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Hockey Weather Not the Same As "Hockey" &"Weather"

Jan 8, 2014|

Mike Robitaille

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- lingers just remind me he's coming in union wrote this morning like I did earlier and I mentioned this with Hank Evans is like. A war zone it's like Beirut it's so -- this morning so if you're coming on union road just keep that in mind very ready installing hard to. My time is here sabres analyst for MSG -- -- by Nancy's fancy New York's artisan cheese might -- aria. I'm very well you don't need to help us our web poll is at 5050 split right down the middle this morning to -- of the blizzard or -- -- I'm harbor dating anyways for the winners so I like to this. They opposed the this actually got a lot of things done yesterday at the -- love it on I use that to you know picked up and all the things that should have picked up. Harry doesn't happen often that the sabres postponed last night's game. He knows the correct thing to do and you know don't get that game. Set up someplace to go on the road put I think it was pretty pretty obvious that needed to be done in the divot was right. -- it doesn't happen very often and you know your playing days Jerry get to a city and something like this happening in the game was postponed. Not not watts. Right although our ethnic. I remember our last traded at Vancouver away from there is sitting there watching this though in Ventura of course on the national news. Watching is big blizzard there was going on back to buffalo and coincidentally got a truck in the meantime right there -- beautiful the -- was bemoans her. -- -- -- facilities yeah dollars and so you weren't you left out in time a comic actually so that's about to get traded. In some cases. He Tim Marie if there's a lot of -- he's going to be the next sabres GM when you think. Well I. You know he's waited a long time and he's paid his dues and he has really I think -- mice Barco book contacts throughout the National Hockey League. Refreshing type -- book that I think he can call upon so professor wrote they're going to ago. I think there will be just fine with him I mean it's so like this guys has been around three or four years the latest -- shot. That's popped up immunities. There's there there's a lot to learn about being a general manager and they users shall fall off a log learning centers you'd you'd go to great. In a lot of years of hard work to put him before you get there. Mike Tyler Myers has been suspended three game answering Hilton head the other night the team wants him to be more aggressive how do you balance. Being aggressive and not taking you know big penalties like you did that it cost the team a couple of. While it's real simple you. You try to be aggressive but you don't have people had. You know that's about as plain as you can possibly get so. Not allowed to -- people -- the head anymore and you're in that situation with the situation he was and you pull up. You don't complete use your check you simply pull up for you drop no lower or you hold your arms up just Graham and bring him into the boards but. I'll tell you that's these blatant hits the hitters say -- and become very very alarming at this point you know what's alarming is that you know you lose. Sometimes or under its archive thousands of dollars and is still -- so. -- -- -- And he yeah -- just fine and generous you throw them literally. -- one more question here two to -- -- a picture of this guy who looks like it really tough -- Besides all of his experience in the from a mile -- John I see your picture you know Mark O'Meara Ferguson there. I cannot. I can have a condition out to -- -- ROB can dig it also. This is is his uniform player. No I'm not that I know of but argument of course the growing up in the query -- memory family is -- so entrance and argue it's you know it is just. They're all over the place in the national argument you know in the minors and from coaching to assistant general managers his uncle -- -- general manager of the Ottawa Senators. So he's well honed its use the UNAIDS. New CES. Chains GM's jobs you know a real player to be a GM anymore you know you have to be able to count while ball. Yeah like that it's in his DNA they like okay we'll talk to the next week so they weren't married YouTube. And that's micro but I sabres analyst for and that's --