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1-8 Michael Caputo Hour 3

Jan 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This Michael Caputo in fort Tom -- earlier on news radio 930 WB yen. Yes stated state today governor Andrew Cuomo laid out his entire agenda for the State of New York. And the entire crowd. Stay away. There's the newspaper there artsy. But there's. There. Our -- -- terribly terribly boring and awful. Speech that was but he is kind of lurching a little bit more to the center it's it's election years past that talk. About. Cutting budgets and talk. About cutting taxes. Do that it's hard to say. On the wording here hopefully this -- senator markers on t.'s gonna call them as well as. A some other reporter friends of mine from Albany gives -- take these things. But I in the meantime. Joseph in buffalo -- today on we were talking about of the legalization of marijuana or at least the medical marijuana and some comments -- -- -- -- just thinking thank. You mean that your goalie just -- yeah. Remember. Even their. Little kid that was -- around. In quite strong opinion at all reason. The federal government does sort of make illegal is because. Didn't want to occur. -- it really don't want it chicken they want and I'm certain that. Our government one thing they were controlled the work but it -- where were talking about Merrill and benevolent drug. Still speaking Armenia. -- -- during that whoever committed in the name Maryland. Right well I mean they say you have to smoke 101000 pounds to over so I don't think that's physically possible so Joseph what what political party you from. In. Your opinion is rather prevalent in. Our room. You listen to WB -- here in -- and there in the east so. That. Joseph thank you very much for Coleman really appreciated. Hey Ken -- from the New York Daily News your good name and a voice that every that was here on WB -- thanks for -- -- good people don't know I think it's big news that he actually served on the university of buffalo spectrum there. We did way back in the 1980 -- bullet still. Coach of the bills. And and we were still putting ink on paper back in those duties and that we will use -- sports cam. You reduce it and you did you end up being editor. Yet. Again yet you're managing getter when I was there in the pilot became editor in chief. Yeah I was just a troublemaker I couldn't I couldn't climb the latter but it. Your you have really made something out your journals records -- something very difficult to do melodies. -- the -- Europe the New York Daily News are you spent a good amount of time with your poster one of the senior writers. Out of the State Capitol. Europe. Probably nowadays. If not now soon to be the dean of the press corps there I mean you don't you're not old enough to beat you certainly have experienced enough what happened today. What happened is there any news this it was all kind of pre -- I think a lot of it was pretty -- a few things. Didn't know about that was coming around. It was 82 billion dollar Pondexter education technology that he wants voters to approve. This year assuming. There which would parallel to borrowings so. Schools can -- needed technology everything from laptops to tablets to. Oh -- actually light boards and interactive white board so that's something. That was new he talked about to have down in the New York City area he wants at least Staley said the stated in the takeover. The reconstruction projects LaGuardia and JFK airports and who has -- -- -- -- knows that there horrible places and down there run the idea. By state New York the port authority of New -- certain security. But they got to deal with governor -- is having a bad day unrelated. That devastated gonna take over the reconstruction and he's hoping that'll speed up the process. Still some social stuff that was surprising he wants to increase the -- Aides say you can charge it. Teenagers were they you know pride in the felony. Adult -- Right now -- and -- a little sixteen won't bring that up I think eighteen. So that that's a new thing that he hadn't proposed before. -- -- hold -- to stop. What's this genomic research. Kind of idea. -- that was trotted out early I mean. That was with status was that a surprise in this speech I didn't see it pre sold. The genomic research -- That was that was a that was in new -- that we hadn't heard before. What does that mean can't tell me every YouTube live nearby there in Albany. What they're saying is the model -- it. The you know basically. Buffalo would -- -- actually be. You know scientist down there things and trying to have a cooperative thing. Well that we have -- outside or actually in Albany right in the city limits you have university of Albany hosted. Was it -- -- national ticket that's actually been rather successful is that what the model. So I think he's so -- There's no doubt and and you know whether it's political or or or real concerned there's no doubt. He's so focused on western new York and that you yourself might have something to do it that. I don't know about that -- he got shellacked here right. By by a yard Carl Paladino and we he would like to improve his numbers for sure do you think this is largely. A campaign speech. I think realistic -- absolutely you really need it it's everything you would think of the campaign kick these are the things that we've done in you know let's pat ourselves on the back and they're still -- do and here's what I wanna deal. I thought it was interesting but they basically served. After really battling the last six months of the legislature who nearly four on this -- commission to investigate corruption. He threw a lot of the case to them today especially the leadership. Try to soften up to them at the end I was surprised because after doing that. I thought he would give a passing mention to ethics reform but. He really did make impassioned plea and why it needs to be done and have all the. Scandals whether it's the sexual harassment scandals which is pretty big right now buffalo think again that or whether it's the scandals -- people been arrested. Like it was last year three of four people. He he really said that stinking. State government and and if you don't have the trust of the people you limit the scope of what state government to deal. Well if you had to give this thing had an -- through F grade would you give -- you've sat through a lot of these things and you actually know. Cuomo pretty well he calls on you a lot and you get his psyche with us what was this would be. That could speak. You know the laundry list he's -- -- -- because you don't you know you know and you think -- you think of his father who. Was really world class -- I don't think Andrew Cuomo has that even though his voice sounds somewhat like a father you don't get a lot of the pros that his -- -- It's really kind of you know this little believe it is a problem that is what we've done already this is what we need to deal. Kind of laundry list of things. You know an hours seven minutes looks. You know -- conglomerates in shorter. Delivery was signed last year he took a lot of heat -- basically yelling at people -- issues. Particularly in the -- the APEC which he did not mentioned at all at all. I thought he did I thought I heard it and then -- be reminded me off the -- that he didn't actually mention. No I don't believe we did and then. Bill. Obviously if he can he has said that is one of his biggest indexes and go to bigger. Bigger deal then getting same sex marriage passed passed. But he certainly has taken a lot of heat for a police stayed away from that today. -- -- -- -- And for. -- I got to jump off the line here we got that senator mark the site will enforce. I can love it for the New York in the news thank you very much forgiveness here put the year prospective revived with -- -- -- any time in particular. Senator Saudi thank you for hold non you actually this that you actually got into the Albany and you managed to attend what you think the speech. Just a bit actually -- -- 2 o'clock this morning and already -- Our goodness. But bless your -- -- your your constituents can't tell you can't say you don't use your travel Albany in the worst weather oh my gosh. Well what did you think of that speech senator. Well or like had been -- and all this speech the speech you know we. Or at least I did -- an idea exactly what was going to be -- With regards to a lot of what satisfaction I mean. I was a closer look at what he's got economic research. You know evidence facility. Awful. Again -- -- -- You know we make sure it happens it's going to be -- -- again what universe you -- all proper people about. Premier Rob -- actually. It will matter at -- -- much over -- sure -- -- Sort of like it's what about molecular diagnosis -- 08 user genes are only now but of parents make double back and find out diagnoses either -- about it appear. With regards to a certain like he's just -- -- from -- from Matt and or what. Senator how does he get these. These scientists to come from new York city department has actually have to. Knock them out and tie them up and get them out here what are being sent -- -- what are they doing I mean. I think what what'll happen is that. You know because. These these are very rarely. What -- -- not about -- or what are you -- medical school in the research or how well it is. In my opinion I think he's trying to find. A partnership that are green. Possibly. Either with well. To make a sort of like -- spike in the research that is being done. It always you know a couple of years back. Wanted to caught on Iraq all my op -- amounts we. You don't let that that there was a lot about that. That didn't happen while all her important variables streeters -- -- for better treatment and in the world. -- -- -- Bad you know or Egypt or shut down or not -- the money because it is also outside in the state contracts bright elected by bringing in other organizations or other properties. That can help. The -- the process of the type of research from while all non. -- terrible will do has been going well up possibly make it lacked the kind of on the stage at the stated -- -- comment. And and build you know these research facilities and for me. -- for the people New York what that basically means it is a matter of construction jobs. Again continuing they're gonna epic there are people -- -- these buildings and not be back in this city war. Up from the suburbs or people movie back in western New -- mean Apple's losses -- And sort think that was her report in the speech. I -- you don't believe it out of the front attorney I don't agree with raising the age of 1617. You know like figure out into. The other legislation and now they're the -- change. It dictator like it -- that would -- -- -- you know maybe -- what exactly she what he's gonna talk about what you know certain types of crimes. Individuals at all. -- what sixty or seventy. Well what you're doing recently Ecuador for legislation what they have not felt -- you have 151617. Year old sport the people. Are trying to knock a mile or want I'll bet that game that people are not held in. And -- something that should be solid. While I senator let me ask this of all things you sat through that hour seven minute speech. What did you identify it as something that might even known to cooperate with the -- with the with the governor on important issues yourself and that his administration. What did you identify something that you might see some cooperation. Among your priorities in this blog -- -- Well you don't I don't know what priority but wanted to bring to -- -- talk about -- is there's not a medical marijuana issue. Our -- -- Panetta also want you to be -- -- I hear some people talking about while it are you wait in line and you know you can give them back and you get scripture. Alex either born like see this boy is very very specific regulations. And certain individuals that have. Specific debilitating. Egypt and saying. You know -- constituents and end in -- are. Or repeat it supper hour long seizures and speakers. Have been treated -- -- model what liquid are THE from anywhere from somebody you know young people can. In their forties or fifties. That limit a lady and the scroll and the traumatic experience of this teacher and -- net. I don't wanna stay away from anybody soul are up there like better electrocuted he'd tell. The settlement that like this you could be outside the I would I would actually -- watch it and made permanent. Eight -- 2% property tax step. I also think that. Even though the last three years we've been keeping spending under the 2%. Which is why don't we have this year yourself the world. Two billion dollars. That it's possibly Al there. I'd like to see it permanent cap on spending and I'd also like to see that -- trying to let the speaker -- about raising taxes yet but super short. While senator thank you very much for for taking their time and your -- busy getting back Q you be real careful on the road back. Thanks for taking the time though. And -- taxi give it to go out there and listen to a gives you review. And RBC on the road back to buffalo thank you very much and here is Allan with traffic. I know that beyond the issue of gun control is home. I know what's political. I know it's controversial. But we are proposing today common sense measures. I say you forget the extremists. And simple. No one -- -- an assault rifle. That's right at home matchup makes him. Yeah that was actually 2013. Not only fourteen point thirteen when he stood up in front of the state of new York and did his best -- imitation Governor Cuomo. Giving his state of the state address between fourteen this is Michael Caputo in fort Tom Barrow and he's ready at 930 WB and we got a lot of callers -- And I really appreciate -- just one person. I really need to speak to right now and that's Jamie's view content from capitol New York I don't know if you guys know what capital New York dot com is bit. It's a real solid news outlet covering all of New York politics or New York news. It's now owned by Politico and they have eaten. Jimmy deal kind base stole away from -- junior Jimmie thank you for Carl and I really appreciate it micro worker appeared. Well listen. The -- I read when I woke up this morning at 5 o'clock. To read 3.2 billion pages of the Internet and so that I can sort out the news for the rest of Western New York. The lead is Andrew Cuomo was about to demonstrate whether it's possible for a politician. To run up the score by playing defense. That's your legion Meehan and and I think there of the rest of the story on capitol New York there comes very interesting. How what did you mean by that and how did he is. Our state of the state speech today playing that what you thought would be strategy. All it means that he's giving her a moderate middle right you if we look at the -- which he's proposed over his administration. You were playing last year clips from the 2013 that it did address where. He tacked to the left most notably on issues of gun control. And abortion. And goats in us. I'm -- and goats and yeah that is a good. But here and -- the -- there -- a lot of people who -- he did that to trying to position himself for. Some sort of presidential run record 26 into the future this year's. In 2014 and he knows where the the majority of voters. -- -- from outside of New York City and the majority of democratic voters are heard sort of more middle of the road. A lot of proposals. A lot of talk of economic development enjoy you know kind of like apple pie and mom yeah as well as a suite of tax cut that he proposed that have been received so far much more warmly by Republicans. Then by Democrats. Yeah I would imagine that his Democrat base is not happy with the idea of not having enough tax money to spend. On on their -- of their pet programs. That's a difficult tightrope for him to augment the. The second half of the threat that coupled with this this kind of idea that that being the core team of those sort of looking at how he can keep. What what you can do to give -- to bet that sort of progressive wing of the party most notably. Calculated by. You elected New York City mayor of the Bellagio and we heard a couple of things about that there's a -- prepare for medicinal marijuana. There was something that's referred by advocates has raised the siege. Where New York -- -- he age at which it treat criminal offenders that -- purses and belts that leaves fifteen -- just eighteen. Right yeah we we just heard from senator -- he's not so fond of that. Right and they knew that that's something that has really been a push by. By downstate Democrats but that we've been hearing a lot of now but this is specific brand to Cuomo's. -- liberal and I actually borrowing from a a colleague in -- -- -- and I think it's much you know these are things that are not economic. Crisis is not an economic progress of this sort of a tax and spend the idea of taking money investing it. -- government. It. Sort of social programs that don't necessarily offend the business community like medicinal marijuana. That don't necessarily if -- in the business community. Doors Tuesday. -- -- You can get major. Are here even right -- editorial another another example -- the pain is something legalizing. You know we can look at any number of things. And so that the and so what we've heard today like it. A lot of the only social issues he's really talking marvel wants that business has really no state can. Yeah I think. You know look at that I don't I don't dispute. Well yeah. -- feel kind doesn't dispute. I've achieved. Total consciousness. Really have you -- did you would you give us a B plus that's what I'm hearing from most reports -- to beat plus speech. Well what was striking was that there there wasn't much that hadn't been unveiled in the shooting days here. This year Governor Cuomo we saw a lot of deal with this speech appeared various newspapers around the state. The automatic restore rebuilding that was mentioned. Actually on Tuesday at an event with vice president Joseph Biden. The tax packed it was unveiled Monday at an event at the capitol and frankly it. Basically been drawn from a tax commission report issued by a panel co chaired by -- -- -- he. The former Republican Governor Cuomo called former democratic comptroller so a lot of things we knew about. He did there and so I think that that took a little bit of the -- the speech there was more question of listening to how to phrase things. How -- that things up with who you would if I was interested to hear how he built with public corruption in the that the that the idea of what the appropriate government response should be true to recent spate of public corruption -- And I thought that he was really gentleness and the question of the delivery. I thought it was a fairly standard formal speech. Did you think he'd -- he's the writer of -- like the Wall Street Journal sense. You know I did read that this morning put a great and I'm sure that there was a there was a team involved with a governor like anyone as a currency trader and you know -- it. It's -- I don't know we got new construction process. Why you know that since at least I love that stuff but if you had to veto of this it was a laundry list of always it's an hour in seven minute long laundry list. Which Andy on his laundries would not be able to stay awake through however if you can pick out one thing that you think. Is absolutely not gonna happen and another that you think is a metaphysical. Certainty. What would they be what's gonna absolutely happen that laundry list. I think we are gonna move for the casino and the governor did talk about what the process was going to be for citing those casinos. So I think that that. That was interesting in hearing about that. You know that there were a lot of gambling interest -- -- -- capital today and there are more we're sure we're tuning in people watching on their behalf so. That's the certainty the law passed last year -- could implement -- that we could get a few more details today about how that's going to happen. So what what. What proposal is is dead on right he's not one for laying -- ideas that aren't gonna make that which one do you think has the least chance of me can. But the really tough questions that are -- -- prisoners and would protect superlatives and then declaring. Obama. -- I'm sorry. It's but I think that one thing he he reprise his support for this sort of -- like women's equality act. And he pushed that last year one of the plane was. Changes the state abortion law. That essentially in them abortion as an exception from the criminal code into the -- public health law. The decision that was very hotly debated as the social issue polices. And so. He didn't really say anything new offer you -- or any new reason for people to support -- and last year it. It did not succeed so or listened to them and and flaws in this is something that you mentioned but with the that the -- It is he's having an extra vote. Yeah you know as somebody's written a lot of speeches -- and spent a lot of time in state of the union and stated states stuff. I kind of compared this to an under inflated Macy's day parade balloon kind of walling down the avenue. Bouncing off of buildings here there's nothing much to it it's all been pre sold a little -- stuff there was -- knew enough for you have something to write as a reporter. But it wasn't a barn burner with. Well. No I don't think it was a barber. And it's it's sort of lacked in this. That the kind of sizzling saying that we seen in some speeches you know last year he really did make up very hard steak on both the women's equality -- abortion piece. And on the gun control and I think I know you don't agree with the outlaws many New Yorkers -- still there -- many who do. And that was. That was a big deal he got that done to sing it. He didn't mention it today. I thought I thought I heard of people on the camera. You know that people tell me I thought I heard the keepers and I'm wrong here. I don't believe it. You know. Jimmy what how do you think this speech sets him up for his reelection and do you think Ivester -- this today. Is they're actually human on the planet that can defeat Governor Cuomo of course -- the New -- rest. Well I I'm sure that there is this. It's human on the planet who could get it I think that when we look at the field of potential candidates. Then they would certainly have a tough road mostly because. That is so because of the quality of the argument they would advance or be able to advance -- because of financial disadvantage -- Governor Cuomo has amassed quite a very large political war chest. Had his opponent there's potential opponents to not necessarily immediately present with one so. I don't know why no one candidates got a few blocks though it and yes that climate and Charlotte and obviously. What listeners governor of the art I'm kind of involved in -- something on and on marginal level that. At trump is. You don't think he's there are no everything's gonna run because as we've heard recently he's played Hamlet more than Richard Burton. You don't think he's gonna -- -- It I don't know I don't know what he's what he's doing ever reported about some of the meeting that he has and the calls he and his allies yourself included to his. That but I I'm all ears this is going to be a person never called into the radio program and and ended up asking him questions. It's definitely tell us what is mr. Trump's next -- is he going to run. I think there's going to be some news on Friday. After this meeting with the Republican leadership and I don't think he's going to be announcing it. Your. It's an at large cities south east of buffalo. But he's he's. -- there aren't exactly I gotta tell you though my understanding is he went through qualities and he's come out he still I don't know so. He needs more input and that's what's happened but do you think. Let's just say. In the fantasy world were part Donald Trump wins. Ansari would work Donald Trump steps into the race -- -- candidate the party suddenly Andrew Cuomo. These fundraising all the time. Right -- that. Right right I mean he's got let's just say he's gets fifty million right now I mean that would be high end but he certainly gonna have -- at some point. A trump would come in and and he would have to can. Quote went after us our fundraising with real enthusiasm. Well it I I don't. Senator draw conclusions which you funders as. Any politician as an election year will be in the field uptick -- of their political fundraiser. But you know the governor has has moved along certainly at a regular clip usually mixed trip it took its city. He always has -- very large but they fund raiser in December when he when he heard. When you mark he had the right of his. Completion of another revolution around the sun. And and so I I think we will expect to see an -- regardless of who the nominee is. Why don't I -- looking back in the passive I've never seen in any of these races where he wasn't considered the font front runner in money. So will be a whole new golf ball game for him. Still probably a real uphill battle for any Republican but if you were to had a billion error collected billionaire running against him. He certainly have a whole different ball game. With the reaching the equation. And I think that you know better than it could become. Less civil portrait and more focused on the issues and the critique of governor Cuomo's record for his defense that records. Well listen I I I I know that today's one of them who were three most busy days of the year for you guys that are in the state capital really. Appreciate you -- and anybody who has any interest at all. In the news that's coming out of anywhere in New York especially in the political arena should tune in to capital New York dot com -- he'll kind new. I wouldn't call -- franchise writer wrote acquired by capital New York's team. Probably the only. Only reporter New York State as good as any claim to the hunter Thompson. Label Jimmy -- kind you guys should check him out on capital York -- Jimmie thank you very much for spending time with this on the air here in buffalo Michael -- my pleasure. Thank you very much and stay warm weather Jimmie. This is Michael put in for Tom -- on these video WB yen. Radio 930. Will it. There's 770. Seventeen degrees out -- feels like zero. Your back with a clear forecast is around this evening otherwise during part declining critical point of nine degrees periods of clouds and sunshine tomorrow. High of 42. It tomorrow night with some snow late little or no accumulation in the league team the temperature will rise later in the night into Friday. Which will be mostly cloudy and mild high of 37. That's for us is Michael -- for Tom -- your news radio 930 WB yen. Don't forget that you can call us up here at 8030930. -- -- 930 on your cellphone. We're we've got double on bill you were called about legalization of marijuana thank you very much for holding on. Very good thanks. What -- -- want but I also believe this -- to. Say. Look how how's that. Well I mean think about it illegal like people are it won't -- -- -- -- -- to the people that are. We don't. Mommy doesn't think the that's planters criticisms gonna happen. We were going to be going for more re. Open so much they want to or medical rethink. -- Well yeah we need to bring a confiscation when he first talked. Let me ask you this -- you know he -- the governor has been really resistant to this even during the times of debate about the state fact he has not wanted to do this he's not changing any laws. Or or anything or make any laws to make this happen there's actually -- law on the books from -- think -- the seventies. That allows him to do this with the stroke of the -- no governor has done it since the law became the laws of the state that he's don't. And and he's and he's offering medical marijuana through very tightly controlled system. To people who work really deathly ill it's not exactly anything it's more profitable strict. Could be the most strict in the country but you still think that it reads on more than just. A medicinal. Her bright. Right hanging obviously we -- know that it doesn't ever get used to it but. I also think it again like that mental illness that you -- -- you're using their medical marijuana as we do. You know -- kind of mental health news that we'll get the Greek. Are so you think I'm okay I'm certain catches if you you'd think somebody who is prescribed marijuana won't be able to have guns. Were. Well isn't that an interest in fall. Pop. That's interesting. Though I didn't even pick up. Whether it and it just at all and I understand it's going to be difficult what you know -- still say all the qualities all this stuff shouldn't have gone -- your current. -- -- Legal or not so. We're right here bill. One you know bill I mean I don't wanna see if there's conspiracy behind its but I can understand. Where they this drug might be entered into the list of those that are. Prohibited for gun -- You have you -- you have opened pandora's box my friend. You absolutely opened pandora's box makes crawling everywhere this is what's you know what you could be right I don't know that it's their conspiracy or whatever but. You it's really depends if that drug and is on that list well. Well thank you for an odd man you are not all talk the talk on the -- really -- that's that's you've got some news. Well -- opponent or really appreciate. Oh. We don't like the one on and we understand that our Governor Cuomo probably come in here to David college tomorrow at 10 o'clock to brag on his state of the state address. So get ready for -- -- for the traffic jams get ready for more hyperbole but right now please get ready for a commercial break here on the news radio 930 WB and this is Michael Wood in for Tom hourly.

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