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Road Report From the Center of the Storm

Jan 7, 2014|

WBEN's Tim Wenger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The lake effect blizzard of 2014. WBN's Tim -- making his weight in this morning he's with us on the WB and -- Tim wary now. About a Orchard Park road rate now -- -- -- right in the town of what you are -- -- but -- need to think. Your card that I I cannot believe this morning that and it felt like. Most people are driving with their headlights if they have -- they beat the -- -- And you know another poorly last year that you -- overnight but I did that article by. With no light whatsoever that we use it to anything that is it. Zero -- time in your hero of the. In other words on occasion you had come to a dead stop. Absolutely have not done it several times already. I -- we're on the dashboard. I found the audience is clearing -- find out. That typically hold it in I never spectator rarely affected by alternately that unbelievably bitter morning. -- you do need to be out of duty and it -- clearing here he did he get your car where. It is bitter bitter cold or -- for what he had stayed at got to be pretty. Now is there -- a lot of traffic -- -- out there or or not with the many places closed today. Now I know Orchard Park it on he had traveled they have to you -- you have reported all morning long and occasionally -- there are coming up Ian he's an awful lot on work that out here. And obviously a lot of clout that no there's no traffic. -- going to be able aren't at all like it did last night that we -- me when a radical. You know I had not been a little convenience store and I think you guys eloquent talking about is that they don't have those great -- -- -- -- that Olympic they don't debate to deliver. I'm gonna surprise thing -- I was wondering about the businesses that might be opened because when I was coming in last -- today at 38 o'clock. Going on transit -- some of the big restaurants like red lobster olive garden. All these restaurants were. Absolutely shut down the lights were all there were no cars in the parking lot. So I thought about that I'd thought about that let China drove down that entire retail section of -- that broad by the Easter you know -- And I thought very few places other than maybe the occasional orders or that were open almost restaurant near the eastern all they all the closed up. So you're saying you're coming in empty handed. Well thought I did manage to clear the shelves of a couple of you know of them package known that there aren't actually found the weapons. You know one of the things we were wondering about this morning is. Will there be a Buffalo Sabres and Carolina Americans are in town to not disabled gonna make an announcement later what do you think. You know I do not permit you know -- the team doesn't sound like -- is reported. You know they could litigate the teeth obviously can they would get in the arena that can't get worried about. I'm not a matter whether it's you know did they just need to get to keep him from schedule standpoint is certainly is you've got to mention -- 1181000. People. Driving to downtown buffalo might help ticket to tonight's game and it's like this I certainly wouldn't go which you know always. There that what's the limit again I don't know what they'll they'll. But I wouldn't be surprised either way. He now okay and we will be live a local until further notice is that right. We will indeed any going to be with -- until 1 o'clock. I'll probably be with you from one until. 3 o'clock time will be out of -- we'll repeat everything tonight if we did last night and that will you go on until that lake effect inside the mobile. I see sand is already figuring out of time and -- half. Legitimately some numbers to on the span. Well it was great to have a Larry hunter and Hank Evans last night it really was like having a light in the night now. Yeah outside when I was driving. You know it was helpful when I got home plate you know I kinda didn't want to let go I wanted to hear what people were saying it. State with an -- for much of the night and I can tell you right now it is at the five mourners and Orchard Park. And I've come to a complete stop now I can't see anything in front of me I you know -- just brutal right now and now we're part obviously. If you don't need to be at work. -- they call. All right take -- time getting in here thanks. Are part -- that study began operations manager Tim linger in making his way in this morning from Orchard Park.