I'll talk to anybody. Whatever you want but don't question my sincere. I'm not I'm not running for elected office I'm telling you what I think it's my opinion if you disagree with me that doesn't mean you're wrong but don't tell me I'm not a conservative when I worked for Jack camp Ronald Reagan. I thought Thomas I listen you people. Out there who think you own the word conservative. Your outrageously wrong. Grievously wrong. And every single day you prove it to -- your cells. Where to be right back in just a minute -- well I think we got a couple more seconds here. -- go to traffic. With Alan. Well that does some good news one of our listeners the problem on the 400 is pretty much cleared out at this point early via. -- -- carriers still there are over in the snow off the right side as DOT truck on the scene but it's really not causing -- problems the backup is a pretty much gone. On the way up west from a Cleveland drive into those two cars over the left side. And apparently we have some cars by Walden over on the east side with the police on the scene at least that was the the scene about 510 minutes ago. We have a lot of efforts on the mainland through waste a little busy in the 290s -- blue water tower not as bad as it was earlier. And the one -- north -- and out and also -- not as bad as it was earlier. In Namibia and so much have a command -- and harassed away collate. -- degrees outside. Feels like. Money. But I guess means there -- zero wind or something I have no idea but it's mostly cloudy tonight -- seventeen temperature rising into the middle twenties. Some snow late tonight into tomorrow morning accumulating a coating to an inch lingering clouds and not as cold tomorrow afternoon high of 37 -- by becoming windy. Late tomorrow night with a little rain and low of 35 Saturday cloudy and windy with rain tapering to a Koppel show hours. High of 46. Now that was the first time I've done this now thing. Thirty days to your thirty different days stood in Libya I think that's at first I actually cut off on. So now I kind of understand why that happens. Listening to standard from. I mean. It's absolutely. I can understand if people think that Donald Trump Mayer mean beacons -- they think. Declaring bankruptcy because your business field -- is not a conservative move. What I mean that is not an ideological issue with the English. -- if you think you mean -- I am I sat -- -- -- -- by talked him interviewed on every single issue where he stands he's across the board. Across the I've been in this business in this game for thirty years I have had so many remembered. One time when I was working with Jack -- for presently around Iowa. And that was when Pat Robertson and into the presidential presidential race in the event. And his people who would never been involved in politics before kind of just discovered it when. The year preacher recited to -- to get involved their running around passing out egregiously inaccurate information. And they were you know these Robertson -- would tell us you're not a conservative you're not a conservative -- even know what it means -- -- Redevelopment nowadays you -- -- law and you think you know. You know I just you know. Stand in judgment of men like Donald Trump all you want because Donald from it is considering running for office and he is there to be judged. If he's standing for a vote. But don't try to tell me I'm conservative could Ali chief breakfast. -- Command you know I spoke before but the dial office matter medications called him. We are talking about Donald Trump and -- some people don't want them to run it's very interesting to see. Who is. Coming to this. Meeting tomorrow who is decided not to come at the last minute we know that phone calls have been made too many chairman. We've traced some of this back. Two. You know the Republican leadership in the legislature which. Doesn't necessarily go back at all onto the Republican Party causes we know the Republican leadership in Albany is not necessarily representing. Or are Republicans well a because they compromise so much with Andrew Cuomo and do -- do his bidding -- so. But you know were absolutely regardless. We're gonna have enough Republican county chairman in the room. To -- it's who designate Ronald Donald Trump. As -- Kennedy right there yet. But there are some people out there listen the one just -- the place Chicago. The winning a rent an election is exactly what's important guarding our patronage and keeping comity. In Albany is what's really important in I remember when I was up Lee lately when. It was the Republican Party convention. In 2010. Anybody who worked for Carl Paladino with a timer. Was paying attention to Campbell will remember. That Carl Paladino was not allowed to speak from the dais they were trying to block him. They -- change the rules around him. I Erie county Republican chairman and declining review was watching closely along with another senior aide. To Karl I was. Kind of on the margins of that decision because it was magical. Neatly in the process. And -- worthy actually -- in the stands for Andy came up with this gambit were Karl actually nominated himself from the dais. Nominated himself which has never been done before in the New York State Republican Convention. Because the party leaders wouldn't. Didn't want him to speak they didn't even want him to attend their functions he wasn't invited. To most of the 62 county Republican organization -- the picnics and all this crap he wasn't even invited they blocked well but we beat their butts. 63%. I think it was I mean we made chumps out of these people. Because they really didn't get it right but here's the thing that I wanted to bring up I remember. The night or Karl's speech which -- the -- before Karl's speech I was sent to go write the speech for. In the hotel I was up until 3 o'clock and it was going to be a momentous speech. And I knew it was going to be really important but I was I writer's block. And -- went to bed at 3:15 in the morning news in the next room in double room next battle over another camp -- He said I bought it out of my bed at 3:15 in the morning jumped up -- over my computer and I sat down. And I wrote the following workers. Inspired. I don't know maybe a mistake I remember writing these words. The three candidates who requires the party -- A Democrat running for the Republican nomination Steve Levy who is that Ed Cox the chairman's favorite to bring among Republicans right in car. And I've ever wrote of the speech and Carl delivered with a long after -- animal -- on the podium when he was supposed to be there and Karl said. One candidate. Wants to clean Albany up with a broom. And he can't. Another Kennedy wants to clean Albany up with a mop. And he won't. I want to clean Albany out with a baseball bat. And the police went why. You know why it went wild because people want change in Albany and the normal the go along get along Republican games not work him. That's why forty people are going to meet with Donald Trump tomorrow my friends in not gonna stop it if he wants to run it's his. And if you don't like it. It's 2010 all over again few people. We're going to be back after we paid the bills here. This is Michael Caputo and for Tom Bauerle. The right back -- news -- 930 WB yen. It's 630 new general manager for the Buffalo Sabres and Mora former worries I'm Tom pocket those stories coming up a personal final check of traffic and weather together on this Thursday -- Alan. Just rolling through the cameras are now what Tom and looking a lot better on the ways to going down here route 33 William Walden -- moving along at a pretty good pace at this time. We had a problem earlier by Cleveland drive obviously caused too much of headache the moment he probably earlier in the 400 also. As all cleared out now heading in the way one in the form itself. You're pretty good shape. The 19 lead down to counsel of the busy Asia and getting us out on the roads and industry it's a little. And the at the moment that -- -- farther to the occasion coming up a church Niagara. I'm going towards the piece Regina to past black -- were pretty decent condition right now no backups any longer. No real big problems in the international bridges -- this hour in WB eons. Selena -- demand ML -- don't we call eight. AccuWeather says mostly cloudy tonight or seventeen a lingering clouds not a -- tomorrow Ohio 37 right now. We have partly cloudy skies twenty degrees at 631. Here's what's happening right now. New sabres general manager Jim -- says everyone has a clean slate with him. -- however told reporters this is the last place team and anyone perpetrated. I think there's a great opportunity with with type text. And and the willingness to turn -- your roster over to to -- after topping guys and talk and guys are easy yet. Meantime the sabres game against Carolina earlier this week or postpone has been rescheduled for every 25. You can hear the entire news conference with shimmering on wanna double BB ENN dot com. Former watched this weekend for most of Western New York or combination of warmer temperatures are -- will speed up the snow melt. -- -- a result of ice jam -- -- county officials met with residents in Clarence to discuss what can be done to avoid falling along Goodrich road in the future. -- county legislator at Ralph sent applauding before Christmas crippled residence at. An inopportune time. And -- reconstruction of coverage this year can avoid future -- The exclusive WB and accurately forecast mostly cloudy tonight Mo seventeen but temperatures will rise in the middle twenties. Some snow late tonight into tomorrow morning accumulating according to an inch. Lingering clouds not a -- tomorrow afternoon high of 37 right now partly clotting nineteen degrees in buffalo. Noble than anyone else become a double BB -- inside or get breaking news traffic and weather alert emails from double BB and sign up a double BB EN dot com. I'm Tom -- do is ready at 9:30 AM WB yen. It's all right -- This is Michael go in -- Tom Bauerle. Here on the Tom Barrow he showed he's -- 930 WV -- at 6:33. PM we got thirty more minutes. Of high quality radio talk coming your way. We got here at 7 o'clock. We've talked about all kindness scandal when politics and we've got a full load of calls here I'd like to go right to of the callers. SJ. Yeah. Yes Michael Unger. My. Apartment my personal opinion we're now trump. I -- I don't know he would really run because look at the times he's that he would run for president backed out wherever. -- and I know these political things can be hard and then I'm people. People especially people are gonna try and I to let them know what your opinion do you think it's kind of hard for people that successful tour. While ago because he would have. Give up all. Well on the Tyree -- that's a very very good question. And a you sit through that with a candidate of resources there -- certain lifestyle in the beginning of the campaign you're asking if there are questions. Is it something you really wanna do and those of the for people of means people who were successful. People like Carl Paladino for example that's our question to answer. You know -- a guy like Donald Trump I mean I'm gonna tell him and I article will -- tomorrow bit of Andrew Cuomo was brutal. He comes he placed the -- he he he doesn't mess around. I mean I was on the front page of the New York Times front page of the Buffalo News of my own personal finances if you do that to a campaign he'd. Imagine what he'll do the -- -- to hear him Tibet's. Right. Very somebody like Donald Trump. -- publicity. At all. I mean I thought it was wonderful. You know. -- starter lautner at one time and you know he didn't hear she's willing to do it again apparently. Yeah. And you know on but I I appreciate. I enjoyed listening to you. I never question your credential. Because in district orders thank -- And then -- -- while you're this year. And began. A human being and not so clear that question and from the outside note I am not receive your -- Well -- -- thank you very much and I'd I'd I'd I'd minority kind of -- -- -- -- athletes here. Ask you know but it so -- you put yourself out there like I'm doing right now where the Honda is sandy do everyday you -- -- excuse upright. -- -- -- The one thing that that that's important to me important to you and -- everybody who lives in this state. Is that we know it's messed up I mean even the people on the Democrats I know it's messed up. Cuomo has disagreement in his own clock right. And we know it's going to be almost impossible to beat got a very difficult -- the release for a normal human. You know I mean and then you go to a guy like Donald Trump and you say this is what we need. And the decision he estimate is not whether or not he's willing to take the time from his successful business in television career. To help the people of New York that's not the -- that's not the decision here estimate in a race with -- well. His decision is do I wanna be. Stewart I might able to stand up as my as my credentials are attacked my life is attacked my wife is attacked my daughter is attacked my son is attacked by ex wife is attacked as my entire private license right is broken open. Like a bloody. Back right in front of the entire world to -- That's the question he had asked when he's running against Cuomo. I don't know dude if I got a billion bucks in the bank and a lot of success in my life I don't need that kind of hassle. Right but he's I saw the transformation. From private citizen citizen to public citizen Carl Paladino. And I see the same thing that I saw on Karl and Donald Trump -- both real close up right in here is what it is. There's -- selflessness. To. You know Karl told I don't wanna -- closes aids told him he's very experienced young men in politics that Karl. If you win the primary it's gonna get so much worse in the general they're gonna come after you recommend to your children and they did. And -- a student and he said I've got to do this. It's in the cards that's what you know aunts and that's what I've been put on the earth do I've got to try and do something and I tell you that inkling of selflessness and whether you agree with. -- politics or not there's nobody out there that knows Karl that thinks he's in this just because he's some kind of arrogant SOB he's now. Banks are no more delicate and you know I I'm not -- to really judge anybody who's number one you know I'm not the only pictures. The what they do because they're professionals. They're very successful. And you know I hope some day when she latched. You know virtually movement in the campaign -- in Scotland there but they're probably won't happen in my time but. You know our our I would hope someday -- it invested there. On your mouth the voters' ears as it is really. Well listen thank you for pollen and I've got live from cheek walk on the line Lin thanks rang -- on -- -- SJ was was yesterday we say in that. That this has this gotten the point where good people don't wanna run for office and I was telling. It's true -- the decision you have to make is about whether or not you wanna be humiliated. There are -- -- a solid. You know you're right -- -- know I know liberty is the opinion let it go while the negativity. To meet our. Medical council. Is ridiculous. For. Now. -- respect among the battle back. If you have and now got people don't judge people. The land. Of the money back. -- not comment on Michael. You have to -- I think it's I I get it I'm with your numbers that we all have to live within -- own social -- right but yes. But if we're trying to expect politicians to act with. Act like Jesus Christ -- might be a little optimistic. You know I like baby care and what he really know I'd get so I'm getting angry I lay it because. They work for a lot of people. Who writes for the people act in the air -- Well that's true -- you know there could meet in the defense of the negativity because I've I've would be look people out there to listen no -- politics though. That I play that the negative game I do because here's the reason why I'm I'm sorry to tell you this. But it works it works land. Yeah that's why they do it. However when people get these people it's wrong. Before outlet to go. They get on the go in the aircraft that do not judge people know what it was late blocked. In my right around. Know what -- you're absolutely right I know it would be something I hope we can -- live up to but I have a difficult to them and so he. Well I appreciate your comment thanks column and I was injury thank. -- doing grand am I doing. Still we are you there wait hold on I hit the wrong buttons to either. I'm still -- the buttons -- how you doing. I'm not bad quality game goes on to those people picker forces. -- -- And talk radio is all about. The. Why go -- -- -- -- Westchester County just outside the White Plains in the the detail because its -- stories absolute true wants not what I was wearing on the drug lost a bit about two and a half hours. Found out when I got -- because well what should never believe it. We don't know what sort of political. Social and everybody slowdown account the morning like three or 45 times yeah. Well like this say when they do some stupid like this. And aggravate the people everybody has to bow down and hold it we have to understand their -- but. Bill I know I know that trying you know that I dislodged. -- going to open up the system this is trying to put on a very. Could CBO I'm not a big bear Christiane I like rubio I like I like Rand Paul I think we're either going that direction anyway com. On the long. I don't know they'll likely because he's getting all the goals from. Right now with the folks both. Let me let me times I get your -- -- and I I'm with president. I understand that you know unions. Are constantly doing work -- and things that affect people our -- -- that it's it's a strategy that's. In my mind union oriented union developed in union specialized but it you were running which we knew hold public office where -- voted. Into -- that that office by Biden the population of your state. Yeah you can't play those games. You know I'll tell you I've worked in New Jersey politics -- long long time it is brutal and it makes Western New York look like kindergarten. Yeah the field but the wrong thing down I agree with that the previous caller go at -- -- that the business this is mentality down there. And it it's just not right you know everybody -- the alpha themselves and then the hypocritical and -- -- -- fraud collectively but obviously on -- -- Bob Graham passed away. Shirt that was a heart -- you and he just quits -- he just tired. It's almost like he got off the air and he said you know what this bores me I'm out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In all the guys who go to war position on nuclear plant break everything America I would comment infect as many Nebraska this whole refer -- that was the billion dollar boondoggle. And like I say the taxpayers to pick and on that business. To pick it up with the proper point five stories about how the waste and the fraud that. The New York City it is and New York City is and the best thing -- ever there was leave that area but then now on -- I should actually -- out of the state because that is that the state discussing many issues were. You're out on Grand Island writes there's not much left of the state theory to -- Well you know listen and don't do that listen I was gone thirty years thirty years I left here to go work on Jack Kemp's presidential campaign. I -- Jack Kemp I love Jack Kemp was the coolest guy that he was. And multi -- politician and he -- Reagan -- like -- put them on a pedestal a mobile problem really does. Well you know it was Jack Kemp who actually introduced -- to Ronald Reagan I got to travel with three in oh and bit of more importantly in my life like I spent. Hour after hour an hour with with Jack Kemp in it or it forged my world -- Com now look I love that I got to costar Jack Kemp. You to throw touchdown passes to mine a bloody -- Costa it was from my hometown support just simply for the bills and 6065. To 72 we -- -- by the -- of the offensive -- So that electric say you know it goes both within those are the guys and then the good old days that I think about all the time altitude than in -- walked to the high school now have a they have a little enclosed thing would talk passes the home tomboy makes a good. They haven't been the photo was sent him to make and one of those over the catches. Over the head -- and all. And I actually just stumbled on a letter he wrote me back is -- Texas he's really became a minister -- -- go to church in the eighties he was great. I'm -- was close to Jack to the end -- -- mean. On come on tradition I'm pretty sure you appalled about 77. -- to the -- now. But like a failure architect camp Italy could tell it was an honest -- want the best for. Western new York and in -- -- he just you know what is this a standup comic. And the kind of politician -- find anymore because all out for themselves and and nobody's nobody stands up for the taxpayer or torture just to do the right thing you know what I mean. -- I listen we we got to go to break here but I want I want to say one thing for the idea we receive and I'm I'm disappointment in politics as much as anybody I know. Little bit too much on the little more cynical and some people but. Let I believe there people out there like Jack camp. I believe there on unselfish people in part I believe we have months office people in politics in buffalo. Yeah we we we have the foreign government and -- -- -- form in the way we judge these guys is in the boat people now they are jerks you all -- -- And and and that that's how we judge them you know that's -- -- -- them. And it does -- that it does stand up for. I don't -- for politicians. Look up for the taxpayer bill that they look for them and aggravated we will pull cards came in development. The -- you -- -- all the people not just a taxpayer Obama hold the poll the duke we paid the right. We pay the bill comparable to work with its wanted to pick up our football and move to another state where somebody would say -- taxpayer -- first. It that says that the that well maybe but circle these. Electric you know we need to get guys like that is to say hey we pay the -- it's our football pick up and don't bring our 100000 -- comes to other states. -- -- These people won't work day day's tape tape of story. -- they have first choice. Perhaps what's going on the set all the people laying around that that just suck all the system. And it's like go well the out of money we can't we can't support this insane northeast parent. Global everybody later -- do not -- you know electric had just how many people sitting on the wagon. And the good to know -- -- on the -- yeah homes and -- I hear history. Public's lives there you know I'll tell you you're right about one thing. There's too few people -- on the way too few people -- in. It's truth and and I I -- that there are plenty of Jack -- tight people who were not so standard who -- looking to help. I believe Donald Trump is one I believe Carl Paladino don't I don't believe Andrew Cuomo was one will talk more about this. At 8030930. -- sorry eagle threes or 930 race start 930 on your cell phone here on Tom -- show's newsreader at 930. WP yen. Welcome back. Welcome back buffalo this is Michael Caputo in for Tom -- 6:52 PM. News radio 930 WB yen. At 83 Yzerman thirtieth the question comment but we've had a boy were facing just a few more minutes let you know this goes by so fast -- -- and thank and I don't even know what I'm gonna talk -- going to be with time and hear him. With eight minutes left in twenty minutes worth of things to -- Very interesting stuff this talk radio and very interesting place this city of buffalo. Where we are normally. Normally. Not involved in the scandals that come seeping out of Albany like sludge. America is I'm sorry New York State. Is the laughing stock. -- -- we have been for a while when Andrew Cuomo said yesterday in his state of the state speech. That we used to be the brunt of late night television jokes I'm guessing and his cables now. 'cause we still are. And much of that came by the way. Out of New York City if you look at all the people arrested for taken bribes arrested for doing things that are wrong. Who were been harassing women in the legislature for years. When you look at all of that. There are all from one place and that's New York City. -- Are off from New York City none of them were coming out of buffalo none of them are coming out west are very few were even come out of upstate. But suddenly we have our own little scandal here in buffalo. Our assemblyman Dennis average -- is now the new veto group news in the assembly. The brunt brunt of jokes. He's when he arrives on Monday at the assembly he's going to be. Capped call. So suddenly the ongoing stench. Of feces. And abuse. Coming out of Albany. Now we get a little pieces that how's that feel buffalo. Guilty or not now all the problems in Albany -- hours. We are the ones responsible. It's certainly partially responsible. For absolutely reprehensible behavior invited dysfunctional legislature. That can't find their way out of paperback. You know all of them. Kowtowing to the speaker of the assembly -- over not just the assembly leaders. The senate leaders if you watch the state of the state yesterday you watched every single person. Who shook hands in any way or contacted or signal excellence -- they did everything. -- -- -- -- -- over presides over the most perverted the legislature. In American history. That's right the most perverted state legislature in American history. Is. To date in New York not three years ago is Andrew Cuomo watch that thing. Not you know open you know. Not to ten years ago it's now we -- at the peak at the end of the year and I. Idea. That these are somehow days are past are very very clearly wrong. And we know that -- buffalo because we have our own piece of this scandal. Thank you assemblyman Dennis -- -- Thank you. To your attorneys and advisors who refusing. To allow any kind of clarity for your constituents thank you for making us all a part of this -- that comes out of Albany. There's only one way to changes. That's to change the people who work there. That's starts. With the governor's mansion and if you as a Republican listening to this are willing to play to win. Then you're not doing anybody any favors if you thanks backing a candidate who won't win now that might win later is a good way to play chess. I'm sorry that's checkers. You're wrong. America. New York. Will not change. Until we change our leaders. And the people who were looking -- that wide looking for fresh faces and new ideas and new people are not the ones at fault here. The ones at fault here the ones who refuse to even need to do anything at all to make changes in New York State. I'm Michael -- I'm in for Tom hourly. Here on news radio 930 the WB Adam.

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