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City Fine For Now

Jan 7, 2014|

Buffalo Streets Commissioner Steve Stepniak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're about to find out how the storm -- affect the city of buffalo on the WB in -- -- our guest -- Steve -- -- Commissioner of streets and sanitation -- good morning thank you for joining us. What has this blizzard gonna make life miserable for you. Well pretty much that this city's been spirit of most of it we have a heavy lake effect -- that's just over a portion of softball -- right now. Well wiser our streets have been an opening in very accessible. You've got to be feeling pretty lucky there. Well let's battle over god would -- so we have a heavy lake effect bad it's just getting part of -- awful right now. So we're gonna continue to monitor make adjustments according. And earlier main focus always is get in the main thoroughfares cleared. But the side streets and I usually clogged with snow after a strong like this we don't have that serious of a problem this morning. You know as of yet again it you know this storm are still not over at some period of time left to restore. Now we do have a heavy portion that's going on right now as its earlier over portions of possible. -- Steve any that message to a city residents about garbage pickup. -- at this point we've expeditors suspending your rich will be notified and at a later time today. What that suspensions going to be on the comic. It sounds like most of your drivers are working normal shift toward the putting some more overtimes it. They're putting some more time we -- him automatically went out of the twelve warships. Yesterday and we'll continue that during the start. Now parking rules what happens with them in a storm like this. It historic there's at this point we want that the residents of all the parking restrictions on their street. That allows our our -- it down those presidential. The other main problem usually in the storm like this when the besides which could clog his. When folks don't move their cars to the other side of the streets are right. -- -- -- becomes very difficult though when that occurs we should note that -- down tremendously. And at a -- been great about cooperate. OK well let's hope this snow stays away from the city from now on Jewish student of the top of you thank you for joining us. So do you Buffalo's commissioner of streets and sanitation Steve stepping.

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