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Christie Bridge Flap

Jan 9, 2014|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is with us on the WB and -- senior political reporter with the senate Republicans pretty David morning. -- to -- they're calling bridge gate and New Jersey governor Chris Christie's at the center of this political firestorm. What's it all about. -- -- such an image issue or am I mean he comes talkers kind of be escalate shooting cops talking note and no nonsense you know put -- -- all other interest kinda and I -- a look at like that happens great but what you regardless of whether this -- his fault or not so really there's a couple of questions here -- -- simply -- not an answer. And -- -- -- in Atlanta we're gonna hear about the number one. Is -- and hold people responsible clearly clearly defense and and number two. What you know and it was that you know. He was. Apologetic -- of people that we will be held responsible. But the same time questions linger as to exactly what he knew about their involvement was in December it was a couple weeks ago whether it went. Bombshell emails came out that this -- a couple of days ago. OK take a second explain to our listeners exactly what happened. What to these guys supposedly who worked for the governor what did they do. Apparently there were several staffers people either or appoint you took care more so as -- as -- -- -- is. Are people who worked for -- school kind of conspired to say what kind of shut out of access organs to be most open put -- in the United States of America. And that's the result he had for day to some of the worst traffic problems in the New York City area and future -- area. Going back really can't have -- a lot of so we're talking monumental traffic problems a collection ever see an awful lot. It about it cause some incredible problems such as a transportation seven point adorable lady it was 91 years -- that she had a heart attack she died medical officials could. Couldn't get a good time we're talking about polite and that's situations here -- in addition to that the here in convenience centers -- poll. All series of emails and text messages and other massacres that have been treated back and forth. We're very clearly because of open records request had been made by media organizations. Proves that the circuits that Chris Christie. Basically it lets students what separates them because of the democratic mayor. In nature see who refused to endorse Chris Christie and his gubernatorial which was really not in question he won the governorship in -- He won reelection without any issue. But because it's the governor and now portly or does mayor importantly in support Chris Christie they want to go after him and this was retribution. Could this and he's saying it it to -- he himself was saying he is known -- had no knowledge of it but could this derail a presidential run. What assault and I would possible that you didn't know that this was going on nine and the governor of any state of -- and -- begin to mosquitoes and every action being taken by his hookers. -- could this be a problem can I can almost see the democratic operatives who -- -- agency mr. What -- their chops like nothing else coming up with advertisements where Chris Christie is sitting corporate blocking traffic but if -- and the scandal that happened. What happened in January 14 and January -- great -- sixteenth when -- -- and that's says he Iowa Caucuses. And the New Hampshire primary and all the eyes of the nation are on you and all the other people running for president said the timing of this is. He could handle that situation about as good as acute care if you consider it. The and it it's certainly a big Ellen port a couple of years. Okay Dave will love we'll find out -- as this thing progresses and probably talk again about it but according to the Associated Press Christie is holding an 11 o'clock news conference this morning. Yep again is that there's -- That's -- collapses and. Aren't that said Dave Leventhal. Senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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