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1-9 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- is region governor and I'm sandy beach and I'd like to thank the people make it possible for me to do Visio Tony Caligiuri executive orders or -- jobs and -- -- our right hand guy it's a team effort to attempt -- Randy bush over like thank all of them but especially I'd like to thank. Carl's trucking and repair. I'm Lewis wrote in Holland because like could not continue the show without this calendar. So I come into the studio usually in this studio of five or six minutes before they assign offer Johnson doesn't. And John who I've known forever and ever and ever says would you like -- Callender scored when he Forte and and I and a I I have several of them -- -- one on each desk one here one at home and I have Koppel for my briefcase I didn't need a calendar. He said it's from Carl's trucking and repair. In Holland now I'm thinking okay. It's got some scantily cast iron clad beauties there with fake boy type boobs. Take a rubber rubber boobs and I said sure I can call rockets at nots are right and any showed me the calendar. Look at these trucks they're custom painted. Eighteen wheelers they are. Ellis I'm not kidding and I know I should have been looking forward to the other calendar -- about jobs and these things. It actually they have a lot of commonalities between the truck calendar and the other calendar that Allen has. Headlights are on both guys are both absolutely. A check out the rear end on this one what do you think that. On the seriously look at the paint on these trucks just phenomenal. I mean I can't imagine -- what these rigs cost. There because their custom painted. In their like show trucks -- -- the kind of sharks as I'm looking through February. When the flames stony -- I don't like plans. The flames on April are butterscotch though you don't see butterscotch claims to be read in juvenile yeah right yeah. And -- here is red and black this is. For me a look I mean it's a phenomenal -- there really is when I was in Dallas of Fort Worth. We do every year they have a big custom truck showdown there aren't we sponsored it the BB AP sponsored it while I was there. And among the things in the trucks are you ready for this 'cause they try to make them outrageous obviously -- -- trucks and -- hauling -- them. One arm had a Disco ball and close -- -- a very nice now I'm feeling good today and I'll tell you why am feeling good today today. Is the first. Time in my life. Since I've been an adult. That I am not awakened with a mortgage payment. Populations thank you shorten the mortgage or refinanced those several years ago cut the mortgage time weighed down. And the last payment was made yesterday. And free at last free at last lord almighty I'm free at last so it feels good I never thought I'd ever be in a house long enough to pay it off and this is the first 11 one -- my entire life. That has been paid so I'm very happy as see that. What's going on here I'll tell you it's you think it's called here. It is -- cold here but it was also very cold in Chicago. At the Lincoln park zoo bear polar bear. I'm not not -- and AA and AI none out. One to go outside on Tuesday and went immediately back inside the enclosure it was below zero. Now maybe in the wild and -- -- could've done it. While polar bears experience in the wild is different than in captivity. I'm not now because she's a Zulu polar bear doesn't have a thick layer of fat the bears to adequately yet. From eating seals and whale carcasses. Now -- true I mean. It would -- you -- and if I didn't have enough seals -- whale carcasses I'd wanna stay indoors you would think when the polar bears commend. It's time to it's on the call today there are countries and wegmans has been stock -- -- typically we. I tried to order some a from a gourmet catalog Wednesday there were on a whale carcass at the very popular Christmas item and bad so that's that. Let's say in here's a destination. You know. Highlights no matter what I like I always like the destination. When I had horses I'd like to find a place where to ride my horse and have some lunch or trail ride -- like a destination. When now when I was riding motorcycles you always like a destination a place to arrive certainly with cars and in trucks you want a destination. I don't know if this place in Chatham Virginia would be a destination but maybe you're looking for something to do. Funeral director bill Simpson plans to open a funeral museum. Along main street of Bob Chatham Virginia. Try tried throwing -- -- -- -- your wife wants to go to Disney and you wanna go to funeral museum what the hell would be in the funeral museum got any idea. Different styles of -- media. Pictures of famous. It framers caskets happened just a -- you know whatever your pleasure while ago now we're all gonna end up there eventually but looking at which Russia by going to. At a Virginia is not a destination via -- no wouldn't be but maybe they have like the latest head stones that are all -- journalists the other. So in my grave Jerry Lewis early career grates on -- universe that -- Ran Amylin -- -- Would be -- and view when you know when you were. So. -- and when heads immigrant journalists are -- okay. In Wisconsin. Now it's you know sometimes you hear. Things that people say during storms and you go well isn't that -- little obvious. Why do you have to remind us of that wouldn't you have to be a moron to do that well anytime you think that. I want you to reference this story out of Wisconsin. A woman escaped injury. After she tried to use hot charcoal to heat up her car in sub zero temperatures. The police chief says she shoved a mound of hot -- her. Or 2007. Dodge Caravan to warm up the engine that's what happened. -- vehicle caught on fire as a surprise. And the damage is a thousand dollars puts. Charcoal under the engine compartment all I don't know what's under a car may be gas tank. Flammable things liquids that oil I mean -- and a how. What if you imagine explaining that through her husband. Well on I don't know on the vehicle caught on fire. Of the -- and what hot charcoal on the -- Judea. What got me this time I mean amazing maybe -- -- -- and it -- that Allstate commercial made him. You know in the park or -- -- -- to admit I -- guy yeah I love him he's -- I just love him every bad thing that can happen happens than him. Are right well it's a break we come back we're going to go over a couple of suggestions by Andrew the weasel call Cuomo had his state of the state address last night. On a beach company and whose radio and I thought that we are WB. -- go fishing in my basement this week and he -- go you have the waiters who putting the -- on babies and maybe some. You know. Big fish who we swim and through I remember. Anyway once when I lived -- block toward. I'm -- woke up to have a president with a copy on it and my wife had a pulled. The reason I say my wife had a total is the put the -- hated -- I don't know for what reason I petted the dog like the dog -- -- the dog. But he used to bite me in the ankles -- retirement come home okay. One time I rolled over in -- he bit me in the I didn't get mad because I thought it was my ex wife. That would have been the most action and I had a fun time. Nothing like a little -- -- this -- that day and arms are about about a wasn't wasn't her it was a dark. Well again this morning this 1 morning and I go to have thank you I go to have in my breakfast. And I don't see the dog I don't I don't see though the total and I looked. Look around called brutal. And what's the name floppy -- improvement like that and the doctors or to be found. And then suddenly hear a noise coming from the basement. So I look down at the door is open to the basement and I looked down. The pump that failed and I didn't know OK the dog was swimming around the stairwell he was doing strangely enough the doggy paddle. So that's what I knew that maybe I have a backup pump would be good but that was that was that got the papers by the papers finally arrive. Is this that tomorrow's paper. As there was whatever papers have been laid almost every day. I I don't bet about the papers because I read them all the time from every day and I like -- and I enjoy them but. Be nice that the guy here oh I don't know -- and party each of the gazette was late today it was a real right now. -- right let's say burlesque burlesque to Broadway is -- -- show coming to town if you would like to go and that you're bigger shows that he our call now 6449875. And -- caller will win a pair of tickets. To burlesque to Broadway it's live. -- January 23 through the 25 that senator casino and hotel tickets will be valid for one of the three performances they're valued at fifty dollars. And general contest rules apply -- that there. And now where room ready to garbage and school everybody normal we. We've back to a decent normal day weather wise he had an effect nick is back to school today so yeah we're back to that he missed being and so I know he's a good student and he's gets excited about school that he -- not pass nothing's going to act he law school the school. Idea I didn't mines school. But I didn't I didn't regret it when we had a day or two off it's always like. Forbidden -- It's always like super it's it's even though it's a few hours that you would have been somewhere else he's just think this is this is like a gift -- have to enjoy -- I what are we have. The governor it's a state of the state address I came up with several suggestions -- wanna focus on true. In his speech and are they both have to do with safety on the highway. And even though the governor is a weasel I'm I'm I'm looking at -- and I'm thinking these -- are there some may consider them harsh. But I think there were reasonable. Suggestions OK Andrew Cuomo proposing and this is or from the WB and -- room. I give everybody credit. Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed to tough new measures in his annual state of the state address intended to keep dangerous drivers off the road. By taking away their licenses. He says he wants a one year license suspension. For anyone under 21 caught texting while driving. And I have no problem was that -- takeaway. I think you know certainly distracted driving of any kind. Is dangerous. Drunk driving is very dangerous I mean we're talking about and I think ten texting while driving. Is as dangerous as any type of of distracted driving whether your drunk way the earth. You're not paying attention -- does not matter I think texting while driving because it requires. You know taking your guys. Off the road now I have -- some whiz kid that can probably text with his or her thumbs. And not not take their eyes off the road a lot but it's still is are required as far as I'm concerned that you look ahead. To what were your going with that 3000 to 4000 pound vehicle so I don't have a problem -- that I really don't and I -- know if you think. That is to severe chances are the younger you are the more severe you'll think that is but the bottom line is I think we have a responsibility. Two while driving to make that our top priority and you know as well as I do. That though when people -- driving it's almost like the driving is not in the top five as far as importance. The fact is we're gonna get there we know the car's gonna basically steer itself so we can do all these things. Without worrying about hurting ourselves or anybody else. We can put makeup. And weaken oh you know weakened -- absolutely we can text our friends. We can turn our heads and look at the kids in the back seat while talking of them because kids couldn't possibly hear you if you're looking straight ahead. So I have no problem with a governor saying if you're under 21. And you're texting and you've got caught illusion license free here I wonder why there's even an -- and Asia a limit on it. I'm thinking if you're 220 you're just as dangerous as if you're a nineteen. As far as driving I'm sure they wanna set an example. Four -- is to start getting good driving habits at a younger rage but to me. Texting is texting not looking is not looking crossing a line is crossing the line. Head on collisions are head on collisions. I don't know whether there should be India and age on it or not but he's proposing 1211. Year suspension of your license if your contacts that. Do you have a problem or -- do you think that's who severe. And you call now on that one or come back we have a second question I ask you. I'm going to look straight ahead at the radio during the break because I do know wanna be distracted from talking view. On news radio I'm thirty WB. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news free just use WP EN dot com. There are even sightings. In the Buffalo's guy of this species long thought to be at stake in buffalo. Grades. Are flying once again. In the buffer. Those guys. And and thank you -- So weird voice that is because I don't like them by Wednesday OK thank you desperate. Greens. He probably on that front loaded now you know exactly. As the -- governor the governor did his state of the state address last night one of the things he's asking for. Is -- I have no problem with the wants a one year license suspension for anyone under 21 caught texting while driving. I don't care how clever you are with your thumbs I don't care how today you are with electronics. If your eyes are diverted from the road that's a known now -- you -- look ahead of you to see what's there so you don't go bang bang bang. -- and hurt yourself or hurt somebody else nowadays there are making great strides I have a truck by the way. That will read the text them now I don't get a lot of tax they get more email intact but it will read it so I don't have -- my eyes off the road. It'll it'll give the chime. So I know there's attacks there and analysts say accept or rejected by yet reject. It goes into the file I could check it later if I -- except guess what it does it re exit to me now to do you want to do something forming. I've only gotten a couple of attacks. At a I've had a read to me. And obviously the the operator is an artificial voice that recognizes words and repeats them sometimes it's kind of fun. Win when you get words that are hard to pronounces that because they have different accents even though it's artificial. One thing I haven't done -- I'm counting on you to help me. I've not received a text with bad words. And I I've got to be really fun to hear the operator swearing while driving. So today. As I'm on my way home you're still here years -- hanging on there are doing yeoman job. I want you to semi attacks full of really bad words and I thought. It. If artificial voice. On my idea. And I swear I'll have to look up some to -- because I enjoy your short of them casting an Italian guy from north buffalo. Who used to hang out and empty pockets I'm sure that bad words have never been used in your vocabulary I think I heard one wants I talked to I don't talk to an engineer after they whack their thumb with a hammer. You learn a lot that way -- it's critical to make these things like GPS. For a long time now. You don't actually have to look at the screen -- can read in my city and turn by turn make him a give you all the information verbally but texting sentenced about an end in knowing part is not just. That they're causing problems. Not she -- That there that they're taking wives. And what would be more important thing I've certainly nothing about what I'm saying is. The real irony is in the real anger point for me is affected the text usually arm meaningless. Frivolous unimportant. You're doing it because it's there if you didn't have your text handy if you have your phone handy to -- that tax. You you would just you wouldn't shrivel up and die. So the bottom line is I think Andrew Cuomo's idea. If you're caught texting under 21 and I don't even know why they put -- and John I would say if you're caught texting while driving period. You get a one year license suspension so that's one of the things I'd like your opinion on that. Where do you think it's fair we're giving it's unfair and also give me other examples of of yields things you've seen of distracted driving. The second part is also important. He also wants to take driver's licenses for five years. Of anyone caught drunk driving twice within three years. And permanently canceled the license if you -- caught three times in your life and I say. Rates for that obviously -- for that is not because I don't drag. It's because I think there's a certain responsibility. When you're behind the wheel of a car I mean the hopes we have to jump throw. What we're trying to get a pistol permit think Obama hopes you'll have to jump through to get any kind of a permit it all for anything. And but suddenly when you're behind a whale of a car there is no responsibility. -- you kidding me you're going out into it in to open highways. With the traffic signals and signs. And people going gets beaten some people going well above speed. And you don't care enough about your responsibility. To either and not be texting or not being drunk. I have I have no sympathy for drunk drivers absolutely positively not and I'll never apologize for it. I if you are -- if you are. Beyond the capability of driving because your drug. Got a call a cab call a friend. I ask somebody sitting next few of they'll drive you home. But the bottom line is idea I know probably the one. So texting -- 21. You get a if Cuomo gets his way you'll have a one year license suspension and boy getting a one year license suspension under 21. Is going to be I think it would be for the a meaningful simply because 120 -- what are you doing. Well you're either in college you're just starting your career whatever you might be in the service but it requires you to be out about a lot -- your car. And says it having suspended license for a year for something like that I think I could have a good effect. Why is 11 is beyond me he committed any age as far as I'm concerned texting is taxing. And the DW I I don't wanna hear any lame excuses you're driving drunk and they nail you good good for the good for the cops it makes the roads safer. Because the people that are driving down highway. Minding their own business and suddenly your in their lane head on and you die something's dramatically wrong -- that. If you don't here's the deal you'll want to illusion license don't drive drunk. You don't want to lose your license don't text while driving OK don't expect any sympathy division -- gonna get an. It all three all 8309301806. On 69 Drew -- -- and thirty. When we come back we'll talk to our callers. And if you would like to if you would like detect something to us. Honor. FaceBook page or our -- post something as larger home I'm not driving we welcome. We'll be back after the. What's the New Yorkers in the midst of an exciting transition. The republic steel plant proposed in 1984 which was the symbol. Of the low point of buffalo today is this same site where river -- is rising. I -- are indeed clean energy plan that's gonna provide hundreds of jobs. In buffalo. I gotta tell you Tony -- was is saying how he -- pay an affection for. The opening of the original wide world of sports as Jim indicated that the you know the thrill of victory the agony the Peyton all right. They also did something that I'm sure you hate and that you don't even know they're the ones that started any any clue as to what you think the wide world of sports. Thereby you Chris got any idea what they started on that show that we have right now the only thing I -- think governors just the some August sportscaster now that's close that's close now it's the tees. While I'm a sports was an hour and a half OK now they would have some -- sit in some you're not right -- budget of our world is boards we got curling we've got checkers. And new wrestling okay. The tees. They invented the tees with wide world of sports they would TUN coming up nude wrestling street and shut the TV off. And they would always put. The bad that sort of thing at the end so that they they hold their audience longer they see more commercials. The it helps them sell more advertising time. And it's called the tees and now they tees everything but that was the first day ABC I was on ABC ABC started that tees and now drives you crazy because any time you tune in for something they teach you what's going to happen. Later all of the way. By the way later on in the show we will show you -- Tom are only going to lords for Merkel will be a thing. Throwing down the crutches at the talk show area. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A junior you know if you're good boy in an hour I'll give you a cookie I do that -- -- big in the hot chocolate that's code that they'll get the cooking now because they -- get an hour of that behavior. Give the cookie and an hour right -- an hour of could be. Let's go to -- David Cam Ward Dave you're on WB yeah. I'm Dave while what do you think about these proposals by via the gov. You know I I think they're discriminatory manner on there. You know and you know and apparently somebody I don't need it. If you're gonna do -- to do it across the board for 21 years old. You know and all of a role to protect people under goaltender -- thank. Well we already have part of that though I I don't disagree with you I think it should not have an -- on -- but we do have certain limitations. When you first get a license as to when you can drive and whether -- Kim in some states or whether there can be. And so many people in the car -- view so we already have part of that but I agree with you I think that appeared distracted by. Texting you're distracted doesn't matter watcher ages. I mean apparently parents aren't practicing and couldn't do what I do not want and I I don't drive a lot but I I don't not a -- -- I -- you know 77 revolt and I mean I think. You know it's -- -- in an apparent and you're prepared probably people you know -- in an accident -- you shouldn't be doing it. Yeah our tax thing I mean I'm sure there are some people they can text the very quickly and very efficiently a much better than other people. But it's still requires that some time for most people to look at the screen which is not in their view. By driving on the highway so anytime you take your eyes off the highway off the highway in front of you purposely. You're negligent as far as I'm concerned. -- -- -- -- -- But targeted capital right the -- and do -- attack -- and that's not the perfect. That's exactly exactly right have you noticed have you driven to throw away lately New -- they threw it. They've turned normal rest areas and service areas in too -- put signs up text areas which just and I think. But now I think is why because again Joseph I have plants as seen in your mind that yeah I'm on the road now but in two miles I'm going to be in an area Oregon pulled over and tax. -- but you know it looked good but it cannot -- Well the to a -- and I don't think they don't hurt themselves and hurt somebody you know what. If they ever DW wide twice in three years you'll lose your license for five years three times are you lose your license permanently. You don't want this is crazy. I don't really drink that. You know. But that doesn't crazy you know I got that many many years ago in 1966. Because but it was very good and I have been thrown -- -- in 1960. Well that's a magic moment then. I don't think hallmark -- and cards that -- but I'm glad I'm glad Dave thank you bet you very much. Yeah distracted driving is distracted driving. And I don't wanna hear any age related thing regarding I think the only reason that the age of 21 is there. Your 121. Is because this -- would have a dramatic impact if you lost your life a license for a year. And might lead to years and years of safer driving. As opposed to somebody it's all about as far as I'm concerned. If some car comes though over into my line is -- him he had on I don't care poll there. I don't care are young they are all -- cares about is that they're good they're gonna hit me and Iran that's all I care about. So -- you know I think that the age restriction should be removed but I do think that. If your card texting -- a license for a year I have no problem at all because just as the other day while we were talking. About -- what people do things. In not in a blizzard words very dangerous and roads are closed and it's icy and why ever Bob Bob Bob. And they still do things that could easily be postponed like they -- they go to bingo okay well they go to the jam. You're not going to gain a hundred pounds because you missed that day at the gym. And -- chances are you probably weren't gonna Winnebago that night anyway but they date they risks themselves and others. Because that's what they plan to do and that's what they're gonna do I think it's the same thing with text that. I think a lot of people tax. And you have to -- -- -- because I don't tax them much I email. But I think a lot of people -- as much out of boredom as they do getting information and giving information. Why you have this a device in my hand I think I'll see what my best friend is doing now whether she's eating a peanut butter sandwich. Boom -- Obama it's not thing it's vital -- I would guess that. You know what they should do here is that they should do how many ties that we heard a fatal accidents because of texting. I wish they would do it but they probably won't because of privacy reasons I wish they would publish. The tax that was being transmitted when somebody kills them. I guarantee you it was it was not. Of any importance it was trivial it was just time filling that's all it was it wasn't anything substantial it had to be done. In order for them to kill time they end up killing you not a good idea. Well it's the same thing with you know I agree with you people are distracted that people talk on the phone this out of boredom. Appetizer driving down street you see that all to their ear out and there are. It's nothing important. It's about like this as I said if you drive out and a dangerous weather like we've had the last couple of days. For a trivial reason think -- -- you'd feel if you've got into an accident you hurt yourself or if you end up killing somebody else it's the same thing with texting. Can't that tax wait until someplace where the car stopped. I I liked the idea of the New York they threw away publishing those signs that say text area had makes sense makes sense that a plant that seed. We'll take your -- we come back on news radio I'm thirty we RW --

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