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Assessing Latest Conditions

Jan 8, 2014|

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Erie county executive mark -- carries is with us now on the WB and -- -- morning. More chances that were getting back to normal currently around here. Yes -- system are little more holes snowstorm out there which we generally don't know how to handle but yeah -- with a driving and having been lifted its. The only issue being ethnic groups but I -- like auto and wanting. I think we are out of the storm and well according every bit busted it -- -- You know anymore about that -- stretch of route five between the ridge and -- mark who -- it a wise close -- water so high they're as the sole. It seems so far from the lake itself. -- what I heard tonight Jim. And spoke Greek nearly the lake has backed up smokes creek in smoke Greek it. Now flowing into the normal storm sewer system. Which is backing up onto -- five. So it's not an actual blood from -- theory there's no question haven't spoke Greek which than the rest the creek is not falling down towards. The outlet in which is just Politico. So expecting into these these storms century center of the storm sewers. In Michael on which than flooding number five it's not getting into people's homes that is not an issue at this point but. That the level is such that cart traffic cannot traverse that truck traffic and the word number of trucks and relied upon replied over the last 36 hours. Trying to get back and the through it. So those -- -- being moved through the of the flooded area with our traffic and that until it goes that -- part of our route five shut down to normal vehicular traffic. People are to excel are to have you -- road or interstate ninety. Into. To buffalo from solve problems -- excited to have pocketed great drive. Covering it from so now this morning is telling people to take a little slow worker recovery work today. -- any other issues. That you are kind of foresee today is there -- coming tries to get back to their routines. What are you up a conference call with our emergency operations center. We will be probably shutting it down eleven due to most of these issues appearing to have been resolved with a driving -- having been -- There's also advisories in the county we technically are still listed armored C in the county. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because technically it is still snowing from a sandstorm it's just not as strong. As well as the winds subsided so we're not what conditions but we're having to traditional -- -- extort a one good thing that happened in the last. Twelve hours Lake Erie is really frozen. So -- throws very quickly and literally -- hour period because it was so bitter cold so voters should Arab. The lake effect storms for the near future you know I don't supposed to warm up a little consulate trees -- quickly trying reports about the good so. Think we may have gotten through lake effect storm snow machines or this he's in the securities and county office buildings are opens. County office buildings are open as of Ternium. We normally would be opening starting roles on the clock for some services. What we're delaying that everything talks and I am because we do need to get in there. And in restarts and systems that could shut down in the last. 36 hours so essential personnel those that are related to operation of building jails. Of course no -- drivers -- to report their normal hours everyone else which troop leaders most of the -- county government should not report. And until 10 o'clock have been the buildings will be open public starting time. Mark thanks for the update this when we appreciate all the help. You welcome that I want to make that you had to WBA and and the rest of the media for helping get the messages out during the the past it's 36 hours as well the public for heeding the message of course to work through people who didn't question. Wanted to get out the roads in the course conditions booked up most people didn't as a result -- all the right out destroy our. Without any major issues other than just -- can be. That's great news. That's Erie county executive mark Colin --