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1-9 Michael Caputo Hour 1

Jan 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back we're here. On the Tom -- said 030 wait in news radio 930 at WB yen. This is Michael Caputo in -- Tom -- he's off today you're stuck with me until 7 o'clock today. Quite a day in politics. I think anybody who's has who owns a television or radio or has actually picked up the newspaper last four hours knows that. -- Governor Chris Christie's much Bally's you did. Republican. Presidential candidate for -- sixteen and the governor of New Jersey. Has stepped in a Chicago. Pace stepped in a pile he's -- add up to his knees in the start of the opens. Governor Christie repeatedly apologized to the people of New Jersey today saying that he was embarrassed. And humiliated by revelations that his deputy chief of staff. And very close appointees ordered lane closings on the George Washington Bridge into New York from New Jersey. To deliberately snarl traffic as an act of political vengeance against the Democrat mayor of Fort Lee New Jersey. They're calling this averaged eight although probably gonna call it something else in the near future this broke yesterday morning. I had about 9 o'clock in the morning on a New Jersey newspaper. Apparently angered by some political thing that the Democrat mayor did it -- very close to. The governor shut down lanes of traffic from Fort -- New Jersey on two. The largest blue ridge in the United States the very large this bridge in the United States and shut down the lanes. For four. Detainees. Forty's you think they play hardball politics in Buffalo, New York. Oh good god you Roger you're not from New Jersey. Or days there were two and three our snarls to get on the George Washington Bridge. Apparently people and emergency. You know in the and ambulances where I am because it. And Christine is on fire he's absolutely on fire and he's got the first maybe the most important most difficult scandal. -- his political career on his hands because. My means on two week range were closed for four days. Amazing. This is what a crisis it is in the gap like I gotta tell you it looks like everybody on the right raising the -- The reporters -- -- following the story and Kristi atom. Our app long press conference today where we were wringing their hands as the and he basically. It's why in the whole time. Was. You got that. Yes he took the sergeant Schultz defense spoke that is of direct quotation. From governor Chris Christie when asked whether his read his. He's. Our deputy chiefs of TP staff had told him where he knew anything about the lane closures he said at all. -- yep absolutely. The sergeant -- defense it works every time. -- it if -- -- I know people very very close -- to the governor I've I've met him several times. He's come up in New Jersey politics I spent a good amount of time working for former governor Tom -- I represented. A large to normal largest construction companies in the new York New Jersey area and their public affairs for some years. Spent a lot of time in New Jersey this is how they played ball in New Jersey. They play ball this hard it is but -- you know. I know the way that place where I know how tough he is in their people that I know in politics you say he is absolutely up this. Up to his neck it's not as mean if not crawl up as it's over his head. But in fact asked in his press conference today if he had ordered. The the closure of those lanes governor Chris Christie of New Jersey said very loudly. He knows absolutely nothing about it. Interest but this of course what passes for a scandal in American politics. A Democrat who's going to run for president who served as secretary of state did it. Absolutely nothing to save Americans who were dying -- been -- four hours. Excruciating. Waiting for someone anyone to come to their rescue. And when they asked Hillary Clinton what she knew she said. And somehow that's acceptable. That's fine no scandal here nothing here at all nothing at all. She did nothing what does it matter anyway and then of course the IRS targets conservative groups. And actually goes after them financially violating their rights in many different ways. And then we try to get down to the bottom of it why are these only Republican groups being our targeted wire groups were trying to organize votes against the president of the United States being targeted. And we asked them in bearings -- what happened what started this IRS investigation of political. Opponents and you hear the same thing. Absolutely nothing no scandal here and the media has moved on they moved on. But apparently what takes one hour plus of CNN's. I have time today. Was governor Chris Christie talking about -- to a bridge being closed. Now I know he's got to repeat it reputation being. He -- and might that mean he's from New Jersey -- the people I know in New Jersey bullies and I like him anyway. But now they're going to use these lane closures. To try and torpedo him and get him out of a race I don't nobody could really beaten Hillary Clinton anyway. But when you ask somebody anybody about being Ghazi and what Hillary Clinton had to do with that you get the same answer over and over again. But the lanes have been closed and people were inconvenienced and somebody might have died. We don't know -- we're just assuming yemen's problems. That's the new scandal that's an hour plus of -- television on C unit that is what's going to lead the news. On every single station tonight. At six markets X 37. That's what's gonna leave the news for the rest of this week and through the week and they're going to be talking about Chris Christie. And his -- being closed on all the Sunday shows. God forbid we should talk about -- -- god forbid we should talk about. The wave that obamacare has collapsed in two whimpering massive nothingness. Because the only thing we ever hear from any of those people will be asking about these bona -- scandals in the Obama administration is the same thing. -- what's worse -- that much works much worse than just pretending your sergeant Schultz in Hogan's Heroes much worse. Is what we've been seeing in our own little. Tempest in the teapot here in buffalo our own little scandal. Our own little example of why Albany is a disgusting fetid swamp of European. -- we have our own scandal involving several in fact it looks like approaching it doesn't now. Several women who. Have claimed that state assemblyman Dennis gap that has been acting inappropriately in ways that I don't need you you'll hear it we even hear it for weeks now. All over and over again I mean good god let me just Tyson before we get too deep into this today I wanna talk about -- respect I'm gonna talk about the scale of -- talk about what you think about before we get too -- and -- Let me -- eighths of -- They have absolutely. Screwed the pooch. -- Dennis. It's his fault to take -- he's taking really bad advice on public relations. I know that you're not supposed to talk about legal case in public nobody's asking him to do that nobody at all. Nobody's we're just asking him where are yours that you know how your constituents being cared for. Nobody out there has said anything to anyone about the central assembly staff. Where's that telephone number wise that on the TV screens with people will be represented by Dennis average act. Want something done god forbid on. On benefits health benefits something. Would make all we don't even now we don't have a -- and all the jabs at people had to do was say look this is a legal issue of the it will pass. I'm not gonna speak that is the specifics of it but if you need services here -- -- ago and I've been his community for many many years in my family and are not gonna leave you aren't. That's only had a saints did now he's pants off to a corner and too what corner and then we find out the most ridiculous thing a ball. Most ridiculous thing of all. Sources tell senior correspondent WI DB rich Newburgh nick Cheektowaga assemblyman Dennis -- that will be attending the opening session of the assembly on Monday and Albany. I'm not being there it was of their for the state to state he's going to be their Monday. Or here's the fun part on WI BP IBB dot com. Sources working in the assembly -- defense tell Newburgh they're looking into possible Republican ties of at least two of the former aides. Who have brought allegation. Allegations are also looking into why some allegations were far -- so it. Its growth apparently. If you were Republicans female staffer in the assembly. Sexual harassment. Might be okay. And if you wait because you're afraid. Have because Sheldon silver's created this atmosphere of fear for women who were being abused by their mail is elected leaders. Because people are afraid and they file there is allegations late somehow it's okay it's -- Sexual -- well of course. We are in the realm of guilty before proven innocent there are so many women saying the same thing over and over again. That our insurer that some of this has got to be have a kernel of truth at the very least he's guilty until proven innocent. But I guess there this. This little buffalo scandal which is due on New York's latest scandal was really really brought to light yesterday when. Andrew Cuomo talked about the scandals. In Albany as if they are behind us they are not behind us Andrew Cuomo the governor of new work rules over the most corrupt the legislature. And my lifetime in this state. Corrupt all the way down to the bone even here in buffalo. Where our assemblyman news. Dennis get respect is. Staying silent keeping under the radar avoiding any public statement that could save his best political afterlife. And instead choosing to look into the Republican ties of the people who were real -- alleging these things. And why they took so long to do it and in my in my mind the best defense Dennis gaps that can take right now. Is one we all know well. Absolutely. Let's talk about -- -- activists talk about these faux scandals. Of Kristi that the that the reporters are using them to to torpedo his presidential effort. Caught. Here on news radio at 930 WB EN 8030930. Or start 930 on your cellphone. Good call let's talk Michael Caputo in -- Tom Barrow and these video 930 WBE Aaron. And we're back. Tom barely show. Here on news radio 930 WB yen. This is Michael -- dormant for Tom is off today. A -- that team. What better way to play into. A story about. Salacious. Activities of politicians everything from sexual harassment of -- nigh on 27 dozen women. To who the lane closures. And -- and craziness craziness what I this that there's a lot going on. -- sac issue is one that has been on the tip of everybody's tone. And when this story broke. About. Sources telling rich Newburgh. That have to with a former aides may have had Republican ties -- with some of the allegations. Eight. I just it just blew my mind I I think it's ridiculous to even go down that road I mean it sounds to me you like they're. -- -- remaining silent when you should obviously be speaking to your constituents. Remaining silent in the and happening somebody. Somebody according to the newspaper read this get a read these very -- according to the to the news station sources working in the assemblyman defense. That means his attorneys. Told Newburgh they're looking into possible Republican diaries. Of some of the women who have accused him. -- Please summit I I know some of those -- there are Republican -- there's no question. There's no question fact. I've worked with some of them but with one of them at least but. But how does the Republican registrations. Up does that have anything at all to do with read and -- to put your hands. Well we're going to be talking at. 5 o'clock I'm were gonna be graced with the presence of renown Republican political consultant Roger Stone because. Roger who would not doesn't mean he's not just mine old friend he's also someone who knows. Governor Christie. And can tell us more what's going on behind Kristi scandal he knows all the players personally I know because he introduced me to. Roger has something to say about Christie's scandal gets compensated. Perspective that nobody else who. Happens. And we also is familiar with Cuomo in the governor's race and is still close to -- of story so close to Carl Paladino. After the governor's recent Tony tan and you'll be able to talk to us about. The governor's race and things of that sort 5 o'clock you'll be armed that. In the meantime were gonna go ahead and pay some bills we'll be right back here on WBN news radio 93. It's 330 Murray takes the GM's office and -- meeting on Clarence flooding I'm Tom looked at those stories coming up but first WB and traffic and weather together here's Alan Harris. Buildings right now tempers all not too bad out on the major roadways -- the 290 westbound on the ramp to Niagara Falls boulevard we have a disabled vehicle left lane. Also in west Seneca may have a tractor trailer off the road on the 400 before union. Other -- that prediction I haven't heard about any of the major problems and WB insulin march have a command -- Al -- -- we -- it. AccuWeather says mostly cloudy tonight but the temperature will rise into the middle twenties lingering clouds not a cold tomorrow right now we got sunshine twenty degrees and off court feels like thirteen -- what's happening right now up 331. Tim Murray takes over the -- as sabres general manager he says just about anyone can be traded from a last place. We've seen topping guys that nobody predicted would ever be traded we traded before and I can't tell you that there's ten guys have their -- now available but I know there is that there's turnover every year and you have to have the assets to at least get in the game when you're talking with those guys. Are you willing to. Step up and pay the price. Craig Patrick joins the club has advisable hockey department Patrick was assistant general manager on the 1980 US Olympic hockey team. Wanna watch in effect for areas should talk more Genesee Wyoming cattle artists and Allegheny County Saturday morning for Sunday afternoon. Steady rain combined with significant snow -- we'll -- a potential ice jam -- Every county a legislator at around this -- hosting a town Foreman Clarence one hour from now on the plotting in the town especially along brokerage wrote. -- hopes of mitigation and reconstruction plan can be done in 2014. The form will be held -- Clarence town hall again one hour from now checking the WB EN dot com thirty minute ticker. The Dow is down four at 16100458. NASDAQ down nine at 4156. -- 1839. AccuWeather says mostly cards monologue seventeen but the temperature will rise into the middle twenties some snow late tonight into tomorrow morning accumulating according to ranch. Lingering clouds not a school tomorrow afternoon high of 37. Right now mostly sunny twenty degrees in buffalo with the wind it feels like thirteen -- before anyone else become a WB EN insider. Get breaking news traffic and weather alert emails from double BB and sign up at WB EN dot com I'm Tom -- do is ready at 9:30 AM WB again. We're back. Tom Barrow a show here in radio at 930 WPM this is Michael who -- out today. Remember our number is 8030930. -- star 930 on you -- cell phone. This is going to be very interesting. Week next week Perot -- -- -- and we now we know the average is going to attend this session of the assembly. On Monday. We also know I've been told by several people aren't in Albany that he's not going to be welcomed with open arms that women. On the assembly for floor have some have said they're looking forward to. Hissing at him. -- -- But so he's not gonna enjoy himself. -- it's going to be some sort of frenzy of feeding from blood in the water around. Sharks. I believe me I've been married Carl Paladino and I are endured a lot of score homes. With the Albany in the new media. Already media I'm New York City makes the Albany media look like children. But those children and Albany. And they have sharp knives and -- -- is going to be under scrutiny. There's no question that and the only thing that could be behind this. Is it any. He believes he's not guilty. Which could be possible. A lot of things are possible. Or he believes. NNS keep most of accusations. And you know preserved his career and serve onward and what people forget or number three. Me he is. Just trying to. Maintain his position long enough for family oriented. Details like for example you know maybe maybe that if family needs via other retirement he's. Been in government service long enough now where he has some retirement coming in every day east raises another a bit more he gets. So maybe he's trying to dues -- survival strategy. From that perspective. But you know I've been in politics now for thirty years I've been on 74 campaigns are far more than a dozen of the campaigns I've worked on him on. Often the scandal and certainly many of them do to sexually charged. Issues whether it was emails sent. Horror allegations of girlfriends etc. And one thing you don't do ever is stay silent that your opponents define. So everything gets a failing grade there and probably because. Not because he's following his own advice and counsel getting bad advice. For people who don't understand. They probably understand the -- quite well but if you look at W WP story. On WI BB dot com they're talking about the potential Republican days of the women who we actually victims. There are Republican -- in fact. One of them. And. At least reeling it was you know I don't know if she is a registered Republican but. -- she was a worker on our Carl Paladino is gubernatorial campaign and it was -- -- closed with me close with all the policy she was. A real breath of fresh air in the campaign when I saw her name on this I took it very seriously. But because -- and Republican or have Republican ties. As somehow her complaints which were very very serious. Have no merit and if that's -- -- or sources working in the -- on the defense are telling you. -- -- -- You need to -- think he or resources. Or advisors is that is are we using gambit. You start pointing the finger some kind of conspiracy. You start blame in the victims on this app I don't even know what to -- from a PR perspective you're going down -- Legal expert perspective market pretend in the 8030930. Is our telephone number here he's ready at 930 WB in what do you think of assembling and caregivers. What do you think of that hole. Thing do you believe that he's being set up do you think that he should resign do you think it. We should as his constituency you is. Robert. You with his constituents would have to endure weeks if not months of substandard services are well he defenses and by the way you know that the assembly campaign for his defense. In -- his attorney has made it very clear that he is hoping for government money to pay his bills. Aren't priced right right I guess there is this record in the past that means over has actually yours your money. -- to pay off. Women who were accused. Another segment of the same thing basically the same thing. And if so why were were subsidizing. The downstate sexual harassment like him receptors the upstate sexual. That makes sense to you. Well it's Robert. Guilty until proven is that there's no question about that. I don't disagree. But if he's guilty of well let me just say this I've used this in interviews and I've told people about there's. I'd seen on scandals have involved a lot of scandals in the past right helps all -- scandals from communications report I always listen to the attorneys the attorneys. Every time. Are wrong about public relations. There are some attorneys are there -- some rock stars in the Supreme Court circuit such. But I worked for the understand the value of litigation communications but I've not -- returning certainly aren't here in this city in this market. That understands the value -- is this kind of a progressive way. Of looking at things in the legal community very few -- public release of having any merit at all in fact received dangerous I'm sure his attorney. Sees it as dangerous as well. What's more dangerous is point to the partisan and timely nature of the complaints against your client. The one thing I know is that if you're the least bit guilty. Of any of these. Allegations. Against you don't care who it is whether it's got to respect or whatever. If -- the least bit guilty you need to make a judgment call in your own heart with your own family. As to whether or not you were willing to go forward defending your behavior. Disapproving. The ones EC are wrong and agree that OK I did that. You wanna go through that. Both say no and they get there. And also by the way if you feel the least bit that no he did that none of this is obviously that is. I have seen many many many. Crisis. You remember congressman Lee. He. He actually. Quit so quickly -- -- decision not to ever quit so quickly that there is no. They called collateral damage probably most excellent exercise of crisis communications crisis resolution I've ever seen in my career. Very welcome -- There certainly constituents that we have a special election soon thereafter. But we see. The exact opposite and again I respect him. I told channel two it's -- work report -- you know. I'm co host on two sides. Which is another thing on -- the two sides of the juniors -- with. With. -- Zurich who is also one of the complaining former. Employees of Dennis -- so I'm a little close to -- but you know. It's just seems like so much is he guilty. He's innocent should he step aside together it's 8030930. Started -- so I'll tell you this. I was you know. This exact story is probably stole weeks later the biggest story in and Western Europe certainly in Erie county politics. Certainly in -- politics. It's a very big story. But we are unable to talk about it putts on two sides because mine's co host on the Democrat side. Is wrapped up and it is one of these victims in the alleged victims Christie can't talk about it so. You know I don't I have a one sided conversations that it's tough. Mean you know your use and bring your you know when your your involvement in the situation you can't speak excellent service station feels the need to stay away from the speech is in the station. Well it -- -- -- -- on to converse. About it. Very difficult but of the comparison between. Dennis -- present in his. Scandal. And of the lane closures scandal. -- futures today with Chris Christie. I I don't think you can even compare them. Can't even compare them and then when you compare what's been happening at Albany as a matter of course. We have. We have discovered joining the the ranks of Vito Lopez they called him -- is so famous. When he actually will be absent is like the things he did made Dennis ever -- look like mormons. And that we have Micah Kellner who was another person for quite a bit about he had his reputation all these things are open secrets by the way. They're all open secrets everybody knew who that might encounter always. Kind of super. Everybody knew that. That if you get within reach arm's reach of -- -- guys that you were gonna get a handle drugs. And I heard through some of the coverage that. That there's been open secrets in and talking -- about the government be as well in the polish community. In the Cheektowaga -- and I've heard it before I've. Just as a Republican who's on the margins of this park just standing there all people apartment. I was on the stories have moved home and 2000. Really tough to understand how you can act in this fashion if it's true. You can actions fashion while Vito Lopez and Micah Kellner are going down harder -- And according to some of these complaints he was acting like this recently. Recently. Retirees one last thing before we go on break -- look at our army is very very click it. I am not doing this with the sanction of WB -- but if you have that tape. Of -- percent. If you have the video of the apparently produced allegedly produced. Speaking org taping -- with the G rated screening would appeared to be oral sex. To the view to news staff who were forced to -- if you have that tape send it over to. I am not Santa wanna -- watch it I'm just saying I think I know somebody who wants to take a look at the can you imagine what makes you think that that's that's. You send a video of yourself in the even the fate threw his picks this week. I don't know but it's where at 8030930. Start 930 on yourself on this as Michael -- and for Tom hourly. We're going to be back right after these messages and news for united WB and. Here is -- traffic. But I cleared of the relevant to many west ramp to Niagara Falls boulevard so that's good news to that this problem enough. 400 southbound. Where union. Tractor trailer car carrier going off the road and a into the field and is the real mess over there you'll want that to be cleared out. And then on the peace bridge a little bit of a -- coming across into the USA. Everywhere else looking pretty good at the moment indeed be insulin a bunch of command -- -- we call it. 42 degrees out there mostly cloudy tonight -- seventeen. Temperature rising in the mid twenties some snow late tonight and tomorrow morning -- -- -- -- and in some lingering clouds are not as cold tomorrow afternoon our high of 37. Considerable -- becoming windy late tomorrow night with a little rain below 35 Saturday cloudy and windy. With the rain tapering to a couple of showers high of 46. Tomorrow should be a decent day -- guys -- tomorrow but I am having lunch with Donald strong tomorrow. As and that's something. Right tomorrow there are all. I'm gonna say safely 35. Republicans. In the from across the state a lot of them count teachers in fact probably half of them -- -- from the Republican Party coming in to meet with Donald Trump talked to him about his potential candidacy. For governor. Of New York to run against Andrew Cuomo. As we saw from yesterday's state of the state speech he's now tax cutter in -- jobs. Creator. Andrew Cuomo. And and and I'm Tanya I talked to Donald Trump on a regular basis. He is strongly considering this he has Ceres -- considering running for governor and if you're hearing it from somebody else that he's not. UBB -- fatal mistake that is wrong. -- he may not if I if somebody put dynamite and said. Yes or no what is that I'd probably say no oak is why in the heck would he want to be governor of New York where an awful jobs that would be. This place is in. Terrible -- I don't care what would. Whip -- Cuomo told us yesterday we are in a fix in this state and we are not gonna get out under his leadership. And as you've heard receive before they're -- I don't even know if there is human alive who can be in one if that person. Lives in New York State is probably. Donald Trump. It's probably someone with unlimited resources. With a high name ID who doesn't have to spend 25 million dollars telling people who use. And someone who's got solid Republican values go up there. And go toe to toe with -- what -- something as a guy who ran a campaign against him with Carl Paladino. And -- -- some Italian. And Cuomo is blue hole brutal brutal. And he's got so much money he's probably got around 35 million dollars right now. That if somebody gets in the race who is a good guy a good woman a strong candidate in good Republican to run against him and doesn't have any money he will eat. -- for watch me eat them before launch. As someone who's tough SP -- who's got you know money it's got to be someone who can say you know what today I'm putting ten million dollars into an account. And I am announcing my candidacy for governor of New York. Well -- get an early plane tomorrow which is gonna be filled with local Republicans Republicans you Waldo names view on. The most powerful Republicans in Western Europe and replace them than there are enough county chairman who were paying their own way. To meet with Donald Trump at his invitation they are getting on -- planes further with their own money from all across the state. Probably 35 maybe forty -- -- Their covenant of that to sit with mr. trump and his private a conference room had talked to him about -- things. I don't care who ER that's serious that is Ceres now people say this over currently 62 telephone calls for. Talk to every. Count each year in the state who would who talked. And they tell me one after the other told me. Nobody's played. Hamlet more than Donald Trump Richard Burton hasn't played him more than Donald Trump comes -- as well I'll tell it what. He's not standing in his office right now. -- He has been very careful not to talk about that he has been beaten the army's not trying to get publicity and in fact when David DiPietro and I don't know -- assemblyman who came to -- And said that we should go meet with him. Who asked -- to put the meeting together. You know we had to -- for the B we had asked more than once and it was not something they were eager to do. So if you think you're Donald comes through this to get public relations he's he's he's running away from. He really is considering now. I said if some reporter gonna -- right now maybe 500 dollars on on those I would say. No because who in their right mind. Is he is victory for later. -- but let's talk about it's it's 80 three's current thirty year and -- the cell phone news radio nine that it would be in the Michael here tomorrow.

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