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1-9 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We -- created genomic medicine network partnership. Among UV. And the medical Carter. Seen SE IT. The New York City genome center it's creating hundreds of jobs and an entirely new industry for -- New York so let's. -- that's better course -- governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday in his state of the state address. There were -- focusing on two things that he brought up during and he is a discussion. One as he's proposing a one year license suspension. For anyone under 21 caught texting while driving first of all I like the idea. Of a you know one year license suspension I don't think it should be limited to under 21. It doesn't matter how old you are you're texting while driving in fact it's funny because this is kind of like backwards. The chances are -- probably more adept at texting if you are under 21. So you can do it better -- somebody that's over 21 but the bottom line is I don't care who's doing -- I don't care how good they are. If you take your eyes off the road you're danger in a -- all I have no problems -- that. And I would ask you if you have any problems with his proposal and what do you think there should be any age on it at all I I'd like the idea a year suspension. On if you're caught texting while driving I don't think it's necessary to have under 21 and there he also wants to yank drivers licenses for five years. For anyone caught driving drunk twice within three years. So I AM I think that's a good idea. And prominently cancel license -- caught three times in their lives and I don't know problem that either and those of you who think. That's too harsh too bad. If you don't closure license them for drunk driving known drug to -- a license for texting while driving don't text is pretty pretty good. Logical. And the bottom line is I am a responsible for my behavior behind the wheel you should be responsible for yours. And give us examples of distracted driving is lot of home now I will say with the electronics on vehicles now. A lot of the things that are very helpful for us to drive first of all a lot of the GPS systems. Are disabled. A lot of the -- things that you can do with a -- disabled. If you are moving OK so you would have to be. You have to be park and that's good. But the ones that are working while -- moving many of them are verbal assault that you can get the turn by turn if you need that. You can get your tax. If you get it's actually get a read it. So you don't even have to look at anything I mean there's a lot of good possible. Things electronically -- that you can do -- which couldn't do before. But the one thing you can't do. If you can't be out there injuring people killing people and using affected you worm. Texting or you're drunk driving. And chances are that tax was not that important in the first place certainly not more important than somebody's life org or property damage. The drugged driving is isn't much older problem and it's it's a yeah problem of do you feel you have any responsibility Republican general. And so I'm okay were both of those if you like your FaceBook and a post something there. We would like to hear that to infect let's get a couple of those Chris so what you have this is a mellow week she says these are cars proposals at a young people were hurt the most so I like it I'm not sure though -- stop the behavior right away. Many of these kids do what they want regardless of the consequences -- oftentimes you don't learn. Until his schedule a -- the concept of losing your license is different than losing your license. I the first dog never lost my license on knock on wood but if I had lost my license. I would be really like a fish out of water a live eleven miles from the radio stations -- somebody would have the drive assuming I didn't just decide to drive anyway which a lot of people though. Okay so I have to have somebody drive me -- stations somebody picked me up whatever. I wanna go over grocery store what what I do. A lot of lot of things to go to the movies but I look at -- -- -- get there and now I get home. Think of what you would be like without your driver's license. If indeed you're conscientious enough not to drive the collision and analyze and although I watched cops. These people they stop on cops not only don't have a license they don't work flow. A day -- day really don't they don't know what planet their on but the bottom line is most of us that we lost our license would dove face a big hardship. And I'm thinking we would that be worth it for that silly tax that you're sending out. What's it about what movie gonna say we're gonna have for dinner pick up milk on the way home I mean really is probably not important enough I can't think. A short of a health emergency. I can't think of any text. That will be worth losing my a driver's license for a week over. I'm not wait for a year I can't I can't imagine that I really can't if it's if it's an emergency situation where lives are involved in you have to do it. That's different. But to just do it because you have feel like doing it. Or your board doesn't cutter would make let's go to Franken now Wanda frank you're on WB yeah. Our belated Merry Christmas and happy your your city. -- Gonna judge -- we haven't argued awhile frank what do you think about a year if you're under 21. You'll lose a license texting while driving. I agree it's in my top 100% my wife. Lost her touch in many years ago toward George right -- -- maple write. -- for doctrine. Plus all the retired -- -- and I collision killed my children are partly it's that they were a -- worker portray. And integrates the 88 -- Eric repercussions that there are pretty still -- it never recovered from. Yeah I remember a couple of instances too where brides to be one I think was killed on her wedding day and another was killed the day before her wedding. I mean it's tragic to lose anybody but at times like that you never forget the circumstances. Our sole entity and in and I agree with some part I think. That they need to play down under texting while writing -- finger -- a lot of protecting its soul -- -- start so call elite eight are up are the most. I think it's it's basic. I mean I just don't understand what is so important that you have to say. For another person like it's right to execute your quote here are all current side street. And say to them or even -- than later aren't -- that the war. I don't understand. They need to be constant communication with people route based. Are you didn't sit here. That you needed to actually talk and that somebody is to -- to -- IQ it's also important orgy could be. I start this. You -- you have a good point and we've seen for years how the actual driving part of a -- and a car. As it's not that important we've seen people who eat full meals while we're driving we're seeing people who put -- make a bomb while they're driving. Women who have kids is strapped in -- it's baby seats in the backseat. When talking to a child turn their head and look into the back seat while they're driving I mean it seems like everybody just assumes that the car's gonna go where you wanted to go and nobody's ever gonna get hurt. Sure right Google what I could go. Part two critics are just think you know what everybody just to be at a particular lie. Burglary while some some -- yeah. Just get away from but he can get away from many -- but he. You know any you can walk out. People Arctic walker -- act to follow and are looking down at the ground and order I go to walk addicted to walking -- -- bit older and a little. Always -- -- same video and new York and Chicago. Of -- people texting and looking at their phone and walking off a platform onto the tracks I mean. A bet is that that's sick that is just signalled a bag of frank thank you very much. I mean we've seen people walking in the things remember Felix Ortiz. From downstate mr. -- Mr. text a dime for his -- -- wanted to law in New York City that said that you couldn't cross a street in New York City. A while texting you couldn't text while crossing the street. And we thought that's a little extreme. Because if there's a red light you can certainly walk safely across the street but the more I hear about people doing. Doing texting at all costs. A -- no attention being paid to where they're going where their car is going where your boring going. I don't but is Sicilian ideas I thought it was originally we'll take a break we'll be back -- 80309301806. -- six -- of music star and I'm thirty or go to FaceBook and post if you would make street to a slightly. On the sandy beach page will return after the. We want to take the next step. And locate the genomic medicine center. In west in New York did you know genomic medicine is the next frontier. Yeah modern medicine and we believe we can lead the way. Governor Andrew Cuomo last night's state of a state to a packed house except for divers -- And a couple of things he suggested. He says he wants a one year license suspension for anyone under 21 caught texting while driving. I think the year suspension is a good idea I don't think they have the limited to under 21 infected there's no reason to. Limited to under 21. Walk in fact our our case could be made. Not by me about a case could be made. Pitcher probably got a better chance than not hurting somebody under 21 texting than you do over 21 texting. Seeing that goes 121 more adept at but I say nobody should be texting while driving. And he also wants to yank a driver's license for five years or anybody car driving drunk twice within three years. I'm wood -- a great time permanently. If you have been caught three times in their lives how many times and we know we've done drunk driving shows. As somebody really hurt somebody and caused all kinds of distress and mayhem and you find out they. They've been arrested for a -- -- ten or twelve times they've had all kinds of problems in the past and their children. So I think we have to take it's seriously. And I wanna know from viewers you're okay -- those punishment they are strict they are harsh but I think they're well thought out I I like them. It was in Austria and I'm trio 1061692. Through six on -- thirty our Chris I give me some more FaceBook if you will. This is for Mike he says yes to both proposals people forget the driving is a privilege not a right. Now they're developing cars with a Wi-Fi hotspots built right in is just another distraction. They are in fact or talking Lauren fix yesterday at the CES show consumer electronic show. They guard their offering and I know I don't know all of the brands that have it. All the makes and have a but I know Mercedes offers a FIAI hot spot that they put in your trunk. So that whenever you're going down I way you can have Wi-Fi I would assume that's a really good thing if if you can handler verbally. For your business and things like that but I'm thinking anything that distracts I'm not in favor of bought a lot I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. On some of these things that. They disable while you're moving I know that certainly the equipment that's out there and now a lot of GPS. Things. Disable -- middle wired to a has to be stopped has to be impart. In some of them the foot break even asked to be on another please this is from Joseph he's as I never thought I'd agree with -- but -- and I was driving next to an idiot this morning and -- who died he was texting was completely oblivious to. Everything going on around them it's extremely dangerous it really is and I really wish I had you know I wish I had. I wish I had the first of all I always wished I had. What -- the caller how catcher. You know of the things they put on the front of a train in the old west. And they were literally put on the air to move cows off the tracks but then there were also used for snow and things like that. I always wish to have one of those that I thought you know. I'll plow would be just as good because you see some moron there once elected do the pit maneuver that the police have to do. And you know they do it in NASCAR to where you hit the there were of the rear quarter panel and his spit them out because just right -- BAA had it just right and they go spinning and spinning like a top. Audience of the brush would you love to be able have one because they have so many people that are just morons out there. And the way they drive I would also like this can be bubble now. I would like electronic sign in my back -- -- that responded to voice -- not to not tax you don't type anything. That would give a message to the person in back of -- and the message to be anything you wanted today would that be cool. How many times have you wished you could tell that person in back of muted. Get off your -- go order drive safely or whatever. And and you strong language I would love to have that but it would be misusing the because then it would be. For an. Amateur radio -- What the record companies. Gave me a joke gift. It wasn't -- at Christmas there was as a joke gift it was like a ping pong paddle. And it had sayings on. And as saying his words some of them could be very very road. And what you would -- you would have intimacy XTO. And if somebody you know did a dumb thing on the road you could take the appropriate -- hold up the ping pong paddle and -- to them. Well this is so one time I'm on a trip with my wife and daughter my daughter was fairly young at that time. And cars that are going bias. Pretty hostile but I can't figure out why until I found out that my daughter had found the panel. It was holding up to people as they were passing that car. And in the said Ruth rose and as a little kid I don't even know she got it she found it. And -- note that there were signs on things like that never ask for permission but she was showing the drivers the things that we'd all like to show the drivers besides the middle finger. And that yacht and they couldn't get mad at a child but they were getting mad at the driver probably thought how does he allow his daughter the -- words ago. But yeah that was that was a fun gift. 803930. Texting while driving under 21 get a year suspension on your driver's license. It's a proposal by Governor Cuomo from last -- those or yesterday is actually a state of the estate addressed I think is a good idea. There is a great deal of responsibility. Think about the enormous responsibility you have when you get in your car you take it for granite. You get your card it's a mold 234000. Pounds of Benning Georgia driving -- gas. It's a weapon is if you're not using yet. Properly. You can name added people you can kill people you can destroy their property he can cause chain accidents there's a lot of things you can do. And the one thing we shouldn't be doing is texting while driving because it's in name. It's -- -- the stuff you're taxing doesn't mean anything to anybody else and it certainly doesn't mean that much to you certainly not enough delusional license for a year. A wanna know if you think this is too harsh I don't think it's too harsh I don't think there should be an -- on. Also DW why this is an ongoing problem we've gotten somewhat better but still go along -- ago. -- according to they proposal from the governor you're caught twice if you're convicted twice in three years you get a five year suspension of that serious. If you go to the third. Conviction of these W -- you lose your license or good and I. Applaud that I'd like your opinion we'll be back after. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB -- -- now an 80309. Series cell calls are free and star 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. There are even sightings. In the -- god and other species long thought to be at stake in buffalo. Greens. Are flying once again. In the buffalo guy. And his father Ron -- these lessons -- not a man he's I don't think he's a good speaker at all really die and is a weasel. As always not a does bigger always nobody's the governor and so -- he does the gets that do these state of the state address and he did it yesterday. And were asking what you think about his proposals regarding texting while driving and drunk driving let's go to Scott Scott Iran WB yeah. I don't I'm fine Scott what do you think about these are proposals. I actually agree with that I mean -- -- all Lasik done -- the box for 1011 years now. Ed you know to try to give people a chance to hang up and well it didn't so that they attach points in heavy fight through it. And they're still doing. So I mean it's everybody had the feeling of invincibility Obama comedic caught it's not gonna happen to me it looked. And it won't be real until their choice we had gone for doing this in order they until he really hurt somebody. Now you're a motorcycle is so you see -- dangers of any kind of distracted driving because as a motorcycle as you really have to pay attention to what's gone. Yeah I hear -- -- got -- local 360 degree an entire time in note actually got my what are my related to a concert August contract that you're 33. We have at all a warm and on patrol on the came -- -- in their community. Compete space between the -- on bumper in the -- my motorcycle. Yeah she moved she moved where. -- -- changed and we're not Stewart who windows aren't you just kept talking point that I can hang up and drive you're here delegating out. She looked up saw a little longer window halfway out so well you'd be antagonist I am -- start -- my -- do such a good. -- Yeah -- recyclers are very aware of big kind of sloppy driving people who have four wheels and more. Do so you and I are both in favor very much of of this tougher punishment because you gotta pay attention there's a certain amount of responsibility that you old the motoring public. Thank you Scott thank you very much. Yeah on a motorcycle. First of all when -- car. OK you have a little bit -- go -- and just the regular driving process. May be maybe you're right we'll slip snow over the over the line just a little bit as important as. -- with a motorcycle. You're -- you got your head that he got both hands he got both feet operating and you gotta constantly as as you said pay attention. In a lot of people don't they kind of wander through life. And they just they they figure they're gonna get their cars been their before it'll get there again. And how many ties that we heard of motorcycle is. Who were stopped. At all why he stopped and get rear ended there have been cases where motorcycle is around here have been -- Stopped for a why it was somebody rear -- them and they're not charged with a serious crime. When they should -- absolutely should be -- whenever I ride ever written a couple of years now but whenever I ride. Basically I'm look at and that -- -- all the time when I'm stopped to see if some idiot is is that closing too fast. And oftentimes you can read their eyes can see their eyes. And they're not paying attention. For some reason people do not think it's necessary to pay attention on driving and that long before texting and I don't know line. And that's why you'll hear a lot of veteran. Bikers or even where you're going for a -- courses that's when you're stopped at the -- keep -- in two year you know put it in neutral -- -- hands off the handle -- six. Act rewrite I've always done that have always kept hitting gear ready to pop that -- get the hell out of dodge a -- summit closing too fast you know -- take its time to drop it into gear. So we're asking you regarding -- Cuomo's testing. And -- texting while driving proposal if you're 121 in new York state of this if this becomes a law. You will. If you're charged with the texting you'll lose your license for a year if if you found guilty I like that I like that'll law. Because of the beginning when your 121. There's so many things you need mobility. And there's so many things to show independence you have to drive. -- from point a to point B unless you want somebody who drive you. And so the thought of losing him for a year I think would have a profound effect although I don't know what some people if you get through at all. Because what they see is the law is a harsh. When there are times when it should be charged they see people who have multiple offenses get off. As Scot free -- Scot free but some -- with a slap on the wrist also. When you're talking about mandatory sentences lot of draw a lot of judges don't like that because they like to have the the ability to make up their own mind guidelines are guidelines just that judged him. Sentence within -- with the outside the guidelines to but the bottom line is people learn their lesson. They don't learn their lesson and you've seen all kinds of stories about to of people. Especially a young people are getting into massive accidents because there were -- one thing you don't need a law on. You don't need a law on texting while motorcycle. But unless you have some thumbs and places I don't know if you imagine that -- you got your hand up by the bars like Chris okay. The phonograph the VM one and in one form or the other item one hander the other is no way you're usually comes like that he couldn't take -- one hand -- by -- Libya almost impossible. You would have to do it with one hand. It's in your hand clutching and -- you -- -- have to -- how did you get -- a lot of you know going exactly you have to be in -- third -- fourth year. Now I don't -- so what I email but I don't -- a lot as -- don't need to. Continue verbally tax can you send a verbal text on your phone. Technology is is that there I think it's out there it is getting out there if you can't do in certain phones as you were getting to the former you can think cars are actually getting to the point where you can talk to them -- sent a text out OK because on your computers now you can verbalize I know that. So unless you're -- much you can send a verbal text trying to ride a motorcycle and -- might BO it's a difficult and certainly shouldn't drive. Well we've got a mortgage calls coming up next on news radio 930. What's the New Yorkers in the midst of an exciting transition. The republic steel plant proposed in 1984 which was the symbol. Of the low point of buffalo today is the same site where river -- is rising. I -- are indeed clean energy plan that's gonna provide hundreds of jobs. In buffalo. Let's get back to the calls though this would be a Joseph in Amherst your on WB and -- I'm the umpire Joseph do you think big governor's proposals make sense -- you. No way I was in the I was them I'm an old -- now I'm 67 but when I was in the service -- at Fort Benning Georgia along time ago. 95%. Of the people -- without without prices without anything to hit six or seven DWIs. -- threat that they they drove like their friends tires. There or their parents would let let them tires. They never worried about DW riser anything to devastate never edit from the time they were sixteen until attended diet. When -- -- they've never had a license but they drove all the rides. And yes so you're saying that -- are both of these it won't matter what the punishment is gonna drive anyway. Of course that an elected on the duplicate. It would be able proper father of the kid as they as a license and everything he lets your appetite in the can citizens that suspension on the license. You know -- -- putt well maybe they'll -- about it whatever. But it for the most part like -- -- I'd pundits saying themselves in yuck I'll let you know got to realize he'd go below the Mason Dixon line nobody has -- right. Well I say not I watched every episode of cops at -- that most would be able to pull over. I don't have a license or don't have a license weathermen don't have insurance are. -- they don't they can't. Say where they got the car means it's ridiculous but I think you're right I think people. That's what it's a it's a bad idea I -- -- -- -- work for an idea I just say in all these guys I knew I'd have to guys in my platoon. I think what you mean actually don't -- that it's apparently you're. Barbara I've never read them a lot that the. What are you don't know where William -- Doug dynasty I think. -- It happened is that -- program debuted about. What it. I don't -- him or whatever but what about being abducted. At Tibet. I think I think you've got a point there is no regular budge a lot of it would drive anyway. No cops is my universe. Aren't aware where they usually show cops as charming California. In Florida. In Texas. Not too much in New York although buffalo has been on one at least one episode of cops but. Generally it's the same. MO it's the same thing they stop the driver they ask for a license and registration. They almost never have anything with them they don't have any identification. They don't have a license -- And of more times than not they have a war. I'm now I'm sure that they edit the shelves and in these images that a representative sample of what they're stopping and and then the kind of response they're getting. But I think that if somebody lost their license. Four are you say here for text and their under 21 as those of three year. If they have to go to school or job or whatever. I don't believe in a million years -- their suddenly gonna stop driving. They're going to assume that they're not going to get caught driving. Maybe they're gonna drive at night words or maybe drivers as Joseph said somebody else's car friend's car their mothers -- -- on his car whatever. Certainly a solution to of that. Would be very simple. And I'd love if don't ever put me in charge because I perhaps wouldn't be as easy as most people are. If you are there having suspended driver's license OK and you get stopped. Unless you stole the car. Then the car gets impounded. And the targets confiscated. Just like Rico laws analytic and confiscated. Imagine that mommy and daddy would lunge -- their car they thought that if you get stopped mommy and daddy would lose their car. Let it be sold -- public auction and the money being done for drug treatment and a -- certainly accident victims and whatever. Because mom -- -- not going to be so so. Easy to hand over the keys that they think that you might not come home because you might be in jail but their car might not come home either. When -- -- -- -- -- like that I like it I mean in the rape laws you know if if you use I think if you use cars to transport. -- and and commit certain crimes that they -- him an impound the car and confiscated. -- like that Chris or is that too harsh. Now it's a good -- -- -- have to worry about is if they stole their parents -- decades Uga just. If five that was the case then you'd be able to press charges against the -- parents would do anything about it otherwise the Caribbean well it -- that it would be easy to approve of this if the car was stolen because -- if there was a report that the car was stolen. Another parents can always say we didn't even know he took the car we -- watching the Tonight Show. And we can hardly wait till Jimmy Fallon takes over for Jay Leno. And and perhaps -- feign ignorance. But I think a basically that would end in a hurry I think once you start confiscating stuff like that. And I don't think you have any right to be a danger on the highway anymore than you have a right to be a dangerous anyplace else. It's not like a free for -- not mad Max beyond plunder dome. -- these is supposed to be public highways and the whole point of law enforcement is to keep the public say. And if this does that if this helps keep the public say from very much in favor -- not because I don't tax. I if I didn't tax ID IE mail. But not while I'm movement certainly if I didn't tax I would still feel the same way. So I think that that because. You think that your invincible because your 121. Idea think this will be good proof that -- not but I don't think the age should be on there at all I think the period. If you get caught texting while driving you lose your license for a year gridlock TO and that what happens of course you get before some judge. And -- -- and I got a job and I don't and they -- okay you can -- you'll work. From -- say amen till midnight. -- crap. I'm walked a worker take a boss I'm here to ride with a neighbor where it's -- aware where sell hot or in such a hurry to find a reason. Why we shouldn't deal any kind of punishment to somebody -- is obviously. Proposing a dangerous situation to the public. I'm thinking that you have no right to do it anymore -- you know right to grab your gun. And go on the front yard start firing wildly in the air can do that should be able to drive a car irresponsibly by texting while driving or certainly DW life. -- WY the proposal is. If you get convicted twice in three years ago illusion license for five years. And if you would get caught on the third DW I offense in your found guilty. Then you no longer have a license in the State of New York. Our quarterback we'll take your calls it a -- Montreal wanted to have a six on 692 exits on I thirty. Are these two punishments too strict that the governor proposes from his State of the Union Address. Are they just right will they do any good. I think the argument can be made as Joseph just made tonight kind of backed him up on it. The fact that people drive anyway so you have to make you have to build that in as well. But I think it's a good step forward. I'd like your parent. After.

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