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Cuomo's State of the State Address

Jan 9, 2014|

Capitol New York Reporter Jimmy Vielkind

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Going live now to Albany and capitol New York reporter -- feel kind is joining us on -- WB and Nightline -- good morning. -- -- talk about the tone of the Cuomo's speech yesterday. Our RO OP governor really tried to senator -- Optimism. Moving forward there was restricting contracts but our record entry previous state of the state speeches all three of them and that's what -- which in the past -- talk about these problems these structural problems of Albany. Although it in the past and his great. He's trying to do what it's been accomplished and has the right its move forward but. There I was I was struck by that optimism which of course makes an election year. The equipment people -- dispute was a little bit muted there was so. There was nothing that we are picked up. Who like we saw last year with the proposals for gun control and abortion -- In -- -- after the street show higher -- fellow's talking about. Talking about speech and have high praise for the governor then Republicans one after another for the most part were lining up. To heap praise on what the governor wants to accomplish Huntley engineer all of the support I mean not that everything you want is gonna get passed -- the do. Well I think part of it is is bilateral I think that the legislators want to start out the year and a good note. And I think the quote what went on it's way too cute by -- to these individual legislators went he -- yesterday. He -- emphasize their partnership. To talk about. Accomplishment that's something that we looked they are bringing our forward and you have to address the notion of a response in public corruption. But he did so it'd -- way -- all of we all need to do this for our vote good you know against you pretty and sell it. The same boat as the law makers. Talking about how it will give them capacity it will help them move forward in this next legislative section. -- I thought. That the developers at -- or at least the beginning of the sugar or appear to treat it. He Jimmie and selling and Dennis ever Zacks absence yesterday -- -- provide any distraction. No why are you. And I think -- would expect you got since I think they've given this growing allegations against him and it snowstorm you know on its new level maybe. Consider the option and -- -- problems that promoted -- I do think because trump Albany it will be something of a circus at about. Who wait and see what happens. Yeah he couldn't -- to run in lieu of anyone have a number of apparently -- Republicans or Democrats who did make it in the capital but with that said. Word is. Circulating around here Jimmie that does discovers and plans to be in Albany next Monday. For the opening of the legislative session and he said he plans to be there are now. Do you think now he's been quieter responses thing broke a couple of weeks ago how do you think he should say something before it goes to all the thing if indeed he does. Well I have read about it because all of but he should be should be constructed -- people into -- -- something. There are few traditional that it could be made about -- that -- over Democrat who who brought the chamber -- Said that she's unsure whether he'll allow commitment to the private democratic operatives. Where a lot of the strategy with its native a lot of but the decision he made about what goes on the floor. Are coping the speaker of the speaker was quite clear in they applied against mr. -- Eric. And by I think we might even he's more dramatic action even the board the assembly's ethics committee makes its global war. -- any mention of the safe act in the governor's speech. There was and that was an interesting note the governor did -- a lot of accomplishments whispers are -- and offers. But he didn't get into the state that he didn't bring got up. You're a focus of economic development she did -- inspect marriage was legalized the mile in the governor's burst your what. But the -- expected come up. But of course as -- otherwise it can be very controversial. Particularly among -- theaters and particularly remote right beating a Republican not staters elbows are kind -- -- -- voters will vote hoping to you do with the architect art car with talk of job. I -- head into the reelection in is that if you want to win big. -- -- a moderate Google is good feature ensures tactic. The -- frank yeah. Felt better about how -- -- once again. Jimmy we appreciate your time this morning thanks for the update. That's capital New York reporter -- feel kind in Albany.