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Flood Watch for Some In WNY

Jan 9, 2014|

Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Like none of the National Weather Service buffalo airport weather station where meteorologist Jon Hitchcock Stanley gonna talk -- -- good morning John. Well the blizzard is over but this weekend. Might bring ice jamming and steady rain and possible flooding tell us what you can tell us. Yeah we're contending this roller coaster -- at chapters we've been on for the last really month and a half for two months. -- -- for a significant warmup over the weekend highs are going to be likely into the fifties on Saturday. And of course we're adults know we just got that would increase the -- -- about we get and there will be a period of rainfall on Saturday looks like. On average about a half an inch of rain. Maybe a little bit more than that in the -- here. So it's much less rain that we had back in December when we had a big lead so the flooding won't be nearly as widespread is that however the main -- this time. Will be ice camp flooding and -- areas on the three buffalo creek so be public creek. Pager -- because nobody creek and -- look at -- -- creek. How Long Will this warm up the USS John. Well -- it will only last one day and I we're back into the upper thirties on Sunday. Maybe forties early next week -- -- -- but we're back to more typical winter chill by the middle of next week. Right now this is nice -- situationally opera -- river. -- -- getting any better. I yet it improved yesterday that's not an issue anymore. That's a little different than me I can't we typically in the buffalo creek that -- invite. Strong winds coming down Lake Erie which is the lake -- Over the ice -- into the river. And that resulted in the ice flows on the east channel of the river but once the wind died off yesterday. That alleviate that problem. When is the flood watch posted -- and for what areas specifically. Ever flood watches for a period -- topic -- right now and primarily for the creek are susceptible to ice camp that begins. Saturday morning and runs through Sunday early afternoon. OK and I stood chatting -- this morning John thank you very much -- information. Erupt here meteorologist. Jon Hitchcock and the National Weather Service.