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1-9 Michael Caputo Hour 2

Jan 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're back. Tom Farley show here on news radio 930 WB and 407. PM all you county workers -- and -- cars. And yards after four time it weakens to withdrawal. -- getting out of that storm -- are really wasn't the and a magnificent blizzard we thought it was going to be. This is Michael Goodwin for Tom -- he's off today until 7 o'clock. And not be. Quite an interesting day prime interest in day you have if you didn't catch it could you have -- you have to work and you know I know a lot of folks in the this area aren't all interested in that -- -- new political news during the day thing rather boring if you asked me. It's what I do for a living so I had to give up from my desk in my office and go over watch Chris is -- Go on for an hour -- on costs almost two -- thank. I should time -- ever time. I always think -- get your -- -- -- and watch -- on and on and on. On don't I mean it. There -- twelve times thirteen times I if I were his Press Secretary standing just off camera. I would say thank you very much people thank you very much were all done here it is he answered the same questions over and over the same ways there was no variation. It was. It's my fault. I'm sorry to the people of New Jersey but I knew nothing about it it was absolutely something. That I have absolutely no knowledge at all of this. And you know -- -- any comments about his weight but it looks a little bit like sergeant Schultz is well. And I look at in general public -- I -- not actually -- is very nice guy you'd you know he moves around a lot. Camps are you really wouldn't know he's overweight he's he's got more energy than most men I know. But that that that defenses is pretty familiar pretty familiar asked. Whether or not he had any clue if his people word and were going down this road to shut down. These. Lanes that were feeding under the largest bridge in the United States has to be here to punish. Democrat mayor of Fort Lee. His reply in today's two hour long press conference was very clear. Yeah in fact he did give up this morning that suit on he's up there. Actually hit it pretty well I was listening to a little bit of Limbaugh on the way over here. Takes me about thirty minutes getting your forty minutes from from Easter or listen to it and and the reviews that are out there is that he pander in August but the -- he'd he'd he'd he'd work the press well to be answered very clearly he was. He was. Wasn't kind of trying to dodge -- he took. The the the guilty he said it was his response with a buck stops here -- said that -- ten dollars worth of times. At the end of the day. He said you know these people I love them they were there were loyal to me I'm hurt in fact I'm sad but the real important thing for a bit ago is that I just. -- effect at 5 o'clock AM and bring on. Roger Stone who's the infamous Republican bad boy. Are matching those -- quite well knows all the people in fact he's introduced some of the guys who have been fired and die because of the scandal. I'm wondering is this gonna kill Christie's chances is that particularly chances I mean he's supposed to be running he'd actually stacks up well against. It's Hillary Clinton in these early nonsensical polls. He stacks up pretty well. But are the and he uses taken what do you think -- do you think well here's the thing. In New Jersey ever -- worked for. For governor Tom -- and futures and arm and his reelection. It we found out during Election Day. That. There were men standing outside of polling places and at risk of urban zones. With pistols are in holsters on there. On their belts in plainclothes. Very clearly law enforcement officers and a lot of people in the urban areas who had fear of award to support that did not -- vote. And when the governor found out that this was being done. He fired everybody involved and took all those people off the polls and he was absolutely mortified. And it took absolute and complete. Responsibility for and those people were gone make mess around in New Jersey. They don't mess around so I know. That. The governor Tom Cain did not know about the precise in his face when he found out -- just collapsed. But I mean did you believe it today when. We in Governor Christie stood up there and and while I mean the sergeant Schultz defense. Well I think you know I don't think Roger Stone -- -- talked to a sector for after 5 o'clock today I mean. Christie is he's a bare knuckle brawler he does not mess around when it comes to politics it's his way or the highway. But he's claiming that whole thing all supposedly revolved around the fact that he was rounding up all these endorsements in his recent reelection November. Of Democrats are elected officers he's Republican he's planning a Democrat endorsements. To show that he works across the the party lines of course he does mean. But apparently that this story is that this governor offended the staff of the government may have -- time ago we. This democratic this Democrat may -- of four -- refused to endorse so they shut down. Are you the most I mean it was retirement to a three hour. Traffic -- awful stuff awful step. It'll threes early thirties aren't in your cellphone to call it what you think about these. Do you think it's ever -- Is really out there as well but Mike in Amherst. You were calling about Cuomo. Mike are you there. Hello Mike. Well like me. It Michaels. Mike. And thanks for -- Mike. No problem Michael I'm -- spell wondering get infected or -- It. If you -- It the ability of the wall -- seeing coming down you game. A little optimistic view what depending. -- -- -- -- -- What being that it -- -- break out in all that and. Well I don't know that's and that's what -- asked if you've heard gases over organize I was of the opinion that not even state senator Jesus H Christ. Could be Andrew Cuomo in this blows the Blue States I didn't think even he could do it of course. That was a joke but then. David DiPietro -- -- jays starter -- in a year or prompt. And they say they -- path to victory for him which necessarily. Was wrapped around the ability to motivate and mobilize voters who oppose the safe -- So what their point is that if you can get those people vote motivated him as to vote and that takes money. And you can outspend our Andrew Cuomo you might be able to. Beat him but it's a very narrow path to victory what do you think of that of that -- -- went and -- it is bad that -- that are good because that child would never Lotto loot. Well you know I'll tell you. Known him. He's not he doesn't like to lose a but he also taste takes great risks in his career and take -- and his business. So he's no stranger to risk either. But he you know when I was talking to him about running for president. He said. And we were part as a look. Act and actually I think it might have been David DP took those -- this last mediated -- mr. trump you know -- nobody has ever run for president. -- the -- they served in government or in the military and some high level or fashion. Nobody's ever been elected from business to be president -- states and trump look to him he said yeah I kinda like that. I mean that didn't mean he's not. Scared away because going to be difficult. The question is and I think between you and -- Monique is. How what's the in my mind I spoke to Carl when he was considering for governor people isn't really worth your time is. I mean there they're gonna run him and his family through the -- like the -- powerful army and that Cuomo people are blue coat whole room at all. And you know he doesn't need this -- companies had success in all areas of life. What is it that I guess it really comes down to what's in your heart and I don't know what's essentially not a personal friend you know I I might. But don't -- my next course yet. If you take over for -- you're doing a good that for abolishing. -- borrower. Not that -- -- -- -- I hardly ever hear about anymore -- they they sent. I'll stick in your feeling about standing up against the Cuomo mentioning pilot and the RO. Well I'll tell yeah. I I don't know why are our miners -- arms taken time off and end and I don't know much about those accusations. That are flying around but I do know this. I don't put anything past. The Cuomo machine I don't put anything past them. Other things that they did to Carl Paladino the things I found out -- -- -- researching his background I put nothing past them. Of the one thing that I have to caution you -- about is that in this blues to Blue States most people. Really lineup -- scales -- as they kind of just you know lineup for. Our cooperation. With Cuomo. But still even his list of enemies is so long. -- I don't know if Tom bowers kind of fun that was to actually have been. A target but I do know that I would not have nothing would surprise nothing. And fire out there and it -- patient. I didn't hear any of that. I didn't hear -- -- I I understand that but I appreciate your kind words might really get -- for -- -- compliment calls her arm and a jump off here real quick. We've got a call in from Mike and she will want to talk about Gabbert and carbon Gavin Malik. And correct me if something. No dog underdog is architect -- targeted. Chris. You know it. Yeah can't predict -- that set up. -- -- know -- history you gotta protect yourself you can give yourself all the present -- it -- good yeah obviously it. Armed and -- -- yeah -- you can -- it go. Well here's the thing I I hold no. I don't content to this kind of behavior towards the allegations -- true I don't at all but here's the and I think you know -- like -- and if you eventually to audience of this on my family's from here you know. Arm. Might. I don't want -- -- I know people my father's age who would would be in trouble themselves in the assembly I mean it's really comes from kind of of the buffalo ethnic. Old school. Generation. Where you know of these kinds of comments and things were were tolerated not just tolerated you know people didn't work -- offended. So -- of people and the delicate personalities a delicate sensibilities of people in New York City drive when -- PC days. I'm not giving any excuse for any kind of sexual behavior that's disgusting. But what goes over in Cheektowaga. Does not over in the upper east side of New York. You don't mean. And I think definitely he should have known -- -- -- coveted -- -- we all experience the ninety's and early 2000. We keep doing this scandal you have a copy it by now these critics. You're right you're absolutely right end and -- I wish everybody involved in this well all of them. All seven of the women if more come forward and I heard that you may never know made me more may come forward. I wish to get attacked him well as well it's it's it's a horrible thing and we'll we'll get the bottom but I really appreciate your corporate have to go. Our real quick to traffic right. Who always got via one problem it's and the 400 southbound. It's -- Seneca or before union if you prefer. It's a car carrier and a tractor trailer that went off the road into the snow. And it's causing some real slowdown 400 southbound. At this point of corals seemed to be doing OK at the moment still. Along on the thruway -- to ninety's the Kensington. Everything else seems a pretty good shape at the moment in new -- little monster of command and Allen nationally calling it. And we're back. Here at the AccuWeather forecast mostly party -- below seventeen the temperature rising in the middle twenties some snow late tonight and warning Cuban and coach coating of an inch. Lingering clouds and not as cold market and -- 37 considerable -- becoming windy late tomorrow night with a little rain. Low of 35 Saturday cloudy and windy with rain tapering to a couple of showers high of 46. Where is it the better for so long. Jump right to the phones here. Bill in buffalo you were you called in about the governor's proposal. The genome project yes sir I I gotta tell you that aren't that fast. Well here's the I -- part. I or DNA test to accompany. It the FDA. -- to stop selling the any -- So my DNA. Is. On the Internet where I want it to be because we wanted to to seek more information about our family and -- I just turned sixty pictures of myself to divert. I think. The genome. Project is an interesting one from me because the -- arrogance and a company that was like different. Correct me if I'm wrong I think was started by a guy from Google girlfriends. And they take samples by U. Oh right the crowd sourcing project where I I've heard that that's actually really compelling stuff and you're participating in the. -- -- minority candidate but in the meantime in order to get into it you've got -- -- -- yourself -- Arctic California. Which New York State doesn't permit under some law. Chris you just have to drive to -- to veto it. Cronies Canada -- cousin. And yes. So that is so. You're telling me that they've got some regulations on the books that prohibits them at some of this kind of activity and -- and opened a whole business in buffalo. So do you think you know the government has a little bit toothpaste and trying to push. Google's girlfriend. The business -- -- you know big DNA here big genome takes so. You know it's it's really interesting because we don't know which direction this is going and they're counting on sharing doctors and talent and resources. With the Manhattan. Based -- physicians. So if you're on the -- that we have -- human right of knowing water DNA code kids would be my position. -- -- Well I would I. I agree I mean I think that I I think that this kind of researchers compelling I think that there's a lot of cures that in mind in this agreement that. I think there -- a lot of them. In fact inheriting a lot of stuff about my own DNA I'll -- disappointed the whole world can tune in to get that information for themselves individually. That school and what do you think. Can't do it in the United States because the Food and Drug Administration in the so that is a federal regulations state the right gone. It's an interest think proposal -- I didn't listen you know everything. To -- governor had proposed because it looked to be too long -- Canada recorded on the local. I don't think -- Mika. Disks that large. I don't wanna tell you -- I wanna I wanna tell you -- Alitalia real. You look at -- medical marijuana which is beneficial thing for people who are sick you know like type of breast cancer. And marijuana helped her. Not in particular -- that but Serbs strip in general so new -- -- for women and breast cancer EU hopefully produce you know. The people at the side effects of a team all or or the actual -- because McCain there. Yet the governor Glenn I'm not on one side or the other analyst Donald Trump idea because it's like to go to casinos in Vegas. Related to -- chose to -- All right well let me tell you where we got to go to a break here but I think. This genome project this genomic medicine project is very -- the problem we have here those I think that they have some regulations regulatory straightening to doing things that's -- but also. There's a lot of promise and and a lot of kissing him promising here. -- there's no Yule. There's no real infrastructure in place that we of the juries really outs of this human this genomic medicine project is still are in the future. But thanks -- called -- to go to a real quick break your pay some bills on the Tom -- show here news radio 930. WB -- It's 430. The sabres have -- general manager and what worries again I'm Tom look at the stories coming up a first traffic and weather together here is -- -- still going with this one problem on the a 400 -- -- beyond Seneca army for -- the union. In that general area tractor trailer tire carrier has gone off the road into a field into the snow and itself causing major back up from that area -- -- To the three way at this point I think is certain to affect the a three way also you wanted to jump I'm Hannah former itself. And finding a very slow go over this afternoon at this point -- or else the mail on into the -- way on the 33 the -- eagle of the blue water tower Kensington coming out of downtown. When ninety's coming out of downtown was to be moving OK without any accidents being reported. Into -- devious little march traffic command ML harassed no way calling it. Acura has mostly cloud it's monologue seventeen but the temperature is rising in the middle Taiwanese lingering clouds not a call tomorrow afternoon high of 37. Right now -- -- when he won the reason -- or here's what's happening right now for 31. -- sabres general manager Jim -- has got to clean slate with players and says Ted Nolan will remain in the notes. -- however told reporters the sabres are in last place and right now anyone could be treated. I think there's a great opportunity with with high -- And and the willingness to turn party your -- over two to laughter topping guys and talk and guys are easy yet. The sabres game meanwhile postpone this week against Carolina has been rescheduled for forever 25. -- watch this weekend for most of Western New York combination of warmer temperatures and rain will speed up your snow melt. And that -- -- ice jam forming on the subject applauding Erie county officials are meeting with residents and Clarence right now to discuss what can be done to -- -- along Goodrich road. Legislator at -- at the point before Christmas crippled residence at a worse time and a very bad time -- reconstruction of coverage this year. Can avoid future -- Checking the WBM dot com thirty minutes after the Dow finishes down eighteen at 16100445. NASDAQ down -- at 4156. S&P up a fraction 1838. The exclusive WB and accurately forecast. Most electronics -- seventeen but temperatures rising into the middle twenty some snow late tonight and tomorrow morning to accumulate according to an inch. Lingering clouds not -- cold tomorrow afternoon high of 37 right now partly cloudy 21 in buffalo. Noble 41 else become a WBE an insider get breaking news traffic and weather alert emails from WB and sign up at WB EN dot com. I'm Tom pocket his -- or 9:30 AM WB yen. -- And we're back. That thing. Misery united WBE and the Tom Farley show this is Michael Caputo in fort Tom Arnold tees off today. I get -- at it's -- It's really hard work or tiger or anybody who sits up there with -- like I did for some years. And thinks of talk radio disease that Tom and and I've -- of the people here are are they were brought Sandi -- Just in order to be on the air for three or four hours. He got a lot of preparation to do. And are ready. Viewed through the listeners at WBA and the catch these guys are low information voters there's no question about that we are talking about. Dennis cameras that came what's going on with that whether or not he's doing the right things Jim from north -- -- -- thank you for calling it. Good -- good thanks. -- out in -- -- about being in Caligiuri the probable while the sexual harassment office. The type of too stupid to pick up on the messages that have helped that out west that's our. The other it was luck and I'll always in the direction where. You're cute couple doors down for me. At that lower or wants to where -- always. Meet common goal. And two -- -- between. Buyers. I was at a -- Paris -- the bad part but Obama wears. It's starts pocket looked to rack and my and -- look better -- like. You know apple opted border -- talk. The -- he wanted to talk but the subsequent -- all to me that it appeared he -- look at what not to do would be. -- Bob -- don't think it's actual harassment. Well it might now be sexual harassment but it certainly can be harassment very quickly and if you are talk sex. You've got to know. Let you know if they want to talk up the -- of the wanna talk to you whether to kick you work with me about yours meter out all the way we're built. Apartments where you live cable that you are able wait for an if you think that I have a boyfriend. This -- here. Right you know what here's the thing and and I'm not gonna take the Allah give the sign of the allegations -- the side of of the assemblyman thing. And by the way I know some of the seven women who have filed complaints I I believe anything they say about anything because they're truthful people. On this is something that in these allegations will be will be dealt with that the people I know who were making these allegations are. Are you can take here -- word of the bank but having said that Alitalia. In the ninety's Jimmy -- remembers your role in the nine. I'll I'll tell -- Jim if -- if you remember in the nineties this whole sexual harassment thing when it first came out it went. It went so far to the bad. Settlements started turning the other direction and then the accused men started winning the lawsuits. And so that. Really broadening. Joke about sexual harassment allegations in the in the work place. Turn the other direction the worm turned and men and started saying. That you know the that the women were were. We're setting them up in order to move them out of the way this has been a political football workplace football this whole issue of sexual harassment. As there there's no winner in it -- there's no winner. I enjoyed what I was strong challenger got -- to the hospital offered to -- years before we are. You're state correction officer that's what jobs are -- -- I think there has to work station of the fights I got off -- more paper very professional. They were -- they were the women with me it. Or yeah they were all about business unit met with them when it which she spoke -- yes -- only ever right away may have. Bet that was my relationship with vendors that -- its base of younger. There's that -- legal level -- at midnight Avery younger. Adults bubbly personality. Yeah I'm kind of a third shift attitudes I. The park -- the people who work. You all back up three collaborative have been back always differ from the personalities of people ship -- got involved. What kids are going to be back this -- what kids are back. And then go from there you know like that we may want to check which can look the other way. -- and it would appear every single. Because you color check that's probably could caller -- The old school gym. -- But this gym here's the thing here I mean I spent. Most of my career overseas. And moved in Central America South. Asia Russia Europe. Never root for. I have of the American perception of sexual harassment is particularly unique. -- people in France don't act this way people in. El Salvador don't act this way people in Japan don't act -- -- absolutely totally different culture. What Dennis get respect is alleged to have done would probably have earned a medal in France. -- -- If you don't have a girlfriend goal mama you know. A a mistress as a politician in France people think that you're not vero. You know and then I I worked for I worked for nearly ten years it -- eight years it's in in Russia are all told. Lived in Moscow and I got -- a table storage -- kind of discussing that on our our thirst no world dirty words that. I beat you know when I got there the walls come down in Russia and and people we grandmother for selling booze and cigarettes on the street just that the -- that -- things were easy to predict shot I mean I want our. Number one day came back to my apartment there were three men shot and heads packed like court -- from my door I mean it was nuts there right. Friend of mine -- 3736. Year old and I don't know at the time is now. And he had gotten wealthy in fact become a billionaire in the banking industry you know. Polling Russian natural resources probably not all on the up and companies -- a good drink and so we're out drinking one night which is pretty much every Russia. And after our first bottle of vodka he said he's at tomorrow I'm interviewing for secretary and you're invited. And I said what do you -- I -- I've already got secretary I don't need -- -- -- -- you don't understand how Russians and and -- shows means that ad in the Russian newspaper and here's is classified ad for jar. Wanted personal secretary. It's must be five foot ten blonde with blue lies at a shapely figure with a liberal view on sexual relations. That was his ad in the newspaper. Now -- All of its -- recently seen about of course I couldn't resist. I couldn't resist could result in Moscow right and so I go to was office the next day to attend these interviews and it. -- just walked -- first of all and it was disgusting right I mean Americans would have been appalled I was even -- with with two piece. And I came in and there had to be two DB two and a half dozen women. All sitting there waiting to be interviewed. I mean they wanted that job. I'll tell you my body ran that -- in Moscow. Would have been probably art that would put him in jail -- a -- -- with Kiefer he did. But it our culture. That would be it the first all the app would be published -- he'd he'd probably be beaten to death and Allen outside it's outside his office. -- Tomorrow more. -- in gold bars down here and here like the law ranked girls. Here. -- -- -- -- Number -- rep Bob let let. You know. In the thick black. They were by Robert called because they don't speak. A Robin. Coke. Coke and shall say you'll. Shaker add ago. Right analogy of that that that's always a developing country and and you know I've I've seen that -- Korea when I was in the army -- Russia it's still that way and Russians in the in the hinterlands. It's like that way all the world and the developing nations the ones who were not let's say in the in -- say the G-7 I except for Russia. And and the fact is as you become more evolved and as women gain in the workplace and game and society that kind of thing is less and -- Acceptable I don't think you see -- dance places in America anymore but they used to be all over the place in the last -- I mean I know our cultures they -- the oval. You got later that they that the -- and doubt. Fight that they want to talk you are receptive to what you say you know all along while I was working with one nurse that we should work for the men aren't. Very quietly and -- -- -- -- that. Certainly I don't want lying and being able to previews but I don't even know what. It's that maybe it will work -- rounds if you work from governors space. I'll be with over the spot and they. And what the bulk of the ones I know. I think we got to stop you there Jim -- -- hit me all worked out you know and I haven't you happy pizza. Give me all worked out. Right well outside of the one thing we know they look you know I've gotten off into into his side and discussion we know this. None of these seven women were the least bit interest. We know that. It. -- my question that the. But here's the -- Jim. I don't. I do know some of these men and one or two with a woman that I know if you made in an appropriate pass at her -- smacked in the head so I mean. I'm sure that the notes were necessarily. Were certainly said. You know. Ecuador right about what. Kicked alcohol which means don't -- down the bears. Gold -- to wait to get away for me I don't bet. Right well -- Yeah Jim I'll tell you when it's somebody. But it's very clear that that nobody who was working for a person should have to endure that kind of behavior. They shouldn't have to duck in the fires near dark to the fire -- to get out of -- there's some -- way. This is all gonna work itself up and I'm wondering what you think about this. 8030930. Should Dennis -- -- resigned do you think that he deserves a day in court do you think we all need to be put through that. 8030930. Start 930. On your cellphone. This is Michael to put in for Tom Barrow and Israel -- thirty WB yen. And were back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- who's going through their raises yet -- in the right lane is clear but the sort of -- equipment on the side. That's what's a slowing people down when it was a tire carrier apparently off the road into the national. And that's what's causing the problem is -- back up going back to the -- at least at this point on the 400 from the union road area. To nineties remains very busy word from one color. That's true location and a simple and five -- who knows that the problem with that area that was flooded. Ridge road earlier today so watch out of that. Getting the attitude ninety. At every traffic in the water -- getting and the 190s and the candidate or stumble OK at the moment. Into the B insulin market command the military's don't we call eight. Point two degrees out there. This is Michael flew in for Tom barreling. Have a right to go to regular phones -- in -- Jenny thanks for hanging on your calling in about sexual harassment. Hi all I hung on about -- -- -- Who went speaking about sexual harassment we continually. Allowed to Carl -- and checks. Nobody called -- about it yeah. No you're wrong I did I did not call them out on him. I did you miss. Not and. I was surprised. It if you did call not I didn't hear that he is -- and I was floored. Well you know this and it's -- its cultural thing in some ways it's -- I wouldn't use the words among among women don't know. Coma white that -- care in their rituals -- before but it's not a word it's -- but you know as we talked about it you heard the discussion. Jim is from a different kind of culture are one that. -- and others don't find politically correct enough and and you know I got to tell you when he was every time he -- -- -- I cringed a little bit because it. Kind of probably halfway between that generation the generation would never see it in I mean. By now I'm especially talking about the women there about that is spot just. Not to refer to that are within I don't -- Thank you refer to them -- -- he referred to women that he was describing. And anecdotes as chicks which doesn't make him better by. Don't want want and what Ali did not and try and -- -- -- -- Well I don't -- it. It is it is but you know I can remember my father's generation used that word all a lot of that word fraud. You know bimbo role in all those words that were tossed around in the seventies as well. Or is that guy. Well you know what it's not his job to be on the radio he's trying to. Two interact I I listen I I regarded as a speech impediment in on knock him column. Every time he says it. He's in its inculcated in its culture and located my -- culture and inculcated and -- -- -- -- Fraternity Brothers and I've -- you know I don't do it but that's because you know any kind of been in the public -- a little bit not corrected my speech at 52 years ago. A lot of people you know. I can tell your real angry about it. Well I you know -- but I. I I did calm out there reduced to just come -- -- that there would be great -- for using. Some people would be deemed appropriate move people -- -- but it's not it's free speech -- here with them. But anyway let me ask you this what do you think about those cameras -- situation. Where do you think this should go from here. I don't know enough about the situation to be able to have an opinion on obviously these women have come forward and other women have come forward because it's so comfortable as somebody else did -- first. I don't know we will see what happens looking outplayed out. You know what though that's probably the help these prospective -- on because I can tell your pre disposed to believe people who who who alleged abuse victims. I think most people are you know but there is -- legal process here unfortunately there's also a public relations process. Air and while -- even you know while this legal process goes forward there's a responsibility to people in public especially constituents. Don't think it's being taken care. With Jenny thank you very much for called and are really preached I totally hear you're saying in fact. There was some Clinton stuff cringing going on between the the. You weren't drinking a lot of pride in buffalo -- polite talk during that. It's indeed indeed -- this -- no harm intended I -- no -- taken and this is Michael Caputo in -- Tom Bauerle. On news radio 930. WBE -- injured.

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