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New Sabres GM Tim Murray

Jan 9, 2014|

Announcement of new Sabres GM Tim Murray, and Senior Adviser Craig Patrick

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At this time I'd like to turn on over the president of hockey operations. Elephant and thanks kitty it's great to be here thank you for everybody attending this press conference. Special thanks to. Jane can rule our owners. Higher Ed black president but our executive staff Ted nor coach here. I want to thank our organization and our whole organization for their patience during this process. I would also like to thank all the candidates. For the opportunity to interview them. There organizations. In particular I'd like to think primary from the Ottawa Senators and John Davidson. From Columbus Blue Jackets for obviously their opportunity to to hire these candidates here today. I'd like to also take this time. It's kinda comfortable for me to be in the middle playing center my whole life. To have these wingers is pretty special. The guy to my right here I don't know what else you can say other than the Olympics are around the corner. He's won a gold medal in 1980. He's won championships. Stanley cups. He's a hall of Famer. We're so excited and proud to have him on board as a special assistant and advisor. To the hockey department. I can't tell a great a program. Thank you. I'm my left. We have a great tradition here buffalo I think. The first great general manager who had an eye for talent was punch him luck. But French connection here buffalo. I think we have the next great eye for talent and evaluate your. He's paid his dues he's done everything in the game he's done a great job developing hockey players. He's gonna bring him along with our staff. The next great Buffalo Sabres are our future I'm proud to announce. Our next general manager Tim Murray. Thanks pat might like to thank you Terry and Kim blew up and Pat LaFontaine forgive me this opportunity. This is my first GM job obviously. I think some opportunities in the past to get my name in the ring. And this is the first time that I thought that. It's a real serious job and and the right situation and the right time for me. To come to simulate buffalo. Were you going to strap on your boots strap on your skates and worker and that's my history that's. Worm from. My background is in evaluating players and people and I think this is the right time for region to start doing that again and I'm extremely happy that I in this opportunity and also like to thank my. My wife and three kids for 21 years of patients and not seeing me a lot for being on the road and if they've obviously put up with a lot and they're not here today but this is. An exciting day for them also. And there are a lot of people that are here also that. That a healthy and that's that's that's scouts are guys that. Do all the work. I got the opportunity based on the people that have helped me get here and there's there's a large amount of them but there's a few core people I'm not gonna name and they don't with the error. And without them you know I would just be. Just be a hockey I wouldn't be considered. Special talent. And there are guys out there that are in their cars right now going to games are getting ready to go to games and they've been a big influence on me in a big help for me. And lastly the guy Bryan Murray who give me the opportunity 21 years ago to get into this business and has brought me along. As. Really been a mentor for me and and he he he. Obviously you give me an opportunity to have to leave him and come here or have the chance to at least talk about the job here which worked out so. That's it for me. Thanks Tim. I'd like to and it used now my right here hall of Famer Craig Patrick. It's great to be here today. Getting to know school is a little more on the minimums over years ago but. They're great people I think everybody is realizing that there in buffalo. Don't tread life for a long time to unknown. It's it's just great to be part of this family. I am really looking forward to being part of it. And many rebuilds in my career. As a GM for 23 years and rebuild a lot of teams and this is going to be fun and I'm really anxious to get started and let's just happy to do if I give him much. I'm mark and Ian have microphones. Any questions from the media. Frazier and Paul. All that great what what does credits rolled and he now and October. It's going to be a special assistant and advisor for the hockey department. He's gonna be around he's a great help evaluate he's got the experience he's. One Stanley Cup season as he said he's gone through rebuilds. I think his advice and his experience is going to be tremendously valuable through this process. Company need W to be Jersey. What will people or got into him. The division of power right this isn't maybe the right word but how would you do envision working together. What an odd. Well he he's the general manager in the day to day operations. One thing I found out there in this process and interviewing and it's it's been a great process. And I interviewed some tremendous. Candidates out there. I wanted to find the right fit for organization. I think Tim's eye for talent. He's done a great job and being in and they just won the Calder cup a few years ago. He's done gone through these rebuilds in the sense. And and it's a team really it's kind of the office of the general manager rich and you tend gonna Wear the hat. And he's. He's earned it he's been Tony 21 years on the road east on every job to get to this point his last job has been as an assistant general manager. And he's had some success everywhere he's been. And he's gonna have success here in buffalo and and will work together as a team it's gonna take a team. And that's what we're all about whether it's in the hockey operations department whether it's on the ice it's about the team. Item over the Buffalo News I hit it right me. Here or you're ready as you mentioned this the right securely in what was it about this week in particular. Right. I think a lot of things came together obviously with that talking about. He shall. A lot of interest and on and a lot of respect and in what they've done in the past which wasn't. A big harbor Imus glamorous job so I think he. He's he told me and and showed to me that it the importance of of scouting. Evaluating and I think that's cents. Evaluating everything in our game we we do every day you're not supposed to do it but we do it recharge every day and and you wanna make better judgments. Every day vs making poor judgments and so. He's right it's a team. You know I maybe talking to a general manager but when you get off that phone here here here. You're discussing that conversation with the people around human and they're all everybody's sounding more and and the better people that are around you the better decisions you're gonna make so. I think that and there that are good prospects here that the that the people here before me have have acquired like that. And obviously ownership allows you to do your job. Allows you to. Spend money when the time is right but that's that's on the case but it's its development. Putting in a program and we talked a little bit of their last night and and you know they're very open to. Two doing things properly and if it if the cost little more money than we're gonna do it and I think development. You can got you can drafting and the first round if you don't. You don't develop the rate you're not on the ball with him you can lose some news. And the other side of as you dropped again fifth round and he's developed right in and you do all the right things he could become players so some votes to vote. Detail. And I just I see a lot of good people in the organization in a lot of good things happening that it might not look like it from the outside but. From inside I think great things can happen here. We're working hurt. And and it was it was attracted to me. Tim Jeffers are right here for channel seven for small welcome to buffalo congratulations. One of the big first decisions you have to make we'll come at a head coach what do you know about. Ted Nolan as a head coach who have the final say on the prominent role and how will Nolan is in the interim basis roll into. Of that decision. I know Ted from from Arenas. Cinnamon arena is watching games whether he's watching his is that skater or scouting. Or. Security forces Avery it's been in the a normal long time when the casualties it's. He's a coach this team. I got the job last night. I'm an come in here and try to establish a relationship that had his coaching staff get to know them. But he's the coach right now and whatever happens going forward world will determine. Everything else but there's no preconceived notions. He's coached hockey team and I'm looking forward to to get in a normal and to get in north staff and to get in nova style that they. The style coach's hair in the style they wanna play and and I have bad ideas and pat has ideas and then. It's to clean slate here it's the same thing and told reporters and it's a cliche but that's waited so right now he's Cote right now is assistance or assistants and we're gonna continue to play games and try to get better. Mike. Tim might parent and the Buffalo News. I'm Mike Arrington the news. Tell us a little bit about your philosophy of how you want this team to be built. And specifically in the short term are you going to approach the Ryan Miller situation a lot of guys wanna franchise goaltender. A lot of guys think with the at that doesn't need to be done and big money. How do you attack the Miller's situation. And going forward initially. Some other militant or are Ryan Miller well I mean the issue is. You don't you build a team with a goaltender you sit down Ryan and talk contractor you mean what are your initial short term plans he's the guy everyone wants to know. Quote write off about short term is. To talk to Kevin DeVine and go over just the scouting staff and obviously we're gonna have a half of one high picker too high picks this year so my short term goal in the next couple days to go over lists and reports with him. And to make sure that were on the right page draft wise. Because I tell you ability ability through the draft good drafting allowed him to trade well. And then use free agency to put you over the top so. That's my philosophy I think that we've discussed I think that's the way to go forward here and that can be done quickly. You may trade draft picks for first published young players from other teams that. Don't have the money to sign them to the next contract that's that's still part of the rebuilding process because they're young they fit the mold of what you're trying to do here. As far as the veteran guys that are US phase. That is a short term. Decision also coming to with the trade deadline coming in and that's. The the market dictates that. I can't quote and and and sensors tell you right now I'm gonna trade all of you effect pending US phase if there's no market to trade them. If there's a market and it makes sense. This teams in last place right now everybody can be treated and it has to make sense you just don't make trades to. For me to come in here shall you guys and I'm active in and I think I'm Smart that's that's that's not the way who voted so. I I think our phones were right off the hook here is going forward on these guys and and I believe that. The market will dictate. Certainly what you get for them and it'll also dictate if you if you are gonna trade him or not and that's vague but that's just reality. Hate. Him be Gallup and channel two here in buffalo right back in the just wondering if we've been looking forward a little bit. The back what part of your resonate and what your experiences. Prepares you most for this position and and moving forward. Well I think the foundation scouting. Curse you for a lot of this job I think I think personality. Comes into play decisive this. Are you willing to make tough decisions and I think that maybe was part of Pat's decision on me. But my background instances is in scouting them. I've done. A lot of different manager jobs as first contracts and stuff like that but I mean I think the main thing is is evaluating players being able to project players. Been able to understand. What constitutes a good trader an average trader bad trade. Knowing the market as the previous question was directed that trading. The older guys. I just think that has been in the field. And I believe having a pretty good guy. Has set me up to get in this position right now. But he. Of hockey goalies Buffalo News here. Can you tell me. Anybody that's up there right whether you know what the marriage was with him who brought you guys together Tim what. Which like right or what did you like about him that you figured it. It would work. And I actually I didn't know. Until yesterday that Kim is gonna be here tonight I don't think tomorrow's going to be here so when it then I think patches nobody else place. And so I think it's a I think one of the commitments I have to. To carrying Kim took Hulu was due to put together what I thought would be the best. Hockey operations team. To build the best team for the future for the Buffalo Sabres and have identified Tim Murray and Craig Patrick. As pieces to that hockey operations team that's gonna really help us get to where we need to be. I like it just follow that up yet you're pregnant you you knew that you were coming here but you did over the general manager was going to be. That's correct okay. Yet. This is thanks this is for in the back your guy's got left your sorry this is for Craig and for him when you look at the number of picks. And maybe some of the prospects the the assets this organization has right now moving forward how would you evaluate. You know battle overall picture in terms of a rebuild. Well I think there are some good pieces here obviously that. The two defense and come to mind from last year I was at the world junior watched them on behalf of Ottawa. They jump Kodak Q you know with their NHL players. It's how much hoped your you're gonna give them and how you're gonna help them become better not and that's that's. That's my goal here is is to put an emphasis on development of the people that are already here. And these guys are both financial players and it's just how hike and we can we get there there's also pieces on the team they're young guys on the team that I like. I like to their draft years I've liked as a scout coming in here assistant GM coming here watched them play from from an opposing team. There are pieces here are some of the covers not paired in saying that there are couple positions that we have to improve on and and that's that's our goal and forward. Well. You know first and second round high draft picks you looking forward to. Their assets I mean we may like the guy that's there when we're picking we made we made package a couple to move up we made. Package a couple for an established young player I mean the user. There's no set answer on that. You need to dance partner to make trades and the closer you get to the draft. They clear the picture becomes on who's going to be available. John or. Dip on. We'll be Associated Press. Or. How would you. The big question in the past here at the GM spot was how aggressive the general manager will be in making decisions. How would you. Define yourself as far as being an aggressive decision maker in in in in in in. Maybe not jumping the gun which is just just how aggressive you intend to be. I would consider myself somewhat aggressive. I think you gather all the information. And then and then you use. Make a decision and I don't think it takes you. Two days to make a decision or two weeks to make the decision I think you'd. Together the information talk to your people you listen and then you make the call and it's never been problem in the past. If you look at our history. This first making trades are making big trades are big deals are moving up in the draft to draft. Hi talent. And the names are out there I mean I'm sure you've done your former soul. No I I believe I'm fairly aggressive guy and and not afraid to make a mistake and I think that's the key thing. Jim. Just at a church quote it is Q you mentioned it the trade. This past summer what role which how big of a role to play in that Bobby Ryan trade with you don't. That doesn't mean that we'll. I'm. You know Brian primary made the trade and I'm Brian talks to couple people. And we do things fairly quickly in that in that fashion and yes your opinion many ask what you think as far as doing it or not doing and then he makes a call and he's that he's the one that made the call and he makes the call of the general managers but to me it's. It's. Is it a personality traitor whatever you wanna call it that view your decisive ten years in you do things when you think they're right. And over here and Jim think his first with these tires this solidifying your vision. You think back to merge these these higher. These these are. Pieces to the hockey department. We're we're growing. And we wanna be the best hockey department and be the best hockey team that's best coaching staff and try to be the vessel and all areas so. You know it when when you bring people on board with with great talent and character. I don't think kid and I think if you bring somebody in here with an agenda and even that don't work together. So low when Craig Patrick took the job he could have been more excited that Jim Murray took the job he couldn't even more excited. And I will all work together as a team. John. I attempt. There there operative fifty scouts here your station what does that mean period GM in leaving making conditions in return and to say fifty. I don't think that's accurate that's quite that many. People may be you know words. Again it sits. It's my first day and we talked about more about philosophy. And verses specific people. So again I. I haven't read one report yet I haven't in my computer yet. My ass and get me computer is as quick as possible so I can start looking at lists and document at reports and have to talk to Kevin. Get his opinion. Scout service Coetzer like a hockey team you have your first liners you have third liners your fourth liners. I if you have more fourth liners and first liners and obviously you have to make changes and I certainly haven't determined that Syria so. Would to be turn over your right I guess possibly if if we could. If we agreed that there was a tough guy out there that we we can add the staff that's certain to be that's what you wanna do but. I haven't made. Any decisions on scouting I haven't read a report so I really have no opinion on that right now. At a. This is for pat. There's been a fair amount of speculation particularly over the last couple of days about the overall hiring process. Was that a prerequisite. In any way shape or form that whatever candidate you did a higher work with Ted Nolan for a specified period. One of the things. I did was during this process identified shortlist and I realized through this it was very valuable and I was able to identify other. Candidates to meet with. I was interested in all of their philosophy. Interest in the coaching philosophy interest in the scouting philosophy. Interested in how they evaluate. What kind of leadership they showed. It was a number of things and I was interest in and after doing that and it was a process I think the patience for me. Paid off. I had upwards of over. Fourteen meetings and a lot of different candidates but it it was a real valuable process in my my job was to find the best fit for the Buffalo Sabres in our future and that's what I did. Paul. That's now that you have these men place. What is your job to be you know what what is your date going to be like when you come to work. Well I think as president you know you're managing people. Make sure he's doing their jobs making sure everything's going in the right direction. I'm still not done we still a lot of work like. Prince Edward thirtieth place. We've got a lot of work in front of us and I I think patience patience is really important still. Our fans here we want to grow with us. I think we're interest it also and and our future hopefully bring home some players that maybe from the scarier. Neighboring areas of southern Ontario we wanna make this a destination for them. Jerry. Ten Jerry solved at the Buffalo News in all sports they say a new general manager always wanted to own guy you know you're gonna attendees the cold. The do you have a list of guys who from all your time it's dissipating a possible head coach GM job that. That you might consider these you know list. Ted is my guy right now and that's what I said earlier right questions about the you have guys in your mind as her I like. I've been in the league for 21 years and and you use that was a lot of Iger relationships and I've I got some. Some great congratulations and thank uses by email or text. Or are. Phone call from multiple hockey people in different positions so. But do I have specific I know why. I'm open minded about vote this coming in and and again is Leslie said it wanted to establish a relationship with Teddy and his staff and I wanna move forward doing that I don't want to I don't think about. Negativity right now I want I think it would be positive and moving forward here and and working hard and that's what I'm gonna do and hopefully it works out. Any other questions. Again thank you everybody we're gonna do a follow up to three gentlemen up here if you believe they'll have to thank.