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1-8 Michael Caputo Hour 1

Jan 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And yeah. I just went to include Tom Barrett let's go to Andrew Cuomo -- finish. And the promise of. New York it was gonna pass onto our children and the promise my friends. That we are going to make the reality in this great state working together thank you and god bless you have a great running short. That was our great governor Andrew Cuomo. Very big finish to a very well and endure a long speech. That was promised to be an orgy of self congratulation. And fill that bill to the top. I don't even know crush the media went for more than an -- had to go from more than an hour. I heard all the way in to the station while I was driving here I've I've been sitting here listening to it. It's going on and on it's where -- being taken over by. The Andrew Cuomo that wouldn't go away but no he just went way you hurt his big finish. His arm. Clearly broken. From a patting himself on the back. He is proposing tax cuts. Who. Marijuana. Because her -- our medical marijuana after are chronically ill patients. There is a hoax. Promises and Andrew Cuomo stated the state this is Michael Caputo I'm in for Tom Bauerle today -- -- off I'm in for the day arm. At -- at your calls were to be talking about Andrew Cuomo's state of the state address which you just heard a lot wave. And did it just moments ago can you believe that you just missed it. Lucky you you must've found some oral surgery. To have instead of having to listen to Andrew Cuomo you know the one thing I've found out. We have -- we're blessed with winter weather here. In buffalo in our legislative delegation almost all of them. Were doubly blessed when they were snowed in that and unable to get to Andrew Cuomo was magnificent wonderful. It's date of this date incredible journey. They didn't make it I know a couple of different assembly people that didn't go aren't big targets they just couldn't find the if it's no just a couple of weeks on me an excuse to go. It just sit there this is. This is pomp and circumstance that -- Spezza said I I've worked in government I I actually are -- a newsroom on the radio television -- United States capitol. For three different state of the union addresses it's fun I mean appearing government it's the best inside joke of the year. I swear there was an extended joked that the with a Cuomo told about his rafting trip. Up to northern area of the of the Hudson River. And he that the whole group which chocolate on lap and -- hold it funny are talking about how there were these people rowing and not growing and we were. As a race and we were far ahead he went on for five minutes with the extended inside joke. That makes all of us understand very clearly. It is very important speech. That we're not in on the joke you and me we don't get you know we weren't invited real lead to go up there and play in the and a Whitewater rafting trip with Andrew Cuomo but the whistle he had -- -- about a for five minutes. -- I immunized I swear I saw him break his own arm -- at least two or three times reaching around patents or on the back. For his. Many accomplishments through these things he thinks accomplishments. But hey let me tell you this though. Watch out Republicans. This guy is on to us. Because he has proposed fairly extensive. Tax cuts. More than two billion dollars worth I mean they're not all tax -- lot number hidden a lot of or were depending upon. And prognostications. As they were gonna have a surplus and -- -- -- Can find a surplus in New York State government coffers any time the next fifty years. -- from over there in case -- in the dark spot because it is -- -- it's all. Smoke and -- but he is proposing 2.2 billion dollars with tax cuts eliminating. The corporate tax in upstate New York I don't know what upstate means I'm sure that means northern Harlem and above. So. He's actually playing in our game Republicans he's the he's tax cut. And work that that issue may in fact beat taken away from us in this a year of statewide reelection including Cuomo's own reelection. So now he's. Into with a tax cutter. In addition you know of course he also is relying very much on holding taxes low property taxes low and municipalities. That he is killing. With unfunded mandates you've heard that term for unfunded mandates that. Mandated spending coming out of Albany New York County must spend that money or they run afoul of regulations. That mandated spending is not. Ordered. With. Money attached to with the local government has to spend to cover it that's why it's called. A state wide mandate. This mandated spending has not been cut and factor stole our counties and openness parties are crying. Terribly about our unfunded mandates -- after the -- thanks papered things that they don't want ordered by Albany. So. Republicans have little difficulty getting around this smoke and -- tax -- talk and quite frankly have to look closer at it before right. Completely panned. Where it -- some guests on during my. Sitting here. For Tom -- some reporters out of Albany trust yes there are indeed Albany reporters across. Armitage who helped me interpret this also arm I've placed -- call to. Two -- worthy of the Republican party's gonna give -- bottle. In addition our word. We're trying to hook up with. Unfortunately armies on the chairman Democrat party's. Home with a sick child. Good luck to you over there and Jeremy that's much more difficult politics that will be looking for commentary from local Democrats as well. This is really something today's a big day for anyone who. Feeds of the public trough you know how many receptions Eric. The the governor had three huge PowerPoint screens up behind this was. Really. Production in it is every year has in the last bit of the three years prior. He it's politics PowerPoint and -- you know pomp and circumstance. You have all the people marching down the aisle to commit and the governor coming in passing three copies of his speech to the of the leaders of the legislature. It's all. I mean it's not required by legislation but certainly there's nobody likes to celebrate themselves more than a New York State politician. So everyone who is anyone gets their car and travels to Albany for the day in listens to what turned out to be I gotta I -- time as I got to figure out. Well over an hour long speech. I don't I've written hundreds of speeches in politics are broke for. Presidents and congressmen and senators. In the United States and abroad and anyone who speaks for longer than thirty minutes is along with the voice. And the fact is we know from a New York Times story. In fact this morning it I don't know if you are familiar with my blog politics and why dot net. I -- run that blog it's a commentary and local and regional and state politics a little bit national commentary politics and -- dot net and I wake up every morning. And read every. Page of the Internet 3.2 billion news articles. And I put up in the left hand column the breaking news columns. The the stories I think you should read if you want to know what's going on in politics and heroic today usually five or six may be. A little bit more sometimes today's a big day for the news. But there was a very interesting article in the New York Times about how. Andrew Cuomo writes his own speech use an amazing thing he writes his own speeches. Well he wrote this thing he needs to fire himself. And hire a real speechwriter. He could've said everything that he said. And thirty minutes. Even went long -- no longer than any respected too. He just -- here this out of his own voice I mean we -- as a Democrat who told. A New York Post reporter Fred Dicker that this was going to be an orgy of self congratulation. And that person was absolutely correct. One of those Democrats I can agree with this was an orgy. A self congratulation. And I really eleven assists and just an almost problem it's every politician too many. We did this and we did that in what was taken on this royal we. We promise this in my in two you know in 2010. And and we've done -- we promise this in 2000. Twelve and we've done that we we we were actually. I social word that there are people in the room there that would -- credit for things that he's done but it does sound awful. Monarch deal that word -- Which. But. The state of the state -- to go through it bit by bit the one thing in there that I find very interesting and I think I've you know I've been listening to the station during the days have been off. And I know you found it and shifting to. Andrew Cuomo with a sweep of his -- is going to make medical marijuana legal for some very very sick people. And I disagree with Andrew Cuomo. On almost every scintilla. Of his program. I. Disagree with him with the very fiber of my beam. But I think he's on something there I think that the medical marijuana is a long overdue first step a lot and he's been done in that arena. I'm wondering. You think about that what's your opinion. On medical marijuana do you think it should actually be legalized it's something I'd love to talk about tonight I this afternoon Natalia I've heard some very interesting discussion. On -- in talk shows since we were all surprised by the surprise. By Andrew Cuomo's proposal to administratively. Through gubernatorial the yacht. Make our marijuana medical marijuana. Available to -- very sick people highly regulated by the way. The most regulated approach to medical marijuana I think in the United States so far. Because you know here's thank Andrew Cuomo has been dead set against legalizing marijuana since the day. I think that's a -- of breath I mean. But it certainly he's never spoken in favor of it many of his political past he's ever ever even when he worked for dad. We worked in the the the -- administration. When he was an attorney general when he first ran for governor when he ran for governor one. And any of the years prior these last three years have been talk about legalizing marijuana entirely as well as medical marijuana. Our report his entire administration. And ever -- he he took his first oath -- office. He has said no when he stopped in his tracks suddenly he is out of the blue without any. Preamble. Making medical marijuana available to some very very sick -- chronically -- critically people highly regulated on the available at certain. -- -- -- But that's really an amazing -- about one I didn't expect him by the way there are medical marijuana legalization bills with legs that have legs on the they actually could pass in both the assembly and the senate. So if you are have an opinion about medical marijuana. Let's that's here we're 8030930. Start 930. On your cell phone -- 30930 give us call. Maybe -- you have the unfortunate experience as I -- of watching. Andrew Cuomo's state of the state speech and you have some commentary on that as well you'd think. That is. He's cutting the business tax and all of upstate but there always is back story to a tax cut from liberal. But what do you think of that business taxes cut in all of upstate we don't really know what's behind that we're gonna find out her recent. Army know these are all these ideas in the state of the state speech are very carefully. -- and fed out to the press in the days prior. To the delivery of -- annual address. On the governors have been doing it for many years now. And I think Andrew Cuomo has it down to race science the figure of there isn't news about medical marijuana they gave that news I believe to the New York. There was news about. -- that the business tax cut. I believe they gave that to crack at it might minorities frankly I don't know who was they gave it to another reporter they care for in feed and stroke. And and and -- -- with each individual powerful reporter that works in the Albany state house. Give them a little tidbit feed them a little bit more than their compatriots. So they can bring them along here's our new tidbit what did you write this up it's your exclusive you can have for anybody else. And that way you work. Gonna be on the front page of the newspaper and keep your job for a little while longer you write about this the next day a different report -- -- they -- reporter and the days leading up to. The the state in the states bees about a time of the governor actually steps up there. And wastes an -- gives you an hourlong speech in our you'll never ever get back. Every single word has already been aired out completely. Except for of I think he's a lot of guys in the and the arms and arts. It's already been aired out completely in the media. And the reporters at their each one who had their own exclusive. Are back. Preening in there in front of their editors saying I got the exclusive in art -- agreed it's brave new year and what about that agrees. It's a dance my friends -- dance that dance that goes on and every State Capitol in the United States I certainly Saudi United States capitol. When I ran their radio and television. Reporters newsroom there. It just goes on and on its it's interminable it it's it's it's amazing if you were able to experience what goes on. And the new York State Capitol how close and cozy the reporters are in their rent free offices that. That's a claim and of -- -- but there in government offices right they are very close to everything right in the capital of soft. -- real state. Broadcasting their live radio shows and and sitting in their cubby holes. Tightening their stories it's cozy cozy relationship. Very. In fact you can cover state government without ever taking your backside off -- your office chair. In the room and ought to do I'd say that most of them -- actually there's some really good ones there really good ones. On Iowa -- -- of the times union is gonna be with us today. On -- -- -- I think when Adam. Most in spectacular reporters. On speaker today -- your kindness with capital your QB with a today. We've got to and an invitation out to -- -- to Liz Benjamin that this of the host the capital might we expect to be able to speak with her. So -- to get the analysis of some of the smartest people I think in the reporters among the press in Albany. Other not all bad people and not -- bad so you'll get to meet him if you haven't heard before and OK art and love -- on the station all the time. But. Were to be back. Right after this is Michael -- in fort Tom hourly. Here on news radio 930 at WB Aaron. Can't help but look. I know I growth in iroquois high school listen of that on my record player home trying not to study. Texas. -- do -- for Tom Bauerle aren't here on news radio 930 WBM today will is. King. Governor Andrew Cuomo's. Annual state of the state address which is. Andrew Cuomo. Everything. In the Albany actually points to Andrew Cuomo this day. I believe at 5 PM where it's coming up here that everyone must bow down and Corey. To Andrew Cuomo in Albany at five PO precisely regardless of where he has he tries tries to be in the east. But then you -- down and pray at 5 PM. Big day O'Connor. I wanna I wanna know how long speeches. I don't even know but listen were on the phone now right now technical -- nick is the chairman of the Erie county Republican committee. Nick thank you very much for -- and what do you think of that steaming pile of speech. As well -- that you kind of put at the right way Michael thanks for enemy yeah. I eighty there's a lot of election year rhetoric coming on the governor's -- and you know like I guess my first question is how do you pay for all of it. Well looks like it's balanced with what they believe were forthcoming. Surpluses. I mean this governor seems to magically produce deficits and surpluses there will. Without any real fundamental reform I mean we have. This farce of a tax plan that he -- -- Lance early last week it's. Which -- You know it's sort of just do the core cause of why we have high property taxes. You know throughout New York State wide driving people away we -- -- so -- gimmick where there's a free use of a ST subsidy of municipalities. You know let's just get to the you know cut the chase I mean. Regulations are are creating a system where they're coming out of Albany that municipalities are having to spend more money unfunded mandates need to be. You know written out of off the books. Or revenue sources to be dedicated to. I mean I tried to spend that earlier basically -- unfunded mandates are. Billions of dollars worth of things that you or your local government is told they must do and paid for without any state farm right. I mean her school districts error under the constant burden of unfunded mandates on municipalities are constantly being told -- what to do and. You have the governor wants to create he can make some games. Instead of addressing the root cause of why people are leaving this state I mean we need. It was complicated tax code. We need two -- -- Burdensome regulations off the books. In in -- the state business friendly again. That control bodied competition for resources let's just. You know -- his way to quickly lower the tax rates in in people were column didn't -- -- -- Well I mean he's actually talking about. Making buffalo into some. Kind of genome researchers genomic medicine. Central area government. Plan to who -- mean. Is that real. You know I I. You know real economic development -- anything we can do to help UBB a competitor restriction or is important. I'm very concerned about the riverbend project that he announced a few months ago. Not quite a few months ago in insult buffalo. I think -- this capital under written all over it sure and you know unfortunately a lot of politicians just wanted to end their clapped when he rolls these things tell -- We were getting. Quarter billion dollars of taxpayer subsidy to two companies that have never raise -- hundred million. Well you know -- there's a lot of parts of this lot of moving parts in this annual. As a the one insider put it orgy of self congratulation. I'm -- He really did you know. And supports it and put those words and now of course but. I I did see a lot of talk before the speech and a little bit during the speech about medical marijuana what do you think of their government of the governor saying. With a stroke of his -- he's going to be giving it to -- very sick people. Citing the governor. Is trying to hit the ball away instead of it -- he clearly wants you know to get to a gradual. You know legalization I disagree with the policy. But he. You know this is presidential politics you know the governor see what's going on -- Colorado and he must be part of that dialogue. And you know put on the ballot looked -- referendum and it in what the people decide unfortunate that that won't happen. Right from referenda aren't very commonplace here and let's got the backing the government to begin with that whole farce about. Referenda on. On gaming it was a great example. But. Nick and let me ask you something I mean this gambit with you know of the tax cuts which -- It's interesting how he defines tax cut the whole idea of cutting the business tax upstate. Other things that he's laid out in this annual state of the state address does that concern you for the Republican candidate who's going to try to defeat Andrew Cuomo. I don't I'm not concerned because you know you the single largest issue that the governor addressed it. And in Cyprus and Twitter before. The speech started. And awarded the discovered and say you know my -- Hydro fracking has cost New York now. And in in if we want to work and spend the quarter billion dollars to create 800 that he with a stroke and could start. The process that the private sector create thousands tens of thousands of jobs across southern tier upstate new York and desperately need shot. This governor is its -- away the state legislature -- two way process. And our -- legislature. But he didn't even -- I missed a little bit my mind my radio and out from that I didn't hear it mentioned once I prefer. One word about -- -- your natural gas exploration. You know this is it. You know I think you were talking about it the other day you know North Dakota is a place that you know is going gangbusters because of energy exploration. You know just looked Ohio and Pennsylvania what it's done to their economies you have municipalities. Because the revenues brought in through this natural gas exploration that have retired their municipal debt. Oh yeah I've been a couple of those minutes and MI out and while doing it didn't contact. Me that they'd be retired the net income tax. You know. But instead we need it what really gets me all the dirt and -- appreciate your time it but what really gets me and I know this gets. Everything that he does lose. Everything he does to try to help. Leads back to him he hope he controls everything if you wanna build a business and one of these tax free zones you know who's got to -- good luck I mean. I'd like to see neckline or the approval of this is not gonna happen. You're gonna open nick and nick and mics aren't they can happen. He controls everything. The business tax some power -- of this cut the business tax is gonna go back to. Our digital yes or no for me Andrew Cuomo on every single businessmen. I mean is this this. -- -- it counted on I mean I didn't I didn't golfers speech this year I was there last year watching his metamorphosis from the almost right leaning middle of the road governor. It too you know a leftist. Extremist. And you know the Patriot Act in and that was the -- he really rolled out the specifics on what he was gonna do on the same effect as well as radical abortion bill. Is that where he started talking about Brodeur made there and both the killer here is that that the -- at each. Oh you are so that was during the state of the state. Which was about in -- cannabis user -- that the deck and was when he really took -- far left. Approach. You know this this year it's all about self congratulation and he's clearly trying to say job well done Governor Cuomo. Really we. -- And that's still at the bottom of every list and economic development. We have to -- gimmicky programs that people can't understand. And there's no tracking or actual. -- just a point to at this point and you know here we are 40%. While I -- one last question for the government. Can Andrew Cuomo be beaten by a human. Right human. Yeah. And why. I didn't think this governor's horrible I think it did issue what did you issue longer. The governor -- in the way it was creating tens of thousands did you. Tens of thousands. In and we -- you know some experts that we've missed the boat you can bet -- right. I mean how scary is that Clinton had just before -- go one place in this governorship as ethics reform. The single largest copper trader of you know unethical behavior that your State Capitol was sitting you know if you keep -- fuel to. He's been enabling this industry -- hold speakers. Yeah well it's -- was sitting there smiling inside. You know we need a change we need we need to very competitive. Race for governor this year I I think did that this governor is he's brought an issue she wrong for -- -- static well. Well you and tiger talk more about the governor's recent days -- I hope apart my able to. Are coming here and and guessed it was again and you want to talk more about that that this is kind of opening. Bell for the governor's race to the lays out his agenda and now we as Republicans get to pick it apart. Thank you very much chairman and like it really appreciated. And -- and locked or political wanna break here real quick but I want to watch it wait and you -- wrong about the marijuana proposal ago. -- -- If marijuana is gonna help if you -- You know I probably would call ourselves. In nature are really help the amount of in use them but all I have no problem. Though. And I think that it. -- gonna say OK making use it in the air space. He sure all the farmers in New York victories. -- you're right. I'm with a 100% on this I disagree with the Republican leadership and Albany on this I think. That marijuana has incredible medical benefits I think it should be legal in the state call me radical I mean. I think -- Colorado was doing is what them New York will end up doing. You know that -- can imagine the tax revenues coming from legalized and highly regulated marijuana -- They'll let it should be breeze straight here -- -- -- that's being used here in every county. -- -- You know they should figure out what you do -- easier. You and the nation get allotments to. The average lottery to. And you know and that in not just give it the one great being you know mega farm. Well you know what they do and we're gonna go to break here but what they do is and California for example is a very good. Model and in California each county has -- differently it's regulated by the county in the county tells you how much you can grow and every individual person is given a certain allotment it would be different in New York that would be California. Most of that in California is actually my -- are much of that. Is grown indoors that the idea. The New Yorkers food in -- legalize marijuana scenario. Grow their own it would only be following the example of many other states. Were gonna go for a quick break here this is Michael -- -- for Tom Bauerle. Talk in the issues here on news radio 930 WB CNN. Seventy degrees outside director of the forecast flurries around this evening otherwise turning partly cloudy and really cold. Cold tonight low of nine year. I'm Wilson nine acres hold the overnight -- simple that it would -- -- decree. The periods of clouds and sunshine tomorrow I have 22 cloudy tomorrow night which subsequently put -- an accumulation. Louis team -- the temperatures rising. Leader denied Friday mostly cloudy milder with a higher 37 degrees a ball means 37. Moses Michael Caputo women for Tom hourly here and news radio 930 WB and -- off for the day on film in gladly until 7 o'clock tonight here on -- ship. I have I done filling here now and again. In the last couple of months has been a pleasure guys off moments with all of our numbers 8030930. We're talking about. The state of the state address was I hope emotional view I did not have to watch. -- but it did. Once you weaken yourself. From your stupor please gives Callan tells exactly how much you loved. Or hated it. It really is. An interesting thing you know they don't just there with the governor doesn't just -- speech he actually provides a written copy with a lot more information and it. From. One of the things that. I overheard I heard him sing during his speech she was talking about how ethics. Is a is not partisan problem it's a political problem the Republicans and Democrats warrior all located with his brush. When there's bad acts by -- legislators. Well updated with the president unfortunately he's absolutely incorrect while there are here and there and Eric Republican. Being looked at for bad acts it's all Democrats it's mostly assembly Democrats and they're all doing it. Under the watchful I am Soria. Even probably the endorsement. Of speaker Sheldon Silver who has been there for time immemorial certainly that. EA's use taxpayer money to pay off women who complained about sexual harassment make them go away never told anybody. That caught doing that with Vito Lopez a scumbag at a New York City. And it just keeps have a Micah Kellner. Out of downstate and now we have around the year. Dennis -- or Zach who has multiple women complain all former employees complaining that he sexually aggressive one way shape or form. But honestly. Kieran Michael while he's an assemblyman. From downstate. And in fifth district. Republican. You know Republicans in the season earlier. Report is able to do anything but he tweeted today if your Twitter for action might I spend a lot of time this year. He -- today. That is the public won't -- Albany if the politician at the center of the problems stays in office. Sheldon Silver -- ago now two things come out of that week. Number one. Kieran Michael Waller is absolutely correct. It's also over as he sanctioned it. And it's mostly the vast majority of this is Democrat because they're protected. Sexist behavior is not reserved for Republicans or Democrats but in Albany it is the purview of of the Democrat party we know that. Tokyo Michael all the is probably being told to pack his office up right now and move in to the broom closet. On the first floor underneath the stairway. In the state capital because the assembly leader was not with your remarks. You gotta have some stones to say things against children's over. In the Albany. And you don't -- want -- as a Republican he can -- -- little bit RT. Sitting in tiny offices doing nothing. But when Democrats speak -- and like -- Mickey Kearns they do get that. Definitely an interesting place. And we're to talk more about this. This evening I wanna talk about. Medical marijuana -- stand -- what do you think about the speech. What you think about. His comments about how the New York -- back led to a safer state. Do you think that what do you think about that I can't imagine how your -- -- made anything safer. All it's done is feed the attorneys legislators. It's it's I I've won probably 8030930s. And a bigger star in 1930. On yourself and -- recall this is Michael put in -- Tom -- and I'm here on news radio 930 WB yen and we'll be right back.

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