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NY Medical Marijuana Proposal Lacking

Jan 9, 2014|

Wendy Conte

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've been telling you since Sunday in the Governor Cuomo was willing to consider allowing some hospitals to prescribe medical marijuana to some patients. Let's talk about this issue right now our guest on the WB -- live line is Wendy -- Wendy is -- local mom with a child suffering from a form of epilepsy. The child suffers seizures. Some of these seizures last for a couple of hours. Often daily. And mrs. Condit thing sabbatical marijuana may help her daughter. -- -- on the WBM live on Wendy good morning. Good morning thank you for having me. You're very welcome mrs. Connie what makes you think the medical marijuana may help your daughter -- first of all I didn't mention she's what 89 years old. What makes you think the medical marijuana will helper. I'm not what can study in what is being used out in Colorado it's the -- -- what you know which particular strain of Florida best. Is on capping a remarkable results with children with intractable epilepsy. There are a lot of studies being gotten out in collar -- -- And trial and I was technically over 400 children -- now using this particular oil. And it's -- remarkable results up to 95%. -- reduction. When did the plan by Governor Cuomo. Is is welcome news is this the plane you're advocating for. What we want to thank him for finally realizing that yes -- medical marijuana I don't have a late in New York trip for the debilitating and and people suffering we have -- -- to thank him. But this bill or that our program without very program that was implement over thirty years ago. Is following very very short of the compassionate care bill that became. And how how so can you explain what what what else free. Are you hoping for. I'm well this -- -- -- -- program which was thirty years old is I am basically for adult. It's like that was told with cancer and glaucoma. It will help him in -- case or any other pediatrics with intractable epilepsy. What we are pushing or is it compassionate care act bill which is. Much more it's very restrict. Bill in there is no chance for abuse. Or that they'll -- it helps Alan everybody from adults to pediatrics. I and other causes some emotional stress in the house -- county would you describe to our listeners. What happens to your daughter on a daily basis. -- -- well this is for yesterday I was working on her -- and it was a -- -- kids at school she gave me now. Yet she turned around for once let's -- -- in -- within a turn a chronic under the water. So chi and is now it deep talent so it's very typical urban -- chill. Pulled her out of the water and start doing rescue I am giving her correct medication. And after that -- -- -- hundreds of small teacher -- my teachers throughout the day. Yesterday. -- she has two to three to forward trying to chronic which has been very large seizures weekly and hundreds and hundreds of the small seizures mainly. And -- governor's plan as it stands right now. Would not benefit your daughter she would not be -- available for it right it's not pediatric. The right it is not pediatric nor is it what we need for these children would attract a -- a -- -- We need high CBD very very remote THC actually point 1%. Of the psychotropic. But -- active ingredient in Canada. It is what we need it. Com industrial hemp is is defined as anything lower than point 3%. -- can fall under the category of the industrial happen. And that is what we need. Your local doctors are treating your daughter they're willing to give us a -- of slow. Lawful. Absolutely they are all on board -- cancer they cannot do anything else until the compassionate care bill. Regents Governor Cuomo that. Or god bless you for all you've been through mrs. -- and we hope everything works out for you and your family thank you for being with us this morning and explaining this. How much are -- was -- Conte -- is a local mom with a child suffering from a form of epilepsy and she thinks that medical marijuana may help her daughter.