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Niagara's Frozen Falls A Thing of Beauty

Jan 9, 2014|

Tom Watt

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

During our blizzard the onslaught of blowing snow and cold. Left lots of negative images. But the conditions have brought misery to many of us brought an element of beauty and to many response and one of those spots. Is Niagara Falls Tom -- is on the WB a lifeline right now in general manager of the Niagara Falls park system I come. Arabs. Tell our listeners what it looks like -- false. Well you know quite frankly many times in the -- you get the spectacular views every once you're so beautiful abuse in the summertime but. We often get -- blowing towards the falls. That places in the trees and buildings and then responded to this beautiful. This week of course you know folks that visit will get a little extra treat with. The additional ice over above all in. You know would be built up below as well. It doesn't happen this boat people right and and this just doesn't happen. That often does it. Not I think most people you know around today probably. Haven't seen it I know I've never seen it -- -- it -- completely frozen the files but it's partially frozen which is saying right. Right you know and it then it's there's a lot of ice coming down and not you know being exceptionally cold temperatures and you know all that ice that you know threatens some of our -- Is still finding its way down river albeit much more pieces now. Now when this happens Tom the I shall -- -- tourism increased. It you know it I really don't have a solid. Numbers on you know whether verses dependence armed with regards to in particular the racing. You know we we get a pretty steady. 40 patron bodies cannot somewhat local we get pretty steady. -- visitors here. -- that take you know it's a pretty spectacular pictures especially those that they had known fact. My understanding that some photos taken by an aggregate is that actually got picked up by the Washington Post so they went national. And there's also some great pictures posted on our FaceBook page. Okay let me ask you this -- folks are listening to our interview right now may have thoughts -- coming Donald default take a look. Take some pictures of they haven't been there before under conditions like this how should they addressed how should they prepare. They should definitely dress warmly. Even though the winds today are relatively calm it is still cold. And you're right you know right here in water and you are exposed. Cylinders at prospect point which is for the primary viewing locations. You are pretty exposed the elements they should definitely -- That's when most people have in the last few days of the cold. In layers and you know with minimizing your exposed. On skin surfaces. Tom good to chat -- this morning thank you for all the information I'm sure of fond of your extra people around there today and maybe. Over the weekend thanks for joining us. Thank you will be happy to -- it. And somewhat general manager of the Niagara Falls park system.