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Erie County Conditions

Jan 8, 2014|

Dan Nevearth, Jr

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB -- live line our next guest is Dan never -- junior Erie county's emergency services coordinator -- -- good morning thank you being with us. Before we before we talk about all the problems you face with this blizzard. Let's talk a bit about that huge fire that broke out yesterday afternoon of the very height. Of the -- torture part of hunters ridge won a day or something like that to happen. Yet it definitely -- is it is a fire chief and are part of the worst nightmare to -- at the height of the storm. We're visibility extremely. Cold temperatures. Water issues are most likely as a result. If it makes for very very challenging. -- -- situations or out of our department or the police and the amount. The Dan. How would you rate the storm now that we're kind of nearing the end of this year. Why did you like it -- I -- think about that last night because I went out and -- around the Earth Day and I analysts. The road that I would union wrote that recently and and in and around the key to walk. What product I ever area. And in it's amazing because it is all of the highway department the state totality. The local towns and villages. It's such a tremendous job of keeping up. The roads were shut down but they were doing a great job to turn it up -- I'll. It was really hard did you aren't likely to end of that that issue. So I would rated. As as. Probably on the wall and out of the scale simply because of the fact that. They're really there really wasn't as we did happen vehicles that were there were plowed in and that the operators had to go around we didn't have a lot of those issues. So it's really harder to read it -- mean it was it was substantially that there are a win they were their real life threatening conditions are is that the wind -- But it's R&B residual impact damage. People being injured or whatnot it was really -- -- a moderate side. You know it doesn't does sound like you and everyone around you we're prepared for this and really. There wasn't anything you weren't prepared to handle. And and I nobody did it might sound a little bit. They're ridiculous that some people -- when we say that aren't paying attention to the advisory by staying out of the road by dismissing your employees early. That made all the difference in the world class. The timing of mother nature may a huge impact here in the -- On Monday people and headed home for the major snow has actually started the took all in or around. So we have people off the roads you had to a clear -- for the plow crews -- for emergency year responders be able to get to where they needed to. And -- for the most part. That that the people abided by that the the travel advisory body in the years that travel bans. And it -- -- -- might be able to do a clean sweep. And -- you you have an example your drive at three cars that get the smoke or out but there's no cars there it makes it's much more efficient. And no tragedies. To -- we know of so far which which is huge and I think a lot of it has to do with communication and getting word out. Right. Absolutely it in and I think it we we were fortunate that the temperatures were in the extreme and they were. I really believe that the temperatures were a little bit warmer. -- they would have been still life threatening the people that maybe that a little bit more cap that the say yeah I'm gonna go out. If you went out and that's the last couple of days it didn't take any longer than thirty seconds per -- realize that it's not a good idea that you -- and outside. And I think people heeded that they stayed in we didn't have as many -- incidents with regards to hypothermia. Frost bite. That power companies did a great job of restoring the -- the few areas where power was out. That that I think helped us with the carbon monoxide. Issues. What the educational component of that what do we what you don't do it you're generators and what you should never do that any any typos are. Fueled fuel equipment. Then thanks for being with us this morning good job thanks for your time this morning. -- never junior Erie county's emergency services coordinator.

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