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1-8 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How are now. -- -- -- -- -- -- They -- partners said. That and Cuomo had a masterful polls there -- something we all want to be all of us guys wanna be a masterful polls -- but this master from pollster told him. This exciting breaking news. The people think the taxes are too high. While that's pretty cutting edge advice don't you think about a role in the big bucks that one. Couldn't get a guided drop out of the sky from martyrs. And say what do you know about New York. And you would say the taxes in July so it took a masterful Paul's third and tell Andrew Cuomo. That the people feel the taxes are too high every once in awhile it just amazes me it really does a welcome back to beach and company. You know the expression you gotta know when to hold him and you got to know wonderful -- he also got -- -- -- to get out of dodge. And if you wanted to miss the last couple of days because of our horrendous weather the big the big blizzard place ago of the Las Vegas. And guess who went to Las Vegas and is still -- Lauren fix hello Lauren. Hello candy you're out who literally locked out. -- kid and I got a plane at 7 AM object within two JFK we got here. They were announcing that. Any flights after that were going to be careful while in if you wanted to go to war available seats -- read what you -- rebate. By the golf app you're at the so they'll work it -- Just made it and you're at odd to me if I had my choice of going to any of the shows -- around -- country I would pick the one you're end of the CES the consumer electronic show 'cause it's got all the gadgets in the gizmos on the cool stuff. What are -- so far. My app well first up -- -- you know get a moment like two million square feet he can walk and it basically daughter to keep helping people. You know it's like Beijing. And telling you people are it is something people here yeah actually clear path to get what you want -- But is cool one -- we got was an ultra high definition television and by LG. -- 100 by the engine and this is cool I love coal technology to new garlic one right and that's really haven't I why. It's really cool they had sent out so that you looking into its current Brett -- an aggressive current it is when actress certainly appreciate that your pie. Start -- you know really cool technology -- -- great chat up and has of course he had had. Power that it -- Ortiz then and so -- Today the a lot of Smartphones are being the curb in the -- your -- currency male cabinet. Ergonomics which -- cool. We'll order in front and it continued tablet and -- or. Much -- right motives so we were here looking for cart up and they're nine out of ten automotive manufacturers should items that are majors. They also injured driver of -- car. Wi-Fi hot -- Or Smartphone to cart technology that is really like the thing. You know I -- -- exit the impact our property I think I got at least for that stop but first -- he brought out the watcher laser light concept. That looks like it's really cool car it's well lacklustre production peace. But it not only. The future of what these Carter look like but there was no we're gonna try -- and the -- out -- that was kind of like why are we seem apparent as he now Everett in the technology. Of course relevant drive that just yet by -- a few hurdles -- clear for years he'd get in. Outlook people maybe not point 18 but being at least are light and LED like -- -- -- yeah. -- air -- -- by football fields of white light. So that in better than what we have now. I mean look like an ultra light light what's -- about this front coming drivers because the computer behind it. -- sense oncoming traffic and in the light down so it's not blinding oncoming traffic. You know it's a basic what what's amazing is how they've improved that you know automatic dimming -- have been out for a long time but now like I have a car now that -- it is so precise that they're never in the high beams -- somebody else's comic the technologists bad bad it was and you mentioned the Wi-Fi hotspots. Mercedes as an option now you can have put in the trunk your own Wi-Fi I mean so that whoever you go to that your traveling life. Right and how he had been with them as well or badly forgy LTE eight and that he and AT&T park and -- in fourteen -- So it's interesting and a partnership treat certain he'll let you know phone companies mixing with consumer electronic. And yet all of. Like that GPS and multimedia interfaces using that extra car industry so it's. Search sort and gardening needs our industry in the early profits or other and try and. Recoup some of the cost they've conducted back. I do something for you don't -- shot record that was well -- industry's first job performance. -- at a record if you really love your car I have to tell my friend. It's -- fully integrated systems enable users to record. And share their deposition video so that telemetry overlaid. You're driving experience you Gartman wrote -- -- -- -- -- And then you can sure of course -- -- The solar powered Ford C Max is here but at the concept. And the -- probably the possibility. BMW agility I three which I -- -- war. And the electrification carts -- basically they're all elect powered cars. Not like -- task while they have I -- here it's retarded it's sorted it back to bite BMW technology and the Germans like to do right. -- actually it's my kids up on the drive and a lot to it because I had Jerry Kelly out of Russia. I mean some of the technology is really cool treaty partners while very solitary person is so quiet but what I do it and I don't want to cut but. You noted that technology you know quite well in the chest piece of work the end you know the end example he'll make a hole inside -- -- Out of that and its -- war. It's the coolest thing -- it gets electric car part of your missing that are a -- talking about check out to be able to make. Pieces of like -- and if you read it and accumulated making out -- more perspective to your body. And -- you are brought up the point of new partnerships I mean it's a couple of years old now but I mean for -- reached out to Microsoft. And said here's what we have built build things that will fit to our car and and he admitted drug they've been using that very successful and so -- the automobile manufacturers are reaching out of the technology people and saying let's let's work together on this that benefits everybody. Absolutely I mean Q has been using after Microsoft gives you vote. Are -- the nutter are completely ran into called. Undercard you're like open book debate that you could create your own app. And then there can be downloaded from your computer right Q are well you know I really don't like that. He civic yep I wish it had all the buffalo restaurant specifically. And I could rate -- which I -- was great restaurants in town. And it will move it up in your car and beat. Amazing that's amazing now when you go to -- all of this big. How is it possible even if you're there more than one day to a absorbent albeit I use that as as we don't -- you've feature cars so that's going to be your focus but how do you possibly digest all that stuff. Well I I do how we're not gonna shop around for the whole show I'm. He try to -- have a plan of attack was certain obvious there's certain areas of the Tutsi national fire that that will bite -- apple will -- -- -- the food and the event and I love to work out ala cart subscribe got you mobile technology. We'll -- the robotics area might Sunday huge game arsenal goal portable wearable clothes that would Google well Google App -- here of course. Marketplace. And how -- to look at Pete will be glad to be where they're being that I have not -- -- by an act. That is social Seubert and you mentioned the Corvette I should've Ecevit's last time I saw you. I was knocked out by the Corvette a little -- for me -- tried to fit on one I could do it but it would be released -- I give me your overall thought of the new -- I think it's a fabulous piece of machinery. I agree I think they're really had to make a step above where they weren't there are sort of getting complacent and a cool design and they've done every possible. Adaptation -- and I think now work. Getting intertechnology. That they can really step of the game at a price went up -- it. I think it's become a real -- super currently a mutual friend. Who has this vehicle -- it's like fifteen Corretja had to have a first look at a you love that and -- I'd driven it we'll work it out to the oppressed and not say -- -- -- and -- -- I was really impressed with everything about it -- I can't give him apparently I there's nothing I didn't like about it I think it did not really phenomenal job and and when Mary Berry start writing -- I think your could be a lot of positive change a lot actually about to die and that we're gonna build cars at least you were building a really cool. And it's exciting a competition makes everything better well enjoy the rest of the show my best to your family and by the time yet here supposedly fifty by Saturday I don't know abandoned by the time you're back you're. Maybe the snow melted out of your grunt and there. Are. That way. Go to Vegas to the hottest show on the planet your husband's home shoveling snow what's wrong -- this picture. While. All of us through it. And have a good time -- double checking with you next week because there's another big show coming up -- going to be there. Yet but it's her daughter's upcoming -- were posting pictures has put this weekend. I'm learning to love social media like I do is at -- -- all -- my FaceBook page and Shelby the car coach 2.0. Well to be coaching stop at Shelby textile. We each have a different perspective on things I like that here in Austin but don't know look at the genie cap public and whatever. You gotta you gotta covered Uga -- you got a monopoly on -- always -- doctor Loren thank you. I'm alive yeah warrant X from a CES consumer X electronic show in Las Vegas. By the way a big announcement today a Johns back end. Tuesday and a citizen announced the lady god guys come in the town on July 7. July 7 at the first Niagara center tickets are 202 dollars and fifty cents. 8750. 52 dollars and 3750. -- just say well. As a bigger debate thanking the ideal tour. Would be the -- Can you imagine a -- guy got to work. I mean now your talk and not you are what would it be a guy -- couture I don't know but either way it's got a lot of marketing potential but it does so that's that. Personally. Perhaps I won't be forking out 202 dollars and fifty cents you have to pay a hundred dollars. And she gave me the meat -- to eat. I bet I might go but beyond that you can forget it now what other things is. When -- radio and we are. When emergencies happen. You know we have to focus our attention sometimes we have to leave our family -- hotel. The up the hours are are ridiculous you know a lot of things happened. But the one thing we never give up under any circumstances. Is our fine habits of good nutrition in on on talking about we we eat only help the stuff we they Robbie -- Of of radio broadcasters so and I want first of all I want -- To tell me specifically. What he is eaten since yesterday okay -- away. Well I'll I'll lay out since the time I entered this -- -- -- normally. It's why I had to leave really early in here yesterday I got here. And I had a bag with some peanut butter bit -- butter and that's okay that's why that I had a doughnuts that's OK and then. And around two in the afternoon and it pizza and wings pizza and wings -- so finally got a doughnut and pizza and wings and and I slipped through the -- and -- I couldn't get home you know stay in the -- around the -- not -- -- pop -- And water as well circuit and I had to change it up I went to -- I went to the corner and got -- -- deuce and some milk all that's more like oh thank you then I just a bit and that's oral -- you're doing very well not. To audio. The stuff they brought in here are. Beasley you're not only eat what he -- but you're willing to eat at the next day idea yesterday you had did the day before his pizza. And today you had yesterday's -- Yeah and yesterday saying yesterday's pizza do you ever. Actually eat pizza in the same day there was actually made in bait. And -- that this. Now I last year yesterday. Okay every show is not a I was on so -- 12 o'clock I think we get a good job the team and myself and I get in my truck and now keep in mind I'm prepared for anything in the winter I have an emergency bag or I could stay on the moon for a month of I had to. And so my emergency bags and my truck. And I go out into the parking lot and I get all may be fifteen seconds into the drive home. And it is totally. Totally disorienting. There is so much wide and you that you can't see anything else. Can't see other vehicles can't see the light post which by the way here are very. Nice but they have cement -- to them okay can't see the buildings don't know which direction I'm facing I don't know if I'm facing maple road saint Leo's. Are complex don't know. I am all right I wanted to do -- stop which I did put the flasher is on hoping that no one would hit me. I knew if I stop I wouldn't hit anybody else or anything else. Finally get turned around came back and came back again and about an hour and a half later or an hour later. A Saudi Arabia an opportunity. And got out of dodge and got home but while you guys -- just around the same time what kind of vote but driving did you do. Yeah I went and soon as we got a break -- around three inch. And a -- I go for it in her third shot went out there and so I got in my vehicle just artful way. The winds really picked up and I couldn't just like you. I could sense candidate not I stopped in little beta died down I'd move a little bit and then when we kick up finally. I did get to the RBS curves are neck and follow the plural markers. That are set -- causing -- pain in Orange at the top. And -- able to get myself to maple once I got to maple. And then sweet home that we had some you know blowing but people were Smart enough to him before always going and I had no problem. They were there room for ways and and in that kind of weather. I mean really -- -- boys are fabulous. My understanding is they're fabulous but. In this kind of brutal weather we're kind of guys are worried about you when you it took off Chris. -- the wind girl was just enough to kinda get out get out there although. Get a -- was an adventure I mean you'd. You drive you know 23 to be pervert and a gust of wind would would kick up and you literally couldn't see any thing and it would it was instantaneous that the wind would pick -- begin hearing howling around and you couldn't see anything. He'd almost come to complete stop for a few seconds before he could order it was a bizarre never really experienced and. Reminded me of years ago a couple of years ago actually enterprise rental cars used to to a commercial where all of the windows were wrapped in brown paper and the car was just going -- on a highway that's what it felt like except it was wiped. Are you couldn't see anything. I don't care how good your car is how good you are as a driver what kind of preparation to make when you take away the visual you can drag at -- -- it's like Ray Charles trying to drive -- Grand -- -- it doesn't work -- folks if you make it does but it don't. We come back we'll talk about today on the radio 930 away our. WB yet. Think WBA and wherever you go with a WBM iPhone app powered by Roswell park we can't let cancer win and that's why Roswell park will never stop fighting. And put Beijing governor -- and image. This right I mean I I yeah I don't know is -- the -- the latest that a person to claim a Dennis guy covers America. Arrest there and so I'm really upset about it. Because I'm thinking that guy ever -- if you really did if he really did -- Christie resort should be charged not only with harassment. But extreme bad taste I think there are they have some standards I mean nearly ago. I mean I assure and assure a message in your head that says wait a minute. I'm harassing -- the Zurich. Please check me in no -- I help senator I need help right now a real ago. At it and yeah X. Okay well I don't know I guess Rollins until proven guilty we'll find out. Where that goes now I -- have bought some tickets to giveaway for a kind of a cool show like that you might like this. A pair of tickets to burlesque to Broadway live. And it's going to be January 23 would be 25 that the senator casino and hotel. Tickets will be valid for one of the three performances value is fifty dollars general contest rules applies the call 6449875. Now and the ninth collar. A will blow within the of the tickets and -- you can pick them up Monday through Friday from 9 AM 2:5. PM. Yeah yesterday while words on this end of the building our -- is divided into three sections we have this and which are all the radio stations and production studios. The middle where it's the business side. And they handle all the books and blogs and all that stuff and we got the other the other dog like is for the sales department so that's how it's divided up. And -- yesterday it was common I'm in -- are right there that's that has got the latest Iraq. The rest there wasn't a person here 'cause when I got off the air and had to come back I thought well somebody working late. Probably out of you know because they did they they really need to do it because of obligation to the company of caring. Have shot the knee Ebola Virus can and off and nobody would have gotten sick I'm just telling you so that was that. And a couple of a couple people couldn't get in on on the air ships and some of our other stations it was that it was meant. And keep in mind the travel ban on the state of emergency is still intact for a Lancaster. I now -- running out of time on this I've been -- reminding you about it for sometime now. But there were a red marks. A former news director of WGR which -- -- I first met him when I worked at WGR and former news director here. Has been diagnosed with -- MVS the it is disease caused by progressive bone marrow failure. He is receiving their chemo treatments and a bone marrow transplant. Expensive a lot of money involved that sort of thing. He is a lifelong resident of Angola. And during his career he was here. He was a WGR is a channel four along with stations in Jamestown -- border wells bill. And he's the founder and current vice president of Lake -- chapter of the federation of fly fishers I didn't not know he was an avid fisherman. But he's going to a need an assist and I think we're should be there for him. The benefit is going to be this Saturday this Saturday. -- till 1 o'clock to 6 o'clock in The American Legion post 880. That's 2912 legion drive in Eden. And if you like to purchase a ticket you can call Joan at 6754766. That's 6754766. Or you can go to JB. ROS. And ER nine -- At AOL dot com what's going to be there when -- dollar ticket for adult children ten and under ten bucks. Beer now for the kids but. Pop float music special raffle 5050 Chinese auction door prize and you probably sees some of your favorite broadcasters there. Solo hopefully. Will be a nice big turnout this Saturday one to six American legion post 880. OK couple things. First of all it is definitely definitively better today than it was yesterday. And I heard. Mark polling Karzai heard a lot of a highway superintendent. Her dead -- never Joseph near. Of people in the know what was going on out there. And by and large they're saying that that it's over the the blizzard is over. But I take the Yogi Berra approach. It's not over. Till it's over. And I'm looking out the window I'm seeing some snow here I'm thinking there's some snow also in other places because we have a lake effect snow advisory in effect till seven tonight. Fort Erie county Genesee county and Wyoming county so he got three -- three counties or is still happening so I wanna know from you. When I ask it's not over till it's over is anything still happening where you are and kind of give me your your storm stories. Of things that got done things that didn't get done whatever. We'd like to hear that that's the first question the other is a -- Webb -- today at digital fresh in the web poll. Good the web poll says did you love it or did you hate it. Now as a broadcaster you know it's funny I've talked about this before. As a broadcaster. There's a certain excitement when you know of an impending snowstorm. Because of the preparations needed at the radio or TV station. A make sure people -- a programmer longtime side to make sure the right people or at the right places at the right time arrangements were made for them to stay there really go bad. And so there's a certain level of excitement and your kind of watching in your waiting. And there is suddenly there it is in our Hoosier chance to shine you get that information out there. That's exciting or even if you're not a broadcaster. I'm getting the groceries you saw pictures of wegmans -- -- I'm disappointed in both Paul. I'll tell -- A tight lie and I've been there on time I've never met and I was disappointed but there's a picture in the buffalo knows. Of a of a big long series of shelves. At wegmans. And they were totally sold out there was not a thing on the shelves you know what's supposed to be on the shelves. -- -- Let Mac Powell says honey. There's a big storm coming we've got hunkered down let's go get a salad. I mean have we gotten to of that that's like arresting -- in his art -- -- -- on the same level as -- Actually -- -- is Alan I would terrorist prisoners. As our eight. Right salads. What happened to the pastry child cookie the scream. Today that's what does that make good subs they make a good a good prepared meals. Instead they show us an empty. A lot of empty aisles were salads were just days before and so I'm disappointed -- that. But what I'm saying is if you're an individual and you got a family you prepare OK let's get this into we have this we have that whatever. The snowblower -- gas and at that these kinds of things. And so you hear you -- -- the preparation but then. The moment I decided I hated yesterday when I was in my car and couldn't drive. I could not because I didn't know where I was totally disoriented. Much earlier on a daily basis it was really it was. A I. It was like -- really freaky not being able to see anything so at that point I hated it but not that I like to. And like it for any inconvenience or danger but I like the excitement of and and I hated it so. Of the poll which we've been running all day strangely enough at least early in the day. Was -- us and I thought -- -- would just say they hated it though what are Ludacris on the pole right now 51%. Say they lobbed at. -- I'm 49% said that so more people loved than hated it. Why would you love it well maybe you got a day off from school in Europe a lot of them. Maybe got a day off from work you probably lava then maybe you didn't have anybody nag you because you're on the on the Chris Johnson diet. Of low seed bagels with peanut butter. Don't it's. It's -- and wings and popped are. All back that's a dream it sounds good to me. Just this storm that's happened. You know and have a and because to me when you -- We haven't yet. Menu and how do you get the 20 in him that precede the stuff that nobody wants unless you have to have an assembly and Agile and it. So I want and governor hated more people of that man hated and our poll earlier so far and what is your favorite comfort food. If if you knew that the storm was coming where you want those bombs that went to wegmans and grabbed a salad. Audio will be back with more we want your opinion in -- on 9301806692. Music star -- -- so it's. Saying now when I found out that we're gonna have a big storm I ran over to wegmans and I got the last bag of salad luckily for me I had to fight this other woman who had amazing abs. And not kick boxing and her name was Robbie -- hello Robbie. And people who book I've now I -- I bet you are about one of those bags of salad to get through this -- -- I -- I got it generators. At most. -- -- -- I don't it only talk the -- do you walk the walk on Monday night I was on those social media. And Monday night everything was hitting the fan and you know who we're teaching your kick boxing class so well a little weather doesn't bother you. Now you know what outside yeah I agree I know -- the little kid in me. Like hunkered down in baseball in -- cookie or not it's not that I it would a little bit. And I actually -- I I not only that he spike after the week but I also posted healthy -- -- those media are so bad. You know those people that buy and -- ailment they got it in but I didn't go in there. Anyway an end. -- -- Are your very well known everybody knows how dedicated you -- fitness and and the results show on you and you teach these various classes -- let me ask you a serious question. Google holidays you have to get them back into shape for the next few weeks because they may have but splurge a little or are your students of people take classes from you. The dedicated -- that don't go overboard at the holidays. -- -- I know every line is in it gym because they didn't splurge but. You know. The exhibit better that we don't want -- I -- why we work out. Let's try and and it kind of gives you and not set well I've seen -- teach classes you are a phenomenon. And anybody who has ever Rowe worked with -- fuel or I've seen you. On television or or in in person. Knows that it pays off but you are your daddy you're dedicated focused person unfortunately I'm not a I'm too -- I have to admit. Well you know what they opponents GDP you know I -- and I'll give everybody glad now I teach this morning that terror and an outside yet. -- motivation -- prevent any disease I felt like elegant well known globally a couple of days that I I. I want to get out of this noble and just improve my health -- there's only so much in your outfit a. There's it would new afterward a vigorous work out a do you feel a sense of accomplishment. Under the words you feel you -- I did and I did it right now I'm feeling good and ready to take on the world or are you feel fatigue like the rest of. Well you know what I if you are hire about -- people when they teach more classes but. A -- it's it's the trying to -- you know probable working out from being active from being an active. -- -- will it prevent cities that help you be healthy it. And it's -- married I think you know because you're -- better -- out of the when you're not that. That's true -- except for the background about buying records your husband looks like he's in fabulous shape until I don't think you'd be married as a guy who is eighty pounds overweight I mean he looks fabulous and -- look great too so it's nice if you share a common goal like that. You know and I can't honestly you know outside got a port number one. Other thing. I get in trouble is that we all. Believe it will need to make -- -- I -- And really you know rest in in real life I mean everyone habits -- You know what did you work out and -- helps you -- Brewster new low in. Kind of thing or is that relationship. Now how -- -- make that transition. This is right the first of the year where a lot of people sign up with good intentions and they -- work and and -- they kind of slide a little bit. How do you keep them focused our senior teach. And I've never seen anybody teach like you teach. How do you keep. But of the people who were marginal students -- keep them in the folder trying to reach their goals. Well you know -- just. It interface. Social media. You you know each. Operate -- It this morning. And athletic. It is. Now. -- is eager and you know people -- realize they really need you don't like. Working out you ethnic racial or -- here is what you get here because I've heard from anarchy. I except for. I don't know if you got a good handle on this do you think you don't think it's because of your great teaching I think it's because. You teach kick boxing. Ed you know people are afraid when they see somebody that looks as fit as you do that ought to be kicked. As opposed to nobody's afraid of downward dog you know I'm talking about. -- And that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know get entry acting diets are likely to -- -- eating right. Actually happened. And where are you going to the -- In discipline and -- when you come. -- -- -- A lot because you know it's. A great. Grant a couple of -- And I saw you want to make the videos of the it's out of videos that you have out on the various disciplines -- Rob you're you really know what you're doing your living the life and you're showing great results so thanks for calling we appreciate it next time policy at the salad bar. -- -- She's a doll -- Russia really as she is a phenomenal. You are seeing Arabs I had noticed off. It's like somebody painted them on I'm meanwhile. Phenomenal again she's the shape and -- way when she teaches a class. The first class that I ever saw -- teach I was exhausted and I was sitting on the chair watching. I can imagine the disability but the she's a great teacher to -- BAC I'll grab Rangel and -- Golan and I'll sit by a lot -- thank you that's have you heard birdies and so -- asking it's not over till it's over the basically people field of the of the blizzard of fourteen is over but. -- there must be some areas that there's still have some problems for instance. Lancaster still has a travel bans state of emergency so we'd like to hear I cleanup. -- what your street -- did you get to where you had to go did you have to sleep overnight somewhere. Because you couldn't get to where you had ago. So we wanna know that love or hate it an event like this you probably fall on one side or the other. And right now it's a W via web poll question and the majority of our listeners strangely enough. -- And so there was a lot of inconvenience no one no it was. God which is phenomenal -- weather event like this that's great. And courses is one of those things where. It wasn't just the storm where we're going to get seventeen feet of snow wasn't one vote it was because of the wind and the cold. Even though the snow totals were were not outrageous. It was a kind of thing were you born attempted to go -- and over shovel because if you schaeuble. Four minutes later it would look argued that shuttle strangely enough in my house right now. I have no more snow than I had last Saturday when I use the snowblower. Because Niagara county and get that much anyway most places. And what did. Come down blow away your favorite comfort food though today if you know anything about me. Anything pastry. I would give up everything for pastry. I love -- -- -- a meal without dessert is like a day without sunshine. What's your favorite comfort food I'm definitely with you like desserts I have to have something sweet -- nobody by eucharist desserts are probably like -- piling in and I. Why is the best that is the best apple pie I don't know I can go for chocolate Rangel. Chaka -- I sound like -- the chief -- officer he. -- the attack. -- agree it feels good but I like that. Like the Africa Cramer is going to be a matter -- -- had a battery several. 930106. And 696. 930 it's not over till it's over. Tell me your storm story is that if there's things left to be done whether -- -- needs to be plowed things have to be has set no way they were before the storm. Did you love it or did you hated and your favorite comfort food will be back with -- -- and company I'm going to be munching on a nice green salad during the break and it.

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