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Orchard Park Update

Jan 8, 2014|

Highway Superintendent Fred Piasecki

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's check in with Orchard Park highway superintendent. Fred -- psyche. Fred good morning the blizzards over. Good morning and in the great thing and it's says things they -- morning. While it that the reaction to driving -- just been lifted down the last few minutes. Yes driving -- in Orchard Park and also there are opening of the 219. Is also taking place. If for awhile in the past couple of days you guys and Georgia farmer when emotional stronger -- much -- -- you wanted to I'm getting any idea. I'd say roughly I think we're probably. About a foot -- -- -- know. Varies a little bit but I figured -- general on the South Bend. Just about a foot and a half lower overall. No you're looking out the window sometime you wouldn't think of it the way it was blown out. You know -- schools are closed today. And but you're you're plows have certainly been out what are conditions like this morning in the town. Right now we've got to Tom -- are in good shape they're open. Just like anything we're. Party western New Yorkers allow yourself. Obviously a little time and a remember your variety techniques and you'll get where you gotta go without any problem. We know Fred we heard yesterday during the height of his bone chilling goes cold. A volunteer fireman from major companies were called out and Orchard Park pretty big fire upon hundreds we have here. -- there was a fire. And -- north and count. And and actually. We had a system a little bit in the cleanup operation because. Where you see a lot of those pictures on the news in the frigid temperatures after. They were done none of all the water that flows down to hit the straight debt balance all that. On the road so -- those bone chilling temperatures. Really create additional problems obviously. Fred did your crew is also assist in clearing snow from the 219. I know you we were not. We our participation was to help out. Under direction into. Block off the entrance so reinstituted through nineteenth so that -- obviously. Keep that in motorists from going down there but that was handled by the state people in terms of the clearing. -- Fred we're we're glad to join us this morning and keep things Roland there in Orchard Park okay great great are you both okay thanks a spread -- sexy the Orchard Park highway superintendent.

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