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1-9 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jan 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- created genomic medicine network partnership. Among UB. And the medical Carter. See you -- the IT. The New York City genome center it's creating hundreds of jobs and an entirely new industry for what's the New York so let's. Yeah that is governor Andrew Cuomo and his state of the state address yesterday. A couple of other things that were mentioned by the governor in -- is on a speech. We thought we would ask your opinion on. If this is intended to keep drug dangers drivers off the road by taking their licenses he says he wants a one year license suspension. For anyone under 21 caught texting while driving. I have no problem with that I don't think you need -- when he won I think anybody caught texting and driving should lose their license for a year it is too dangerous to allow. And he also while wants to yank drivers licenses for five years. For anybody caught drunk driving. Twice within three years and then permanently take a license away if you get a third conviction. I have no problem with that either there is an idea certainly -- responsibility of driving and driving as safely as possible. Let's go to Don in Lancaster Don you're on WB yen. I don't think that they can make our pleasure now what do you think. While the one thing. I'm a little hard the movement into the dumpster Albany at all anything about it now. Because basically -- If -- that the state is booked out I would think that -- -- like I wouldn't admit it -- you know what an academic he can't believe they can access. Got most of the time idea I'd totally disagree with -- -- blob -- out bottom these two issues I think he's he's he's got some points. Well I'm I'm detecting things OK why do we even need it why don't that they -- click people and radar detectors in a state we you can have -- -- -- here and it states. I think our values to do or something like that impact and it's part of that which property -- -- the two walks of life well a. You know you have a good point if they wanted to ban texting here's how they could do it very effectively. As I mentioned earlier. If you're driving while drunk and they confiscated your car what if you've got stopped texting you were found guilty and they confiscated your phone. That would mean you'd have to get another account or use somebody else's phone and that could that that might wakes people up to. Well think it is gone by telephone is reactivated you know. Yeah out what you buy another phone but there -- be extra charges and -- hassle of going to wherever you're going to reactivate it. There could be a lot of a lot of hassle for you when you don't need it. Sure okay now what about drunk driving or do you think. These. Other seats it twice in three years user license for five years a third conviction means permanent loss of license. -- you know. The -- that I mean that the if you can make it I guess and that is acceptable that there is no room there's no room for that anywhere I mean. Acting at all. And my question true my. Sure. That ever again. Well yeah but three times three times is not a mistake three times Wednesday is a pattern do you think Don that the people would just drive anyway even without a license of the -- more here. -- -- Sure you know. -- That's a good point. I hear you loud and clear done. The -- serve Albany I like that. You feel like you are inherent in -- go to a Chinese restaurant that the the dumpster mr. -- -- I do very much you can -- is not a lot of love in in -- -- for the U governor nor mine by the way I think he's a weasel. He's under W four weasel. Fact he could take up all the W spaces and the weasel weasel weasel. That's -- I think what when you go when he got the unabomber look what he called in there it is cold in here now look I'm looking in my two guys. We got manly. Chris Chris Johnson. Who who has just a light jacket on. It could be July and Jack who abuse of the that I've gotten and -- over there. Tony Caligiuri mr. Italians died with the hood up over he's got -- thick beard. Way we're vote warming those little warming packs in the be -- it and hit it. I why -- you remind me to send you to be a convenience store and no figure holding up the airstrike in my head right now it crystal backed me up it is cold is that he says and he says it is well and -- -- -- -- and all this delightful and here in the studio. Really is as I -- -- a warmup I can't control. Are those notes -- air as seriously big -- studio in this studio are usually opposite. If it's hot in here it's called in there and vice Versa I don't know line. I don't know alive let's go to Fred in Youngstown fragile on WB yet. I'm standing in our area I'm OK for a what do you. And I I think they know why did 21 year old limit okay. Advance because. They don't vote as often or is frequently you know as much as -- General population. He just playing politics again. That's that's a good point I would yeah I would like to see what his 21 and under numbers look like as opposed to his plus 21. Good point -- I think it's a legitimate and punishment though when you think. Quality out. But it should be across the board. I grids edition begins an Islamic about the DW idea the suggestion. Yeah I agree with that too. I -- and -- cycle and head just a really close encounters with people. Just about hitting me in career in alliant. I've been -- Squeeze out at times and -- times anyway. Yet you got a beard is going to be a call attention now wondered when your writing them bug that's that your. Mere well drive carefully and we opium and I save time on your on your motorcycle they have -- electronics now in cars that are. Remarkable I drove a car. That has this and this is really is it's kind of interest think one of the things that happens is like when you're driving. And your drowsy. Sometimes you tend to drift off of your -- And that's dangerous because then suddenly you're you're alert and you might over correct not a good thing whatever. As some cars have this is an option and I drove one and it's very -- -- -- you have to set it for that on your electronics vote when you do. When your car when the tires go over a road marking either the solid lines of the right. Or the broken line to the left it it thumps the steering wheel it's almost as if there were physical things in the road. They're not they're not physical it's reading the lines. But -- thumps the wield so you know instantly that -- Something's wrong now they used to when they still do put those things actually in the road that you can feel. And that's those are big help I can't tell you how many times. I have I've had those go off you know hey c'mon I got to be more alert -- this. -- win new -- -- shouldn't be driving an all pro. But now these are electronic and they read the road lines. And and gives you a signal so I think it's a it's pretty good thing and you can turn them off -- turn on depending on what you want or not. Will be back -- beach in company after that. We want to take the next step and locate the genomic medicine center. -- Western New York did you know genomic medicine is the next frontier. -- modern medicine and we believe we can lead the way. When you have a beard and and your regular among. -- week and -- -- by Chris says and -- ultra screw us that it is cold there. So it is as you are you back him up on actress I don't -- ma ma when I was coming back from the measurement 11 o'clock did. Cold air is blowing out of events -- -- there are made -- had a guest will hook them up for sure are. But good they're gonna they're they're troopers are beginning to. Are Chelsea comes in this afternoon -- she's young nation might Nicole. How few things planning of Jack gets its power and beamer we don't care about any chemical or you know flip flops and shorts he wears these guys Wear shorts year round yes -- We take those guys we really do we like him personally do we hate those right exactly a let's go do it David -- -- behavior on W via. And good morning Andy Roddick I'm fine thank you. -- quality. Wrote several letters to the -- Buffalo News that were published. And I made a carbon copy or you know I made another copy and write it and Erie county district attorney's office. And -- -- anybody who is charged with drunk driving. They should take away their vehicle. While they that is in litigation you know it it takes a while. Before they go before the judge. Well take away their car. Yeah -- does desires sometimes -- wheels of justice grind very slowly I yeah I don't know if there were allowed by law ought to do that or not but certainly confiscation. Or is there or not you know of the uses something has has an effect. You know they the drug enforcement agency the DEA. And the United States caused some of the agents if you get caught with contraband or. I think firecrackers or drugs. They take -- your -- and. -- the Rico the are recall for racketeering Joseph I mean they they can confiscate -- can you imagine if you're doing it and you got mom -- dad's car and they confiscated it I mean real. If you add. I also got pointed out that if a person had to make 59 more car payments and we'll bring you are. -- got 59 more games ago. Point. Pointed out that thick book and every time you rip off the page and put a check on you got to think about what you're dead. And they got they they got 59 more minutes ago they take their tire and they sell. You know that the drug enforcement agency. Come to states help out the customs strictly stock up. We look in the in the -- knows that if it's a bad guy who are anybody was bloodied on the streets firing a gun. The -- and come over and take dictate that guy and the gun they keep the guns. And the guy get locked up or whatever they they do -- the same thing with the truck drivers that are out 24 hours they don't just come out at night. People think the drug -- c'mon at 3 o'clock in the morning. They're out all the time. And those of those vehicles that they're driving in that condition are just as dangerous -- weapon hasn't -- Absolutely okay you have a publisher letters in the yeah in the news. -- feel -- feel I've been I think you got a good low level ahead and a good point to share with the audience thank you think much. -- you have may become a weapon out there -- call a car or truck same thing. And it weighs 234000. Miles of running -- driving a gas and that is has the potential. To be even more dangerous than a gun. And I think -- the responsibility. Has to be taken very very seriously. Two. Two. -- the father when he got behind the wheel. You can't be doing frivolous things like like texting as I said I would I would think you would be a public service. When anybody dies because somebody else was texting. Behind the window I think that text should be published. On what they said what they were what they were road -- engaging in conversation because I think what you'd find. Is it's it's difficult enough to lose somebody. A win something important is involved but I am guessing though a lot of this tax thing is just frivolous. Fluffy information. To keep you from being bored that's basically what it is nobody is calling with a test results of their cancer checkup. You know I'm talking about that's not happening. They're calling to see you wanna go to movies what we're gonna for dinners Johnny behaving wanna go out tonight I mean basically. It's stuff that can wait. I do think they -- they throw way. Has done the right thing they've they've converted. With signs. Some of the rest areas and some of the a service areas to taxed areas all the -- aside but it makes cents. That you would pull into an area where you were stopped and you're texting whatever. I -- the technology would be there. To block texting and a moving vehicle just as it is to block certain aspects of your GPS and a moving vehicle. Except for an emergency. But I know like -- myself fall I think it's the same problem and yours -- even before the cell phones unlocked you can make an emergency call. So that's that's cool I would assume that if they could keep it to only emergency text while you're moving that might be helpful to oh I don't know -- that technology is there. I think the want to do is look at too is it's not just texting because that's one way of communicating with your phone -- But the -- on Twitter yeah how many people because I Twitter you know in the morning and I'll see people tweeting tweets can use the proper terminology. This -- just did this or that on the road obviously they are on Twitter -- And tried you know I don't know argue but I don't tweet in the morning now well I think I I sometimes I have to get up and -- ninth week. You know I mean sometimes more than once so I I I I limit my intake. So that the you know 2 in the morning I don't have a need to tweet. I don't have to -- until breakfast time you know I'm talking about. I tweeted yesterday and I think I might tweet again today I'm a tweeting full why don't you tweeted this morning -- I -- I did thank you thank you. -- are Chris so what else we have on -- plays. This is from Jacqueline she says this shouldn't be limited to just tax -- had to be should be all cellphone use I also don't like the age of women I see a lot of adults using cellphones in their cars. Everybody should be eligible to get their license suspended not just kids. Well item I don't disagree -- that I think there have to be you know some outlines as to what they'd like to have done but. I don't see the need for under 21 to be in that purples law I think if you're texting. You get caught you're convicted you lose your license for a year in I think then. If you'll get caught driving with a suspended license. They confiscate the vehicle you're driving unless your stolen obviously. But you imagine going back imagine calling mom and dad. And saying can you come and get me and they say well we can't because you have our car. Can uncle Harry coming get made because. You don't have a car anymore they confiscated it they're gonna sell out of public auction in the money's gonna go for good causes but. Guess what mom and dad I hope you pay for that car because it's not as the last dollars that. They're going to be making car payments for awhile because you didn't care about taking the simplest precautions while driving. I don't know about you I would not react well. If my idea if my daughter said that though the family car which we land lancer. -- was just confiscated by the plays and I I think most people would have fallen to that 200 to make that call. Tony your father was away after a bodybuilder and having your wanna make that I'll probably just moved to another. If that's. And find out I'd that that would be -- there would be the cause you just don't wanna make. The -- thing is is an obvious thing because. Yeah I notice some hot shots that can text without taking their eyes off the road too much. But basically unless you can text totally by not looking at a. And even so think -- like this even salt it's still requires two problems. What how you're steering away. Now I've seen I seen people steal their stomach. And you have to know. If there eating some fast food is something going on the road. May -- they've had too much press supposedly got too much stomach and if they have too much dominated kind of holes the -- inflation on target about. I've seen that so even if your eyes don't have to divert. From the road to the screen to text your thumbs do and if your thumbs are on the telephone on yours on your cellphone how can they be on your way deal. Now I don't believe you need two hands on the way although only they specified that most of the time. Bureau OK with -- one we don't recommend that we recommend to grow lawyer talk their but what I'm saying is a -- that thumbs. How about this with a thumbs CIA's no you know with thumbs are down there the guys are off the road what kind of driver are you. If you get caught you deserve to lose your car and you deserve delusional license so I'm think of one more step further is not only used usual license but. If you drive after you've lost your license you you're -- there. Then you'll lose the card will be back -- -- Beecham company. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start ninth hurting our toll free line is 1806169236. There are even sightings. In the Buffalo's gone other species long thought to be extinct in buffalo. Greens. Are flying once again. In the buffalo guy. Then he cannot however Lyme Disease. His father arrogance -- of that right now you know reminds me of the astronauts who are so trained. If it efficient flyers their magnificent human beings. But everything they say when they're in space gets laughed at hysterically. From the ground doesn't matter what it is. You know they're they're not exactly standup comedians there they're very well triple what they -- and their and their great great people. I'm saying is anything an astronaut says the ground crew light laughs that. I think it's the same with Cuomo -- I could deliver lines like that but he no he doesn't have that. I don't think the new ones did the liberal line hikers and you know we knew what -- say he gives away his hand. Like -- overwhelmed his dog tells. Yeah -- hear your guys and the rate universal and maybe innuendoes or work out like that is the -- that's all that common -- guy you're you've got to be a little punch like got a sneak up on somebody. And you can give them a variety but don't let him nailed -- -- before you do you know the crane line you could you could sense -- you know but anyway. Because I don't want them to look. And Margaret it but I don't like his proposals regarding texting and DW I. I do like that got to give credit where credit is due he wants people under 21 that are are convicted of texting while driving those -- license for a year and so relies. And I think you could scratch the 21 and say anybody texting. While driving a year suspension on the license yet on -- that a DW I. He's calling for our two convictions in three years you lose your license for five years three convictions you are done. Permanent now remember. California either use store still has restructure around that's very controversial. A -- don't know but a lot of things. Are interesting in California. But I do think that these things are worth looking into -- Tom things time and west -- you run WB yen. Well retired police officer -- career that you know I don't count your Brazilians that stand. The governor that he couldn't. That line -- longer lever. And that I think that the limit what it is ridiculous. It's got to the end and they carry on the actual driver's license. Should be included in that law. Let me ask you this do you think people would drive even after they've lost their license. And that just -- their fingers crossed that they wouldn't get caught. Carefully enough right I able picked up over the years in my police career. The job because I see that too. On the air show of cops and no matter what the jurisdiction is California Florida. Arizona they seem to do it thinking that the numbers -- web on the they're not gonna get cut. And the other big Pinochet while I have to go to work because I got all kids and yeah -- -- -- -- to abolish. -- -- because god didn't you know I've got to go and this should I totally you're gonna get an update. And judges are suckers for that they they. There really are suckers for that and they don't understand that you've got to inflict some inconvenience on people and because before they start paying attention if they know they gonna get away by saying -- -- drive -- They're less likely to think twice about it hey thanks Tom thank you for calling appreciate it oh yeah sure. I love -- slow because it's fun to play along. License and registration please on don't have one. Do you not have one -- do not have a win in Ohio. -- Garza's I don't know some guy said doctor take what's his name. I don't know he was Donna is at the corner said that I'm not using the car Wednesday. I mean I think that there should be a charge of police in a charge people -- with stupidity. I think there should be a stupid or charge okay. Because they had imagined being a cop and hearing that kind of garbage issue it's obstruction of justice yes it's an insult to your. Giants I mean nobody knows whose car it is they never have registration and they don't have any insurance they don't have a license. And -- here is that this is funny though because the cops will always passed. For permission. To look in the car if they don't have probable cause they asked for permission OK they always say yes and then they want their verified. Now by a 25 pound bear clawed 25 bomb bail Romero and I'm sort of currency and they always hide things in the same place. They hide them in the center console. They hide things under the -- you see that the federal governments -- are getting involved with the read this a few months ago. We have secret compartments. For cars now the manufacturer doesn't make them as secret compartments but they turn out that's where people stash stuff. So they want the manufacturers to be more vigilant about not having those spaces where things could be hidden especially drugs -- minivans are good for all you out because you know a lot of room to do it all -- seats and exactly. But they always hide the guns always under B it's either under the cedar in the compartment. That the drugs can be anywhere. And it's just an amazing I I I did -- have a lot of credit to costs. And once now while I've I thought I'd make a good cop but I don't think I can last two days. I can tell you right now I I would be. I'll be problematic. I'd be Billy Jack before you're taking them. Let's go to -- -- on a FaceBook posting please this is from John he says texting while driving seems like him might be hard to prove. I'm not sure how they'd enforce a DW I is easier to prove. But there seems that we loopholes they're too. But on the face I like the ideas while texting while driving I wouldn't be hard to prove at all because as a time stamp on your tax. So that if you'll arrested somebody of -- texting while driving you'd know the time of the arrest and be very easy to get the cellphone records and find out if you stop of at eleven -- team. And 1117 they were taxing. Pretty much a slam dunk then they'll say they don't know how the texts got out and they have no idea where their phone hasn't. They lost that somebody stolen the job that sit and we've become a nation of liars because that's always do. And that from the politicians are liars in spammers. Oh by the way Chris Christie has fired his. A deputy chief of staff over the George Washington Bridge scandal when I can't figure out in nine I'm not an expert at this. But if his staff. Really did that and he's fired his assistant chief so -- must believe they did. What a stupid move. The of Fort Lee. The that county or district or whatever it's called Chris Christie won by 60%. So it didn't matter whether the mayor of Fort Lee. Endorsed him or not he still won by 60%. Why would you screw around like. And as a Christie's fired him so it took decisive action which is good but I I'm not too -- warm and Christie candidacy I think he's. I think he's one interview away from exploding. And I'm not talking about his birth and talking about with between his ears. Now I want time I like Chris Christie. So the hogs the president was all over after that will be back after this. What's the New Yorkers in the midst of an exciting transition. The republic steel plant proposed in 1984 which was the symbol. Of the low point of buffalo today is this same site where riverbank is rising. I -- are indeed clean energy plan that's gonna provide hundreds of jobs. In buffalo. I. And we always root for snow games I love slogans call games are okay their Rivera's second investment snow games of the best. And -- in Denver it's very iffy. And it can be a snowing and then not snowy and you know snowing and then 48 and who knows what but. I'm I'm hoping for a at least one snow game one because I was disappointed in the Green -- game it was cold but it didn't show. You know -- look it's cold -- past games that we've seen you guys like those though offbeat weather games I do I love them. Your -- yet there are a lot of fun seeds Seattle's hosting a game new England's hosting a game and that Carolina's the other on the way and out some pretty nasty snow games out of New England can't remember the raiders against the patriot oh yeah. -- -- -- -- -- member of the -- guy with a -- clearing up a spot for the field -- yeah for the patriots and they -- with that field goal was questioned whether that's allowed or not I think Tony Franklin was the -- at the time yeah yeah so it's pretty -- it's no games there of -- of my best memories of football. There was from Denver when -- were at the old stadium. At mile high. Where people or sly you know whether -- -- the seats and then the row of steps mogul Ross steps had filled in with snow. And so what they were doing is there was sliding like almost like will they didn't have a tough bargain but that's what do you think -- be like sliding down the steps. -- -- these steep incline of the yeah the old stadium that was cool yeah that was critical and -- with football I love it when you can't see them markers. We don't know where where where they have to go now now we have the electronic markers but remember those and I've seen on the field but there seem by the television audience but I do like that but here again. They were talking about considered something that I've been promoting for a long time using lasers. As the first down marker if they use lasers. In snow games they'll be great because you'd see exactly where you had to -- and cut the time down of the game because -- stopped. For measurements because think about it we see plays in super small ball. Where you can see every inch or did he have the ball didn't touch the ground before it -- -- have complete control when he made a football move. Those -- so modern okay. And then when it comes time to go for a first down they have to bring out the chains. Which ideas from two centuries back. -- go to get their at all in on talk about -- and it's always iffy as to where. The official puts the ball down. I mean he sees it visually and there and -- it's fast I mean it's in real time. You're hoping that he puts it down exactly right but then sometimes it's an inch difference and it's a game of inches it's the same -- The last play of the last playoff -- so with a guy puts his right foot out at his right foot stayed in May have been close enough -- field -- right so what one. But yeah the technology is so advanced in the NFL but they use the old fashioned chains that -- We're hoping we get to see -- -- against Chris a couple of more entries please from our FaceBook filed. This is from a Mikey says what's the difference between may twenty Euro texting and a forty year old texting it's unsafe either way I don't like the idea of a license suspension either I should just -- find your license should only be taken away if you cause an accident. Well Mike I agree with Parnell is set and disagree with -- some voice your set IE I agree that it shouldn't be just 21. That it should be any page but I don't agree it should just be a fine. Because a fine -- usual lesson when your writing the check help once the check is written out there's no convenient inconvenience beyond that. When you get suspended that's the gift that keeps on giving for lawbreakers okay. And that's the thing that every day when you have to -- at the bus stop. For the bus to pick you up and go to work every day went. Either your girlfriend has to pick you up for the day or your boyfriend has the pick you up because you lost your license texting. And you have to explain to them what a moron you -- to do it. Also the most important part was not inconvenience is not money. It's the fact that. People are safer that are in your path from point a to point B you don't have any rights to use your -- a weapon anymore than I do use a gun as a weapon. And so I think that if you're not willing to accept that responsibility. -- remember it's not a right it's a privilege. You're not willing to accept that responsibility shouldn't be driving -- simple. If you have so disregard them so little disregard for other people on the road and shouldn't be driving. We see a lot of people should be driving anyway and this would be just more of them and other -- this one. Is for Tony's from Julie young people need to be reminded that included in this -- should be posting status is on FaceBook and tweeting it has all the same thing as texting. Overall I -- the ideas that's. If that's a point via the Twitter and face looks up you know what I'm saying now. And god I don't remember which vehicle I saw on 'cause I get all the car magazines. Where the of the lobos for Twitter and FaceBook are on the screen. As -- I don't like that unless they're disabled while the cars moving but I've seen them you know on the on the homepage. The Twitter FaceBook now it's okay if they're on there as long as the only way you can use them as if you're not moving. Then that's fine it's just a convenience logo good punch it up that's what you got but if it's functional while you're driving very much against that not a not a good idea. I don't. I don't think there's anything more important when we're driving. Then the safety of those who were on the highway -- us and ourselves. And I think they'll all be all of the extra effort you go through an expense to make sure your child is in the backseat. Facing the back in a very expensive car seat. That their costs a lot of money that why do you do it because you want your child to be safe. Well if you care about your own shot you should care about other people's children to and there are they may be in the car -- -- about -- hit head on. So think about like that you wouldn't want them coming at you because they were distracted. And you shouldn't be expected to be a relieved of any responsibility because they're going after them. It's important to use a a text or Twitter or the phone or whatever -- over. Park safely and then use it on and then you get to use it against otherwise. Maybe your last week. -- make a good novel the last week what event. All right that about wraps it up we'll see you tomorrow morning at -- have Rush Limbaugh today had known and at 3 o'clock. And that's 7 o'clock we have Sean Hannity so hang in there on WB yeah. Well. Which they never has to needs to be used she.

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