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Erie County Emergency Briefing -10 am

Jan 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's he been saying stay indoors just relax and don't put yourself at risk. Thank you. Doctor Christine we've -- you can continue communication with the New Jersey Department of Transportation. In regards to road closures road issues. As well as in your state police's. Captain crap is here. To talk about road issues throughout the county at least those that are pertaining in the south -- and let them bring up our commissioner of public -- Alfredo. I think is gonna tell you folks. There's a reason why they're driving men's -- Thank you. Let me give an example. Why you know you shouldn't be out there we had done 24 X-Files. On the road trained to do some good in the snow belt area area. Out of those twenty 24 -- for ended up in this -- -- So we. Pull them day most of them. And really only plowing dinners. Around the perimeter of the store. And does so until the storm what's -- we can really do much you need -- in the storm here. So this brigade and he shouldn't be driving up there. That same report that we heard from Tony -- and you're like -- tell what site Tom Orchard Park they were having difficulties with the five drivers seeing where there are going in the pull them back in -- and I have storms or as being. It's it's bad out there and we're really serious I'm serious or saying that if you do not need to be out there who shouldn't be out there and if you are -- communion was driving man you're not allowed to drive. It's for your own safety. This summit like to bring up the podium. Our deputy commissioner for emergency services Greg butcher and give an update on what they've been working on here as well as some of those things were expecting from the weather. So today you heard several people talk about several different aspects of this storm in particular how -- relating to the public. County emergency operations center we have an incredible number of people trying to work together to coordinate all of these efforts. The reason why we want to also be aware of that is because of additional people on the roadways. Out when it's not necessary as we're bringing in hundreds of pieces of snow removal equipment -- -- first responders trying to get other people off the road. Obviously hinders our ability to remove the snow and ice from the rose. That is our key goal right now is remove the snow and ice and open up those thoroughfares from -- closed roads. So I think that you -- tie all of these things together don't understand the the health safety of people being out in these extremely cold temperatures. The safety of our first responders who are clearing these roadways of of stop vehicles that it may have may have gone off the road because they're traveling unnecessarily which is -- county executive has continued to urge people to. He'd be advisory of travel. And you mix that with -- coordinated effort of not only our county. Snow removal of forces -- the locals. Who also have there's no rule. Equipment out there. But be incredible amount of equipment the stage is bringing into play here from from across New York. To help us what this removal. We would like to get this over as quick as the rest of you would end and people not knowing -- when it's unnecessary will only help us in that matter the best we can. And we thank you for all of your support with regard to removing the snow and getting us back on pace for everything. Thank you. Thank you Greg. Just one more time especially for those who may not have been in the eye of the storm in the last twelve hours. This is a significant weather event that is affecting our area blizzard conditions a blizzard is it has hit. Erie county. If you live in the city of buffalo and you've probably seeing the snow in the wind. Come up now. If you're in the north Tony you may be spared but if you're in Amherst you'd think -- seeing sunny skies it means it must be okay it drives I'll do not. Do not it is it is dangerous out there. And we want the public to understand. That we're gonna do the best that we can declare these roads as soon as we can. But as our commissioner noted. It's really too dangerous for us to put our plows on the road when the and they can't see these are experienced while drivers who know these -- very well. So we're gonna continue to work with all the local municipalities. With the sheriff's office -- -- state troopers with the Department of Transportation. To address these issues but spoke to Governor Cuomo yesterday. He assured us that he would give us what we need to address these issues. He did issue a state of emergency for Erie county and other western your -- except for Niagara. And I'm looking forward to the assistance and we were receiving from the state to help clear this up the -- lasting longer. This summit like I don't know take questions. -- -- You. No question wasn't what I request and businesses stay close tomorrow to give -- extra time to clean up. I think business is ownership -- use common sense just like we said yesterday and people need to use common sense before leaving their house. Because this is a very dangerous situation which is life threatening. If there if it truly is no need to be open I would suggest not being over and any areas where there are driving -- The individuals who may -- your employees cannot get to work so please understand if they do not get to work. In an employee Jintao on. Our employers I want to because an individual may live in Hamburg they should not be taking it out on the employee because that individuals truthfully is banned from going to work. So I'm not saying that every business should be close but I think. Every business owners got to take a common sense approach to determine whether it's in their best interest -- -- open but more importantly whether it's in their employees best interest to be traveling in this weather. Okay. Yeah need. Mean yeah everything people these -- I think this area. Well it's up to reach police department where a state of emergency has been declared if they wanna take an individual's there is the possibility. That's individuals could be taken and potentially if there are causing problems to you without to a misdemeanor. It's up to the police departments to make that determination. I've not me -- -- termination if someone seems to be. A habitual driver in the streets they theoretically -- putting the public and other people at risk in the police could not only tell me get off the road they couldn't take it. I'm not familiar termination or receivers play and I remember many many years ago there was a snowstorm receivers played I think the Los Angeles Kings literally a thousand people attended the game. It's my understanding Carolina Hurricanes are in town. Yeah NHL decides to go to game a Little League game but I don't necessarily recommend people driving downtown at this point. I'm okay. Yeah. Well I spoke to the governor was yesterday I'm not talking today. He he said that the statement -- here to assist Erie county I know we've talked to the Department of Transportation. John -- the Department of Transportation commissioner has been in touch with -- had his his stating that there are actually moving equipment. From other parts of New York State here to help clear snow. There are a number of state roads that are closed at this point not just threw away. But the June 19. 400 of those state roads. And it's my understanding of -- transportation is moving equipment to help clean those roads and other room 262. Is a good example. That is a state road that goes through many municipalities. In the southern part of Erie county. -- a lot of usually the municipalities themselves like plow but because of the difficulties and plowing the states to come and help some of those runs. Life and hey he. Now. We are well. We're constantly talking with the avenue in the emergency operations that are here I think you'd probably turn over and Greg merger talk a little more I talked to a few supervisors and mayors. -- and journalists and if you need. Issues -- -- let us know I don't want to interfere -- when you're dealing with. Just recently I spoke with the mayor like want to Shymanski and he's still saying that as soon as they clear the snow off the snow just fall again as -- loyalists into the ice storm. Quote we are Constant Contact over over her what it's a little more about communications again -- -- We're in constant communication of all the municipalities that are affected and even those that aren't in the offerings they have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they're gonna continue to -- -- clearing that on a regular basis says flat wanna Hamburg please stellar in the middle of what continues to be that center of the ship when. So we're gonna considered continue to see that up to two inch. All of us know -- possibly the next 24 hours hitting me. Communities make the determination -- and -- New York State it's a home state we are there to coordinate an assist with the assets and resources needed. I think he really wearing clothes. That was a decision made -- -- New York State thruway authority and. And although there are flat out right now right -- -- I can't speak for all the other personalities and commercial real medium to whom we do have -- on the road. -- and answer any questions that theaters and let. -- -- Letters essay question I. That's my understanding Caroline -- these are in town. Let's go to the NHL and determination whether calling game or not. Is these in the city of Buffalo News reporters noted the city actually has power to declare what is driving men are not in -- as it stands right now there's not a driving medicine involved. I would not recommend individuals and some of these key areas to be trying to calm down how we finish every game. And I am worried that later in the day. Even though we're expecting -- -- love buffalo at 4 o'clock MC buffalo which only had a couple inches of snow. In the last twelve hours we'll have a lot more inches of snow which need to be followed. It's easy NHL's -- political -- it's my understanding have you visiting -- years and they may wanna go ahead of the game and they also want to do it again without -- president. It is bitter cold up there and people need to understand that you do while you take your own life and risk if you get stuck on the side of the road. When he's very bad advanced even if you're not there is no man. I think everyone's -- Going outside today if they had -- outside realizes the bitter cold. Saw temperatures drop in some areas of Erie county in the last couple hours to Wear them back below zero wind chills are mostly below. People need -- to seriously think about. Whether it's appropriate to go outside. And and in these situations we remind everybody if you got fast fill them out -- for any period longer than they need to be because they get frostbite to. So he's what people do. Exercise caution symbols that. You know we're gonna continue to monitor. We're gonna have another internal conference call most individuals associated with the -- that are here in other parts of Tony. Services later this afternoon over because we keep public updated as to current conditions. Others as I've stated. The state of emergency is all the facts and will be in effect until subsequent order rescinded. There is a not a driving they're really count anybody recommendation for no unnecessary travel. There are driving menstrual many municipalities in the cell phones both will continue. And we are in constant communication right communication emergency managers as well as. Elected officials supervisors and mayors of many of these. Communities that have been hit by the storm. In -- right up folks and just be Smart samples that were part of an hour. Now now. I think he definitely has enough resources to -- word. We certainly got more snow -- last month that we had in previous winners of the last few winners but certainly not like we have in the past. I was talking with someone yesterday this is very similar to. The winter storms I remember when I was younger a lot of -- were -- personally it's still a lot. It's a bad one out there -- I think people just need to understand we had some mild winters and maybe people take a little. Easy thing that they don't worry about it well. I'm not afraid of reviews not only -- really no law review so we can handle that that's a problem is three feet of snow. Thirty mile an hour winds sub zero temperatures. White -- conditions we can't see more than a couple feet one of the windshield vehicle. And I'm telling. We would talk to individuals last night and drove through it. And they were saying it's the worst driving experience I've had in the last 45 years so if you don't need to be in it. You should be its. Year. -- The state DOT has flowers on the roads right now -- of course have a number of -- in the area. So stadium keep plows -- out as we speak. Taking care state routes my understanding is stay. Department of Transportation injury -- we commissioner has pledged that they would try to bring in more equipment. They are bringing that in right now but I don't want people to assume that -- on the roads they are on the roads. Other difficulties in the areas of the higher the storm. Where you just can't see. And in that situation even plow drivers you an example -- -- just being infrared building fell 192. The interstate ninety beyond where the 19 you know you need to just taking it over to William street. I took much longer than should've been alongside the road was -- But the state thruway authority -- it was going very slowly is in need to go very slowly his it was a difficult decision. I can't answer that question. -- -- -- I can't speak about I didn't hear you I mean there are -- hospitals do -- have some bad things. Ensuring his head. Mean that there's isn't half pounds may have found problems getting into work but I'll -- emergency department are hoping for didn't. -- many clinics and physicians offices are closed so it people have appointments unscheduled maintenance is called enough is. Two -- he is coming or not but -- again. I know many hospitals and many physicians offices and you know closely for regular business so again if you're not you critically ill. You know stay here stay home and have a -- day. Also. In terms of fun dialysis -- -- -- outfits on hospitals are being able to handle that so. And you people should color my hair where the hospitals and sound and don't you begin to him. Nobody here. I can't even any place I haven't heard reports that. Yeah. The grows beyond. You're talking. -- -- as we already talked about it today. Greg butcher weird constant. Communication with the UN personnel moves up there. Command post. -- the -- over -- you -- so we should end their parents calls the right question then are we're sharing information. As a -- executive authority said the weather is shifting continuously in about two miles up and down -- So right now they had that sought closure and -- -- people shouldn't be out there. However there clearly never win them trying to convey their voice and text no that's okay. Visibility is bad. From my point and -- appealing. We have some intense storm that's going I'm very very bad visibility so that is anything. Throw out you know and we don't know about that. We're working in collaboration with the sheriff's department we have. I don't believe significantly ample and adequate -- out on the roads were able to give us feedback. And it's clear in certain areas like in Boston right now however in Hamburg and -- are still didn't hit very hard. So we're Turkey's role in making sure there's no Australian TVs of its kind and I thought we were looking right through along with the -- and everybody else in this emergency. Yeah yeah. I don't know these -- Anderson Cooper I do know that he's being held overnight. That in an easy NC state trooper was struck and motor vehicle accident last night just before midnight strong ridge road and you. Interstate ninety. So he had sustained some injuries and they're not very serious I don't believe at this time however he is designed to be true infusions of Kuwait. And I important don't have an exact status of his injuries. But never engage in that county executives talking about. We've been fortunate that I think that a lot of people had -- The -- the warnings and advisories. We're all takes is one example like who are getting hit we know how serious -- can get more open that people heed the warnings. And and it's going to be even when there's no -- those following an inch to two inches an hour now. There's going to be some significant I'm still clean that up after. The winds died down a little redneck that temperature and that's no so again I from the state police thanks to the public. Thanks to our partners here there were working where to command structure. And cooperation is outstanding and down orders and hope we keep doing our part so thank you. If I can just follow on. The time that the trooper was straw was -- driving ban was in effect -- wanna hear what senator. An individual instruction and another road. Just a perfect example of why we shouldn't be on the road -- are trying to protect and keep people off the 219 vehicle was struck by someone who was on the road -- So we ask -- BC he's he's fans there are there for your own safety. There are no other questions. The organization that you see here. Individuals. Are partnering working well together we will continue to -- this storage operations -- -- stay open. Throughout the storm. And we -- ourselves meaning once again later this afternoon and will be advising the media as more information comes back.