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1-9 Michael Caputo Hour 3

Jan 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I feel for it by many men and there. You better watch out ought to let what is -- Obama Christie I mean. Did some people say this is attempts in a teapot you don't think so you think this is gonna hang him. First I think it's bridge and I think did you know becomes question what did -- ago. And -- and the -- now and my god told Nixon -- I watched him on I watched formed today which was overly law is comfortable. Maybe eventually. But it doesn't pass the smell test from may mean. That you guys that the Port Authority to order to bridge closed to lighten up the phone call one point guard one. Post was. Why didn't club Wednesday and the -- leasing which got its app. He fired the deputy chief of staff never spoke to her. And three days after the mayor of Fort Lee complained and -- dismissed those complaints. Is it was dirty tricks operation and no sign. Truck -- I think in order came from the top. So you think he came from the -- -- the -- You all the politics and new Jersey's rough and tumble that. Of the deputy chief stepped out of a balloon sent in the mail -- time and track problems shortly -- street where it's. The cover collar and cheapest or worse the campaign manager and say you'd think -- -- -- right. Chris Chris Christie's. Political. It turns out of control for. Are seriously if you just have never been done without. Ministry should and without the formal because -- Andrew Cuomo has been opened manager indicated in the other. So involved in the -- his administration. It's. And administer. Think Cuomo is is more. The public outburst. While they may play well in -- I don't think -- -- -- -- secondarily -- comes to. Electing president. I just don't think American people want a C -- -- look at Iowa I think elected. War I would argue Nixon and a personal intention in -- yeah. The short that person never really went away. Right and you know you actually the first time I went to Iowa Caucuses you set -- that kind of New Jersey bombast and bullying doesn't fly in the in the Iowa Caucuses doesn't. No I don't think if it works any place outside of new York and you're back in your -- style can work but even. Where. I'm worried political consultant working wanted to own eyes as of this. Hello would rule out. I would take that. Side of him. Holding ripping cream on the boardwalk -- constituent whose only -- licensees report cartwright is governor question. Rights and I don't think there in the 62 -- that's not the -- I want Ingraham. Right and your -- in the east could be a block away from. First of all until the deputy chief. Actually fired. Testify at the -- from the state legislature under subpoena and under you know. We haven't had to work. Out right. And it seems to -- it has a lot of greens question is after this the governor. Now you know. Call for an -- and never code. While you where you work for -- Trenton crowd I mean you know all those people how long -- this process gonna drag out I mean. When other candidates -- parents considering running for president actually making final decisions is he still going to be dragged down by eight. Ongoing proceedings. It's always going to be there in New. Hampshire and new -- -- -- -- -- -- Professor Larry so -- receive you rob man brilliant man. You so you thought he didn't handle its eleven hearings -- Talking Heads and is matched. But what effect who lie. And it has the end of the truth. If you think he's lying. I guess so I guess yeah I -- and watched and maybe gotten too harsh maybe I'm being too harsh or more in my own confirm predispose. In many ways it's like in my -- nice things about him the stone zone because. Jon Corzine previous governor was incompetent. War and it turned out of crop. And Chris Christie certainly. Preferable to that. But also I think it's important to note -- be crises in the coalition with the democratic state senate president. There are limits in terms of what kind of reform Christie can really pull off Brian kicked out union leaders should be clear he loses his coalition park. Where Scott Walker. Say the governor Wisconsin. And remote -- -- -- that -- out that they well it got who as governor is exactly real reform now. Yeah pension reform real tactic for real spending reform. Real entitlement reform. And by the way that you saw that. This a little inside information here you saw that his. Both which is selling. -- hand over fist right now that walker. Boca. And we remember the name of it is by autobiography was written by your former ghost writer. RTC wrote that thing. Yes yes I as. Look I think walker the dark horse here because. It or not only in the -- try to recall him. In -- union state -- Eric are you here now you think Barack and I think Gregory calls six. State senator which would cost in the majority distinction at all ships were real actor -- he took the would you union boy. Now I mean I talk to ask you one question before you go nobody knows more about crisis and you do that you you've dealt with so many of the political world. We have a local assemblyman here Dennis Garrett I don't know if you heard this. But. I recognize instantly. Handling would you do differently. -- -- -- -- -- Look at the such. Now and I think by the way I think Cuomo knows -- easier answer. Well and I've been out there I'm trumpeting the idea that he needs to say something he needs to talk with constituents and his attorneys not to. Do you agree with me on that means it's his silence helpful. Well I think it silence is counterproductive I'm not hearing denial you -- to deny the right -- not denying that means he's busted. And by the way based on these these claims is -- one guy's got no game at all. You know the one thing I noticed if any of this is true. Is that. You have that all of the woman my age you know pushing for the other women who were young in their twenties you have the tall as the short with that that slim ones that that was the brown hair that Bloomberg. The the blonde. He has maybe he's got no Jews he's got no game he's gotten no taste at -- -- -- at everything that moves. It's like it's a numbers game for him. Somebody's gotta say yep that's. Yeah I guess that's the approach not one that I ever. Considered or admired. That not something you -- on the stones. In. Well there's one thing I wanted to mention before we get off the air here with you we have a couple of minutes here you do this annual thing I got to bring. The best dressed in worst dressed. And you just announce it on the first -- who tops the the best and worst. The actor who. We -- -- we moved some of our perennial winners like Larry Kudlow computer and BC news. Andre 3000 these cold so -- to by the way -- -- -- And we Marcellus and others over because the hall of shame to -- young Wafer. Joseph Gordon-Levitt the actor Chris tiny -- Jennifer. Lawrence actress -- -- so join join our list whom -- into though mayor wanted to reach double time. Carlos danger. -- -- -- Turned. And -- on the worst. Obviously after. Yeah Christmas is no question. The client number. That shows up in quality in it. For booty call -- and it before you'll like where. You're oh. Any. Recall. Good routine but not. For for for current and former governor and the additional. Well -- and can tell. Or. He gets help got a lot of friends here -- reports with the Carlin and a lot of other folks here. Tell people where they can find you on the Internet and follow -- some of your -- insanity. You would go to their own zone dot com stoned on that I'm not these towns on the outcome but stone don't. If you go there now you conceded and or the -- that best and worst dressed people. In the world -- 2013. Asia. Mentioned in the New York Post in the east -- -- left post and others. And then you can also wanted to keep up with my -- you can go to LBJ killed JFK you know my book. The man who killed Kennedy the -- in Shelby Jay's number nineteen. Best -- several weeks ago. Your kid and I guess that's why your better reception that I thought you really. Didn't intrude. On your group and consider important and convince people that -- JFK's. Murder was organized by his experience. No question. The most. At the agree. Who was at. Right to hold once I got a little quick to -- they don't Tony Wragge one more question we're gonna go to traffic real quick with -- Yeah we got a couple things are right now for a while on the route five heading out of downtown southbound. We had report from one of our callers about a three car accident before ridge road so watch out for that. 29 east is doing better at this point it was suggested a little while ago it is popped up on my -- my screen here that the that congestion is clear to take a look at the camera three short. So that's congestion lowdown on the a 400 by union where car carrier went off the road to the snow. And that tire carrier was enough really plaza a backup on the 400 it's -- -- when I understand among my callers is not blocking any longer. Over the our our emergency vehicles on the -- they got to get it out of that snow. So that's a causing a back up are now back to the -- in any BS little by instrument command -- -- -- the -- collate. Roger Stone is with us here on the Tom -- issue here in news radio -- to be WB and this is Mike put it in for Tom Allen Roger you were just telling us about your premise in -- book about. LBJ's involvement in Chrysler. It's very simple motive means and opportunity Lyndon Johnson. Blackmail plan -- 1960 back in 1963 was mired entries candles. He was on the console public you know patient. Indictment. Trial in prison he's desperate desperate man Robert Kennedy hadn't quarter. Justice Department was on his trail and it was all about to break December 1 you knew it like magazine and major expressed his sparring that you didn't. Relationship -- Billy sol Estes is very flamboyant it's really dealer content. So he had mode than it outlined in the booking -- -- -- had -- opportunity. I kind -- Aren't you. Guys whisper murders a couple of corruption murders cover up vote stealing -- -- buy an election. So he can order a murder -- you and I intend. Right know -- and I read this book report to before the stands and it's it's really quite readable and I'm not at JFK conspiracy theory anyway where can people find it -- You go to Or go to Barnes & Noble dot com called the man who killed -- Case against -- injured in Blackstone. And did you read I'm getting very very good feedback -- By recent trip to buffalo. We had a great party here Amherst Amherst. Yet. A child care and -- -- talking leaves too. And talking leaves. Most graciously. And -- -- -- -- -- -- and Carl Paladino another turn had a great crowd. They did Roger before you go I can't resist because you've -- work for somebody years for Donald Trump and you know. That Meehan has several other people you know about thirty people going in to meet with him to talk about the governor's race. Are what are you what your analysis of that do you think he's got a shot do you think anybody's got a shot. The most democratic state in the country's problems -- common problems New York State Republican registration -- -- -- down 19%. -- of god bless his soul you know conduct a lonely fight criticize him all you want the party structure you know barely above. Party switch in the twenty. Get like -- -- win state like 25%. It is the most liberal state in the country should and people being laughed and she said tendered part about it senate Democrats -- illegal. The Republican party's rock to almost nothing. And therefore I would argue that having the presidency in 2012 competent -- imagery site to. And this is a left -- Baxter -- just don't think it's the right race in all honesty. Now I like the non politician message better in 2016. Right here's a guy not connected to the net and watched in wanting you know about it now tropic -- -- true. Story. You say stop nobody else. Said. Well let me but our guys got balls I'd I'd like if you don't want to. Let me ask you. Rapid rapid fire round. Yes or no -- Trump's gonna get the governor's race. Now our rights are yes or no this scandal with Chris Christie's gonna take him down. Now it remains governor. Do you think on Libya but you may run record but I I think this is a long term killer -- cancer growing. And in -- Ladies and gentlemen that's Roger Stone of the erstwhile Republican consultant no longer Republican left the party disgusted with the author. Of Roger what's it again that LBJ killed JFK. Tension but -- the man who killed Kennedy case against. Four attorneys agree that you can't I can't remember in. -- Roger Stone thank you very much for joining us this is Michael conclude I'm in. -- Tom are they were gonna go pay some bills here come right back on these radio 930 WBE Aaron. It's 530 cleaning up. After the -- The sabres have a general manager and I -- watch now after people clear from the weather I'm Tom look at the stories coming up a first traffic and weather together -- ground. Very busy -- now time throughout the area of the main line of the -- looking at the cameras 33 Walden avenue area. In both directions very heavy traffic and things and farther from 19 need to the appointment westbound. One tiny north getting out of downtown church Diana all the way out of the 198. One I'd be sound very busy around Hamburg and Smith street the moment. -- east it's very heavy very congested around Sheridan and main issue going towards them blue water to policies and wait till the ninety west ramp. In a problem reported earlier about three car accident on route five by ridge road not sure that's causing problems still. Reports of backups on the 400. From a south union area because of a caricature that off the road. All the way back to the way that's still being reported at this hour. In any -- insulin a bunch of command and harassed no way call it. AccuWeather says mostly cloudy skies tonight lingering clouds not a cold tomorrow right now partly cloudy forty degrees in Baltimore 531 years what's happening right now. Tim Murray takes over the reins of Buffalo Sabres general manager he says just about anyone right now could be treated from the last placed. We've seen topping guys that nobody predicted would ever be traded we traded before and I can't tell you that there's ten guys -- their -- now available but I know there is that there's turn over every year and you have to have the assets to at least get in the game when you're talking with those guys. Are you willing to. Step up and pay the price. Greg Patrick joins the club as advisor to the hockey department Patrick wrote the assistant general manager on the 1980 US Olympic hockey team. Just after we've cleaned up from the boys -- -- Cali has the percent at the state of emergency. But now we're supply and watch for duration talk or Genesee Wyoming cattle markets and Allegheny County Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon. Steady rain combined with significant snow mobile with a potential wise Jim plotting. -- county lawmaker had -- co hosting a town former Clarence this hour on the applauding in the town especially longer worked wrote last month. -- says hero to mitigation reconstruction plan can be done in 2014 checking the WBE NN dot com thirty minute ticker. The Dow finishes the eighteen points or 16100445. NASDAQ dropped nine of 4156. S&P up two thirds of a point. And 1838 the exclusive WB and -- the forecast. Mostly cards Milo -- seventy but temperatures rising in the middle twenties. Some snow late tonight into tomorrow morning accumulating according to an inch lingering clouds not a school tomorrow afternoon high of 37. Right now partly cloudy twenty degrees in buffalo noble or anyone else become a WB and inside or get breaking news traffic and weather alert emails from WB and sign up at WBE NN dot com I'm Tom pocket do is ready at 9:30 AM WB yen. I can't believe the I got to DC people about music. Michael we -- here for Tom apparently. On these radio 930 WB Ian knows self respecting dead it will sit and listen to Kenosha. I can't I can't do -- oh my god it's terrible. We're talking about scandal we just heard from Roger Stone one of the leading Republican consultants in the game who said. Chris Christie's dead in the water to sixteen. Am -- Donald -- knock on a run for office a run for president. Interest but Dan -- Dan thanks for him on your on the west side of repair work to undermine. Gloria. Well. Covered a lot of ground -- I am looking at. If you don't respect thing. Right now I mean. Because like thank you all what he doesn't you're out on you know party machine that. Computer models. You know whatever the way it. Front Frankfurt that equity current drug he will let you know and not. And they've been -- worked miracles for people in all I'm not. Questioning her ability to locate someone. Really surely Hillary or or. Any formal. It would be on the inside track. And image and make them shall implement you don't it would be non starter the other life so a lot. You know we're lucky we're looking. You know a dominant. Guy was all -- crystal -- -- -- expect that we'll worry right now. I I heard that I've I've heard that I would listen as Tom I've heard on talk about that there's burgers. There's no reason for us to believe that politics had nothing to do with this. I think in a state like New York. You pretty much assume it does. Whether or not has something to do with the allegations there and I wouldn't be good for -- would certainly would be the first saint but. It's certainly has something to do with the way that it's being taking care because if this was one of the favorites as you were talking about. The wagons would be circle and the ground fire would be intense. But instead again -- Zach is an echo. Well -- well -- -- -- And there's never the guy -- Where. Underage male prostitution ring in the basement loaded and nobody. -- the -- -- later on Friday. You know -- me. The other. Thing up. No one went and bought other this I -- there as well. -- -- -- I was actually serving in congress I ran the radio and television network news room in the house -- presented during the time. When Barney Frank woes -- his boyfriend was busted runner. A prostitution and it was basement. Actually they were meeting and having Trace for money in the basement of the congressman's. Town house on Capitol Hill. I'll be in both at different times those the enemy. People could call someone a check in the office back then and get away with it. All right all right all right well there's yet let on Hannity and grow older electorate in Portugal are whatever. And they let it. There machine and get them. -- Toy Story in a real quick one. I was. Very young when I worked on Capitol Hill in my twenties. And I went from bar to bar and restaurant to restaurant like your reveals those in those years. All around Capitol Hill in Washington DC while my favorite place was a little French restaurant he's Tryon. Impress girls with over launch a little restaurant -- with -- neighbor right off the senate side hill. And I went in the air with a -- are trying to impress or over launch one day. And I was. It had to get up and go to the bathroom and I excused myself and went to -- the way that you realized then that I've never been into the back in the corporate place. It's -- ways -- looking around for a night open the door and they are on the table with Senator Ted Kennedy on top of one. Right in front. You don't he said to me and how aria. That's always said -- as -- excuse me senator I'd shut the door and went felt about the element -- I was not impressed with what is well. Well well well there's a lot of questions guys. Just get away it would -- -- -- you know and -- that's of course they didn't have our issues. Put them at all that well I think about it I -- you know our culture. All of I'm not embarrassed at the fact that we like our Portland. Oppressed people -- sort out all and -- -- -- but on the front -- pointers. On you know and I and I. -- secretary hiring in Russia. What are and a global what they're what they're so we'll follow only for a -- you're -- And and and are generally. Secular. Political I think the thing I'm sure all of RP IO. Wait at all all. The other. As perhaps Chris Christie holds. It was the Republican Lawton -- But still let Hillary. The -- radio and oh we'll bring it will be nice to hurt so of course we're will -- This early but I mean I'm -- I'm. You -- sorry -- -- who. I mean. Governor Walker. Sort of broad sort bureau for. Or they -- -- because he'll. Ought to -- impressive to me a real like a good friend of mine wrote his will help to -- And he's been telling me -- it might hear about it he thinks he's the next president from you think that. Scott Walker's interesting and he he took on the demons have beaten down. Wisconsin by the way which is not Texas. You know it's almost more like New York is like -- Florida. All right -- I Erica they had absolutely notebook. -- water from Wisconsin last year -- Isn't that redundant a Marxist border from Wisconsin I think that's kind. You know among them -- -- well. And this year and well and that should be you know I'm like. -- And well I'll tell you I I I'm with yeah I I've what do you think do you think that. Get respect is playwright you think he should you know. -- I don't think there's -- I think it better or for obstacle because he -- -- -- against them look you know I think. I'd I'd like initiate it looked at an opponent of this state they're the guy who though. Always been there but. You know I mean I mean media. All old political establishment slammed up against them in all I. I didn't look so great for a miracle you know in the there is where we're. I'm going down a lot a lot of that's all I mean it might. And about what should thank you no matter what side is here from you can't disagree with that statement. Counselor Dan thank you very much for calling you -- great -- You know Dan made very good point a minute it's not like -- depending Erica I think I can see where people who. Are proud of is. Rather. Gutsy opposition of the new currency effect would be would would think that. This is unfortunate circumstance happening -- good person I get that. But. There are there seven victims Specter -- alleged victims -- -- their their statements. Are. All. Believable according to people behind the scenes who were privy to this open secret. Mr. -- sects but -- outdated behavior. So. I don't know I mean. I think if you're if you're Dennis gets if you're listening to. Your. You need to tell your attorneys. To stop trying to be public relations people. If you public relations person with telling you how to win a legal case I would tell you -- your public relations person to be quiet about the law. But it in this case your public relations are being run by somebody who knows nothing about. And you're being damaged. And now you're gonna walk into a firestorm an absolute firestorm. In the assembly they're gonna -- -- to me it's that you. The women that you thought -- your friends on your side of the -- at a -- gonna treat you like a pariah yeah. And by the way where it really matters back home here where you need -- -- -- where you have to have a life after politics people. Are left with absolutely no idea what's happening they can't even get a hold of a constituent service person. Even though there is one of exist perfectly ready to help them. In this assembly central office you tell them. That they can call another number. What is going on why. Are you absolutely see eating your future in the community to an attorney who doesn't care about anything but the verdict. I think it's I think it's ridiculous -- -- and even Roger Stone who has and is not a stranger to scandal at all himself. Said basically you're not doing anything to survive this. Walking your door and hiding in your house. And huddling around yourself is not an answer it's not answer. But now I think it's possible but it's way too late I mean letting your constituents. -- For three weeks is almost. On in. On ten you can't untangle. You may not be able accounting and so you're attorney's advice to -- nothing in the media nothing in the public has already become. The hard upon which you were -- Hardly even imagine a circumstance where you would not speak to the media. But you know work. Let's hear from -- or in someone who knows one of the women who have filed. What's your. Well. Earlier. People Butler now people. Are. Talking about now. Politically correct. Actually it. Or wants or. Now that. Lot of people unless ball. And it. And the woman. And it. Should be -- It's available it's still an appropriate means is that. Is a last minute but it might be against the ethical borrowing balance of the assembly. Exactly I mean you have to you have to prove internal and other -- have to keep. Our record. I'm going harassment are you trying to dull. And the -- and continuing. To push and push and an -- -- and I'm I'm here I'm her I'm at around. Yuri a high and I girl with Altman so I've been kind. And it's 20. And I don't like to quite opposite. You know how it went in the old boy network -- -- -- now I've been called check for. Where I'm coming -- -- -- -- a check I don't. Think it's an insult. The heart the eloquently of the case by case base there but. It also that -- -- someone has been appropriate. That it's shut out why. And it keeps happening yet it's also very very accurate and -- environment because all the if you'll continue to say -- -- about it all but were there to be able to woman with no sense of humor. Lori let me ask you have that we got a little bit in the right can you hang -- -- have a couple questions for -- go for quick break can you hang on for us. Greg good we're gonna keep it will come right back to after the break through this is Mike Brooks in for Tom barrel in news radio 930 WB in will be right back. We're back. I guess by a story about Ted Kennedy. In -- on tape that left so on top of the table in the DC French restaurant. Is trending on Twitter indeed. That was one of those images I will never get out of line that the layer from -- vary vary white backside. Awful I I think I just even now just open my mouth. Lorraine thanks for hanging around ago I was debating whether to comeback due its Avery by Claudia -- I think your mind. -- checked by other people somewhat yeah probably not meant. -- -- An all. Girl. Only checked. -- caught. Between military. You do. For a others -- it's not. But also it's appropriate in the workplace it'll. -- But a book I you're you're young woman leader of yours yours youthful as I -- And you lived through and probably were employed during the ninety's when. Sexual harassment came all the rage in the actually opened up -- funds dedicated to flushing out. Do you think it went too far. Second those things. Well well I think perhaps -- I think some and I think some women just like many and our could be returned and it looked at and I always felt -- bank -- Art and so I'm sure there were quite a few cases that were not that were not -- that's why aren't. They're -- on the outer limit her arm and so I think now that there are at sideline for a it's really helping women in the work place because -- more in the workplace you know. On and I have to tell you on it I want and which ones that I am good friends with one of the women who. A lot was personally its claim against mr. -- and I. I that's one of the beyond reproach is a wonderful bubbly. Just. After about one makes good very good at what she and -- and she she will become part of yeah and she really did get -- -- the woman wearing your talk to a certain way. They really don't score you especially when you when you asked not to meet talk to. Great -- once -- Laurie just called once again we got to go real quick to Allen for traffic. -- of a lot of traffic on the mainland of the -- way it's very very busy at this point from Cleveland driver down through William Walden from the 190 under the 400. Very busy going Mickey's not so much the same around Walden 33. Against the wall to wall traffic at this point. Getting at a downtown remains that way in the one Andy North from a church remain Niagara. Out towards the peace bridge in the 198 to ninety remains very busy from before Sharon and I mean to the ninety west ramp. We had an accident on the in ninety west of Cleveland according to one of our callers to cars. Over on the left side we had a radio report of the problems still on the 400 south they have included that totally yet. By before union had a tire carrier off the road. And still trying to figure out how to get it out of there when I've been being told in the back up but still slowed associates' being on the thruway. Into the Indian settlements traffic command and -- harassed only colleagues. Point two degrees out there feels like 31 which I guess would be called the wind warm factor. He -- feels like 31. Here on WB in this Michael put in for Tom Bauer are resistant are really good conversation with Lorraine. Who takes a pragmatic view this whole sexual harassment I think it's. Your view is probably the view that America has landed on after the ninety's at sesame in the ninety's with them. I had to iron I had a young woman who worked for me or. Who took the day after she was sick. At the PR for -- worked in Washington. And I went out for a launch with a client. And went. To my table and come over to the table I found my assistants. Eating and actually drinking. With with a boy. And she was absolutely. Just stunned when she's our boss walk. She came to work the next day Maureen and accused me of sexual harassment. And the proof that she had is that I had shared with a photograph of a shark. A shark. And she said that I knew she was afraid of sharks and when I showed her -- shark that was sexual harassment now. It was absolutely thrown out but the point I'm trying to make news that she got busted doing something wrong. And then charged me with sexual harassment to get out of it and that happened every single day in the nineties. What quantity and what. Sort -- can give account are women who have real claim. That. Because I -- I actually work and I'll Wear I thought someone actually perhaps a friend of my time she came to to to do -- -- job. -- something about it. But patient I would not say it because it -- happen to me a -- -- -- -- -- archer. And that's what it felt like she did she wouldn't be welcome in that business anymore she would ever. Which they not get this is as. -- a lot -- times unfortunately women have to make they actually I can't -- what. So that I can still work get the place that -- -- -- want it. And that's what -- is that you know people women of equipment and and look at that went there -- -- -- -- -- -- his arm and -- -- the first -- -- people are disgusting to me because that way and the people have a claims are the ones were not hurt and that it's. Such a shame because we should all feel we shot killed -- its case. And how effective it -- work. The -- question you know I get that and I think that you know any kind of situation like this gets worse before it gets better and I think a lot of man. Suffered under false accusations but I think that has nothing to do. With what we're looking at right now clearly seven different women saying. Having a very similar stories none of whom really worked together they worked after each other. So. Michael I think I think. You probably I won't fit my brother's name not my brother was chief of staff of several congressmen. During the eight during the night sort of feeling to -- you -- know each other and simpler story. We probably. Well Lorraine and I really appreciate quality can be put some finer points on this I I really agree with you so very sensible very pragmatic person. And any time I'm sit in this chair you're welcome a call appreciate it. Well thank you and things are. Bringing up that topic I think it's very very important. Thank you you know was such RS with -- very very deep thing it's a that we need to talk about after this break we got to pay if you bills here. This is Michael Caputo and for Tom Bauer on the Tom -- show news radio 930 WBE and.

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