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West Seneca "Bore the Brunt"

Jan 8, 2014|

Hwy Super Matt English

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Met English is with us now on the WB in line and he's the town of west Seneca highway superintendent -- good morning. Is the travelled and -- in your town. Yes we -- that are traveled -- and it's -- And I give back to normal which is saying. Yeah we're back to normal in that this figured it out you don't -- union road but the so I wrote to what senator. You know back to normality and we're getting there actually were 9% there. As you said the state -- the main -- -- what's gonna do. While they aren't you wrote and orchards are hollow on the average isn't that you recruit to make -- -- one time. -- back here probably about four and a half hours I'm during the blizzard of course you're restricting in Essex and the visibility. How much time have you put in the last few days. I've been here since required running -- You haven't gone home. For about three hours -- something to eat Utley and have dinner with my life. Have most of the folks in west Seneca and understanding you know the blizzard all the snow was drifting. They've been patient you know abiding by the travel ban on that. No complaints and have been our resident of -- You know that this big guys ended in having cars parked on site streets. I'll talk with cheese stands. The residential really adhere. Travel ban everything in what's going pretty good. How much -- west Seneca again. Are -- word about it and sixteen enters. You're you're up theory are one of the the top ones here I think Orchard Park out probably the most he met face for the time this morning. And all the extra work and it's -- English town of west Seneca highway superintendent.