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Thruway; Other Routes Re-Opening

Jan 8, 2014|

Tom Pericak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB analog line Tom -- -- with a New York State thruway. Tom calling with good news. Yet good morning John Susan. And -- say that we're heavily at the Detroit reopen this this morning. Practically half hour 45 minutes ago we can restart the process. After. You know a lot of work throughout the night and throughout the last few days by air forces as well as. Our coordination with the state county forces. And we've been Courtney what is the state DOT. You're counting chocolate county O'Keefe. And to -- that decision a couple hours ago that we get a little. Open a little bit earlier than at 6 AM call we -- we're we're going to make. What does it take to reopen that stretch of a -- -- Well it's it's it's a lot of reason we have a lot of resources out there on. And -- -- you know any time you have that -- -- but entrance ramp that are blocked off. You know we got to be able to make sure that we get in there and while those in it so it's clear. To traffic because as a black throughout the night -- a lot of those so we're not following up on a regular basis. A lot of ramps were closed through used to traffic cones -- traffic barrels so getting forces out there to remove those. I'm so it's a large effort between you know -- -- the state DOT. Erie county and local role helping us out with that. -- Lots of wide open -- stretches down through there and -- many trees as you had on the thruway between here on the Pennsylvania State line. Lot of a drifting out of my drift. We're cleared up. Well well -- -- for the most part -- the -- we're able to continue -- throughout the night in and keep the road you know pretty clear you know there still are many areas where it is still covered. What once traffic it's Sunday you know we're we can do we'll continue to provide you know to -- the road and we temperatures it's. Projected increase today and the traffic action on those. We expect that -- to melt away you know build a follow that up soon so that we should get down to. Returned to bare pavement -- you know throughout the day. Do import only 400 into in nineteen as well. Yes 400 to nineteen are open down. You know we had again early on this morning we're talking DOT in. That the Italian towns and you know they've been working on those highways to make sure though there are impassable conditions. And so when we reopened we were able to reopen port 400 to nineteen. Again like just like -- through where there are areas where it's still covered -- and hard -- so. You know people have to you know it -- regular winter you driver in question yourself make sure you just speak to those conditions. Okay and the losers all -- to good news Tom thank you for joining us this morning thank you chaotic -- you. Tom -- check our Western New York division director of the New York State thruway authority.