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1-8 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jan 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It could be -- -- -- -- we have an update in the last hour we told you the I won nine the north ramp to the peace bridge had been closed. That has been reopened but they are asking that if you possibly can. Commercial traffic especially should use their lowest in Queens and bridge and it is a volume situation. Another words too much into it too little and then that's the way it is so the I won nine the north ramp to the peace Riggio and odd that ramp has been reopened but they suggest that if you especially with the commercial traffic. That you try to get the lowest in Queens and bridge because of volume situation. We're asking about job and lots of things to kind of wrap up our storm coverage. It's not over till it's over -- I would not the first to say that is Yogi Berra and I don't think this is over till it's over we're seeing residual. Things like -- what I just told -- and though like in Lancaster where they still have a state of emergency going on. Our -- what else is left is -- road been plowed that you have any mishaps over the storm did you love it or did you hated. And in our survey of more people loved than hated it. What's your favorite comfort food have you ever run out of anything we're so concerned in America we don't wanna run out of anything. That we very seldom run out of -- off as far as I can see it because we're usually pretty. You know pretty confident that we have a replacement. I'd like to know. If you ever run out of anything and what does the biggest problem. -- would have drivers in this kind of weather. A we're all used to driving in it and we have certain skills and -- driving -- some basic skills. Like you don't step on the accelerator and -- wheels are straight line that's a pretty basic scale. Because if you do it -- the front wheels are turned you're gonna spam I mean it doesn't take a genius to figure this stuff out but people do dumb things and usually it's because they're lazy. They're too lazy to brush the top of their car off the too lazy to -- to actually scrape their windshield. And then what happens a lot is a windshield wipers will accumulate some mice and all it takes is a little old -- a section vice. On on the wide berth and will lift the wiper off the windshield which means you're gonna get a very lousy view out the windshield and guess world through that right in front. Of the driver it'll never happen from a passenger. It's always in front of the driver so things like that you have to be make sure before you go to I always run by. Fingers without a glove on down the length of the of of the wiper blade. And then if there's a bit of vice that he tried just you know go appointment and then what happens as you just snapped the blade against the windshield. And and that's what happens in the war of the ice breaks up to not do. What John -- does and I don't understand how he gets away -- to be honest review. Never put hot water on your win should never 'cause it'll go hot water your crack. And then next thing you know that portable guy from the when -- company. Is putting -- -- now he says he doesn't use hot water just warm but I I don't think -- season. Is it's just easier John does not know about this newfangled invention called an ice scraper. Where you scrape against the windshield and the ice comes off. A lot of cars have starters in them. I know it's not necessary to start ahead -- time. You don't have to warm up engines anymore that's not necessary but. If you started. But if through a cycle. And you leave but the night before on defrost make sure you leave -- control on the frost. That when you come out your wind -- either clear or ready to be easily cleared that's the best way and the defrost her throws caught hot air on of it windshield. Just a different setting instead of on the floor near mid mid chest area goes on and she'll just make sure it's set -- the night before. Pushed to type of drivers that really upset me in the wintertime the first is the person that. Doesn't think that when you're jumps into another lane or makes a laughed trying to beat oncoming traffic. Not realize that that oncoming traffic may have to step on the brakes and that's why they don't care very considered like this morning and somebody in each each hour. Jump right out front of me. Luckily I anticipated -- you know but it is just stupid NS. There's got to be really careful like I come down new road the road is forty miles an -- -- slow anyway but those ditches are really really. Deep in which are easily if you're a Smart Car. And you slide off into one of those ditches and you don't come dot you don't land on an angle you know going to be able when your doors gonna have to come up through the sunroof and you better hope you have a son. So what you gotta be careful not to squeeze people out of their lane when the but you're just not conscientious and. Be courteous the other driver that gets me is the hot dog in the pickup truck. You know as soon as it's going north icy out he's got to go your ten to -- -- the yellow oil dri of the he's not gonna help you stop by. You're not talking about. Mr. large density. While mr. any of the hot dog people. Now is there a regular guy who is a driving like a -- Driving like god I miss assailants certainly we will be including him no ever doing no Oscar -- are never seen him I did see the -- white. That's money winner mobile are all over the place and I was Johnson let's go to led Diana and buffalo Diana on WB yen. Yes I -- not my father and haven't haven't looked at his way. Get that contender who became aptly and he put negative light pollution and they -- But it's -- Nothing for workers so I didn't something you can I that would be bad better than negative flooding. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Will not freeze its usually blow that's usually the collar they do they do come and other callers to. I'm not familiar with the product he put and they wanted to do freeze. Add it up and coming out so we've always rules that have been out I was not and they act before it went public in. But it -- the content and it became companies that he. Nobody in the battle of negative planning and out of proportion for the went so you know and put it and and now not in. I wish I could help you I'm not familiar -- negative twenty I don't know what that product is but windshield wash your solvent. Should not three reasons matter fact. If you have a thin layer advice on your windshield in the and you get you do the blues scored from thing it'll dissolve it but I. I I'm I'm sorry I was your gonna help you but I'm not from you were negative wanna thank you. Negative when I thought that was my eye test that I took with doctor home what are your negative one in the right -- get hurt him which Lauren fix we're here we could still -- but she's not she's in Las Vegas at the scene as. Yeah -- I'm not familiar or negative twenty at all usually the windshield washer solvent. Is blow it can be other callers but it's usually blue. And that it has an anti freeze element in. I've never heard of windshield washer solvent freezing. Ever. -- some vehicles. In my -- added it was kind of cool have a heated a Reza of war compartment where users push the button. But usually that's extreme. Usually when you wash your fluid does not freeze on May be put the wrong thing and we'll take a break will be back we're more aware of sorry of sounds having problems this quarter's we'll be back -- -- it happens every once in awhile. You know what happens to all of those guys will be back after this. Let's get back to the calls this is a WB -- I'm honestly prayer. Okay. We're -- -- yes -- -- -- -- -- by the police that I'm on blue -- right now public. I am give it all back. OK I want to articulated thank you -- willow bullies. So the police are. I OP is hands trio reason for it well. In and but I don't know who was which department that would be. He's from Orchard Park right thing to Toby being a feature OK bullies mr. policeman he -- and let -- call. Well -- is made up I'd go please because he's a listener of the show. Andy was just trying to pass on some good information that is helpful for the general public. Yeah that's the ticket yeah. No it wasn't going to bitch about other drivers all it was calling to help the general public and -- stands -- -- And the American way this is a true American patriot he's Superman so I hope the -- where summing it's the Orchard Park bullies. We're hoping that they find it in their heart to say we're just giving you a warning this time. We better not ever catcher listening to borrowing long drive. Because that is the legitimate concern for communities in arms in Iraq. We've had this before but we've had -- -- -- before and it's up -- I don't know why am laughing. Because I I hope argument. You know what I should do. I should offered I have -- employer paid for -- because they want us through what they want people to participate and show us that. Make them feel welcome this he felt perfectly welcome against -- So I don't know I just open -- open -- finds it a charitable thing. It is hard to jail it was a safety thing you -- office -- exact. Let's go to. Than mine and the marine would be Irene in buffalo -- -- on WB yeah. Good morning to -- -- Hello I'm -- diary what do you have for -- and. Yeah I -- want to compliment you because you know for. I sit here and I want to know did you ever have a standup comedy routine. No I wish I did but no. You would be perfect of one liners can come across as well thank and thank you. It's wonderful to be able to have a few laughs when the weather like this this is not to night. I appreciated Ireland thanks. Another question in reference to our. On you know you much about this -- now this doesn't put any hand down do you know why they don't know bank Canada they used to manufacture and and there are. -- yeah I don't know I know they use salt and -- some departments use a combination of salt and somebody else but you don't see -- much anymore Sanders very effective on ice. But maybe there is a reason there might be an environmental reason or whatever. I'd I don't know the answer that ocean and. While I was watching the weather Qian Bani brought and that they put -- to various stories. And it was up and British Columbia Canada and would you go to -- they used to -- Q. -- Jews and about how they beat sorted take that haven't just the government -- it's. But it was it was -- at all like yeah there's -- big girl that they are all these semis get tipped over these guys go out and make. Managed to -- amount of these big. Did she is and whatever and and we made the -- here. At least your bills sit because it be red. Maybe it would take effort of one truck would -- -- Are caught hiring drive carefully. At their allies. I don't know why you a bit earlier Sen. They usually percent. When I was growing up and then they start it was salt. Sam might be more effective vote might be very effective -- of ice but I think album by any -- with cost or environmental. Impact whatever I seriously how much beat wooded how much wood would -- would shock jock. If wood chuck could chuck -- public beat Jews -- -- -- would you have to squeeze now big -- popular now UCB beats headphones that is in those easily Dr. -- he has the beads. Here here wins they have those they have all kinds of beat products but I've not heard of the Jews for the road. It would be an interesting to see why that was effective. All right let's go to. This line policy I think line one would be next. In west senator this is Bob -- -- on WB yen. Eddie are. About the -- like -- yeah. There have bought heated windshield like verbally. -- have a bottom line and dot. About a 130 dollars and be hot and well everything right off its cool I -- Yeah. Trade show and they actually got. Like that all -- pretty shake off. They are. Well I've never I've never seen that I've seen the heated Reza boards. Then hold you vote the -- and I've seen the automatic wipers -- come on with a firsthand the moisture but I've never heard of either blaze that's a good idea. Yeah my good friend I have only got a lot of following like guide you end up he said. -- -- -- Oh yeah because when you can't keep the windshield clear a lot of anxiety there how is I was business your private plow driver how's business with the storm. -- Okay well I hope you have I hope you have a nice and safe while plowing season and Bennett thanks so that information about the either wipers Persia. I'd I'd not to signals. If you know what's amazing is. The ingenuity and today's automobile and truck. There really is there's there's all kinds of cool stuff the automatic wiper blades you know what's funny is if you have. The of the switch in the first position. They don't come on. Until this moisture on your windshield this so there's some kind of sensor and I have them on. On a car that I have now. But if you forget that you that that could happen. You're driving along and it's -- perceptible sometimes what starts those. As you're driving along and also on the wipers come on it startle you but there have been very effective because -- -- -- in the old days you have to find that sweet spot between. Not over -- and not under wiping that's of these but I've never heard of the -- wiper blades that actually vibrate maximize up that's that's pretty cool stuff. We'll be back Lamar was featured company under Israeli and -- thirty we are WB. You -- hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and stop our 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Elliott back -- Beijing governor and said he -- you're talking about Yogi Berra no not directly but he said it's not over till it's over and I was listening this morning and lots of highway department the superintendents. And a mr. Poland cars. Said that it's over. The blizzard of fourteen is over and I'm thinking it's not over till it's over there's still a lot of on holes stories and we like to hear from you. About to what's left to do with the blizzard porting. Did you love -- did you hate it. I loved it and so I -- it for the preparation and the excitement of modes of doing a radio show and to doing my part. But I hated it when I went to leave and was so disoriented in my car because of a total white out. That I couldn't see the buildings couldn't see light -- couldn't see the other vehicles I was lucky to get it parked again. And that I hated it. Instantly. Your favorite comfort -- what would that be because when I -- that they ran a picture in the buffalo goes. Of the shelves shelf after shelf after shelf at wegmans empty. They used to have salads on them -- -- hope rushes out to get a sat. Before a -- arm. Real manly men like myself and Tony and -- we run out and we yet goods sweet stuff. So I'd like to know what your favorite comfort food is and what your favorite complained about drivers in this kind of weather. Now we got a question answered here because -- of -- may have the answer Jerry you're on WB yen. I'm don't find new listener asked why they don't use assay and a very much on the road anymore. -- -- -- pretty simple effective when they put the -- down sometimes they put more or less whatever it is but when it rains again in the weather gets better like next year is something. That stuff -- into the sewer lines. I never thought of that yeah good point. It's like what you did and get wind dot -- -- lately it's been blowing out and pile up in doing those same thing happened in this sort systems. And once they did decked out anything else that goes down -- the little branch or anything they just keep building up and got them out. And he's got a real problem. But also real quick when they -- a lot of equally important has it taken. But right now I'm an interest -- making -- Seacrest. Rarely do you put it was supported on the ground this morning. And it's common that likely decades he'd cut the streets so. I hope the you know everything turns out all right for. Maybe it's gone from Florida yeah -- we've got some snow too I don't just open though blinds a little video so hey thanks for that. I'd like to mention it was like anything you know like it's like when you -- -- talked about comfort food now. -- they take it that's that's that's that seems good for you and it's not put the the -- the other and it's not going to be. Thank you I did that thank you very might that it conversation was going so well. I didn't even think about the the residual effect it would have of of votes and going down -- especially at large amount. -- most departments use assault. And then there's a combination of something else that they use our personal highway engineer. But it's something's very effective because when I was a kid but that was just sand that's always the result was -- But we also. Didn't as I as I recall I lived in a rural area well I don't think we have the city sewers so we have septic. So I don't know but the saw a but the -- had to end up somewhere. Good good point you know I feel good about buffalo being able to -- to a good job plowing during the yeah. During the storm as simple. Because every fall I see our mayor. Our mayor mr. brown mayor brown goes down to the barns where they have the big trucks. And he's in his nice fine -- and they lately eleven climb up the deep the steep steps of a plow. And he gets to get a photo op as he's inspecting the equipment getting ready for winter that's why it all works well. 1111 blow hard and through little airborne to true. And the mayor brown looks so comfortable. In the seat behind the wheel of a big while those things -- like he was born to -- You know some people are born to race now I think he's born applause I think he does it you know -- up there on the streets nobody's as anything -- There and you know he kind of combined what are usually wears would have a plow aware and he had Leo let's say. It was a red and black bird checkered flannel suit on. So we really era and one of those hats never seen the three piece kind hearts and it is eloquently this. -- I love it when he has the climb up those big steep steps to get in a while I may give them a little boost in a bomb in army this kind of push them up there. Men that's a visual that let's go to Jean in Cheektowaga. You're on WB yeah -- and largely. I can't hear this story about the being the it's OK tell me I. And TV and I couldn't believe that they used beet -- to to help -- don't hero and make sure. Chemical. Saying. Why well. I just can't I just -- albeit still produce a lot of -- -- some wondering how how costly that would be to squeeze big east again and Bob Jones -- mixed with sand. -- did of Iowa where. Oh. OK. I'm all right that's interest thing I I've not seen it I'll have to I'll have to check up. You'll be a policy and if there was spreading it because beat Jews I assume his -- Well thank you I'm glad you verify what an earlier caller said their thank you very much did you guys ever to -- never. For so I don't like beaches and beats. I don't I don't need him very often. My mother used to serve them okay it thinks it it's one of the things that you eat the beads because your score some brownie points with her mother. Big it's oh sure yeah argument would be it's and you can tell me which -- the kids like the of the least they're the ones that -- first get a get a lot of away. You know some people hide them deride your vote now I just -- you couldn't put like if you got mashed potatoes of the got a big mound. You can take a slide some of the lesser known things that you don't like. Into the mashed potatoes. And just eat from the top and leave with thin layer of mashed potato and a your mother thinks. Good you've cut down on your mashed potatoes little bush you know that just beneath that in the air. Are all the things that are good for -- you -- I -- opposite approach I've mixed my -- With my -- potential because like oh I always said. We have all kinds of fancy she -- he dies okay I've always said if you really wanna lose weight here's -- you have to do is pretty easy. You can meet the exact same thing you're reading now you don't have change anything the only difference is this you have to put them on a play. And mix them up. And eat them off the plate like that because that's what happens in your stomach. You're eating twinkies and mashed potatoes and liver and onions. And they were all down there and their mixing up together well you accept that because you took -- -- individually. The the mashed potatoes were good the twinkies were good if you like liver and onions they were good but that it. They don't look appetizing together in on talking about talking garbage play to our -- just put everything together like that it's like going to -- -- day. Where at the end people misjudge. The plate they put too much Jonathan beginning. And so they suddenly they have mashed potatoes on governor jello. You've seen that happen so if you mix them all up on a plate you know maybe put on a maybe put a bigger on until and then a slap them together I think -- -- Because your your stomach there's a comedian that used to. Do us a standup -- something like that where. It was the stomach talking and giving complaints to the person saying what the -- is sending down for me next. You know because all the stuff was coming down over it's probably like you at the at a party. You know where all of this looks good this looks a mobile mobile home. All of a sudden the stomach just went on strike now my stomach -- things that. There's a party in my tummy so yummy yummy on you can tell you got a kid. That so adorable don't ever do it again. How quick back after -- -- and let's get back to the calls this is a Jimmy and so buffalo Jeremy on W via. Yeah. Yeah OK yeah. -- Alpert who what does Jimmy -- you as opposed church. In an -- expire at. That is the worst Jimmy Griffin that imitation and I think I. A you know don't get motivated job but I -- provides. I argued ever had the the famous during one of our is a severe storms. One of the most famous quotes. And now people quoted all the time. You know just go home relax and enjoy his six back I'm paraphrasing but that's what he said because there really wasn't much else should do anyway and it was dangerous so. That's -- a from the wisdom of Jimmy Griffin they're better a couple of books in fact I think Brian Meyer wrote a book which I have. All the wisdom of Jimmy -- I think that was the title governor close to it where they have vote famous quotes. There you think about it OK I want to think about this. Jimmy Griffin gave enough quotes to have a book written about it. It looks to see shot just right this state go -- OK so leader Brian Maier as Stacy genre book on the quote it's illegal immigrant. I'd challenge you to give me one quote from -- One I have 11 memorable quote here goes right now. And -- are there as amazing event about that that's a bit about. -- -- Every time his name comes up -- miss them. I miss them evil when his name doesn't come out to be honest when -- but. Where were asking. Isn't over is the storm really over there's still things to be -- we're hearing from pockets of -- People saying you know this isn't -- that's not done this deal of this armor hate the storm. What's your favorite comfort food. And a brand has suggested that from -- -- from renders by -- what. She's just again she likes out pancakes and Tim Morton's coffee well that's true that's a good match domination up that she likes pizza in red wine and molasses cookies. Okay this is cookies I can -- -- Yeah like oatmeal raisin and okay -- red wine and it goes in my head Neil Diamond. Thank you very much not a red white sand. I don't -- excellent and I just don't like -- do you like white -- now. OK well then don't drink it but that doesn't matter when you do that. Don't do that let's go to Jane a bubble OJ anger on WB again. Hello -- what do you have for us today. Well. I actually hate winter on in that it wasn't for the fact that I need to be here as a caregiver to my mother I would. Florida at this point. Yeah I it's it's it stub every once in awhile about how long you've been here you think. One remind you would hear her fighting these elements. Exactly. I live in north buffalo and we are experiencing. Right now very heavy you know thick flakes of -- it would seem like -- now. You know it's probably happening charity it's been coming down for the past two hours. My comment is. You noted about mayor brown I just -- near ground throughout the hopeless situation Ali -- with the county executive and all the county officials that. They'll near ground. -- -- What happens or maybe he's on vacation he might be somewhere else but you would think that if you -- in town he would appoint somebody to be the face of the city of buffalo because he represents a lot of people coming north from work I don't know who was a hockey game. Always the city can declaring a state of emergency. In the city so you're right where was that. Exactly and I just wondered if maybe. The new council president mr. Trojan would be taking over in his place because you know eventually he would like to become. Mayor of. There is president now we've seen him around because he was you elected the president the president on the council vote. You're right did not see Emeka made it and it is getting fitted for new -- or something like that hey thanks Suzanne thank you very much. So -- says every once in awhile like say six. You're out there and your car slid off the roller wheels -- spinning you're scraping -- and you say. Why do I put up with -- he's -- winners but on the other side like she's just mentioned more reliable system was in Florida. During hurricane season -- not too much about -- go to Florida. Because we've seen all the stock footage. Everybody is going to Home -- old to buy the plywood. To put over their windows. Announced some houses down there have those a metal shutters. Now would you you push a button in the shuttered goes down you know man through and they come down and they're like storm shutters or something like that. I guess is classic made now that can withstand -- hurricane I was watching. A program last night on. Fabulous beach front properties in this you know talk about -- eight million dollar house in Connecticut. -- -- mentioned how he uses special glass. That it's working toward what I want to see in my sister. Her a couple of years ago when she I have an illness -- -- husband I was down there to support my sister stayed in a hotel. And right across Jason to a hotel. A was a Condo building. And a lot of them have those kind of shudders because I asked what are what are those. Vote in the during hurricane season. They can be brought down -- the glasses bright doesn't surprise Eminem makes some pretty heavy duty last. But got if you think about the other things that people have to face in other parts of the country. Snow doesn't really seem to be too bad you get tornadoes. Hurricanes. Mudslides. Forest fires floods. I mean all I have problems with the weather at one time I tried to think. -- area where you could call where you wouldn't face. Any of these things I've tried thinking the same thing and I can't pick I can't pick a place either they all have something. It's as Roseanne Roseanne that a -- -- noted -- wrote a -- real estate agent once said there's not this is that. And it was not that it's this but it's always something so I think out of their hole pecking order of bad things. I think snow is not anywhere near the top. -- grosses more than anything else. But I did find that moving from Erie county to Niagara county has its benefits because I don't get as much and always I did when I lived in north buffalo. While that's true I mean -- Niagara county does get less I lived in Boston twice for years did you -- Boston hill's gorgeous. But lost -- gonna do that. What about you Chris have you ever thought about an area of a country where you wouldn't have to face any of these demons from the weather while my wife and our -- complaining about that the other day since I was stuck here overnight and and that's exactly and -- you have. You know wildfires mudslides earthquakes hurricanes tornadoes now. At least my house is going to be here after the snow yeah exactly -- do -- house the house causing a move by a snowstorm that's that's a good point. I love the fact that. In one of our. Earlier newscast they were talking about the governor doing a -- that address and they were talking to someone in politics who said the governor has this. His guru who advises them. As super guy who you know from another planet. And he advise the governor get this now for -- at all. If -- cards says guru one super guru as somebody who is above the arrest -- probably making a lot of money you know I'm talking about. This group were. Advised the governor and sadness. That the people of the State of New York. Think that taxes are too -- I and then had to be a revelation that when when Cuomo was a weasel I bet when the weasel Cuomo. Governor of the State of New York so that he was taken by surprise. And so he's going to -- apparently trying to address that issue but had not is guru total. How what do you. I mean certainly nobody ever talks about the taxes in the -- -- July. What else is actually gonna find a lot of people don't like to say fact. Are you trying to say that paid politicians. Have been spending more of our money in the they did yeah oh yeah now that's what I'm trying to say there exactly so I find that amusing. Also. There are bigger tomorrow we'll get into this Dennis -- Zach did you think he should be and in Albany I mean it. You know we elect somebody I'm saying you know you know we elect people to represent us. And he's not going to be at the governor's state of a state. And when you represent somebody tool to represent you -- when you elect somebody rivers and you there's supposed to -- I don't know represent you and part of it is being there. And apparently he's going to be their cousin would be an ugly scene. And so aren't crystal peoples. What's certain that are known for some people something. His old -- or two. Ago poll numbers sixteen and involve workers will be able shares a hyphenated name although while we ignore for Shuster is the people. She says that Rasheed does not think he -- Zachary beaver while received as a shocker to that's like finding out the people in New York think the taxes -- line. Is there no end. -- brilliance of these elected officials Jews here with former mayor Rudy Giuliani set about -- applause you know. It's colonies is borderline Marxist. If you know I think about what I've read about the -- -- I think he's right. -- I mean berg is going to be considered. A refreshingly liberal in in a fiscal kind of way compared to. This -- it'll be interesting to -- okay that about wraps it up and we will be back tomorrow hopefully. I'm gonna get some beet juice in Florida my driveway -- -- don't realize until tomorrow. CO Marjorie and Israelis are not actually. -- -- -- the current Sara -- nine on nose straighter and I vertigo is the.

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