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Weather Conditions Easing

Jan 8, 2014|

Meteorologist Shawn Smith

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's -- right to the airport weather station. The National Weather Service in meteorologist shown so much on good morning thank you for joining us. Hey good morning John. Tiger welcome. Blizzard warnings wind chill warnings are canceled -- and on those first. Yes we have can't believe blizzard warning -- -- and no wind chill warnings across buffalo region. Mainly due to bomb an improvement in in our -- We have. Winds have subsided. Overnight. From. You know yesterday's. Very blustery conditions. Over an -- only phenom went baby tended to when he miles per hour with -- Which. And -- -- an improvement to. The blizzard conditions that we -- thinking yesterday we are still observing how it affects you know -- -- -- -- however. You know Sean what will today be like what are we in for. Through today is scooter remain a chilly day or temperatures will be below zero on power Birmingham chart below normal. However. B will be a little bit warmer than we. Seeing yesterday we will I tried to like get out of a single digits that today may be up into the teens. But with the way to win that wind -- won't be quite this bad then maybe windchill. This afternoon may be only as well as the ground zero until -- still very chilly but they're not not cold enough for the wind -- -- advisories and warnings. Is there additional anywhere right now the Western New York area. Yes there is it's still a good -- lake effect snow east of Lake -- extending. There is actually. Two. Separate -- no band off of the -- one big one expanding across the north -- Down here toward the airport and another one. Running right along the -- lakeshore. Across the buffalo south towns and you know not does super intense lake effect snow band. What this still look at it maybe. Snowfall rates up to half inch per per hour lake effect snow advisory now in effect through 6 PM today. -- do you have some idea of snow totals. From the an impressive blizzard. Well -- -- -- total. That we have are as of last evening. So the highest total we he'd seen. Up through 9:45 PM yesterday. Was in Hamburg around eighteen inches. But many of the area south of buffalo had seen -- in excess of one foot of -- -- our listeners on the ground up aluminum -- city of Niagara Falls or interest in her more. About this -- situationally is channel will be up in my career. Okay yes the flash flood warning continues. For the upper -- river I'm duties from -- jamming its I'm going up there. We recently heard that there is a little bit of -- improvement. However there still a possibility. Flash flooding occur possible. Due to the -- champion occurring on the river. Are you were -- during that stretch of route 5 is closed this morning this would be and then the wood line area from ridge road to lake. Because of flooding what what's what do what will be happening there. Yeah I've actually not heard of that report yet but. You know it's possible that the -- underwent from last evening -- -- water up over the lake shore. You know -- I don't know -- jamming going on down there and all but. You know we are looking at lake effects felt pressure. Now are we really looking at the possibility of fifty degrees around here by Saturday. Yeah actually it does look like we may approach fifty degree. So we'll get this cold air mass out -- here. By a but you know tomorrow into Friday and in look Flickr temperatures are forecast on Saturday are approaching fifty degree. Okay one more for the record one more -- the blues over. Yeah yes that's correct blizzard but -- conditions there ended in restarts DA had trend toward a little bit of milder weather here. Over the next couple days. Great news thank you Sean thanks for all your help this week -- the coach of the National Weather Service.