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1-8 Michael Caputo Hour 4

Jan 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And were back. 607 here on news radio 930 WP and this is Michael computer I'm in for Tom barreling. I haven't been able to say happy new year to you also happy new year. Are we spent ours right here in Western New York where else would you expand. I nobody was listening to -- feel kinda hunter Thompson the press corps here on the year before the break. I'd -- was mentioning a crisis in the making for Governor Christie apparently. And if you've seen these yet that some top -- aides to Governor Christie. Created. A traffic problem because of a political issue. And closed down some lanes to harass one of Christie's enemies. It's very it's in c'mon this is silly and I have been it is an egregious. Or abuse of power. And governor Christie's are dealing with -- right now with some breaking news story today -- -- -- articles about it. Christie's people closing leans to punish political rivals is that something. Really nice warm. So Don in court -- thank you for column in now by the way it's 8030930. Here. And if it can become -- On medical marijuana Governor Cuomo state of the state speech please give his ring in dog's been holding on Don from core if you. And you're on the air. I don't I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All that well column. For our country is not a lot -- -- -- you know leaving it to route or Internet throughout well. Problem vote he stayed in New York. I'm sure in the league and I want to move the UST eight opener it's 801. K the second thing is he hit. Again the approval. -- when they -- actually put it upon that try to get the young voter I think catch and shoot -- And I think -- yes. And so I appear to get simple outlook. You know looking at Obama chances of winning the president's secret big worry about the next election coming up. Current I would never personnel at Everett politics at all never know accurate robotic or do they want but when it personally. When it's it was a personal attack and the in my family been expecting a eight and I can area me myself I don't make it. My wife but it's for and there girlfriends -- -- -- example credible the net you know off. But let me ask -- this let me ask you this now Don let me ask you that's very important. How many of those people that you just mentioned had not voted before. I would say the only ones that thought it would indicate ultra Paladino you ran an article thank you now. Now -- to a whole other level in any particular accident we have got all we have got -- ball and get. They get -- -- crowds -- heard all the upside down. You know he was a 100% right with debt and look at these clowns. When I'm making out middleweight working out yet these politicians are are there now because. -- -- simply gone. You're right on the money. Absolutely on the money and say what you will -- Carl Paladino he's on the money to you know. Absolutely you enter enter the opposite side -- got that money that doesn't need to -- that. People would stop. He still they're trying to help. I don't let me tell you something at myself. Rus Thompson via the people around Karl. -- store around regularly I've been as much that. You know we put 30000 miles on a card -- B Ross and -- written never left the state. And -- do we have bat that's a lot of hours in a car with a guy -- I spent a lot of time. You have to back and forth -- -- -- but he. He I've talked -- he's on an agenda heat. Feels like team he has something to give the that he feels like he is destined to help make some change. And I don't think he gives -- who if he gets hurt the process I mean on our god forbid the rest primitive people insult him in the past you don't care. Right where I think that would -- what is it and the guys every -- eat eat eat -- you know he. The next State Council and it's your sex scandal erupts in its debt. You don't need more corruption Albany and Anthony and a awful you can't you know whatever -- it makes you. And they treat sick the American indicate that the living in the states. It is turn your stomach everyday we get it turns -- and they're called shoot low soft spot so the -- Not helping anybody and they expect it -- even buy it and I mean you can't rock jokers. Yeah they edit and then and then they want to. They want to appeal let's say -- about the seven bullet they. Talent -- literature I why do white and -- -- should appear but their faces an appeal at all that. What do you know -- people it's it's really -- it's Kyrgyzstan. It turn your stomach so much that will. It hit I don't wanna be here you know -- appeared like it apparently rocker -- but these people -- -- -- -- -- It's like you know -- you know you don't go to our top dictating our weekly state why he will leave it -- you're doing not appear he -- of what you. Co op or -- in Albany it's like what you know. We -- -- -- action spectacle corner. You know I think it is it is sickening it's -- what it says he ain't gonna. I I put this -- break due to lightning down. You know adding that the the brilliant awful Hollywood natural returning here we're going to be at ten here right if we even -- around. I tell you what we don't know we're going to be in ten years and they say this on. -- Do you think. But he's gonna run for president Cuomo. I think. He's probable that the C. Who's gonna Beckman a big if if Hillary Iran -- not -- I don't think she's -- -- she worked within the guys being out saying I think she's done. You know when it started digging ever -- there is gonna come to open air I think the country now is ready to -- start within the Republican belittled it. You know it like the Democrats a run on the right into the dirt. And look at it cannot yet they would Obama how -- market country. Yeah and -- you know this. The Affordable Care Act it is is not going to get any better -- fact it's going to get worse there are fuse -- That are under explode all over the place and I've put money for the first time in 1015 years on this. I think the Republicans take over the senate and there -- thank you very much for calling -- really appreciated. Rick in new -- thank you very much for ring and and and and. Hold on. You wanted to talk about marijuana. I'm Angela army veteran. And -- and I got my head. Issues that he he he. My panic when I was anatomy. And was. And -- medicine. And -- and depression medicine. And in Madison that was six runs well. You know. Very good idea and added predicting personality. Went -- UN. I wouldn't dawn and IEA. -- two parliamentary. And so there was -- where you were you in combat. Or she is -- I eat I eat yes Baghdad out -- -- -- -- -- right index. -- their six -- they did for years and then. Our bit. I'm sorry and bring you know it looks much Jerry I don't know how they doubted. And I ended. I started smoke and I about two years ago. I would take about ten -- twelve killed and eight. And Eric Small compact two years ago. And I have no issues really look at -- in -- Gonzalez got app and make their best in everything. Well I don't know if all that's advisable but I I have heard many different times that. -- marijuana can be used in therapy for -- used I don't know -- -- -- but I know a lot of Vietnam veteran myself and by the way Rick thank you very much for your service. A lot of veterans of self medicating I think that that probably never a good thing. But if this does come to fruition in New York looks like it's going to. I wonder PT SD will be on the list of serious illnesses that Clinton Clinton Cuomo thinks can be treated with Maryland. What he. All I act I I would probably say no I don't think it's going to be right away I think this should it's going to be baby steps. And that is just the first that. I mean. Well realistically. The majority of the people I would like if you go up for a vote to be out of it yet I -- what I would like this year -- for a bowl. And let the public well. And I am a strong supporter of miracle. -- a lot at Indy is. -- big bat an -- and I would you say OK but really highly doubt there and it would audible. Well -- the polls Rick it's got 82% support among New York voters so I doubt it would falls Rick thank you very much for calling in -- really appreciate it. Rhetoric Maria in Orchard Park we've just got a few minutes before we go on a break here. -- -- at some comments about Cuomo's speech. I primary content type -- that my culture and one of the -- but earn it and remember calling Cuomo. Emailing well contacting all the editors every single day about the medical care. Well Maria I think I think some of your colleagues are coming on my a Sunday TV show. Right this weekend on WG yours these two sides at noon on channel two. Some of your colleagues are coming on that's great I'm I'm looking forward to meet them so what do you think about his medical marijuana initiative. Well you know of course we're really excited we didn't have any indication that he's going to make now. But we're very fearful that it won't include the pediatric eclectic. Right you know as a kind of excluded. Yeah and you know that or medication is different color looking or -- culture like web. THE -- CDD. There's no cycle active drug they're now hi -- a very different met at Charlotte's not that. Yeah one mind boggling that we can't do it because as. I think it would -- although -- conflict handcuffing probably has more. And then I'd be content right from hybrid plant you know we can't get a better term without. You can imagine our first -- ago. Do you think you're gonna move among us I mean you think he can change his mind on that. We are working tirelessly. As you can imagine and you know we're very proud of the governor for taking on work you know all different political. And we don't all agree quickly. We know that this I think the topic to take our and so we're really proud of him for doing it as chair. They're going to be in frankly many are making and state. And where would you. Colorado. You know I think the children are terminal there are calm my -- on sixteen round of deadly pharmaceuticals today. And this oil has prudent opt for that I think four under. A bit has. Moved to Colorado to. You know alleviate symptoms up -- almost 90%. To -- off their -- it's it's really somewhat miraculous and we can't get our hands on it so. You know where law abiding people -- do the right thing but there street. And what is the name of the condition that they have that does it -- that that isn't treatable as well buy anything else. The umbrella term is intractable epilepsy. Meeting that the other medications here. Typical art article for it does not work so it makes. Children on terminal and a PHC -- we your. Cat and an airliner I would like cable and it. A bit too easily. Marijuana actually make it worse -- can. We need this string. Marijuana plant that it actually. Hit the disappointment. A. I think -- I think I bought that stuff once. Years ago. When I was young and and not done enough and and did know -- always there listen. I agree you and York colleagues the mothers and your group are some of August suffering most incredible people. I've heard and I really really look forward to working with you guys. On Sunday on WG -- these two sides at noon that's on channel two. -- thank you very much for calling and I'm really appreciated thank you very much and let's go to traffic right now. -- Seventy degrees outside still feels like zero. Flurries around this evening otherwise -- partly cloudy and quite cold tonight low of nine degrees. Periods of clouds and sunshine tomorrow high of 22 cloudy tomorrow night with some snow league that with little or no. Accumulation. Low of eighteen degrees -- at the temperatures gonna rise later at night Friday mostly cloudy milder high youth. 37 degrees this is Michael -- I am in for Tom -- here and he's reunited the WB and go for break here in a minute however. Brandon you called take to talk about two of my favorite topics. Marijuana and Cuomo. What your take on this stuff. -- in in. Colorado but ten years ago they are -- at the medical knowledge of all all recreational. I don't kind of people do adult. And nobody can employ them because they campaign as a -- or churn -- Frankly though I mean I I have family out there Colorado and and there's something on the lines of fifty to 60% of companies who said that they're not going to test anymore because they don't care. Well. I don't know why all the commercial driver's license and interest up like that yeah they have been stated that. Yeah yeah I agree with that -- -- but I mean do you do you drink -- drink alcohol. Are all on. But. How often does not sell and I'm often is very -- What's it -- a month or. Three times a year. Well you know coming from a guy like you I can see worker you would have been down -- kind of a bad view of even medical like this mean I feel differently I disagree with you that doesn't mean that you're wrong but -- do you feel about Cuomo's. Medical marijuana do you think that's first step toward full blown legalization. It's a tall Colorado started dollar and it's just it's just the -- things you all he's a great guy try to picker gondola. Let's legalize drugs and and now. -- -- Well I guess if if he gives you. A joint to smoke maybe you won't care so much. You can smoke a lot of -- as a kid you booted out that it -- but I but not -- -- saying here you know what can happen watched him a -- here in Colorado. It is MLB subsidize the because early may an eight dollars an hour worker at the -- are. Well there's a lot of this about your credit we got to do for a break but there's a lot underneath all this a lot a lot of a lot of mistakes made in government other states a lot of good things have happened -- so there are. So well we'll we'll see more about I was really surprised when they announced that on Sunday. But we got to go to break here in and pay the bills this is Michael Caputo and for Tom our -- Tom -- issue here and he's reunited the VW BM will be right back. Happy birthday Elvis Presley. -- -- I have no idea. 1935. Elvis Aron Presley was born. On this very day. On this three -- everything in music changed. Michael put here for Tom barreling from issue and he's reunited thirty WB in Thomas out today. I have the pleasure standing in the in his stead. And the honor of receiving your phone calls at 8030930. Or start -- there in your cellphone we've been talking about. Marijuana. We would talk about Cuomo we've been talking about tax cuts we've been talking about. Oh my goodness. This whole genome research center that is apparently going to be here are located here this is all from the same topic the topic was. Governor Cuomo is. -- fourteen state of the state address today. Is a day of great pomp and circumstance RB there's no more pomp no more circumstance. In that city on any other day of the year this is the year when Governor Cuomo gets to get up or any governor by them. And do as a one Democrats have told Fred Dicker of the New York Post. To have an orgy of self congratulation that orgy was one hour in seven minutes long. Cuomo broke his arm in seven places congratulating himself for being absolutely perfect. -- but he had some very interesting things in their report apartment on Monday here and I'm -- -- harm on Sunday that he was going to today. Proposed medical marijuana. Four very very sick people. And it's something he doesn't have to pass a law for a fact or law was passed in the seventies. That allowed a government authorized the use of medical marijuana I think and other drugs other scheduled drugs. In order to treat. I'm very very ill people and that law is very -- we -- -- -- is I think the law itself actually sets forth all kinds of very strict regulations and there will be very limited availability. At some of New York's best hospitals. I think this. Is a great idea I think marijuana and should be legalized in Toto but. I do think the medical benefits have been long ignored in New York State don't care if you're Democrat -- Republican this is a good idea to many of us. Even a blind squirrel finds in the world with chrome. Dan. Dan thanks for call and he wanted to yet to comment about marijuana. It's been legalized -- Colorado. And Saturday I was reading at 37 people died. From the mayor of one. She first stated Colorado. I would love to find that I've never heard of anyone in history dying from marijuana overdose. You say they'd died that they burn up when their when they're later -- lit them on fire -- how did they die. I know I should but it was on the Internet better. Look it's on the Internet at most absolutely must be true. But at the same time. I think it is meant physically impossible and you would -- that term reform a physically impossible but it is better physically impossible. To overdose on marijuana because you have to smoke. 101000. Pounds of something like that and even in my best years as a young man I could never have done. Never I don't care how many Grateful -- shows you've been to. He can't smoke 101000 pounds so so 101000 ounces so did they say how they died of -- jump off of a mountain and Colorado. And every bit -- -- What -- I would love to search set up you remember how he founded richest. It was a it was under massive suicide in Colorado after bad pot smoke. -- -- -- -- these are our era while all. Well then it's got to be true if it's WG yours because of their while some bosses. You know that yours either they're quite careful with their feet I gotta check this out is I've never heard anybody die in smoke and we I've heard a lot of people dying to smoke -- But never heard of anyone dying from smoking have you ever Dan have you ever I mean we don't know your last -- reward from so you can tell us have you ever tried this stuff. Yeah of meat of what like him -- not my most people that spoke we don't need to be just want to lose. Is that you you reviewed -- medicinal thing I mean you wouldn't want to because it's a medical error. And you don't the don't have the symptoms. Well you know I I'm with you on that I mean I can't bear to imagine eight pills I can't stand Eagles enemy. Can't stand but have you smoked cigarettes and. Growing -- product. To supply these capital. You know the what I understand from the discussions I've had with Albany on this that they are going to try it's it's you know because it's illegal to grow it's illegal to transport it. They're not going to be able to get it in a legal fashion for these hospitals so they're gonna have to buy it from the federal government you know the federal government has wheat fields. They grow their own. And they bait and its its medicinal marijuana so they're gonna have to buy it from that government market. -- they won't try to. Richards -- Obama trying to out. I if you don't think so wouldn't -- He probably has been certainly while they were passing writing in writing and passing the bunker had to be smoking something. But you know I don't know I have I've been -- Craigslist I've been looking in the want ads I don't see any ads there for testers. I continue to look simply for my own research not that I would ever apply. Is god knows that -- evil but you really think Cuomo is overstepping here. Where they're getting did the idea to do it. I think it's a federal government it's going to be completely go on the up and up. And until the law itself is expanded to be a little bit more inclusive -- leaning toward legalization. It's gonna stay that. Makers in New York State growing transporting in his -- platinum. -- -- -- there for variety yeah. -- Yet they all have all kinds of fancy names with the knowledge that I've just heard this I don't know this for a fact. Heard this and agree on all have very interesting names like coach. And purple your poll in all these reader gains. I think they even have in California they actually have brands and logos and product names in taxes actually go to schools. The attacks in that stuff and call on. They think they're they're gonna make a ton of money. You don't think it's worth. Come on Europe with a roll up a fatty give it give -- smoke it down Dan and then let's have a talk about this. -- -- Albeit a bit tired and the -- -- or. No no join the other sixty people in Colorado who apparently jumped to their death and red rocks. But today and I really appreciate you calling we appreciate you have a Great -- stay warm there. Thank you Dan. This is Michael would -- I'm on for Tom biologist for a bit he's going to be back again I'm just here for the day. But it's a real blast you know if you have any comment on the legalization number one -- Very popular topic out there give us a ring here at 8030930. Or start 930 on your cellphone. Are we have a caller here. Peter in west -- you were calling about the cannabis plants. Well what do you think of that plant. Pete it's legal sick. You take Cuomo's plan for highly regulated merit medical marijuana for very very sick people you think that's a good idea. I don't I don't think Gingrich -- you have to be and I feel as though that. How are you going to cool because at some point I'm -- -- -- -- all United States it's going to be legalized so are you gonna differentiate. Taxing someone that wants to close the door for recreational use against someone that's going to continue to dramatic and. While I think a lot of legislators and Colorado agreed with. You know. And there's a real fight over those very important distinctions in California as well. Com. And ask Peter you were traveled to California or Colorado when he states where you can do this legally. They all are abiding drivers out there you see you look -- And out there that they have a big problem with math site here. The air yet it's as a big deal and in the rural areas are there. It really is and it's a sad thing. But I. Like and they are very in a million dollars the thicker collar on. I think more than that actually I think more than that they weren't able to actually calculated accurately. -- -- Anthony state they'll they'll find a way to spend that state. So Peter you're you're in favor this what your if you don't mind me asking what you register political party. I I believe I'm actually independent. I turn up the -- actually really want. I just. I don't know. We'll ask you this if there is a referendum. Vote in New York on on legalization of marijuana would you vote in the -- And I mean it's important -- but I don't late. I don't hold against somebody who doesn't because it's a very frustrating political system we have in this appear thank you very much for Conan really appreciate. -- You know legalization of marijuana certainly dramatic number one thing has kept people call on in here at the station for days -- I mean they just announce is out of the blue on Sunday. -- an amazing story. It would mean real news that if you waited until it is because they can't. Test these things out in case people hated that he could cancel and they would never gonna happen on -- park on Tuesday Wednesday. Tim in Lancaster. Even wait long enough. -- on the air. Hello RU MI don't. They're just like that like you know that I know the previous caller talked about the outline of the 37 people dying. Your high in either one of the center sites are believed to be with you -- on the onion or the only current choke. Like turnout and catcher which one was but I don't seem the. You know he's not first get a good old by the onion and he's not the first got to get fooled by the union. Yes targets that showed up at the headline and it's on the Internet he must believe it. You hit it well listen. You'd be surprised at how mama I'm sorry. I probably wouldn't be surprised -- how much and misinformation out there. How do you feel about that -- or. You know I -- I believe a lot of it between it's -- I've I wish them the truth who was there with with each -- -- because it's it's pretty circle. Where do you stand on a medical marijuana our marijuana legalization. Well I think. I definitely agree with the medical marijuana and you know back today are probably. And if you do read and they call that Beckham late seventies early eighties passed him on the I don't -- I don't see. I don't think the problem. With getting the point of legalize it has won here Collins and you know that the government it's regulated makes some money you know you know it's probably gonna go. Look -- if you don't let me ask him what your political registration. I'm registered -- outlets -- -- out of the Democrats who. Just because they had an uncle who lives an assembly room years ago and but as you get older yet he turned a little more conservative silverlight when they're definitely have a conservative and -- lecture circuit. Well Tim thank you for -- it's interesting to note that there are conservative on the side of legalization of medical marijuana as well as liberals. Kind of crosses party lines them. You've got and I'm definitely know their robot -- and more and more Georgia. Yeah I mean both him where to take a break here and pay some bills this is Michael Caputo and for Tom Bauerle. Here -- -- my thirty WBE and. And were back. Mrs. Michael -- In for Tom -- -- news radio 930 WB and you know my blog politics and white dot nets. Tried right to be there about the writers talk about politics Western New York particular. But every morning I wake up and read 3.2. Billion news articles yes that's right B billion news articles and I post only the ones that matter. Four or five of them today if you care about politics and you wanted to have a quick read go out there. In the left hand column breaking news section you'll see the stories from all across the Internet. The cut through my filter process and went on that one of the things that book four is good writing because I'm. Sick and tired of people who claim to be right there who do not new rate. I'm really picky about it in fact the point where it's -- -- I saw something in a written by Steve -- shown. Ought. It's staged Steve -- I don't knows the -- know he's go a long record here in the media in Western New York. DC should he wrote something on trending buffalo dot com. Which I thought was tremendous it's a little article he wrote called winter. Makes us who we are right in the middle of a blizzard in fact I'd just come in from shoveling the driveway when I read this thing I want this year not long. But in winner makes us who we are Steve she's jones'. Some of a ski some of a snowmobile that most of us -- like Buffalo's winter weather and have absolutely -- you sport at all here he would. Sure that for snow follows cute and it's nice to have a little. A little right before Christmas but that's it for snow and the cold is almost entirely useless. Yet here we are living in a place where we don't really like the weather five months the year and we wouldn't leave for anything. All of us spend from November to April with a -- call off. A low -- sinus infection. -- Chapped. Hands and -- the cold Carlos landscape of buffalo can Wear boots. Prolonged cold and snow can Wear on our bodies as we clear driveways and shields and can Wear on cars as they try to chug through two. Even our heart and soul was machines need an occasional jumper pushed to get themselves going like that. That that's how winter makes us who we. Here in buffalo. We're ready with the knowledge of rocking a car wheels straight. Before gut busting almighty show -- and standing by with a pair of jumper cables ready to -- the black cable to some bare metal on the engine block. Of the car with a dead battery we don't have this. Arcane knowledge just for ourselves no -- we helped bring brightness to someone else's cold -- day. We don't even question that it's everyone's responsibility to give everyone else out of that ditch and on to where they're going. If you don't have jumper cables maybe you have a supply of cough drops and tea bags in -- issues in your desk drawer. They are ready of course for when your monthlong almost cold turns the corner. To full blown sick and they're also there however is in a Popper Carrey for friends and coworkers rated as soon as there weeks with a little understanding. And help get through not on today with that how willing frigid winter. With which we all grapple. Maybe after a lifetime's worth of clearing the neighborhoods sidewalks the next generation. Is now clearing yours. We all understand that winners a group effort here in Western New York in the understanding permeates. Permeates who we are your round. And buffalo winter is not like a tornado or hurricane there's no hoping and praying that it -- as we know what's coming. And we know it's going to be long and we know it's gonna be rough times. The thing that's different about a buffalo winter is not only how we deal with. But how we'd all help each other through. People fortunate enough to head south during the winter. Know the feeling of having red shield cheeks walking on a plane in sunny warmth on your face is disembark. As good is eighty might feel in Miami today it couldn't beat a 52 degree day at the end of January here in buffalo. When you walk outside feel thoroughly warmed and smiley your neighbor. With whom you were shuttling the sidewalk on the few days earlier. Sure it's only January. And there's more great -- winner to come but our shared experience and our love for our city and our love for one another. Keeps us moving in anticipation of when we can change the sound of howling wind from the sounds of birds. Chirping in the lush green trees. And change the taste of chapstick. For the taste of our favorite ice cream and hot. Stay warm. That's Steve he's shown you -- winner. I agree. And -- -- And some ways you. Actually. Had -- we stop and hope you jumped your car happened I mean if you stopped and jump somebody's carts. I have to. That's exactly. How we feel. Winner makes us who we are here in buffalo I tweeted once and it was during our storm. And it was three treated hundreds of times. I said the media reports that we are having blizzards in buffalo but they forget to report that we are you really don't care. Is that doesn't make it any different for us from one winner to a -- It just doesn't winner makes us who ER. Some of a ski some was no real but we all hope he took. Thank you very much for what we have fun here today. This is Michael Caputo and for Tom barreling the Tom -- show here on news radio 930 WB yen and as Steve she sung says. Stay warm buffalo.

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