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1-8 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back with -- governor -- and even age it's not over until it's over yes we've heard -- the blizzard four of fourteen is over but there are things still to be done. As a matter factory state of emergency still in effect in Lancaster they just cancel the travel ban. But the state of emergency still in effect. What has to be done in your neighborhood everything plowed everybody shoveled out and they get -- storm stories that's the first part second as were running a web poll. That says that 51% of our audience loved it the storm 49%. Hated the storm would like to know where you'll fit in on that. I loved it and soul I became disoriented yesterday in the white out and that I hated. I'm back to probably loving if we have another one but those farms -- mode. And your favorite comfort food. Something that makes you feel good when they when they cleanup a grocery stores they clean out the same things some things and understand okay. They they cleaned out some your campus salad is one of them but. Big big that you milk OK and I understand that Brett ends and that two eggs yeah. Portland paper. Real work down to the last four or five sheets and say -- storm's coming -- don't you have like extra. How about you but I by those big those. They bring about a fork lift him put him in my truck and I have through at the -- bombed out how exactly -- -- a 163. Girls and it's I'm now. I don't understand what you Sheryl Crow. I don't I. You're really like your toilet paper's of why get right down to like the last roll on the run around get my suggestion is this. If if you do happen around the buffalo -- is 24% more absorbent than. USA today I just thought I'd mention it empathy comes off being -- very embarrassing very embarrassing to. To have Al temperament name somewhere -- shouldn't. Or maybe it -- let's go through all -- Erica in Lancaster Erica you're on W via. It's going fine what you want to share with us this year. Well first time that I -- in Lancaster. Role in in the Catholic and seen the Warner grill is completely. Proud to. By armed -- with our NAFTA coroner in is not a great. Oh OK some more plowing needs to be done all right good and. Right right. -- frankly can handle it packs last and I can't either picking at Madison and moral that the colts get crabby. Listening actually holding it they should actually thank you hadn't been able to hold it. Don't you be getting an ankle and right -- aren't you and and expect -- in Mexico. And even stacking up banging the essential to little that he is yet to. All it was a little Debbie has good stuff I mean the logo looks like 1952 but the food is really good. -- so so you guys start -- Obama snack foods and wait it out. I think -- he's lucky to have you as his -- America are good good conversation to have thank you thank you very much a lot that. Thought. The last time you actually we're we're he's in fear of what running out of something. Okay now there are some fears that gentlemen you don't wanna run out of gas for short. You don't run a wanna run out of any kind of fuel you don't wanna run out of medicine but I'm thinking most of the time we don't run out of anything. At least I don't because like people list. As things start to dwindle to put on the list. Make sure that it's replaced whatever. When's the last time that I had this to a was the last time you ran out of anything and what was that Iran out of the only thing. That I said outside of the essentials that I just named. That I would ever. Get dressed and go to the store to buy because I forgot to get it now my out of it is orange I just love Jews and have a glass of it every morning. And a but I would I would go out to the store to get chargers but that's if nothing else. Well you just ran out of -- the other day. Mustard -- hot mustard lasts forever I know I didn't realize it was low. But the one problem and we need bean casserole like these two tablespoons. And then you do law all you well I think that there may be here you can't cut the mustard anymore -- helpful when you run out. And mustard is one of those things. And they have certain things that drive you crazy because you can't tell your near the end of them but I ice I I need eye drops I put a drop in each guy each night okay. The content org comes and there's no way to tell when you're almost out. You know what invariably. I'll do the right guy and be out on the left side. A -- the way it works. I like to keep things stock I put the oldest one. In the front the newest one in the back I'm I'm very organized like that. But when's the last time any of -- ran out of anything you're worried about running on stuff. But generally you don't do it so you ran out of mustard yes and what can you continue with your -- -- a championship. A casserole without -- Well it calls I like the French's yellow monster that -- -- trying all brown mustard. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A small orange juice and a small little disappointed during the morning Vera like I needed it very good now of a small orange juice is not the best but I believe me ever see what they charge for the small orange -- You could buy the tub of Orange juice -- what they charge but you know why they can get that. Because of Chris he ran out he must have a it's just like me I would buy a tour and I have must have a I don't realize that hey how come this costs almost as much is like going to the a movies and seeing what that box of candy is going to cost you. You need to bring in a federal loan officer. To negotiate. And pay off in installments. And -- talking about and then go directly to the diabetes clinic. -- so that's the way it works is racially call from a team -- me and can judge alone Michelle is our personal bank and then she handles all of our financial transactions. But we wanna hear from Leo it's not over till it's over what's still happening in your neighborhood regarding the storm -- are hated do you love it or hate it. Of 49%. Said the date of -- 51%. Says they'll let you try to figure that one out. And your favorite comfort food and what have you ever run out on the mark this down. I really. I don't don't recall running out of and I didn't run out of one thing that was embarrassing ones. I just bought a new car that's strangers and OK I just wanted to car. And the car I was trading and I'll never forget I was gonna pick -- the new one on Saturday. Had not a lot of gas. I'm -- you want to put gas in Denton. Leave gas -- and I'm getting a new car there's enough gas I'll destroyer of the -- thank you didn't make it the dealership. I had to walk into the dealership about six blocks away and say. Can I have a gas can. That's cheesy. Because dealers now will fill your tank up when you -- the car I I can't remember the last card bought that didn't have a full tank that's what they do they even it is expensive they fill up. And it's kind of cheese either turn in your trade in would know gas and it would feel homes. I could've been worse I could -- -- the sales manager in the salesman to push the car end of a lot didn't quite get that bad but since then. I've put gas in many times before trading the card because I don't want to be known as the cheap -- who had a pushes trade him. A will be back what all of BJ company a news radio 930 listening to sandy. Give up pastry and take up sex. -- EE let's go to Rochester and talked to stand I don't know much of the blizzard Rochester government. Stance panel Phyllis and welcome to your first call -- your stand. Thank you very marching I enjoy target these players. Our weather here it's weird you know we had a little wait -- we had cold and wind. Right now I'm looking outside the sun is shining delusional Egyptian brisk there's nothing threatening. But I figured the point is again make. We take a big risk of either -- -- although no one want to play -- the Buffalo -- because the weather distinction nobody want to. You don't want to. I'm listening to the radio ammunition to people aren't from Indianapolis point three below. Let me alone you know -- should travel -- -- for it in the wind. And and I have a friend in -- in Wyoming. -- -- -- -- -- -- looking -- -- two feet of I don't know know why we can't look at how things that are what -- that I can tolerate it. That's amazing guy and air we've talked about this before basically earthquakes no floods fires and all kinds of things happen. Too many sections of the country that are considered more desirable weather wise no we are it's not always the worst thing that we face -- we can weather. Definitely I got a candle in Fort Myers. And you know I watched I wouldn't -- -- -- happened them look -- -- articulate -- Al Downing Street. It won't hurt man yah -- I had my sister Elizabeth Florida tonight and I have to hold my breath everytime there's a hurricane and so I understand that I lived and San Francisco we had earthquakes and in the California has mudslides fires I mean there's all kinds of things that we don't usually suffer from -- we younger credit for that. Well you know I'm Natalie it was scary to talk about California LA. And we went around in the morning you know I'd be sitting at a table and that's -- you would take a little bit additionally it would take a little bit -- panel gonna. And making audit normal prep. I they get used to it because there's no big thing the buildings on toppling over. Whilst it's going to talk to you and are called calls back in the in the year 2014. Thank you are -- -- And so is the condolence for Myers Tony winners and high school McConnell as wall -- Look people say hey why do you have a fifty cent piece in there is still there is nowhere and I think it's best if used by date is perhaps gone yeah it's -- that OK guys you -- that the -- other. Or did you hate it because we're asking the audience that we should answer ourselves. I said I loved it. Until I became disoriented yesterday because of the extreme white -- conditions that I -- a bit about you. I hated it knowing I had to get up and drive in but once I'm in and do my job. And we're getting into the excitement of the event in. The three of us circled back. Note that not to -- -- -- cotton up during the breaks down that part I really liked was that again like you said leaving here he can't see. You go back to eighteen. When you're here when you're in the moment yeah that you you'd like him because there's an adrenaline rush. But afterwards when reality sets in. Not so good Chris and Chris is here early what's usually yet here I usually give a year. About 4:55 in the morning all yesterday morning I left extremely early I left before 4 o'clock to get here. And I probably made it maybe ten to fifteen minutes earlier than usual at the rose were so bad. -- I I hate storms heat winner. But I do like being here during the amid there there's a sense of excitement when you work a storm that you can't really recreate -- any other event you got to go a public affairs. Is on the -- -- what's going on a police officials whether people I mean there's a certain amount of this is where the action as -- July put down when you get in the reality and you leave here and go home. And you can't get in your own driveway because the -- blog Julian. And -- and you'd be it would be -- shovel or you're out of gas with your snowblower. Then the reality sets -- that. Maybe I shouldn't like them as much as I did while I was working. So -- That's the general question of 51%. Of the respondents in our survey. On the WB and web polls say that they lobbed at 49% say they hated. Oh I could also asked that about them. No I don't. I was I was gonna I was gonna I was gonna do -- chi -- a cheap joke witches have been a good stock and -- for me but I decided not to hear scratching the joke. As the comedy not -- its role. Out of my mind on the tip my tong I have to make that last minute decision. Do why expose this comedy nugget or don't. And I decided not to. About taking -- yeah I will when I'm really out of commonly in use because they keep my three as the original I did not know that. I'm the drugstore. I'm not making this up. I'm at the drugstore and I see a young couple come in and they go to shopping cart. As I see them check out as they checked out before I left because I was getting a script filled they had. 64. And this -- has nothing to the storm this -- couple weeks ago 64. Rolls. Of a paper tells 64. Rolls now eager. They were preparing for some church dinner assembling and that was their job to get the paper towels or this is a sloppy is couple in the history of man. How long would it take to use 64. Rock and -- of a Jumbo brought payrolls is those little skinny year old -- on talk about. These are masculine manly roles that are Hulk Hogan's I've roles where they are six of them if filled up an entire. In it entire road shopping cart I remember once I was doing an -- a remote broadcasts that tops. And for somebody very similar you remember that remember -- yeah. And somebody had about the same number of rolls of toilet paper. And I got to be really funny to interview them and suggests that change their diet. But as I was approaching them I reportable might as I was approaching and they regulate big kept moving away faster. And I was chasing him out the door and they gave vague they escaped because I'm going to also for the month. But I'm I'm wondering who needs this is obviously not Sheryl Crow. -- who needs 64. Rolls of toilet paper I'm just saying that's them that's a little that's a lot of that's worse in the dumpster chief geez I'm just -- and you know on talk about sixty or her roles is not good. I think maybe a little -- -- moment ago. Odd -- target about it's not over till it's over the big go blizzard reports saying. What is left in your community that has to be done or at your house that has to be done to suffer any damage any any kind of problems do you love or hate it. Regarding these big winners arms. 4049%. Say they -- 51% said they loved it. And your favorite comfort food what would that be I think what most people it's suites. Because comfort food is different than other types of foods comfort food usually don't have to have. I mean when you see the nutritional guidelines it doesn't list pop tarts. You know you have to have so much this so much of that -- cards little Debbie snack cakes zebra cakes not on there usually. I think outside of sweets I think a good BBE term strongly as breakfast food -- -- any idea how some guy in exactly. You know -- brown coal ash problem national air and I would warn about running out of things for storm. Have you ever run out of any thing. What have you run out of I've run out of patience. Many times it -- 9301806. -- -- degrees -- start and thirty. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 938 -- toll free line is 1806169236. Well they say they have blizzard of boards and is over and I say I'm the -- beyond this one is not over till it's over her there's still some things to be done I'd like to know. What left over things have to be dollars storm stories and did you love it or hate it 49% of our respondents them WB and web poll said. That they hit it 51%. Said they -- it. Which is a bit of a surprise to me what is your favorite comfort food. And don't worry about running out of things what have you run out of anything from food to medicine to gasoline to patients that time. What have you run out of was code to a Madonna in Orchard Park I -- Madonna you're an organized person. Pretty much I was they're pretty much organized and I'm planning Alpert storms in the winter. But I still doubt maybe one tiny bit of Orange juice left and I couldn't. That's the one thing now I here's here's what I've learned. I I like to buy it in the bottle but if you buy a couple of cans of frozen but stick him in the back of the freezer. That's your emergency stash just indication it. Good ideas here because. The joint columnist in the morning -- Cheryl and yet it is so. Because it's that it -- I turned -- not Good Morning America. And George Stephanopoulos. I'm not a big fan you know okay. Offload -- I eat it now. Many kicked it that this little partly doubt reporter or Yugoslavia or situation awful -- standing around lake here. She repeated this not. I was I was I was lucky be 8 o'clock that Josh Elliott and whatever option he repeats the same thing. -- c'mon people. Amateur here in the notes that some. The weather channel when they send -- send somebody they'll send them like you if this or having a problem here in Hamburg. They send it right to Hamburg even though that may be so isolated doesn't cover all of Western New York. And people -- assume that anything that happens from all Rochester west is buffalo and so they they're really don't know that adds to the mystique about the most of winners. You know meteorologists are doing great I've been watching her -- I think he'd get up every. -- -- -- the last couple days. And they were pretty accurate as much as is humanly possible to tell what's happening. And today and that much in. There earlier show -- other forward I've pensions and certainly something but George stepped up at some -- While CBS. Now in the -- -- -- and the -- scary how well. CBS. Radio news led would've the buffalo storm today. So I guess -- either as a slow Newsday. Or -- a legitimate national story but. I've certainly seen a lot worse. Because we have no loss of life no big property damage there were aware of it was an inconvenience certainly but I think we're more more prepared ever since the -- of the 77 we may be over prepared but were never under prepared. Straight and I I know I can count on you then if I need aren't just Madonna you never run out thank you are today Obama. Yeah -- he keeps some a couple of cans of frozen. I just keep him in the back of the refrigerator. You guys buy frozen or do you buy you a vitamin bottle. When you think. I like in the bottle no Paul. You don't like pulp now all I do -- Paul you're not really not know Paul for me I like. No Paul Fuller you know drop time. What's the matter -- you move aggressively at the -- things ways yeah about but first Randy bush averages Kolb in now with that when another traffic -- because of the weather of the 19 the northbound ramp to the peace bridge is closed. -- am writing it down now all -- the 190s north of the peace bridge. Yeah and it ramp that aura around ramp is close so I guess a lot of trucks are back -- -- Randy -- to know exactly what the issue was could be about him based weather based and it's still pretty slick out -- -- okay you -- -- north ramp to the peace bridge is closed -- -- in in your -- -- okay -- what do you have for posting please god this is from -- she says -- I was one of those people -- -- of the story on Monday. I had a craving for big salad and I didn't wanna be without a but I also by some brownie cake mixes I got through the day yesterday singing your -- -- around my house my teenage daughters were at a news. -- -- -- I say it -- now sustaining. A craving for salad usually. When you have a craving for something isn't it something that you're not supposed to have. Is now a part of our craving. It was like you know. You don't realize there's a home man I could really crave. Liver and onions. And now they crave things at a sweep or things have been -- was a match I can see mashed potatoes or whatever. But usually craving is something on the do not eat list. Cravings for -- did in times of -- through a banana ultra is good -- like a fruit salad. -- fruit salad and yogurt. That's -- -- with the older when Graeme wood frame note you know as I like just. -- throat naked fruit. Spoke out like maker for true but here's the deal. Get a bowl whipped cream. First of all again it again in the in the -- I get these spray can -- whip cream because. Then you you always have -- sworn in on -- OK so you put it. Like a -- bowl of whipped cream and then you take a toothpick and you'd -- dunk. The fruit pieces into the whip cream are all that's good like that that is really gonna Scott -- -- yogurt too I hate to admit that I like -- slogans like yogurt so that's good those are good things we usually cravings are. You don't have. A craving for things that. That are run usually good for. Now I have not to have an -- for a craving for asparagus -- while I like -- -- Pakistan and now I like that I'm not no no no total -- cravings are locked down non nobody goes so give me some more of that. To me tofu is like well maybe you'd rather hear what they go let's go to Bryant in the southern O'Brien on WB yen. Basic and saved or oh well we got we we didn't get anywhere near national beleaguered. I would no longer you're PP a border. We've got an inch. Seriously. But we got like the -- 22 below zero you know and all that the gold -- So you've got basically the same thing down there that we got up in Niagara county. Where the cold the wind but not a lot of actual snowfall connect. -- and you know I. And become. That theory here today. I wanted to talk about one of my biggest piece during storms like that shark in India is. Other drivers who aren't sure how they army is able control -- Because they are there and so far they're. You know they're looking inch hole your windows. Not they all their tail light out late blocked off with no absolutely. They're back window -- year. How were these people functioning. And they got six inches of snow on Eros and every title -- hits it flies in your windshield. And in no I I might wait -- these people that are coming toward me. And they -- If if I'm able to feed their actual at all that it will go away conflict don't do it. If you don't treat nearly. And therein are desperate need to pass you even if there's not a discernible passing lane they just have to be beyond view and they end up and just in front of you at the next light they don't really gain much but they put a lot of risk. Well what's beautiful is that they decide if they're lane out of them in the middle of actually. Yeah if you if if you if you look at both lanes on a two lane road if you look at the senator markings many times they're not aligned right because people wanna drive in the middle because they don't want a slide off into a bitch. That you. Know you got such and it's here. Source and the. And another thing that the people called about our people don't put lights on. In the storm and I think a lot of that has to do with a lot of the cars have. Automatic headlights and they -- they're designed for light or darkness not designed for snow. And so they don't come on during his notes up to you to put among -- -- -- in you know it's blowing out it's like to these low visibility. Pletcher entered lights aren't you know -- one extra so lights blinking at all with excellent attention. And make you more credible. Best hope pointed in the -- got to be respectful of affected takes longer to stop you -- a little bit more -- you know it's very dangerous to -- on a narrow road and there's one of these big county -- state plows coming -- -- -- -- how often sticks over the on the senate marking -- the -- got to be really careful about that well thank -- I'm glad that I'm glad you guys -- survived and it didn't get buried with snow appreciate it will be back after -- let's go to word John on the cell -- John you're on WBBM. Our John what's gone on would you. The the guy. Yeah. -- go figure. It lets -- let go -- Is that is that it is it's. A lot of -- senate that we've had a lot of complaints about a rose would run. It'll all over the place -- like unbelievable public. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Susan rose mentioned that we've got a couple of vote. A listeners mentioned that that for some reason it's not a smooth ride the eagle and the plows have been there's so it's always it's slippery did you say your John. What are you guys went up this year -- is five chips all go to our governor let me go to mobile aren't there -- I tell you it's like ten miles an hour that doubt that lobbies on the way back gets somewhat. Get them out. French. Demps shortly and that -- interference. Yeah I pureed -- to get some early -- of the best early prize wheel drive drive drive and drive it John thank you very much. Yeah I think that. Of all of the fast food restaurants the Arby's curly Fries are my favorite new guys like those. I long -- -- -- did you ever have a crystal yes I am like him a lot the only problem is. Did -- are resist tougher to find nowadays than it used to be arrested while orbit it was their war yeah the first one I ever saw in western New Yorkers still mayor and that's a main in transit there's an -- there but what I like -- a curly Fries have a little springs of them. So what I do is IE REI wind them around each of my fingers so now I have five fingers of curly Fries and then I just -- Sandy it's like slurping spaghetti it's really good you know supposed to play with whom I know bottom -- not you know I know they really do have. Good good for the only thing I don't like about Arby's is they have liquid cheese and cheese is not meant to be a a rubber -- gave me some geez golly it was don't question yes the thing all that's good stuff that is really I'm going to affect Roby and and haven't thanked the chief. But she's officer next time season oh by the way Brent lacy has chimed -- and comfort foods -- paying cakes pizza in red line. Wallet. Account schedule wrong with pancakes MPs I don't drink red wine but have defied the guys' -- what what kind of wine goes with bankers at the Greta what -- IE I'm not a wine guy like -- -- play her. Yes I'd have to taste that first. The -- guys serving it would have to have that little copper -- his men you know and be wearing a tuxedo. And then I have to set it for my approval let's say don't that was anything else except line. Nobody asks for your approval ahead of time. I do that Labatt blue -- -- -- -- was at a Goodyear for Labatt one I lied or Pepsi. Make sure it's this year and all is this. Is this a vintage thirteen Pepsi on like I want fresh on the fourteenth thank you. About what -- they always I would love to see pay it's somebody try wind because. I think that's a -- prove. Not wind but the way they serve. So they pour a little bit you take a -- the news swirling around first of all my mother Tommy that was bad manners as those that are going your food. This world around you taste the blue okay. A beautiful -- is saying is that -- I would love to have somebody ago. Would like Detroit this. Week and that's fine today and they poured in there and hope is. This is water and say it right in front ground I think that would I would rather see them just grab the bottles that charge -- for yeah. Best cards. Each character and I've ever seen and shows 20 they were called hobos then there'd be call home -- now okay because it's an old card to there on the railroad track. And they've got a bottle and brown bag. OK and one guy is handing the bottle in the -- bag to the other guys and the caption is. It's a good wine but it's not a great line I was up. Mad dog if it is exactly. Let's go to Chris and find out what's going on in Lancaster Chris because they still have a state of emergency there -- pressure on WB channel. I'd say well probably the Internet has blue route we were in that lake effect band that's hip and you know they were saying that's pretty accurate measurement -- what I'm getting out here. OK and you're driving you're driving a plow. Private network prepare for the cemetery yes so -- approximately three times already so it's just it's not. 03 times today on my goodness. So what we have a good. -- if so how would be heard if your driver plowing you're probably doing Watson and driveways and whatever. That's 1 place I am not here pace -- my mom's got some sleep less they came back yourself. We are you know when you guys go to work I mean you have to keep working until it's done and a is this is this a good test of York. Ability to stand should -- be able or those long hours. I guess -- visa for a nap after the first state you're just kind of that's scheduled at the time -- -- -- Especially with -- what's your biggest gripe to have things that are in the ways they camp Bob properly. If they get I mean I don't you have a lot of promise that I UBS's biggest problem is he little clinic has out because I operational history that bring it and they're coming down the road their current completely covered so you can't it's simple it's around. Yeah -- fly and it flies off I understand -- have a have a save -- plowing a thank you -- And if you hear what he wrote you are typically you know it hasn't with a guy named as -- less traffic and being so called. This trouble does -- I'll be treated just doesn't -- yet. The job because it's got to be up close some thirty -- right. That's why they're -- because that ice just isn't going away like it would if it was -- 28 out. I'm that's a good point and thank you for that because we've had a lot of people mention that so -- now we got at that thank you Chris OK Byron. So yeah now we know that salty in order to melt. When -- put salt on an order to melt. Ice it has to be. Close to thirty degrees so that it will melt. If it's zero is not -- melt anything it's gonna phrase and that's what he said as the reason that though like Susan this morning said that. She was on union road and that it was a real bumpy ride. -- that we've had other people say the same thing not just your general but other world. But where it's you know yeah you feel like your head's gonna hit the atop the headliner in your car. And as he just said it's because those those globs of that salt than none of -- -- none of it melted so now we know the answer to that one. Great and we're seeing rate now in Amherst most kinda picked up a little bit. -- Can you see the threw away from here I can't see. The offer this building on the complex fire seems like it's been you know why cancer through whatever right because it's not fair while they -- as a young man of the young -- -- You're new in town and I can't call everything if you look at singles order from here. Man you've got fabulous vision Augusta I want to call -- that's our right we wanna hear from you we got a couple of things it's not over till it's over what you're getting you heard the plow driver just from Lancaster say that. He's been plowing the same thing all day three or four times already because there were not heavy snow ma'am do you love it or do you hated 49% of our people in the WB and web polls say that they hate when of this storm. 51% that he loved it what your favorite comfort food. And if you are run out of anything and what is your favorite gripe about not favorable what's your biggest gripe. On drivers in this kind of weather on -- right there and I'm thirty will be back after this.

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