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Buffalo Airport; Metro Bus and Rail Update

Jan 7, 2014|

Doug Hartmayer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Doug -- Meyer is with us on the WB and -- spokesman for the and it TA. Western new York and Doug thank you for the times when wanna get to a bus and rail service and that buffalo airport to -- did the airport. Really ever get a chance to recover from last week's storm. But we really. Now -- speed -- the ground screw up there's a great job runways were were never close to at our airport. Albeit -- each other types of storms and other areas dislike today that are causing delays but our runways -- -- today. Most of the flights are canceled again due to conditions and other areas but we are having some departures in some planes are right. The -- and are arriving where they essentially coming from the John I actually in my card on you should stop. I thought I'd just -- you -- A lot. As you imagine some of the worst other destinations with direct service. But he and other going to possibly a warm destination. With the connection in Baltimore York post flights are being neither GM -- -- the late but all that information is available at our web site. And and we got a link to it right on our site at WB and dot com. Doug what about bus and rail service today people are inquiring about that. Yes thank the dedicated men and women who operate those boxes and brought the -- news. All service is on the street albeit as you would imagine. -- probably a little bit behind schedule. -- We do have the ability for people to be able to. Shut down here that I'm their -- which go to our web site that negotiate dot com with a back slash metro. We have eight -- there where's my box. And you can put in your coordinates as to what shop your what -- -- registered and and it can tell you wouldn't pretty much real time using GPS. Coordinates as to when you're -- will be at that specific stop. But again all service -- down the street. But it's probably going to be running a little bit late in later in some traditions like the number seventy export subsidies six. On the north Austin -- most areas where they're getting a little bit harder yet. I was about to ask you how far down south. The you do provide and have -- in metro bus service -- you do go down of the Boston southern Erie county. -- And you won't be canceling those fronts today. One we have operators can't we just so wonderful showing apartment limit up -- -- -- trucks strong support. So that we can provide that service. That we know so port that. People are trying to get to work hospitals that. Nursing homes you know businesses that that never never -- don't cancel we know we have to get that service on the street and that's what our men and women are doing today. And metro rail so really shouldn't be affected in any way by the instrument. That's all reliable you know it gets kicked around unfortunately but in a storm in the day like this it's certainly lives up to what. This reputation at all reliable from up and down main street right on time. Doug thanks for joining us this when we appreciate the update. Right that's Doug Hart -- with the and it TA this morning.