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1-8 Michael Caputo Hour 2

Jan 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we're back. This is Michael Caputo in fort Tom hourly was off today. I'm with a year till 7 o'clock on these radio 930 WB yen filling in for the Tom Bauerle show. We're talking about -- a whole host of issues. The wrapped around. The -- go there governor governor Andrew Cuomo's. State of the state speech we've already heard from. From. Nickel angry the Republican chairman here and -- economy and how much to say about it we've tried to get hold of journeys arm of the democratic chairman he's got a sick kid. I'm a lot of their colds among kids so we've asked for Steve pigeon. Steve pigeon is a member of the Democrat party and also close to the Cuomo administration. Steve thanks opponent thanks have taken the time. So Mike earlier third or fourth choice -- No no no no you're always my first choice but hey you know you go to the chairman first of -- respect him. And and also I note you know -- Listen no Democrat in. While few if any Democrats. In Western Europe know more about what's going on in the Cuomo administration you do. I'm real curious I know you love this speech but tell me how much. I was a terrific stage I mean he. Was battling traffic -- the people of New York State but he's really -- spent a lot of time. What he's been doing a western new York and it. Plans for upstate New York. I think it was presented in the very Smart logical way talked about where we came from. Where we were the dysfunction. The joke of an addition for five years ago it how -- -- -- bad. As a government you know he did exactly what he said he was. But you really think our our reputation is improved out there I mean he talk about global -- he talked about the problems we've been having in Albany with sexual. Harassment in other in memorial. White collar crime type issues. As if they were a thing of the past and we know all too well here in Western Europe that it's still going well. Well first what he was -- not just talking about that. You know the bad apples from all the bad apples but you've got -- injury was talking about the stake sale. We will end if you look at where we were. The number jobless. What is happening in upstate -- and Bob. You could see the difference in in warriors. Between. Where. Is it more -- throughout upstate. New York State parties product someone's confidence back. Everything from eight you know you don't even think about the late budget. Up whistler which was a side -- Gridlock and that government that they commute at budget. You can't take that away from. You can't take that away from that we've had some on time budgets and it's been remarkable. Yes but. The fact that it was getting to the point of Mike and I don't you were out of -- -- but it was getting to the point that nobody expect that a budget. That's the most basic things that a government does the policy statement. It's our priorities statements for the year. We were -- -- you know back in the day if you were in Florida. But don't stop by ten years ago people that need and expect that a budget could be non. -- didn't we were really a law web. And we had we had problems getting on time budgets with tough guy governors like Spitzer with a you know softer touch governors. Mike Patterson and it really just didn't seem to ever like there was ever gonna work. That's right exactly so what he's brought function. Beckett the government in court trap and inspect into the executive branch and out he's he's he's probably getting policies. That many of -- you can argue that might. Continuing. You know the government got a lot of episode three years to a surplus. Still talking about cutting taxes. But -- -- exciting news I think was the announcement that he's got to be doing is bureau expert upstate and you. Yeah you know can you explain that to me. I'd love to hear every may be got a little bit of preamble on the -- -- you know some back story and advocates. It looks to me first of all on the face of it. Okay applause applause it's a great idea. But because taxes have been an impediment New York State for quite some time one of the reasons why were the worst were ranked as the worst state to do news and but. How's it gonna work Steve because I see it's balanced up against what appears to be. You don't the surpluses they hoped to have imported seventeen it won't comment of for effective tool that can you tell -- did Yemeni backs around that. Yeah well first. You know what he's what he's going recognition. That he had -- we -- where a state that some different. -- In the downstate economy -- Bartlett has done well throughout the thirty years of the state -- And what it's a recognition. Is. It takes a -- policy. Or upstate. And the way we've been cycle. Losing population losing jobs losing economic power it was political power it's just a vicious cycle. And police say we need to break that cycle. And he's party started what is Billy and the ball he started it from the focus cities -- -- but our country in Central America Western New York. With that with the river announcement that it made it's gonna bring technology. And about law and out due to continue. -- recognized in different policy exemption from manufacturers upstate. Which always was. You know thirty years ago was are only able straight from upstate with the manufacturers. That we have upstate New York. -- things -- protections. Lanny that's not just new business that people doing that -- driving to stay here. I believe he's purple -- here. One thing eliminating the business tax is not it is not corporate welfare. -- -- this is something that conservatives have been calling for your time immemorial. It. Also talked about it all changing. But that act so that people will out of state to die. Just for the holes. For a funeral is really bad for few. Yeah that's exactly what. So I think that these but by the same token -- -- talked about the Mets and education investment infrastructure. For air -- -- some module of the country is better. All the worst airports in the country. The bridges roads and that's our people about our kids universal pre K. For New York State just that you know everybody understands and get into the children -- earlier and everybody at an earlier chance that they pre jailer there a better shot. You know getting into you know doing better school in getting into better schools. -- -- universal pre K. -- making sure that Marty from remote -- tempers are as say well I'll tell you wanna ask you felt scared straight as work in New York State like it. Another place. I gotta tell you that I'm our art our our film is proof positive little bit to fight through it that -- -- we got our insurance and help the action that you. I want real fond of the experience that work. All let me ask this let me ask it's Steve it's been real topic conversation all around the state ever since -- know the governor really did shock people. With his decision to through -- through his own copy yet to provide medical marijuana and a truck tightly regular fashion to very very sick people. That's that's a listen -- are some some interesting -- response what do you think. Well I think it's also recognize I think what your target -- -- a lot of people. On the bed you know as seizures in their family cancer her family. That. That you know medical marijuana can help and the places are helping. And the fact that he's going Kennedy back going into the recreational. Or you know making it you know I think -- -- -- prescription for marijuana. This is for people you know truly. I was sick people were the medication get help with pain. In many cases can stop seizures. And your ears ago. As an assault on purpose. That people recognize until. You know became the drug culture. You know the outlaws you know that we saw the 60s70. And I think it's a recognition of that that there a genuine medical purpose for medical marijuana and I think the way he's doing it regulating in the very limited way. Be dispersed. You know. And operational locations across the state it will go to people others -- cancer patients and and I felt some of them you know some of them together. A -- that as it can help. Well I posted about everything. Rod I oppose it but everything -- governor. Stands for many different ways that. He got him when he's right he's right and I think that's right development. And I'm surprised Acxiom. Changes direction he's a person who actually can't change my and I wish -- changed mine and other issues as well but he's changed direction here. Well I thought that about body cavity he really studies things and thanks. And -- school wide range of people anybody -- he's not above changing his mind that. And changing policy one that what what -- what they merit at about other things I think you know that was exciting as the the the idea of the referendum bond referendum for two billion dollars. Right what about economic threat of economic research. The genomic research he's you know -- that was broken a few days ago but he's really trying to focus the medical quarter on you know -- I think he has really made it that the as priorities. Of his governorship to get -- or on the move again at western article it get any doubt that our state relief camp. -- the LP of Western New York as well really treated at central and northern New York. In -- and it -- -- -- which apple district as it always remained strong on without. Well like in two academy. You know that -- more in the it and it's really exciting place to be -- people stopping. It always today right after the speech -- you know you're you're from the place -- while I mean. Really promised state and the regions and noticing -- -- and he's going to make sure that these etiquette these policies. I felt that you know some other people's -- well he's just coming here but he wants people's votes. It its center but that's what politics is about as opposed to help areas because you you wanna do well you want -- -- but police -- I've seen many governors ignore us. And that's much better even at that -- but you know it's much better that there air -- -- that -- what the critics are saying. I know he absolutely. Chairs in the arbor as being. That -- states cities. -- what they used to be what it was like you know Steve and he really wants. To be up all -- empire state. Any doubt that without upstate be distraught it's not true he believed I was being it's not political game being means -- And he's tendency to it that you know every ounce of energy as a governor he's gonna put it in Algiers on wandered why reversing your. So you're one of the few people out west -- actually mated to the speech here in the hall you watched his PowerPoint presentation that you get over well how was that that was been tough to get out there. Well yeah we had to go through a few wipe out a way out but that once we got that best that LeRoy in bird -- in New York it just. Like at different dimensions loudly cleared up predict that. -- Japanese and then vote. The brick lawyers watching -- we've picked up in Rochester and you know we had of course on let's I'll listen we and it likely I appreciate the people that and are warning questions that we had a route five in 33 at about thirty cars wrote about a mile an hour. Everybody. You know helping everybody just like like Western New York it's all about. Well thank you very much -- business -- Democrat operative close with the Cuomo administration I disagree with a lot of -- Steve says. I disagree with the all the time but he certainly knows what he's talking about. Seventeen degrees here in -- studios have radio at 930 WB yen. Michael put in for Tom Bauerle flurries around this evening otherwise turning partly cloudy and quite cold tonight low of nine degrees. Periods of clouds and sunshine tomorrow high of 22 and cloudy tomorrow night with some late. Snow but little or no accumulation in the real low of eighteen but temperatures rising -- during the night. Friday and get better mostly cloudy milder. And a high of 37 mrs. Big day today. For all you government -- to really give a darn about what's going on in Albany but. Governor Andrew Cuomo's. Long awaited state of the state speech. You listen we've got some people call in which really appreciate where you're able threes are going to restart 930. On your cellphone you answering and tell us what you think of governor Cuomo's proposals. Mike and she talked thanks for all non you've got some -- commentary on the speech. -- -- Need to blame me for. That's the way by the way let me just place them. I don't get involved in the Democrat fights on either side and all those things that he was chairman when I was not even in the country. Our chairman Democrat party Steve pigeon. Accidentally introduced me to want my wife so I don't say nothing bad about Steve so far what he's doing what he did for me was pretty. There were the personal apple did you listen to this speech. And every topic you talked about. You know we haven't been doing it right for forty years every topic I couldn't -- whether -- education. On the economic. We have been doing it. I really thought I saw her -- -- in the country. If you actually sat through it. -- yet to record here two. You know. -- -- -- It is really a charade is in -- Just for Democrats it's it's great for every level government the state the state the steam which means -- -- it's all there are celebrating themselves. It actually allowed fact you element in -- after the body that. You know Republicans and Democrats won Pepsi one Coke at any given time what is it a little more sugar. And if you're thinking here -- and then change much. The year the year actually -- the Jules and will be quote testing it on Saturday encourage everyone to protest about Saturday. Well I saw that you know there's there's others the -- act itself I'm really curious I mean Obama. Talked to some of the reporters were going to be about whether or not they -- that actually gonna hurt. Election do you think it. Ultimately are going to a Democrat it would give up that we -- in my office. No he won't get there out there. I'll take traditional the traditional what are your conventional wisdom -- wrong could. In a political professional people I've worked with pretend to be appropriate political professional. Around some pretty Smart people. And they say that historically. Through since the dawn of time. The Second Amendment and gun ownership does not decide elections. And I'd like to think that they're wrong but that's conventional -- I. America you know is bigger egos and cable TV so I'm not surprised about that. But it it to me. And early making other people there -- not to think about it. Our in laws they're being captain that night. And his former -- And we'll leave it on New -- is a prime example. -- of America they end up quickest but didn't think that is so good why would not. -- traditional procedure. Well army and you calculate -- horrible. But despite went out and you didn't end in Chicago the night before -- -- -- our what the suburbs more important blanketed the city. It might listen you -- I mean you're an example of one of those Bauerle listeners it's. Very well informed are really appreciate Colin we gotta go to great a year thank you very much -- this is Michael put in for Tom -- and news radio 930 WB and will be right back. Seconds left they still have a prayer but not much more play a -- bad about it. Is kicked it thinks that if they think George -- kick it deep I would make good use as much as the clock and take my chances on return. As opposed to quit taking it let them get it was about twelve seconds to go. And the possibility. Dyson and -- Our guard -- We have reached back fourteen years. Joseph thank you that picture -- the open. -- wasn't very good season this year fourteen years ago today fourteen years ago this hour -- closer and probably a good day memories memories last playoff appearance but. It's scary. You know might my child and my daughter my eleven you'll never known good -- -- -- a little fifth grade. Frightening. Your frightening that young as I was in fourth grade when that game we -- -- you got held back and look. I'm -- I'm completely here and Tom hourly with combat early show here in his review at 930 -- yet today. Was. Governor Cuomo is much vaunted much -- value who did. State of the state address and no matter how much you despise a politician there's always something good and what he says an event like this is you know. He can't talk for over an hour and be wrong on absolutely everything. But I gonna rely upon. People I trust him no. In the capital press corps. On the first person I called -- try to cut to the bowl. Is Casey Siler. From the times union Casey thanks for joining us on the air here on WB Ian what you think that -- days. It was an election year speech though it was it was somewhat muted in its rhetoric on many of the larger proposals had been rolled out. Four in the the the tax relief proposals. You know about six weeks ago when -- the tacky McCall commission came out with there. Recommendations sell a lot of that condom -- key items had already been. You know in in that dial up for for a while now that there weren't a lot of really big. You know up proposals put forward. And you had none zero the the kind of -- dramatic. Hold it out to. Two. You know progressive issues like he had last year -- that of course probably the two biggest highlights from last year's state of the state. No win the -- bullets to shoot deer. Which which of course. Offered a preview of the passage of the -- fact that I think was not even a week. After that Cuomo gave that address and he is exportation of war. The full ten point women's equality agenda including. The plank that the top fives abortion rights where he said you know her body it's virtually repeated it. And you don't need ten votes and -- But I mean you -- there's actually -- 200 in nineteen PG book that goes behind this. Right here you know. Right I mean I actually saw you you posted that on your blog. Mean. Yeah I saw that and I tweeted it Michael -- Google dot I'm -- at my -- on my FaceBook page also Casey's got. Building on success the book. Tell us about the book. What personally you know that I haven't -- 219 paid yet -- -- -- -- through. I went through the in next at the table contents and looked at -- and the issues that are going to be a significant around here. And most eye catching one won the governor's. Timeline toward the approval. Four upstate casino right he wants to see shovels or according to building on success the book. -- -- go into the ground on on these for a -- casinos. At least one in the cats kills at least one in the seventy year at least one up -- here in the capital region. By according to this early full point fourteen that means. You've got to put out the quest for proposals. You've got to -- -- -- and you've got to go to the very complex job of adding. The potential licensees. And you know and in -- Cut through whatever local opposition's -- support it might be and and actually announce these proposals that seem like an extraordinarily. Ambitious. I'm more. Yeah it's true you know and it -- like I said if you're interested in -- most of the devil's in the details on these things. And Casey has posted. Of the governor's book linked -- home behind the speech. You can find it and at times union web -- of what they carry your all for your blog post. It it. A Blondie got times union dot com slash capital hole with an oh well. OK yet the other let me ask you this every -- said the Arab right up front this is an election -- speech. Arm just in your opinion I know you're a straight news reporter but you also write columns as well so you're allowed to have an opinion in this world. Does is any humanoid any -- anyone going to be able to beat Andrew Cuomo now that he's tax cutter and. Well anything can happen anything could happen in this in this crazy world but. If you if you look at his trajectory and you look at the wave that according to this speech in other kind of behavioral indices that we seen. You know -- the kind of trajectory that he's on. No it seems highly unlikely that that anybody could open. Could knock him off but -- you know once again this is new York and Brendan who knows what's what's going to happen and you know if you would that mean for years ago Carl Paladino was going to be the gubernatorial candidate. I -- said. A political effort here with that guy but I doubt he's going to be the Republican candidate. I think he told me those exact words when. He did. -- did and I might even done that until maybe may or June or July. But yes it's done it it's. It's -- crazy state but I would say a if you ship the magic eight ball it would it would tale signs point in. We ask you this you know I mean full disclosure I'm working with -- with with Donald Trump. And you know I've I I've got the back story here at its very private stuff but what do you think this idea about. Donald Trump running for governor first of all you thinking well and second of all. Do you think he would have any more chance and another person a mere mortal. He eight think. In my opinion and please understand you know my column my column it's usually tries to be. Right and by the way everybody should check out this column on the times union website. It is almost always -- If they search for just keep silent on built they can get to -- easily but as somebody who write humorous week com. I am rain. That you do what ever you can -- -- -- to run. The governor's -- in New York but that the problem there are four Republicans. Lied. Is that it it would in many ways in opted not to raises are subject that he would be anyways reprieve the investment and we're. You know Carl Paladino had great support. Among certain -- constituency. That constituency. Did not necessarily help Republicans. In many in the you know in many of the districts where they recently. Needed to reform having said that they did manage to win back the you know the states. But the AM they've ad says the strong -- the senate democrats' performance in that in nine into that and behind them but I I do not making -- -- -- is necessary to kind. Top of the ticket that can range. Can bring people out in March state senate. Well it's not -- to write this. Or a wide wide person on these topics -- I tell you something quick this I can't. Donald Trump -- -- call all 62 our county chairs in the Republican Party. Which I did except for the ones who had asked Reno. Tattoos. And every single one of those chairman. Told me every single one with I mean there. Without being prompted said that there absolutely happy to wait to find out whether or not Donald Trump. Is going to get in he's promised to get in -- get out at the end of the at the end of the month and I'd say the vast majority of them thought he was the right candidate are they just smoke and something. I mean. No or I mean no -- no politic in. And if this is not it's not a game where you beat yourself until you absolutely positively have to compete -- not. It is not a -- known. Unfortunately for for great intestinal fortitude on those kinds of questions. And that now that that doesn't surprise me especially you know especially county chairs but. But. Buy it by the end of the month and I think after it was said that his timeline to decide is by the end it is by the end that you were right well now. We'll know it all by the end of that will know about trump by the end of this but the fact he's hosting a very large meeting of Republican chairman. On Friday morning which -- falling in tent. Yet -- and an end you know. Nobody believes is gonna do it because he some as someone told me he's played Hamlet more than Richard Burton. In politics of why should I runners should not run. But Donald -- -- a guy like Donald Trump do you wanna be governor of New York that is the most -- Well if I I wouldn't Pollard demotion but if you're used to living in the light the Donald Trump leads. -- like the governor is. I mean it's very different. It's very important in comparison. Life I don't -- I'm sure it's exciting for for those who were kind of you know who who had been their blood. But I would say that the kind of the not at his side daily calendar. That Andrew Cuomo or for that matter -- George attack your Mario Cuomo were were huge carrier whoever. Add to -- you know have -- had to hockey it is probable with a very different from the way to -- trump goes through Tuesday. While he's telling me he told me in that meeting before being started on December 4 and afterward. From. But he -- -- in the face he wants he wants to serve I look at starter but he wants to serve I think it's crazy but he wants to. As I said any guy and the humorous weekly that he can do make it happen. Well fortunately -- -- won't be able to want to break the preset. A -- that date. Here's the column that I always read and and an atmosphere of buffalo listeners hear what's your listeners want had a good ride every week you should read -- -- I was called Casey. With at times union in Albany. One of the Deans of the political press corps. In the state capital area Casey thanks for taking time out of of a probably want your most busy days to share your thoughts with the people west America really appreciate it. Or are you two -- be good in this is Michael Caputo in fort Tom -- -- -- -- 930 WB yen were to be back. Right after repay some bills. So seventy degrees out there the forecast worries around this evening otherwise turning partly cloudy in quite -- -- low of nine degrees. Periods of clouds and sunshine tomorrow at 22 cloudy. Tomorrow night with some late snow but a little or no accumulation of over eighteen but the temperature steadily get higher. Friday. Mostly cloudy milder high of 37 this is Michael -- I'm in for Tom barrel here -- news radio 930. WB and I got something and looks kind of interesting I don't know if that's been announced yet but this appears that. Governor Cuomo is going to follow up -- barn burning our -- state of the state. All electric Kool Aid acid test. Speech. Followed up by going to date in college tomorrow. At 10 AM for speech. They're setting up -- around 830 days haven't heard of any demonstrations I think they're kind trying to keep it quiet but. Rus Thompson and the Tea Party all you anti fractures with your nose rings and face tattoos. Just so you know you don't have to go to work tomorrow Andrew Cuomo is in town and he needs a greeting party. In counts 10 o'clock I can't prove it I -- be absolutely incorrect but I have been tipped off by somebody Damon that they are going through meetings right now. Are with formal security and to make this happen. Tomorrow and Clark and team in college. Existing -- very a group promotes spending a lot of time frame pitching his year long agenda and -- we've got some callers here. -- on the west side. Where do you stand on on Cuomo's marijuana proposal. Oh yeah -- you know. We're talking about. It'll all all of sudden. These are flooding is awful and the great elicit such great -- All blog -- such epic night here. So you're in favor of legalizing marijuana. All well you know I mean look at all like alcohol tobacco. And everyone else works at all. I'm -- whatever effect the current social and medical. At a funeral expenses and an -- I'll call eight. Well but the thing that has. What people -- understands how much fighting and we'll work all. You know as your first well. For the first great growth opportunity for -- second in the blood work. Much much more salt but I mean when they edit it and disruptive effect. I'm from the street all the way to the and that -- are also offering our institutions and in the and the rest are for the -- People that you know I mean it's it's such as the trend that is the legal constitutional travesty. All day that we asked Pakistan to him -- ask this. Are you in favor of full blown legalization of marijuana. -- At least. The way of also was. Treated at least you know -- like Eric. -- -- and argue and you know what about the role of role and a lot of things but I mean. But the -- a normalization. I mean it's even hard -- Or is it has been homer. But by the six. Order. Because well because all these fine. Little you know or well it -- it here -- there. Minute and -- -- not a country in the -- an -- if you could say like. You know quite likely some somewhat hard drugs what unity you'd be. Or. And -- that I. Those the prize -- -- art culture you know probable subculture. What you write -- -- let me ask this what party if you don't mind me asking this is your business that. -- party are you registered as a member. Well -- -- public and of course and I only because of the some of the people in the party not because. -- -- -- And -- what Republicans. Out here because these oil. You know. You know what that 41 of the only had -- -- over. Somebody development is that. Toward. -- is it you. I want one thing we -- walking or open. On the floor. Here. And though and were reluctant the middle. Well you know a lot of people agree to Dan I'm not sure I do put. I do agree with your position on marijuana and we're gonna have to go to a quick break here to pay the bills -- thank you very much column in. And thank you very much for folks who were -- not we're going to be right back. Back to you after this break this is Michael Caputo. And for Tom Bauer on Tom barely show earlier -- news radio 930 WB and we'll be right back.

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